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Driffield 09 Judge






Judge Roger Crooks

BEST OF BREED : 5199 DAVIES Mr P R Perrisblu Kennislain's Chelsey
Best Dog : 5203 RAMSAY Mr R Ch Torum's Lemracdream Rainbow George
Res Best Dog : 5206 WILKINSON Mrs L Granemore Padraig at Cranmoss
Best Bitch : 5199 DAVIES Mr P R Perrisblu Kennislain's Chelsey
Res Best Bitch : 5202 PEACOCK Mr L & Mrs S Cranmoss Millie
Best Puppy : 5204 WARD Ms P Rimbert Darthvader
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


Puppy Dog

1. Ward’s Rimbert Darthvader. Nice sized puppy, short coupled, more rib to come, good bone tight feet, he held his top line whilst on the move, tail on top, good angulation, short hocks, moved with drive. Best Puppy.

Yearling Dog.

1. Wilkinson’s Granemore Padraig at Cranmoss. Balanced head with neat ears, strong neck going into correct shoulders, just enough rib, short loin, strong quarters, good tail set, moved well. Reserve best dog.

Post Graduate Dog.

1. Straight fronted dog with good bone, nicely shaped head, a little bit lazy with his ears, short coupled, tail on top, short hocks, tight feet.

Limit Dog.

1. Ward’s Rimbert Phantom Menace. Dog of correct size, good head small ears, nicely arched neck, good shoulders and spring of rib, well muscled second thigh, well put down, moved with drive.

Open Dog

1. Ramsay’s Ch. Torum’s Lemracdream Rainbow George. Full of himself today, excels in head and ears, strong neck,
deep chest, short loin, tail bang on top, beautiful angulation, good bone, tight well padded feet,
put down to the minute. Best Dog.

Puppy Bitch

1. Baxter’s Arkama It Girl. Short coupled puppy with beautiful balanced head, neat ears, arching neck into correct shoulders, level top line, still a baby, moved and showed, some assistance needed with trimming.

Post Graduate Bitch.

1. Peacock’s Rimbert Queen Aravis. Good bone, tight well padded feet, pleasing head with small well placed ears,
good depth of chest, short loin, would have preferred a better tail set, well put down and moved well.

Limit Bitch

1. Peacock’s Cranmoss Millie. Bitch of nice size with good spring of rib, deep brisket, straight front, balanced head,
used her ears, good shoulders, well let down hocks, moved with drive. Reserve best bitch.

Open Bitch

1. Davies’ Perrisblu Kennislain’s Chelsey. Beautifully balanced bitch, super length of head, small well placed ears,
elegant neck going into correct shoulders, deep chest, well ribbed back, short loin, tail on top with plenty behind,
strong second thigh, sheheld her top line when moving gracefully round the ring, well put down.
I think she still has more to come. Best of breed, was pleased to see her placed second in the group.

Judge Roger Crooks

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