West Midland Terrier 22 Judge's Critique

West Midland Terrier 22 Judge

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My thanks to West Midland for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show. I can say that the day was well run and the standard of exhibits pleasing. My special thanks go to my stewards, Jo and Graham who kept things running smoothly. After attending this show for many years, I feel that I should comment that this was a very good venue. It was nice to see exhibitors having space to set up and also have slightly larger rings to show your dogs properly. Hope we are coming back.

Border Terriers (Bitches).

Puppy.5(1a). 1. Heeley's Thistlemead Scentsation. 8 months. Stood unexaggerated with a straight level back which she held on the move. Had the correct head planes and a dark eye. Scissor bite. Laid back shoulders and sufficient reach of neck. Well angulated with a good cut up. Could be a little shorter. Moved freely and lightly when going and coming with a straight movement. Easily spannable and correct tail carriage. Dark grizzle bitch with a weatherproof coat. BPB.

2. Harris's Rockslade Ravishing. Nearly 1. The same comments apply to this bitch as 1. Head correct, scissor bite, reach of neck etc. Spannable. Moved straight but without the animation of 1.

Junior Bitch. 6.1 Dean's Emblehope One Wish for Cedarhill. Grizzle bitch standing with unexaggerated build and level topline. Otter head with dark eye and scissor bite. Proportionate head led to laid back shoulders. Well sprung chest which was spannable and angulated. Moved lightly with straight reach and drive. Grizzle weatherproof coat.

2. Thistlemead Scentsation.

Post Graduate Bitch. 2. 1. Peacock's Olliesorcord Dame at Ragatam. Caught my eye as she stood unexaggerated with a straight level back. Tail carried well and had a racey outline. Angulations set off the picture. Strong head with a dark eye and scissor bite. Proportionate neck led to laid back shoulders and sprung chest. Spannable. Moved lightly on her feet in a straight line with drive. Weatherproof coat. BB.

2. Stehenson's Mysulan Going with Fryerfold. Straight shorter level back with good tailset. Had the right head with dark eye and scissor bite. Spannable and angulated. Moved straight but not as freely as 1. Blue and tan weatherproof coat.

Open Bitch. 4. Phillip's Nantoch Field Skipper. Stood unexaggerated with level back and tail being carried well. Racey outline with correct head proportions and dark eye with scissor bite. Nice angulation. Reach of neck led cleanly into lay of shoulder and sprung ribs. Spannable and moved straight and true Grizzle weatherproof coat. Pushed for BB but not quite the ring presence of the PGB.

The dog judge and myself selected both BOB and BP from the dog classes. Was pleased to see the puppy win BPIS.

Australian Terriers.

Puppy. 1. Ward's Wilfnbell Wonderwoman. 10 month old bitch. Stood proportionate with a level topline. Keen expression with strong head, pricked ears, dark eye and scissor bite. Ruff well pronounced with silky topknot. Laid back shoulders, deep chest and sufficient angulation. Moved straight with lightness of feet and tail set on. BP.

Post Graduate. 1. Ward's Wyeafon Hawk Eye. 2 1/2 year old dog. Proportionate dog with level topline. Scissor bite and dark eye. Slightly larger build. Ruff and silky topknot. Not very confident but moved with drive..

Open. 2. 1. McCourt's Silhill Angel Eyes. 2 year old bitch. Stood proportionately built with level topline, tail set on and keen expression. Correct head planes, pricked ears, dark eye and scissor bite. Well ruffed and with a silky topknot. Laid back shoulders, deep chest and angulation. Moved straight with lightness of foot which produced good drive. BOB.

2. Cawdell-Owen and McCourt's Silhill Super Trouper. Litter brother to 1. The same comments can be said about this exhibit well. It came down to movement, his sister had more drive and better tail carriage. Nice dog though. RBOB.

Ken Francis Judge





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