Westmoreland Canine Association Open Show 12

Westmoreland Canine Association
Open 12

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Westmoreland Canine Association Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, Lancaster 03/06/12

Border Terriers

Junior (4:0) Very little to separate the first three in this class

1st BOB, BPIB & G1 & PG1 Haughton s, Chorbeck little Miss Pickle, 11 months, Super ottery head, lovely long neck, well laid shoulder, lovely border profile moves soundly and with reach and drive, in great coat and condition, full of terrier attitude.

2nd Gilpins Otterbobs Umber

Post Graduate (4:1)

1st, Duxbury Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow, (3rd in previous class) Masculine 9 month Dog, Super coat and condition for his age, lovely neck and shoulder, moves soundly from all angles .

2nd Jackson & Dugdale s Kirkbyvalley Moonbeam

Open (4:1)

1st Haughton s, Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin JW Smart, well matured dog, nice head neck and shoulder spannable with a good pelt on him moves out soundly with good reach and drive just preferred the star quality of his kennelmate today.

2nd Jackson & Dugdale s Highfell Orient

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Open(4:0)

1st & BOB Hansford s Cassencarrie Bonnie Lad, smashing head and expression correct front , good neck and shoulders, nice depth of chest & good spring of rib, good hard muscled quarters well set and carried tail moved and showed well, I would have liked a little more coat .

2nd Smiths Glendandy Twinkle Star

Angela Johnston (Curghyll)

Irish Terrier Open (1:0)

1st,BOB & G4 Hardmans , Drumbilla Diablo amidst Bonosue Sh. CM, Nice Head ears and expression, good coat of correct texture, nice racy outline, moves very soundly from all angles.

AVNSC Terrier Open (2:1)

1st & BAVNSC Robson s, Knowlespring Daredevil Dan with Mitsui (Skye) Well presented, Nice head, Neck and Shoulder moved and showed well.

Terrier Group

G1 & PG1 Haughton s, Chorbeck little Miss Pickle, (Border Terrier)11 months very typey, lovely head neck and shoulders easily spannable, in great fettle, sound as a bell, lovely topline & profile on the move & standing, correct tail carriage, didn t put a foot wrong.

G2 Speed s Speediestaff Black Velvet (SBT) Quality Staffie male who pushed the border hard for the group, in lovely condition, stands well over his ground, good typey head and expression, nice neck and shoulder, good front, well muscled rear moved and showed well.

G3 Smith s Calastoas lady of Meltham at Simjest (Manchester) Feminine, Balanced & Workmanlike, good head ears and expression, good muscle all through, moves and shows soundly and well.

G4 Irish

Puppy Group

PG1 Border

PG2 Saville s Calastoas Man in the Mirror (Manchester) Showy, sound, Dog puppy with all the right things in the right places, lovely head and expression, maybe a bit proud of his tail.

AV Terrier Veteran

1st Hardman s Bonosue Queen of the Nile it is a credit to her owners that this bitch at 13 years old is in such wonderful coat and condition is still as sound as a bell and still loves to show. My congratulations

2nd Hardman s Bonosue Ozymandias

Alan Johnston (Oregill)



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