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Bedlington Birmingham National 21 Judge's Critique

Bedlington Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 21 Judge





Judge: Mr Mark Walshaw

BEST OF BREED : 3045 GILLIES, Mrs J Rhicullen Rennie Mac
Dog CC : 3045 GILLIES, Mrs J Rhicullen Rennie Mac
Res Dog CC : 3034 BALDWIN, Ms S & BALDWIN, Mr M Ch Woolytop The One And Only JW Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 3042 BISHOP, Mrs P J Chaselyne About Thyme
Res Bitch CC : 3044 FLETCHER, Mrs J Maevani Bella Trix LStrange
Best Puppy : 3039 BANNISTER, Mrs Y Miteymidgets New Vision
Best Veteran : 3034 BALDWIN, Ms S & BALDWIN, Mr M Ch Woolytop The One And Only JW Sh.CM


National Dog Show – Birmingham 5/09/2021 invitation to judge the Bedlington Terriers at this show. I really enjoyed the show, good atmosphere and the spacious layout worked well. I thank the exhibitors for their entries, time spent preparing and cost.
Some points of observation for Bedlington exhibitors / breeders on the exhibits presented today and these should be considered prior to breeding. Front movement in many exhibits is untypical for the breed, the front assembly is unique, and the feet should remain closer together during movement than at the point at the chest. Ears should be Moderately sized, thin and velvety in texture. Many are large, thick and heavy. It has also been noticeable that the size of teeth have reduced significantly in recent years. It may be the time of year, however the quality of coats in general was poor, thin and lifeless. Muscletone was good in general, no dodgy dentition (only one tooth missing) and no evidence of cracked pads. The noise in the hall along with the reduction in training due to covid, did affect some dogs, however these needed to be judged as they were on the day.

PD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3039 BANNISTER, Mrs Y Miteymidgets New Vision. 7 mnth old put down in good hard condition. Presented a balanced picture and good for size. Pleasing through head, eye, clean bite and decent ears. Adequate neck running into clean shoulders. Correct front. Ample length to height ratio, with correct arch over loin, clean through croup with a good tailset. Ample bone and substance throughout. Well angled rear. Moved very cleanly, true and correct all ways. Sporting a thick jacket and colours beginning to clear through the furnishings. Be interesting to watch this one progress. Best Puppy.

JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3047 GODDEN, Ms M Ozbreeze Surprise Of The Day at Vakurblue. 14 mth. Lot to like about this typey youngster. Ok in head, bite and eye. Clean long neck, adequate depth of brisket, decent ribbing. Ideal length of back and good tailset. Ample bone. Decent rear angulation. Coat coming through. Moved steadily when settled, but untidy in front.

YD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3053 MARTIN, Miss L Honeymist Blue Dreamz. 18 mth male. Upto size young man who wasn’t enjoying the proceedings today. He was rather overawed at his first show and this showed in his performance. Hunching himself up on the move and on the table, which did restrict the opportunity to assess fully. That said, he was ok through head, good bite and dark eye. long clean neck, decent front assembly and a good depth of brisket. Tidy croup and well placed tail. Ok for bone and presented with good muscletone.

LD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3058 OFFER, Mrs A Woolytop The Viking. 2 year old. Well bodied and overall balanced young fellar. Would prefer a cleaner head, as a little heavy in skull, good eye and bite. Well bodied, with good depth of brisket and strong loin, with a distinct tuck up. Tidy through croup and tailset. Ample bone. Coat coming through. Moved steadily in a lazy type action.

OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3045 GILLIES, Mrs J Rhicullen Rennie Mac. 3 year old. Upto size, but full of breed type and excels in construction. You cannot fail to notice his very typical correct head. Clean to the hands, skull narrow, good length of jaw and close fitting lips. Dark eye and fine filbert shaped ears. Adequate neck, leading into clean well placed shoulders, with layback & fore chest. Correct horseshoe front. Excellent depth through brisket and good ribbing. Correct arch over loin, nothing exaggerated, which he maintained on the move. Ample bone and substance throughout. Correct rear angulation and stood four square on tidy hares feet. The best mover of the day, correct front action, clean behind and maintained topline in a tidy steady action. Not sporting his best jacket today, which would have fully completed the picture.. DCC. BOB. Moved well in the group.

2nd: 3036 BALDWIN, Ms S & BALDWIN, Mr M Woolytop The Piper's Son JW. Different type and size to one, but a lot to like. Balanced throughout &nothing exagarated. sporting a good thick liver jacket, ample bone and substance. Clean in head with small bright eye. Good length to height ratio. Ample neck, depth of brisket and strong through loin, leading into a well placed croup and taiilset. Good muscletone. Moved steadily.

3rd: 3057 NEVILLE, Mr J Honeymist Posh Peanuts At Chancete

VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3034 BALDWIN, Ms S & BALDWIN, Mr M Ch Woolytop The One And Only JW Sh.CM. 7 year old. Balanced dog, with a great length to height ratio. Ample bone and substance throughout. Lovely clean, long head with small dark eye. Clean through a long neck, very good front assembly and correct horsehoe front. Good ribbing and depth of brisket, loin strong, correctly arched and defined tuck up. Clean through croup and tailset. Moved well, truly l and correctly all ways. Not presented to perfection, but sporting a thick jacket. No hesitation in awarding him the RCC. Surprised later to note that I had not previously judged him. A deserving champion. BV.

SBB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3056 MITCHELL, Mrs F Paceypaws Patricia. Good overall, type, shape and balance. Feminine throughout and lacks a little substance at this age. That said, lots of breed type, lovely narrow skull, dark eye, and fine ears. Long neck, good height to length ratio, ample depth, correct arch over loin, which she maintained on the move. Well muscled and angled rear. Moved steadily when settled.

2nd: 3043 CHESTER, Mrs A L Miteymidgets New Direction. A well made youngster, Pleasing to go over, balanced throughout, typey head, good neck, decent front and well angled rear, with adequate length to height ratio. coat needs to clear and fond a little of her tail at present, which spoiled her overall silhouette on the move.

PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3046 GILLIES, Mrs J Rhyculen Sapphire. 9mth bitch. Looks a picture stood, feminine head, narrow, thin ears, dark sparkling eye and good bite. good length of body and ample neck, good rear angulation.tidy tailset. A cracking coat coming through. At this stage, front movement is very erratic, front development, muscletone ant time will hopefully improve this area. Handled well by her young attendant.

2nd: 3043 CHESTER, Mrs A L Miteymidgets New Direction.

JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3061 PORTER-MANNING, mrs A & PORTER, mr G & PORTER, mr Woolytop Secret Wispa among Wallaroo. 14 mths. Pleasing youngster. Overall presented a balanced shape and good for size. Decent through head, with sparkling eye. Lovely croup and tailset. Needs to develop a little more in depth of brisket. Angulation ok throughout. Ample body and good topline, which she maintained on the move. Moved steadily around the ring, keeping topline & clean behind.

YB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3052 MARTIN, Miss L Honeymist Crazy Dreamz. 18 mth, compact bitch. Presented a typical balanced picture, with good overall shape and balance.Pleasing through head, with dark eye and thin ears. Ample neck leading into clean shoulders.excellent depth of brisket, well ribbed and strong correct loin and arch with tuck up. Ample substance and bone throught and well angled rear end, croup and tailset. Moved steadily when settled. Coat a little fine today.

2nd: 3056 MITCHELL, Mrs F Paceypaws Patricia.

LB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3037 BALDWIN, Ms S & BALDWIN, Mr M Woolytop Leading Lady. One that took the eye and was worthy of another look. Liked the overall balance and length . Nothing exagarated throughout. Tidy through head, sparking eye and good bite. Smart through correct neck and shoulders. Adequate dept of brisket, good ribbing. Ample bone and well muscled throughout. Tidy rear, good tailset and well angled rear. Coat thick and presented well. Kept topline on the move and moved cleanly from behind.

OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

Two very nice bitches topped this class, both full of breed type and was nit picking with final selection.

1st: 3042 BISHOP, Mrs P J Chaselyne About Thyme. Presented in wonderful coat and condition. Lovely through a balanced head, narrow and good length. Dark sparkling eye and thin ears. Balanced throughout body and well angulated rear assembly. good depth of brisket, well ribbed, correct arch over loin, tidy croup and tailset. Ample bone and substance. Tidy front assembly. Clean hares feet. Moved very steadily in profile, keeping topline. BCC

2nd: 3044 FLETCHER, Mrs J Maevani Bella Trix LStrange. Push hard for top honours, just preferred the jacket on 1 today. This youngster has a lovely feminine, narrow head, and a mild depression from a sparkling eye, with a dark rim. The best of ears. Very typical throughout, good through neck, ample depth of brisket, decent ribs, croup and clean tailset. Ample angulation front and rear. Tidy hairs feet. Moved steadily , however was a little reluctant at times, keeping her topline, with a dinstictive mincing action. RCC

3rd: 3060 PHILLIPS, Lt Col I J & Mrs M Rathsrigg Willow

Res: 3049 LACEY, Miss J Bowlingbrook Makingwhoopi

VHC: 3048 HARRIS, Mrs C & CLEAVER, Mrs P Jobanker Vertuous Veronica

Mark Walshaw (JANMARK) 


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