Vale Of Clwyd CS Open 19 Judge's Critique

Vale Of Clwyd CS 19 Judge

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Vale of Clwyd Canine Society Open Show 30th June 2019   Judges report - Ron Punter

Border Terrier

O (3)

1 Jordan-Smith’s Ravenside Marsha at Jordith  B  Very sound throughout , particularly noted neat feet Good strong tail carred well, good bite. Not a lot between these two kennel mates but bitch was using her ears better which helped her  expression .BOB G3.

2 Jordan-Smith’s Glebeheath Smash N’Grab at Jordith D. Like his kennel mate very sound and typical in all departments, very good quarters.

3 Jones Rhozzum Truffle at Otterhome B In the puppy group I thought her the better balanced overall BP PG1.

Welsh Terrier

G (2,1)

1  Parry’s Ffion Bes B  11 month, short cobby type, well-muscled, in dense thick, hard, dark coat that gives a lot of potential for trimming to shape. Somewhat unsettled on the move. BP PG2.

O (2)

1 Humphries Penparc Skyfall D Strong dog, well carried ears set of his good head c Neck and shoulders combine with a level topline and good quarters to produce a very pleasing outline. When he settled he moved well BOB G2.

2 Jones Cwynogion Alaw Medi B. Very sound and typical, particularly noted good legs and feet. A little more refinement to head trimming could improve appearance.

Jack Russell

O (1)

1 Vaughan’s Sweet Rose of Melfon B. A more traditional workman like type, handy size with a hard rough coat, good bite and strong jaw. Confident friendly demeanour. BOB G4.

A.V.N.S.C. Terrier

PG (1)

1 Percival’s Sealyham, Tyniadgen Deep Shade of Blue D Strong dog with powerful head and excellent bite. In good coat, looking and moving well. Well laid shoulders and strong back. It was nice to see Sealyhams of a fair length today -not short like a Scottie.

O(3,1)Gledhill’s  Sealyham, Forlegd Brilliant Bilbo Baggins (Imp Swe) D Similar type to his son (in previous class) just a bit more mature. BNSCT G1.  
2 Jones Manchester Barleydust Fayre Day B. Good legs and feet. Lovely correct topline arching nicely - blending with well carried tail and good neck and shoulders to give a pleasing outline. In the idea world she should have less tan round her vent but very breed specific marking requirements are seldom achieved and shouldn’t take precedence over conformation.

Ron Punter Judge.





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