West Midland Terrier 15

West Midland Terrier 2015

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I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their invitation to judge at the 70th anniversary show. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for the high quality of dogs I had to go over and also my Steward who kept things moving smoothly.

J (5.1)

1 Griffiths’s Manawyddan On The Move. 1 and BP 8 month old bitch, lovely feminine head with good reach of neck, level topline held on the move, mature coat of good colour, good tail set. Moved well both out and back.

2 Francis’s Daisymaes Fleurie With Sawheaten. Slightly longer cast than 1, good head with neat ears, good reach of neck and level topline. Coat not as mature as 1.

PG (5.1)

1 Boast’s Zaraslake Storm In A Teacup At Kaliclan. Compact bitch, good mouth, broad skull, neat ears, level topline which she held on the move, good tailset. Coat of good colour, moved with drive.

2 Shrive’s Emalot Santa Maria. Slightly larger bitch than 1, good head with well placed ears, well sprung ribs, good coat, moved well.

O (7)

1 and BoB Boast’s Denzilly Tickle Me Elmo. 4 year old dog, good mouth, dark eye, neat ears, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, level topline held on the move, well boned with good muscle, moved with drive, lovely coat of good colour falling in waves.

2 and RBoB Griffiths’s Manawyddan I Got Rhythmn. Slightly finer dog than 1, good mouth and head, good reach of neck, good topline and tailset, good coat of wheaten colour, moved well.

Norman Bristow (Avard)


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