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Bedlington Paignton 21 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Paignton 21 Judge





Judge: Mrs J Miller

BEST OF BREED : 1044 FLETCHER, Mrs J Maevani Bella Trix LStrange
Dog CC : 1045 GILLIES, Mrs J Rhicullen Rennie Mac
Res Dog CC : 1042 BUTLER, Mrs L Yarbach Federers Final
Bitch CC : 1044 FLETCHER, Mrs J Maevani Bella Trix LStrange
Res Bitch CC : 1054 MOORE, Mrs C & CHUDLEIGH, Mr M Devleigh Dare To Dream
Best Puppy : 1057 POLLARD, Dr H & BARROWCLIFFE, Mrs J Jobanker Cotton Candy
Best Veteran : 1042 BUTLER, Mrs L Yarbach Federers Final


Thanks to Paignton Secretary, Officer and Committee for their invitation to judge at their well run show and my first appointment with the Bedlington Terriers, which was most enjoyable because I had a good number of quality dogs and bitches but especially nice to see my BCC and BOB get into the final 8 in the Group. On the same day I also judged Manchester Terriers and had a super quality entry too. Thank you to Lawrence Bogges and Felicity Snook for being my stewards.

PD (1)

1 Poultney’s Jobanker Rocky Road. Lovely looking youngster across the ring and did not disappoint on going over, just felt for his ten and a half months he is nearly fully grown and needs to put the brakes on in his growth, but at this present time is gracefully built and muscular put together confident youngster who has lots of promise. Presented in a thick linty correct sandy coat which was so well presented. Beautiful masculine head with no stop, deep skull, narrow in length with an upper nearly white top-knot, cheeky darkish eye, strong long jaw, brown nose, correct bite. Long neck, clean throat, well sprung into shoulders. Well bodied with slight arching over loin to well set and carried tail, fraction high. Flat ribs reaching his elbows, well muscled. Straight well boned forelegs with long hared feet, clean pads. Hindquarters with moderate return of stifle with let down hocks. Very positive light action, sound mover. BPD.

LD (3)

1 Moore & Chudleigh’s Bedlishes Valiant Knight At Devleigh (Imp Rus). Showed really well with a lovely light action and so positive and sound. I really liked this boys narrow wedge shaped head with well presented white top-knot, expressive small dark eyes, well hung ears. Very proud head carriage held by strong long neck set with spring from shoulders into a backline that had a slight arching over his loin. Good depth to his body with correct flat ribcage to his elbows. Good front assembly with depth to chest with well boned forelegs and correct hared feet strong pads. Body muscular and covered in a well conditioned and presented linty coat with good leg covering. Correct rear quarters with moderate stifle and let down hocks. Very sound elegant mover with nice tail carriage.

2 Harris’ Ratzwell Saint Valentino. Very smart looking 4 year old on the stance, I just preferred the narrower head of my winner, although his head is deep and of good length with nice top-knot, well presented, dark small eyes, well hung ears, strong jaw, fitted lips. Good head carriage on the move, head set into good neck of length, good shoulders and rise of backline with slight arching over his loin to well set tail. Nice body with flat ribs covered by well presented thick dark blue jacket. Not quite the front of my winner but straight well boned legs to tight hared feet, hindquarters well muscled with moderate stifle. Covered the ground well and soundly.

3 Pollard & Barrowcliffe’s Jobanker Iron Icon.

OD (4)

1 Gillies’ Rhicullen Rennie Mac. This dog pulled out all the stops today and looked fabulous on the move working well with his handler. He had that lovely easy free light stride with good front action and push from the rear. Standing he looked so well presented in his light blue jacket, on the table he did not disappoint was of a nice size and with correct outline, narrow wedge shaped head, profuse white well presented topknot, small dark bright eyes, well hung ears with small tassel. Proud head carriage on long tapering neck into well sprung shoulders into his backline with natural arching over his loin to well set on tail. Deep through his body with flat ribs, definite tuck. Correct front with depth to chest, well boned legs and hared feet closed pads. Moderate return of stifle, strong hind quarters let down hocks. Coat presentation was excellent in good condition a linty blue over body and legs. Movement was so sound and he moved out with style and with light powerful action covering the ground. DCC.

2 Butler’s Yarbach Federers Final. I liked this dog when I went over him but to be honest he could have been in slightly better presentation, his good breed points outweighed this and he won the RCC. Lovely wedge shaped head, carried well on good neck length. Very good top-knot, small alert dark eyes, well hung ears with nice tassel. Strong clean lip to jaw. Nice backline and slight arching over his loin to well set on and used tail. A well muscled body with good flat ribs into his elbow, his straight well boned legs held well in at his side. Nice tuck up of his under carriage. Very dark blue slightly soft coat too much length spoiling outline, needed slightly better presentation. Did not have the front reach of my winner, good rear action from well muscled quarters and moderate stifle. RCC and BV.

3 Turner’s L’end Show Mystery Uneverse (Imp Rus) JW ShCM ShC.

PB (3)

1 Pollard & Barrowcliffe’s Jobanker Cotton Candy. Certainly well named as she is very sweet and really caught the attention today. Is of a lovely size and shape with beautiful outline which is all coming together and one who is going to have a bright future for sure. I see she is the litter sister of the Puppy Dog, they may well have many tussles I am sure. Very pretty head, long and narrow with well presented top-knot, cute dark eyes, well hung ears, brown nose, clean lips and strong jaw and muzzle. Good neck length, shoulders and rise to her backline and arching over her loin to well set on and held tail. Lovely body with depth and flat ribs, excellent front assembly, straight forelegs and long hare feet closed pads, rear quarters with good return of stifle and let down hocks. Beautiful presentation to her sandy linty textured coat, well presented leg coating too. Impressive mover with light ground coverage and so sound both coming and going. BPB, BPIB.

2 Moore & Chudleigh’s Devleigh Dirty Dancing. Very much the baby of the first two at 7 months she was giving away 3 months in age but this is a very promising baby who really showed very well. Looked lovely on the stance and did not disappoint on going over her. Although her head length was not as long as my winner she had a pretty narrow head, very nice top-knot with colour coming, sweet small eyes, and well hung gears. Good teeth and jaw line. Proud head carriage on good neck, shoulders sprung to enough rise over her loin. Tail set on and carried little high. Good front legs nice bone and hared feet. Well developed hindquarters. Very well presented blue coat of lovely linty texture. Moved out well inclined to loose and level out her topline. Sound action.

3 Gillies’ Rhyculen Sapphire. Just 6 months.

JB (2)

1 Spiller’s Tunman Tip Top. Pretty 14 month old on the smaller size of the standard with a smaller narrow head, good top-knot, some attention needed to presentation here. Dark expressive eyes, well hung ears and strong jaw, clean throat and good length of neck into shoulders, sprung backline to slight arching over her loin to well set tail and carried and used correctly on the move. Very well angled front and rear with just enough depth to chest and straight nicely boned forelegs and hared feet. Rear quarters strong with correct bend of stifle and let down hocks. Enough body with flat ribs well into her elbows. Well presented sandy coat for her age with nice linty textured. Best mover of the two which was sound both ends and covered the ground with very free light action.

2 Bannister’s Mitymidgets Twenty Twenty. Unfortunately today was very unsettled on the table and very unsure on the floor which spoilt her movement and her chances. I much preferred the head size, shape and length of this very dark blue bitch, lovely eye shape and well hung and presented ears. Well presented top-knot but very dark in colour and no white coming through. Good neck length, good shoulder placement and spring up to backline and to slight arching over her loin with good definition to the tuck. Nicely ribbed, flat nearly to her elbows. Enough body well presented very dark blue jacket with lovely linty touch. Did not move out well, lost her topline and action but at this tender age hopefully it will come together.

YB (2, 1)

1 Tunman Tip Top.

PGB (1)

over her she did not feel too thin and had a fair body with good flat ribs. Sweet feminine head, clean lines, well presented top-knot of correct colour, nice small bright eyes, well hung and presented ears. Strong jaw and clean lines. Clean neck and good length to shoulders, good spring up to backline and slight arching over her loin. Good chest and body depth covered with good dark blue coat of linty texture well presented. Straight foreleg and hared feet correct hard pads. Rear quarters with moderate bend of stifle and short let down hocks. Moved out soundly covering the ground with light springy action.

LB (4)

1 Harris & Cleaver’s Jobanker Vertuous Veronica. Presented a lovely outline on the stance and is of good size and shape with correct outline. Very pretty head shape with nice length and strength, no stop, with correctly presented top-knot. Showing bright dark expressive eyes, well hung ears well presented, large nostrils, strong jaw clean lines. Proud head carriage on long neck, into shoulders with rise of backline to slight arching over her loin, defined tuck of loin. Flat ribbed body deep to elbows, which are held in on straight forelegs, nice tight hared feet with hard pads. Good depth of chest and body covered with excellent textured coat of nice condition and presentation. Hindquarters with moderate return of stifle to short strong hocks. Very positive light mover with lovely action covering the ground.

2 Bannister’s Miteymidgets Tiewie. Very attractive and of lovely size and shape presented in a rich blue coat in lovely presentation and condition. Pretty narrow wedged head with good length, nice top-knot covers her dark sweet expressive eyes, well hung ears with tassel. Head carried on strong long neck to shoulders with sprung up to her slightly arching over her loin, nice set to tail well set and carried. Body with flat ribs not reaching her elbows. Elbows held in on straight well boned forelegs, hared feet. Hindquarters strong and with nice thighs and good bend of stifle to short let down hocks. Did not settle at first but once on the move was had a light action and was sound.

3 Lacey’s Bowlingbrook Making Whoopi.

OB (5)

Lovely class.

1 Fletcher’s Maevani Bella Trix Lstrange. This 21 months old bitch headed a lovely class of mature bitches. I thought this bitch had the most pretty and impressive outline of all today and on handling her she did not disappoint. Most beautiful head with good wedge shape long and narrow with strong jaw. Pretty head with such well presented top-knot, showing her small bright dark eyes, lovely length and hang to filbert shaped well presented ears. Long strong tapering neck into well laid shoulders with good up turn to backline and the slight arching over the loin. Super set to tail and so well carried on the move. Excellent body with flat ribs reaching her elbows, which are held in on her forelegs, straight and well boned to her hared feet with correct pads. Super body with depth to chest and body with substance, beautiful presentation to her light blue clean conditioned linty jacket. Muscular hind quarters with good return to stifle and short straight strong let down hocks. Perfect movement today, so sound coming and drive from behind with a light free springy action. BCC, BOB and shortlisted into last 8 in the strong Terrier Group. Some lovely comments made so I hope you get her title.

2 Moore & Chudleigh’s Devleigh Dare To Dream. Lovely size and shape and of good breed type. Looked lovely on the stance on going over just felt she had a little too much spring to her ribs. Beautifully presented dark blue coat with lovely texture and linty feel lovely leg presentation too. Sweet long, wedge shaped head, nicely presented white top knot, sweet bright alert dark eyes, nice moderately sized ears set on low and hanging flat. Strong jaw. Clean tapering neck to shoulders well set and sprung back to give rise to her arched loin nice tail set and carriage. Good strength to a body with muscletone. Straight well boned legs elbows in not quite to ribs. Large hare feet good pads. Rear quarters with moderate return of stifle. Very free sound mover with lovely light action covering the ground well.

3 Bannister’s Miteymidgets Love In Bloom JW.

Jenny Miller



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