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Leeds 21 Judge's Critique

Bedlington Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Leeds 21 Judge




Judge: Mr Paul Richardson

BEST OF BREED : 6280 SCOTT, Mrs E & SCOTT, Mr W Janmark Just Do It
Dog CC : 6279 SCOTT, Mrs E & SCOTT, Mr W L'End Show Melody Maker (IMP RUS)
Res Dog CC : 6264 GILLIES, Mrs J Rhicullen Rennie Mac
Bitch CC : 6280 SCOTT, Mrs E & SCOTT, Mr W Janmark Just Do It
Res Bitch CC : 6260 BALDWIN, Ms S & BALDWIN, Mr M Woolytop Leading Lady
Best Puppy : 6265 GILLIES, Mrs J Rhyculen Sapphire
Best Veteran : 6274 POCKLINGTON, Mrs C A & Mr P Nebercrackers Rosie Blue At Timberose
Best Special Beginner : 6269 JONES, Ms K Toolbox Yes Why Not At Squidlyannes (Swed Imp)


Firstly i would like to thank the committee of Leeds for inviting me to judge at their show. Great to be back out there amongst the dog world enthusiasts, Since judging Bedlington Terriers 3 years ago i feel the breed is losing its way a little. Thick ears are not part of the breed standard, Along with Lack of depth, Narrow fronts and no rear angulation.

PD. 1

1st. Jackson & Jackson's Woolytop The Marshman At Padztar. Up to size youngster, Nice in head and correct bite, ample depth, firm rear moves okay. Watch his weight.

PGD. 3

1st. Offer's Woolytop The Viking. A nice young dog with good head, small eye good dentition with a strong jaw. Moderate length of neck into a good lay of shoulder and ample depth throughout. Correct top line, firm rear and one who moves well.

2nd. Cooper's Plumeria's Dolphin Striker. ( IMP IT ). Another decent specimen. A little finer in head than 1 but some good virtues, Nice eye, good bite with fine leathers, Nice reach into well laid shoulders, Well off for bone and substance moved well covering plenty of ground.

3rd. Jackson & Jackson's Woolytop The Saxon At Padztar.

LD. 1
1st. Baldwin & Baldwin's Woolytop The Pipers Son JW. Liver Male. Lovely profile on this dog. Head narrow and of good length, Correct eye and dentition, Good width across the front with plenty bone and good hare feet. Nice depth of brisket with good tuck up. Good ribs and correct rise over the loin, One who moves very well.

OD. 6

1st. Scott's L'end Show Melody Maker. ( IMP RUS ) Impressive Male. Well Balanced with good head and ratio to match. Nice strong neck into well placed shoulders, Good front, well off for bone, correct depth and top line held well on the move, Firm rear with decent angulation, One who moves positive and covers the ground well. CC.

2nd. Gillie's Rhicullen Rennie Mac. Lovely profile when standing and did not disappoint me hands on. Best of head's, Nice eye and expression, Thin leathers with a good bite. Firm neck and good shoulders, correct horseshoe front with good feet. Good depth of chest and well ribbed, Firm over the loin with rise in the correct place, Strong well-muscled rear and very sound on the move. RCC.

3rd. Offer's Ch Woolytop The Wherryman ShCM Shdex.

SBD/B. 2

1st. Jones's Toolbox Yes Why Not At Squidlyannes. ( B ). ( IMP SWE ) Feminine Bitch. Decent head with a nice front, moderate length of neck with correct top line, Enough rear angulation and moves well.

2nd. Corcoran's Tunman Trust In Me With Gemris. Feminine in every way, A bitch what is going to take time to mature, Lacked body and substance on the day.

PB. 1

1st. Gillies, Rhicullen Saphire- A pretty young puppy, Feminine with some good virtues, Enjoyed her day out and one who needs time.

JB. 5

1st. Scott's Janmark Just Di It. This is a very nice young bitch and on the day, she Just Did It. She caught my eye with her vim and vigour when she entered the ring, Standing she is a picture, Beautiful head, From Nose to Hock is one flowing continuous line. Small dark triangular eye with fine thin leathers and correct dentition. The best of fronts with lovely depth and good ribs, Nice firm loin with visible tuck up. A firm muscular rear and on the move, she owned that ring. An honour to judge and pleased to award her her first CC & BOB. A Champion in the making.

2nd. Porter and Manning's Woolytop Secret Wispa Anong Wallaroo. Good head, Nice eye and correct bite. Ample reach and well-placed shoulders. Good in front, well bodied with good angulation, Just tends to flatten out on the move.

3rd. Jones & Jones's Toolbox Yes Why Not At Squidlyannes.

PG. 2

1st. Baldwin & Baldwin's Woolytop Leading Lady. Another nice bitch, Narrow head of good length, Dark eye with good bite and strong jaw. Nice in front with ample bone and good feet. Nice depth and top line which on the move she holds well. RCC.

2nd. Jones & Jones's Mightymidgets Little Hottie At Squidlyannes. Nice in profile when standing would just like a little more depth and substance. A little giddy on the move until settled.

LB. 1

1st. Pocklington's Timberose Phapysody In Blue. ShCM. Pleasing bitch to judge, Good head ratio, Nice eye, good leathers and a tidy front. Correct top line with firm rear, moderate angulation and moved parallel both fore and aft.

OB. 1

1st. Phillip's Rathsrigg Willow. Feminine bitch and of good size. Moderate length of neck with good reach, Correct top line with moderate angulation, Just lacked that spark on the move.

V. 1

1st. Pocklington's Nebercrackers Rosie Blue At Timberose. 10 years young and in great condition. One i have judged before, Feminine, Pleasing head, Dark eye and good bite. Good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Good top line, enough depth and well turned out. BV.


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