West Midland Terrier 18 Judge's Critique

West Midland Terrier 18 Judge

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West Midland Terrier Society
Open Show 24-11-18

P 2-2
J 1
1st Brookes Zetamaz Just Inked, quality youngster, with lovely head and expression, dark eyes and neat ears, well muscled quarters, depth to chest with short back, strong, correct tailset, strong rear, which showed in his movement, Res BOB
PG 1-1
O 1
1st Brookes, Zetamaz Black On Track ShCM, well balanced dog with a super outline, masculine all through, pleasing head shape, strong neck into good shoulders, straight front with tight feet, well bodied with strong loin, muscled rear quarters, moved out with drive. BOB

P 0
J 0
PG 1
1st Wynter & Hampton’s, Furlongfox Amber Spyglass, typy youngster with feminine head and expression, nicely balanced with decent bone and muscle, short strong back with good tailset, moved out well.
O 0

P 1
1st  Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Wizzard, very much a baby, but shows great promise, quality head with dark keen eyes, good bone and muscle for his age, deep chest, strong loin, correct tailset, strong rear quarters, movement was a joy to watch. BP
J 2
1st Blower’s Turith Adonis, 12m boy with clean lines, good length to head with correct mouth, used his ears well, good angulation fore and aft, decent muscle forming all through, moved out well. ResBOB
2nd Cooke’s Montelle Look Of Gold, another quality youngster with all the attributes of 1, just lost out by being a tad wayward.
1st Cooke’s Royal Lady At Montelle, nice type with feminine head and expression, deep chest with strong loin, good quarters, presented in quality jacket, moved out with ease.
O 3
1st Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM, feminine all through, attractive head and expression, used her ears constantly, straight front, deep chest, good quarters, lovely to watch her move keeping her topline sound. BOB
2nd Thomas’ Ch Lead The Way To Montelle, Another nice type with good long head and dark eyes, strong neck, well bodied with decent quarters, in good harsh jacket, moved out with drive.

P 0
J 0
PG 1
1st Whitehead’s Stanstead The Enigma Code, true to type, lovely head and expression with dark eyes, good muscle throughout, good length to rib with short strong back, well made rear which showed in his easy driving action. BOB
O 0

P 2
1st Graham’s Stanstead Pussy Galore, my favourite of the day, I could take this girl home, most feminine of heads yet with an expression that had hints of the shedevil, quarters carried just the right bone and forming muscle, well ribbed up, short back with strong loin, her movement was highly confident (or arrogant) for one so young. BP & BOB
2nd Riley’s Yonichi Pistol Polly, another nice type, like her size and outline, sweet head, quarters well angulated, strong body, moved out well.
J 1-1
PG 1-1
O 2-2

Judge Bill Gray





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