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Breed Notes 19/10/19

Well today I attended the Northern Kerry Blue Terrier Club's Annual Championship Show. It did not dissappoint me.

We had the esteemed Gerry Daley - the Judge elect - presiding over all of the exhibits who attended.

Breed Notes 13/08/19

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Eileen Foy.

I had known Eileen a long time, when I first met her she was Mrs Eileen Kennett. She later married the late Brian Foy. Both Eileen and Brian had a dry sense of humour - I found them an odd couple really and you couldn't help but like them.

Eileen had many talents, Exhibiting Dogs was just one of them. She was involved in horses and was the Author of an excellent book 'A Compact Kerry Blue Terrier'. Her Judging skills saw her award CCs in six breeds and the Terrier Group.

Never a prolific breeder of Kerry Blue Terriers, in fact she only registered 25 under her Affix 'Byley' producing Champions and a Group Winner, Ch. Byley Fitzbattleaxe. The late Eileen Flynn made up a beautiful headed bitch Ch Byley Little Buttercup of Brenlath. Those were the days when Champions were not cheaply made up - not like today.

I remember many years ago - I think it was at one of The Northern Kerry Blue Club's Championship Shows when she shocked everyone. This was at a time when you could expect a minimum of 70 exhibits with all of the big names in attendance, Eileen was the appointed Judge. One thing about her when she judged she usually did something controversial and didn't care what was said. It came to the Challenge for the Dog CC. Gasps were heard around the ringside when she awarded a Puppy Dog the CC. The name of the dog? Int Ch Granemore Kilfenora who of course had no title then.

I will miss Eileen immensely. I enjoyed our little chats whenever I saw her at the NEC or the Club Shows. Also, whenever she sent me her Judging Critiques they were always signed; Eileen S Foy. I teased her for a few years constantly trying to guess her middle name, however, I already knew it - it is on the front of her book. But she went along with the banter most probably thinking I was an idiot.

There has to be a funeral but she must have requested no service which is sad, sad for all of her family, friends and acquaintances who would like to have paid their respects to her. Controversial to the last.

Breed Notes 17/10/17

I had an email sent to me yesterday from Lyndia Salmon with the results for The Northern Kerry Blue Ch show - all typed up and ready to publish. Thank you very much Lyndia.

In my Notes of 27/09/17 I wrote;

"A recent telephone call from a friend informed me that the 'Fuehrer' Ronald Ramsay, was packing it all in - no great loss there I thought; Mr personality...
I then wondered why - if this is true - would he do this? The wondering ceased when I read the Judge's Critique from Bournemouth.

JUDGE'S PREAMBLE BOURNEMOUTH: "Not a very big entry which was somewhat marred with absentees. It is a shame numbers are so low now, however I can understand why if today's display of bad sportsmanship is anything to go by. The stewards were shocked by the language being used, and to verbally attack a winning dog within earshot of its owner is just not acceptable, more so as the owner [of the BOB] is not someone who is a big winner."

If the above is aimed at 'The Fuehrer', I'm afraid Da Do Da Ron Ron has angered the wrong person. Judge Jeff Horswell is one of the leading members of the Kennel Club and a member of its Lodge. Oh dear Da Do Da, what have you done? Never mind, he can look forward to his mate Emperor Delmar Judging at the Northern Kerry Championship Show next month. Will he [The Fuehrer] have the brass neck to exhibit under him? "

Well as you will see from the results 'The Fuehrer' exhibited two dogs and a bitch. All the nonsense about him packing it all in and selling all of his dogs was a ploy. This was told to me by someone in the know who said; " The lies about him packing it all in, saved him from being reported to The Kennel Club - which would have most certainly involved a ban." What a sneak. But, should any of us be surprised by this? I most certainly am not; you will have read in my Breed Notes 15/10/17 how he went behind Tony Markey's back and bought Aranshire Pioneer for himself. Once a sneak, always a sneak. I have known Ramsay since he started out in our breed, you will go a long way to find a bigger egotist than he is. My first observation about his egotism was when he asked me to trim his dogs. I went over to his bungalow in Beryl Road, Noctorum, Birkenhead. On entering the hallway, there was a picture of himself hanging there. He said to me; " Do you think I look like Freddie Mercury?"
I said to myself... fucking hell...

I do know that Jeff Horswell reads Terrier World; I think he'd find my Breed Notes of interest.

Breed Notes 16/10/17

Somebody sent me the images below, at the weekend.
These images were Computer generated using new technology taken from thousands of women
Photographed from the various locations, to produce the average face. I think it's a bit harsh on Ms Korea?

Breed Notes 15/10/17

I attended the Northern Kerry Blue Championship show yesterday; it was the 70th anniversary show. The club was set up by a catholic priest,
Father Flynn, all those years ago.TonyManning, Judge Sean Delmar and Tony Markey

The club provided free food and wine for the exhibitors, which was a nice gesture. I forgot to get a catalogue - which Bob Blackley usually marks up for me - so I can't tell you the names of the exhibits that won. But I can tell you that Harold Quigg won both CCs and obviously Best Of Breed. Winning both CCs isn't easy, I think I only did it on two occasions.

There was many exhibitors whom I didn't know - you can fall out of the loop in no time at all. It was nice to see Richard Williams at the show with his partner Anna, I haven't seen him for years.

Another former exhibitor was in attendance, Tony Markey. A clever breeder was Tony in the short period of time he had Kerrys. Ronald Ramsay owes his success to him after Tony gave him a quality foundation bitch.

Me and Tony traveled to Belfast when I was exhibiting a dog called 'The Master'. I won Best Of Breed and the Terrier Group. A good day for me.
Whilst we were there I spotted a dog which Roger Good owned and it looked really handy. It was 'Aranshire Pioneer'. When we got back (Markey was still friendly with Ramsay then) Tony told Ramsay about the dog and asked him to go halves to buy the dog. What happened next? Mr Ramsay immediately went and bought the dog for himself. He used the dog on the bitch that Tony had given him 'Dasumianco Quietner' and that is what set Ramsay up. He owes a great deal of gratitude to Tony Markey, because he was going backwards before that.

I watched a young handler at the show who was with the Secretary. I have to say the young Lady was excellent at handling and very clever too.
There is only one thing that I would say to her and this is; bring a pair of lightweight flat shoes for the show ring, you can always change back into your fashionable ones when you have finished. When a handler is going around the ring with a dog he/she should be almost silent.

Another two visitors to the show were Alan Johnston and his wife Angela. Alan and Angela exhibit and judge Lakeland Terriers, having bred many Champions over the years under the Oregill affix. It was said that Alan Cleaned up at the show but never got a rosette!

Alan Johnson

Breed Notes 27/09/17

A recent telephone call from a friend informed me that the 'Fuehrer' Ronald Ramsay, was packing it all in - no great loss there I thought; Mr personality...
I then wondered why - if this is true - would he do this? The wondering ceased when I read the Judge's Critique from Bournemouth.

JUDGE'S PREAMBLE BOURNEMOUTH: "Not a very big entry which was somewhat marred with absentees. It is a shame numbers are so low now, however I can understand why if today's display of bad sportsmanship is anything to go by. The stewards were shocked by the language being used, and to verbally attack a winning dog within earshot of its owner is just not acceptable, more so as the owner [of the BOB] is not someone who is a big winner."

If the above is aimed at 'The Fuehrer', I'm afraid Da Do Da Ron Ron has angered the wrong person. Judge Jeff Horswell is one of the leading members of the Kennel Club and a member of its Lodge. Oh dear Da Do Da, what have you done? Never mind, he can look forward to his mate Emperor Delmar Judging at the Northern Kerry Championship Show next month. Will he [The Fuehrer] have the brass neck to exhibit under him?

Breed Notes 14/09/17

I've just secured the second set of statistics for the Terrier Group 2017. Kerry Blue Terriers are fading away. The endorsers are winning in their quest to decimate the breed and thus hold all of the aces. What was the 1976 Abba Song; 'Money Money Money?'....

Breed Notes 19/08/17

Mr. P. & Mrs. E. Martin’s Something Blue for Clancairrai

BOB GROUP 2 WKC : Mr. P. & Mrs. E. Martin’s Something Blue for Clancairrai


Judge: Mr J Finney

BEST OF BREED : 4996 MARTIN Mr P & Mrs E B Something Blue For Clanciarrai 
Dog CC : 4996 MARTIN Mr P & Mrs E B Something Blue For Clanciarrai 
Res Dog CC : 4984 BRADLEY, Ms E & BRADLEY Mrs M & Mr W Arkama Flamboyant 
Bitch CC : 4986 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Lemracdream Against All Odz 
Res Bitch CC : 5001 RAMSAY, Mr R & FLETCHER Mrs D Am Ch Dornick's Siena Toscana (Imp USA) 

Breed Notes 15/08/17

I hadn't realised until today that I've not put anything in these Notes for quite a while. I have other interests these days - interests that are much more enjoyable to me.

Reading the Breed Notes in Our Dogs for Paignton, Josephine and Frank Pinfold's bitch; ' Atlanta Blue Cherie Etoile' was awarded the BCC, her third making it a Champion subject to KC Approval. The thing that amazed me was that it was handled by Geoff Corish. There was only three bitches in the open class. Therefore, the handler only had to beat two bitches in the open class and another two in the challenge for the CC.
This will have resulted in the Pinfolds getting no change out of at least £200.00 for this handlers fees. He even bills you expenses when you take the dog to the show yourself. Further, I'll wager that he never touched the bitch apart from taking it into the ring for a walk.

When will these people who employ a handler,(One who does nothing at all apart from walking the dog around the ring) wake up to the fact that this Parasite Corish, is exploiting the gullible people in our breed.
Corish infested our breed some years ago after he was purged from the West Highland Whites; encouraged by Pat Munro and Ron Ramsay.
I remember clearly the words of Ramsay when boasting about Scarfe Michael, he spouted; " 'Mick' (Scarfe Michael) can win with anyone handling him." Yet he greased Corish's palm with thousands and thousands of pound notes! Ramsay did all of the grooming and trimming, ferried the dog to and from all of the shows, handed the lead to Corish at the ringside, got his wins and paid the enormous bills. At least then there were more dogs entered at the shows - a bit more competition.
Geoff Corish, An Expert At Walking Dogs and a considerable Network at his command.

Breed Notes 24/05/17

The breed stats are out for the first quarter 2017, twenty four registered - three down on the same period in 2016 (27).

Unless we have some dramatic increases this could be a sorry year for our breed. Having said this, some breeders are doing their utmost to increase registrations, even mating bitches on consecutive seasons. Well done Cairo Fred...

Breed Notes 14/03/17


Another Crufts has been and gone. The atmosphere was so so, but better at the get together after the judging with an excellent buffet supplied by Jo Pinfold and her Mother Angela; well done.

Our Best Of Breed Winner was INT/IT CH DANDY BLACK AND BLUE JUST FOR BALBOA who went on to Group 4
owned by  MR P R, MRS R A & MR R ENSELL & TASSELLI with the bitch CC going to IR CH IRISBLU THE FIDDLER
owned by  MR B & MR H MCGIVERN & QUIGG.

There is of course the reserve CC awards - which to me are meaningless. They just mean that they are the best of the losers and to prove this the Kennel Club give you a special green card with Reserve CC on it, which tells you that have been beaten by a better dog. In other words the 'First' loser.

Breed Notes 05/03/17

Many thanks to Cheril and Sue Carson for the pass that you sent to me, it is very much appreciated.

Crufts is just a few days away now, may you all get what you hope for and what you deserve.

There are 43 dogs and bitches entered (if they all turn up, I know of one that isn't) lets hope that the show generates more atmosphere than LKA.
LKA was as dull as you can get last year, the best thing about it was the gathering for the food and wine afterwards. Great credit needs to go to those who organised it.

How many docked dogs will be on display? Unless the ridiculous rule that forbids legally docked dogs to enter a show where there is an entrance fee, the two shows (Crufts and LKA) will have docked dogs being exhibited and breaking the ruling on this. Every year at these shows docked dogs are exhibited. Will the Kennel Club or LKA drop the entrance fee? Not on your life! They earn too much money from it.
So what do they do to enforce the docking rule? Absolutely nothing, they turn a blind eye to it.

Breed Notes 07/02/17


Breed Notes 25/01/17

Breed Notes 07/12/16

LKA is on Sunday 11th December. I wonder how many 'Docked' Kerry Blue Terriers will be exhibited? Some exhibitors have been circumventing the rules for many years now. How do they do this you may ask? One method is that they pretend that they work their dogs and get a sympathetic Vet to dock the Litter. One question is obvious and this is why do they have the full litter docked - they don't keep them all...
Of course it isn't as easy as getting a sympathetic Vet to dock the one pup for working (you know, the one that just so happens to be the best one in the litter) You have to prove that you have land and work your dogs on this land for a Vet to consider docking a pup. I know of one breeder who has been getting away with this for years and the only land that they have is a 'Cellar and a postage stamp sized garden'. Does it give these people an unfair advantage? Of course it does; Kerry Blue Terriers look awful undocked.

Here are the latest Breed Stats for the third quarter.

Breed Notes 18/10/16

Judge: Mr. E. O’Hare (Castlereagh)

: Mr. P. & Mrs. E. Martin’s Something Blue for Clancairrai
DCC: Mr. P. & Mrs. E. Martin’s Something Blue for Clancairrai
R.DCC: Mr. R. Ramsey’s Torums Cairo Fred
BCC: Mr & Mrs. H. Quigg’s Ir. Ch. Irisblu the Fiddler
R.BCC: Mr. F. & Mrs. J. Pinfold’s Atlanta Blue Cherie Etoile
: Ms. C. Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream Against all Odz


Something Blue For Clanciarrai

BIS Something Blue For Clanciarrai... RBIS IR CH Irisblu The Fiddler

BP: Ms. C. Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream Against all Odz

Does anyone know these two men? They were last seen in The Lister Hotel drinking whiskey.

Breed Notes 18/08/16

I haven't had the desire for writing lately due to personal issues.

I found the Group Judge's Critique at Paignton interesting. He describes his fourth placing as; " Stood four square ". English Bull Terriers should stand 'Four Square' not Kerry Blue Terriers. This would suggest loaded shoulders - there has been a problem of this nature for quite some time - even with the so called big winners.
The breed standard says;
" Forequarters: Shoulders flat as possible with elbows carried close to body while standing or moving. Legs straight, bone powerful. Front straight, neither too wide nor too narrow. "
Standing four square does not fit the Breed Standard. This is apparent when you see a Kerry with lots of hair on the insides of the front legs and taken close on the outsides. You may also see the handler try and bring the front legs together; this becomes uncomfortable for the dog and it usually moves the leg out again.

There has been 79 registrations in the second quarter statistics, this give a total of 106 for the six month period - quite a bit up on this period last year which was 71 registrations. The increase is encouraging, however, it is of little value to the breed and the Gene Pool if the majority of them are endorsed.

Breed Notes 21/06/16


Hi Mr Manning.

The majority of the volunteers are Kerry "pet" owners; though we do have a couple of breeders and a few who show their Kerry's who also volunteer, though I have to say the support is growing after initial scepticism amongst the showing and breeding world about the intentions of the group I've set up. I will say I'm still a long way off with some. I wanted to ensure that any Kerry's that need new homes had the proper care and full home checks completed along with proper dog assessments if necessary as several dogs I had come across had been rehomed several times. I also felt that it would be great if the "Kerry world" could show that they looked after the breed and all pulled together regardless of who the breeder was or how the dog came to fall on hard times......this was somewhat naive in hindsight and was never going to be fully achieved. However it's rarely the dogs fault and that's all I care about.

The page and group is really starting to gain momentum and I don't want anything to jeopardise this. Occasionally in the past my mouth has hindered our efforts and so I now rarely publicise my thoughts.

In my experience it is 60/40 for non registered/registered dogs who need rehoming, some may be registered but their backgrounds are unknown. Some find themselves in rescue for a variety of reasons, others are "pet owned" and are KC registered. Some are because their owners have passed away and families can not look after them. I've had 4 people contact me since November who wanted to rehome their Kerry's for various reasons but after conversations and advice (one included nearly 15 hours on the phone) they have been able to work through their various problems and have kept their dogs....Usually aggression, socialisation or behavioural issues.

From January to August last year I know that the breed rescue coordinator rehomed 12 kerry's (she told me this in a phone conversation of which 2 had to be PTS due to aggression. During that same time I knew of 10 that were rehomed without her input. As you say given how few Kerry's there are it's concerning. When I speak of this this includes Northern Ireland. Of course there may have been more.

The page has now gone live. Any support you can give would be great and if you are able to add it to the Kerry Blue home page it would be amazing. We've had over 1000 hits in the first 2 weeks.

On a separate note we had a Kerry Blue Terrier get together at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire last Sunday (I've attached a couple of photo's which I thought you might like to see) where we ended up with 20 Kerry Blue Terriers and nearly 30 dogs in total, It was an amazing day, everyone had a great time and not a crossed word between was had between neither human nor hound (ha ha).

Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue Team Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue Team Member


Many thanks for your time.

Kind Regards

Mark Buckley

Breed Notes 05/06/16

The Funeral arrangements for Mrs Pat Munro are as follows:

The funeral will take place at St John the Baptist Church, Pebmarsh, Braintree Essex. Tuesday 14th June, at 2.00pm.
Address: The Street, Pebmarsh, Essex. CO9 2NH. The Church is situated close to the A131.
For further information Contact:
Rev Gay Ellis
The Rectory
Church Street
Great Maplestead
01787 460273

There will be family flowers, and all donations should be sent to Cancer Research.

Breed Notes 04/06/16

As you can see the breed is up on the first quarter from 2015. But, does this really improve things if the majority of those registered are endorsed 'Progeny Not For Registration'? I don't think so...

Breed Notes 22/05/16

Yesterday I received quite a number of messages informing me that Mrs Pat Munro had Expired. It must have come as a shock to her family as is always the case when sudden death occurs. As I understand it, a heart seizure was the cause of her demise. Mrs Munro had Cancer complications for a number of years and as anyone who has this condition will tell you; the effects of Chemotherapy is devastating on the body and it does weaken the heart. I'm sure that the thoughts of the Kerry Blue fraternity will be with her family at this time.

It is common knowledge that Mrs Munro and me were Diametrically opposed to many things concerning Kerry Blue Terriers with the main one being the endorsing of litters, my view has not changed.

I started my venture into the show scene in 1969 with an uncle of mine, we exhibited Whippets. However, I was soon attracted to the Terriers.

The early Seventies is when I first came across Don and Pat Munro. They had acquired a Kerry bitch from Lisa Attwood Parker called "Binate Donna Diana" which they gave to George and Carol Wright. The bitch was mated to "Ch Kennick Balbriggan" and the Wrights gave them a bitch puppy back. This was "Downrite Denham Blue" (born 11/09/1975), which became the foundation bitch for the Arkama Line.

The first time that the Prefix Arkama appeared on a Kerry was when "Downrite Denham Blue" was mated to "Eberleys Gotcha" and
"Arkama Patch Of Denham" was registered, this was 05/07/1978. Arkama Patch Of Denham was co owned with the American Financial Investigative Journalist, Lorana Sullivan.
Mrs Munro clearly liked the prefix 'Arkama' and applied to the kennel club for the name. The Arkama Affix was granted by the Kennel Club in 1981. "Downrite Denham Blue" was only mated twice, the other occasion being to "Hallsblu Stylist" which produced "Arkama Denham's Follow Up". Before Kerry Blues they had an involvement with Airedales, but there is only one Airedale with the Arkama Affix; "Arkama Joanna Of Rycarol".
Kerry Blue Terriers became the main breed for Mrs Munro and why I only mention her is because on many occasions it was stated that she alone owned the Arkama Affix. The Arkama Affix was changed to a duel ownership when Mrs Munro was briefly in a partnership with Cara Davani, but then it reverted back into single ownership to Mrs Munro after they went their separate ways.
The KBTA web site has information that Mrs Munro bred 50 plus Champions in the Uk, as well as World Champions and numerous Champions overseas. Who am I to dispute this.

If I get any news of the Funeral Arrangements I will post it here for those who may wish to attend.

Breed Notes 18/05/16

From:(Name and email supplied)

Date Tue 17:59 Message Body

Regarding Kerry Blues, thank you for having the balls to pin point the mob who have such cartel on this breed. If you cross them, good luck in trying to buy a pup. Xxx

[ You are absolutely correct, there is a 'Cartel' in Kerry Blue Terriers. These people are slowly decimating the breed, purely in my view, for financial gain. They endorse their litters 'Progeny Not For Registration' to keep the numbers down, thus creating waiting lists and increased prices. And, they have the audacity to call themselves 'Custodians' of the breed. Every possible opportunity has been offered to them to explain why they endorse their litters. Not one of them is prepared to answer this.]

Breed Notes 17/05/16

Registrations at The Kennel Club for the first quarter of the year are up by five per cent on the same period of 2015.

During January, February and March 48,102 puppies were registered, compared with 45,668 for the first three months of 2015.

All Groups excepting the Terrier group show an increase: Hounds 3,142 registrations (2,939 for the 2015), Gundogs 16,427 (15,995), Terriers 4,137 (4,485), Utility 10,986 (9,319), Working 3,435 (3,243), Pastoral 3,401 (3,223) and Toys 6,574 (6,464).

Ten Year Stats

It will be interesting how many our breed will have registered for the first quarter. Let's hope that the figure isn't dissapointing.

Breed Notes 15/05/16

It would seem that Ms Jones is upset by my recent comments.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Joanna Jones (email: joannajones) on Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 06:59:37

breed: Kerry Blue

comments: To Mr Tony Manning, why is my request to you directly published on your site rather than contacting me directly and courteously? Of further concern is the spurious allegations made against me as set out in your published article on. This communication is not intended to be a pre-action protocol defamation notice but I seek your assurance that the contents you have published about me including my email address will be removed from the website and will not be distributed to any 3rd party and more importantly you desist from making any disparaging or defamatory remarks against me. I hope that you will heed the warning contained in this communication so that my good name and reputation is kept fully intact. For the avoidance of doubt, should I discover that you have defamed me in any way whether verbally or in writing, the appropriate steps will be taken in order to protect my position.

Kindest Regards, Joanna Jones

submit: submit


I have removed her email address which she volunteered to me in both of her communications and I can understand her concern about this.
I hate to disappoint the woman, but nothing else will be removed. I own this web site and decide what is published on it.

Emails that are sent to me are my property. If anyone doesn't like this, don't send me emails.

Over the years I have been threatened by many people and I will add the above to the list of them.

Breed Notes 13/05/16

Friday is the day that I go to town with my wife. We have breakfast in Wetherspoons and my wife has a mooch around the shops for any bargains. Me, I go to a little pub that has Karaoke on all day. I have three or four pints of bitter and usually sing about six numbers on the Karaoke; some say that I'm not a bad singer.

Turning on my lap top to see if I had been sent any Judge's Critiques, I was greeted with the email below.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Joanna Jones (email:joannajones) on Friday, May 13, 2016 at 16:44:34

breed: Kerry Blue

comments: Please would you kindly ask Tony Manning to email me directly with any comment regarding the KBTA UK website which i created and manage the content all voluntarily too. I would appreciate no comment such as stated in his column which quite frankly is a demotivator for someone new to the breed and trying to also make an effort to contribute as well as make the effort to show her dog. It feels like another deformation of character reading his statement when he could have emailed the content editor with any concern. I appreciate that might be issues or personality clashes within the breed however i have tried to remain balanced and fair in all of my approaches. In the spirit of enhancing the awareness of the breed and encouraging new people into the breed i would appreciate Mr Manning kindly emailing me with any clarifications on the site and enabling me to clarify within a reasonable timeframe. Thank you, Kindest Regards, Joanna Jones

submit: submit


My first thoughts after reading the above was to tell her to 'Fuck Off' but, being the gentleman that I am I wouldn't say this.
It's commendable that this lady has created a web site for the KBTA and manages the content and as she says all voluntarily. I do the same thing with Terrier World and there is close to ten thousand pages on it which attracts half a million visitors a year. (not hits - Visitors). So I can understand that she may be moth eaten managing a handful of pages.

Now why would I need to initiate contact with her for commenting on an inaccuracy that she published on the web site that she manages? I'm afraid that it doesn't work that way with me. Everything that you read on this web site - Terrier World - is accurate. I don't ask for permission or submit any content for vetting to anyone.

She mentions being a newcomer to the breed. I don't know her - never heard of her - I've probably had longer shits after a vindaloo curry than she has been in Kerry Blues.

Regarding a balanced and fair view in her publication; did she not question the résumé for the 'Vice Chairman' position? It is clearly about two people. Don Munro is the vice Chairman alone, it isn't a shared position with his wife. Did she not think to question the content of the Vice Chairman's résumé which was written by Mrs Munro and contains more words about herself than it does about Don? However, the point of my Notes was about who introduced the American Trim. It was George Wright alone and the rest of us, ALL of us, copied it.

Ms Jones also goes on to say; " In the spirit of enhancing the awareness of the breed and encouraging new people into the breed " Well I say this to Ms Jones, she could start by asking why some breeders endorse their litters; ' Progeny Not For Registration' I am absolutely certain that this practice does not encourage new people into the breed. In the whole of the UK 131 Kerry Blue Terriers were registered last year.

She also writes " It feels like another deformation of character reading his statement when he could have emailed the content editor with any concern."
Does this woman actually know What 'Defamation Of Character' means? She could start by spelling the word correctly. However, If she would like me to giver her an example of what she accuses me of, she could ask Mrs Munro. She should ask Mrs Munro why she told the Convicted Rapist Vincent Mitchell. that I had sent him an anonymous letter regarding a dog that her maggot mate Geoff Corish was handling. And together the three of them went to the former Gobshite Chairman Of The Kennel Club Ronnie Irving and Traduced me and continue to do it to this day.
I don't do anonymous.

Terrier World is a Non Subscription Web Site where you can read all of the Results and Judge's Critiques for the Terrier Group. The Archived section for each breed is second to none and invaluable for Analysts of any Terrier Breed.

Breed Notes 09/05/16

The Breed Note Correspondent for Dog World has been replaced. The new incumbent is Lyndia Salmon.

I could see this coming when I wrote about it in my Notes 26/02/16. I even suggested that the former Correspondent could use - if there wasn't too much going on - could for instance; regurgitate old stories, quote from Feature writers, use information from other correspondents... etc. etc. After all, this is what a previous writer did on a regular basis. You could even promote yourself and your own dogs; I'm not sure if this has ever been done before...has it? If the former failed to take the warnings and no longer had the desire to continue, fair enough. However it's my view that another former writer's dirty finger prints are all over the change in the Correspondent.

I do hope that the new writer does not become a 'Puppet' with a 'Machiavellian Puppeteer' pulling the strings, planting seeds and giving bullets to fire...

Breed Notes 17/04/16

I decided to have a look at the KBTA web site to see how it is progressing, it was a little confusing to me. I looked at the drop down menu where the members of the committee are listed and read the résumés with interest.

The résumé for each 'Ex Officio' member made fascinating reading.
Chairman: Tony Salmon. Tony's résumé consisted of 174 words.
Vice Chairman: Don Munro. Don's résumé consisted of 451 words. This is what confused me, because it is about two people;  Don Munro and Pat Munro. I could understand it if the club has two Vice Chairs, but I don't think that it has. 
Acting Secretary: Wendy Phillips. Wendy's résumé consisted of 139 words.
Treasurer: Lyndia Salmon. Lyndia's résumé consisted of 37 words.

There is a section of the Vice Chairman's résumé (Written by Mrs Munro when she isn't writing about herself) that  is incorrect. This is when she says; " Together with the subsequent Scottish expat George Wright, Don was considered instrumental by many in altering the pre-70’s trim of UK Kerry Blues to the Anglo-American one we see in the UK ring today." I would ask who are the many who say that Don was 'Instrumental'?
The fact of the matter is  George Wright was the only one who introduced the American trim to the UK - the rest of us all copied it.

Anglo- American is bullshit, we now trim in the American style. Moreover, it wasn't pre 70's it was 1975 when George Wright entered the ring with Ch Kennick Balbriggan in the American trim. Balbriggan was awarded BOB by Joe Cartledge Crufts February 7 1975 at Olympia.

Before the American trim that we all copied from George Wright, Kerries were shaved on the neck, full coated with pantaloons. The American trim was mind blowing when we all saw it. In those days the only way that you got to see the American styles of trim was either going to the States or getting hold of a copy of Terrier Type.

Credit for the American trim in the UK is down to one person only, and his name is George Wright. George went to work for Cliff Hallmark in the US after he received a one year ban by the Kennel Club. His first show back in the UK was Crufts 1975 where he won BOB with the Kerry Ch Kennick Balbriggan and as far as I remember, BOB in the Westies too.

Do not believe the bull shitters who are trying to re invent the past; it has all been spouted before by the same people. Unfortunately there are others who have been around as long as them too, who still have an active memory.

Breed Notes 20/03/16

Crufts is over for another year. Well done to Harold Quigg and his wife on their success in the breed and Group 3 placing.

I traveled by train as is my want but unfortunately, there was a 20 minute delay at Lime Street. This meant that our connection at Crewe had gone and we had to wait a further hour for the next train to Birmingham International. (me, Bob Blackley and Eric Galvin) The Kerries were over by the time we arrived. It's the first time for many years of using the train that this has happened. Still, we had a few Jack Daniels to cheer us up on the late connection.

The show itself - to me - was devoid of atmosphere. Even the bar was uneventful with not too many drinking the exorbitantly priced ale.

It occurred to me on hearing people discussing the 'Discover Dogs Stand' for Kerry Blues; what is the point of it? I thought that Discover Dogs was to promote the breed. A question: Does any of those breeders who man the Discover Dogs Stand endorse their litters? If they do it is sheer hypocrisy is it not?

Breed Notes 26/02/16


The Dog World Breed Notes have been a tad light recently and I can understand this. Reading from the recent contributions I think that there is a plot afoot to usurp the present incumbent. Why do I say this? First there are complaints to Dog world and then offerings sent in to them (DW) without going through the Official Breed Note Writer. Beware The Snides Of March I say.

If there isn't too much going on, a Correspondent could say for instance; regurgitate old stories, quote from Feature writers, use information from other correspondents... etc. etc. After all, this is what the previous writer did on a regular basis. You could even pomote yourself and your own dogs; I'm not sure if this has ever been done before...has it?

Breed Notes 16/02/16

The Kennel Club have taken away three sets of CCs starting 2019. Southern Counties; Bournemouth and Driffield. The good news is that the KC have designated All Breed CCs at six shows. This means that we lose three but gain two - if this makes sense. the six shows that will have CCs for every breed from 2019 are:

BATH (New)
LKA (Unchanged)

Breed Notes 11/02/16





Breed Notes 07/02/16

If you have read the tribute from Eileen Foy below, does anything stand out to you? There is for me one sentence that indicates a love for our breed and a genuine custodian of it. That sentence is; "The phenomenal increase in registrations in Russia over the past three decades bears testament to his unceasing devotion and promotion of the breed." How different the so called 'Custodians' of our breed behave. They are on a mission to destroy it - in my view for monetary gain. why else would you endorse your litters, 'Progney Not For Registration' when the breed numbers have collapsed? These breeders who do this have a lot to answer for. Not a single one of them will give their reasons for this practice, despite the many invitations to them. If they think that it is for the good of the breed, will they not tell us all why?

Breed Notes 06/02/16

Eileen Foy writes:

It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of Alexander S. Ivanov, Irish Hippy Kerry Blues, a truly great enthusiast and ambassador for the breed. The phenomenal increase in registrations in Russia over the past three decades bears testament to his unceasing devotion and promotion of the breed. His in-depth knowledge of pedigrees researched throughout his involvement with the breed would be hard to equal.
It was a privilege and a joy to have known him. RIP Sacha.

Breed Notes 02/02/16


'The UK Kerry Blue Terrier Association is delighted to announce the launch of its new website which we hope you find has lots of useful information and easy to use. Please take a look and let us know, we have links to FB and a now our own YouTube Channel which we will be adding to throughout the year. The site is in early stages so please take a look at all the pages and let us have any feedback which is really important to us. If you have any Kerry information, photos or videos that you wish to share with us please do.'

Terrier World wish the KBTA success with their new website, it looks nice.

Breed Notes 11/01/16

Well, 2016 is underway, Boston is the first show for the regular show goers. LKA went out like a damp in the Open Dog Class and a handful in the rest. 'Remember the days when this show was exciting?

I go to LKA and Crufts by train these days, it's much less stressful and more relaxing. It costs me less than it would by car and I know exactly what time I will arrive there.

I gave out my usual Christmas cards (One Refusal) and met up again with old friends which makes it worthwhile for me, even if the breed is so thin on the ground.

The bar is a pleasant place to have a bit of 'craic' with old friends, however, the bars at the NEC can seriously deplete your wallet - their prices are outrageous!

National Terrier have classes on for the newly recognised Jack Russell Terrier. It will be interesting to see how many Geoff Corish has on show.
Mr Corish was the main instigator for this breed being recognised by the KC (He has already imported them). The Jack Russell Terrier Club Of Great Britain are outraged by the KC and their interference in their beloved breed. It would seem to me that a Professional Handler who is paid by results, has an amazing amount of influence at the Kennel Club.

Terrier World

Breed Notes 30/10/15

The night before 'Halloween' is 'Mischief' night.

The Breed Stats for the second and third quarters of this year 2015 have finally been published by The Kennel Club. The total up to date for the three quarterly registrations is 107- 33 down on the same periods from last year. (140) Click Here For Stats

it's not encouraging is it? It may be Mischief Night but there's nothing mischievous about the figures, they are fact.

Breed Notes 21/10/15.

Do you know what today October 21 is? It's my birthday, a point in time that I never thought that I would get to after a heart seizure 22 years ago; three score years and ten now, every day is a bonus! My only wish at that time was to live long enough to see my two youngest daughters Katie and Sarah grow up. They have and Katie now has two chldren of her own - I'm blessed.

October 21 is also the date that Admiral Horatio Viscount Nelson won the Battle Of Trafalgar aboard HMS Victory in 1805 (Cape Trafalgar Spain) The Napoleonic Wars in particular was where Nelson was victorious. ' England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty.' All public buildings fly the British Flag on this day too.

21 October 2015 also marks the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in Back to the Future 2 – a world that the movie wrongly predicted would be filled with hoverboards and self-tying shoelaces. Among the more imaginative events was in Belfast, where Doc Brown's legendary zip line ride from the clock tower of the fictional town Hill Valley was staged in the city where the DeLorean cars made famous by the film were made. And what made time travel possible? The Flux Capacitor of course!

I had a birthday card sent to me from a very dear friend in dogs ( yes I still have some friends...) and she is most generous to me. However, on this occasion I think that she has it wrong - I've not seen her for quite a while. Have a look at the card that she sent to me; I have also included my recent Passport Photo ( On The Right ) for comparison. You will see that she has got it wrong...

Birthday Card Oct 21 2015 Passport Photo 15



Breed Notes 18/10/15.

The Northern Kerry Blue Club held its Annual Championship Show yesterday, October 17. It's the first one that I've missed for a long time mainly due to personal problems.

Bob Blackley kindly passed me his marked up catalogue and I thank him. Looking at the Venue, It's a good thing that I hadn't decided to go because I would have headed to Ellesmere Port. No one at the club had sent me anything regarding a schedule or that they had a change of venue which is also their (the NKBC club's) loss. Advertising for any Club Show is free on Terrier World.

John Madden (Magradorm) was the appointed judge for the day and he selected Ron Ramsay's five and a half years old bitch; 'Torum's Dallas Rose' for his Bitch CC and Best Of Breed. BIS. As I understand it, a third CC for this bitch. I suppose with the depleted entries that we now have, if you persist for long enough you will eventually make anything up.
Dog CC and Reserve Best In Show was Mr & Mrs Harold Quigg's two years old dog; 'Irisblu Jack Of Diamonds'.
Reserve Dog CC was C Clarke O'Neill's five years old dog; 'Ch Lemracdream The Navigator'.
Reserve Bitch CC was Messers Anderson & Watts' four and a half years old; Kebulak Naked And Famous.
No Pups were entered at this show.

Looking at the catalogue I noticed that Mr & Mrs Quigg's two entries were down as being bred by R Ramsey with an 'e'. Both the dog and bitch had the 'Irisblu' Prefix and the two different dams of the entrants were not Torum bred. I know that Mr R Ramsay with an 'a' - The Whetstone Lane Warrior - is a great one for stealing other peoples clothes, but I think that in this case it must be a 'Printers Error'. If I'm mistaken could someone let me know?

The Club attracted 32 different exhibitors into the Catalogue making a paper entry of 46 Dog and Bitches. The actual exhibits in attendance on the day was 28, comprising of 13 Dogs and 15 Bitches. Quite a good turnout.

I wonder If Mr Simon Parsons of Dog World has been reading my Notes regarding breeders ' Endorsing' litters with 'Progeny Not For Registration' ? Have a decko at his ' In The Doghouse' page.

Breed Notes 10/10/15.

South Wales set in the lovely Builth Wells took place today October 10.

We had the former Kennel Club Chairman Ronnie Irving, examining our breed. For those of you who may not remember, Ronnie was the Kennel Club Chairman at the time of the Pedigree Dogs Exposed program 2008 made by Jemima Harrison.

Ronnie boy, with his crass stupidity, brought the Kennel Club to its knees and lost it hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost sponsorship and thus revenue. He also presided over the appointment of Professional Handler Geoff to judge Best In Show at Crufts. What an absolute 'Tool'. Moreover, He (Irving) along with convicted Rapist Vincent Mitchell, Geoff Corish and Pat Munro was instrumental in traducing me
(Tony Manning) over an anonymous letter that had been sent to Mitchell (I don't do anonymous) and seriously damaging my reputation.
A big mistake on their part.

They can do all of their secret handshakes and chinese whispers until the cows come home. I have the platform of Terrier World and it attracts half a million visitors a year. I don't do Chinese whispers; why would I when I can shout the message loud and clear?

Back to the South Wales show. Mr Irving had 20 dogs to examine on the day from an entry of 24. Not bad at all by today's standards.

I have said before in other notes that if I had all of the names of those who endorse their litters ' Progeny Not For Registration' I would publish them. However, it occurred to me that they are naming themselves. Their Kennel Names are the only ones entered in the meager entries that we now have at every show - apart from Crufts.

(I have to fit Terrier World in with all of my other activities. I hope that you all appreciate the time and effort that I put in, notwithstanding the fact that it's all free to read! )

Breed Notes 03/10/15.

Driffield Championship Show took place today October 3 2015.

CCs were on offer and the Judge was Roger Crooks who is an 'All Rounder' with no agenda and no axe to grind. An Hounourable Man.
As I understand it, the weather was fine and mild with no reports of anything untoward on the Motorways, although I may be mistaken.

Roger had an entry of seventeen with nine Kerries turning up on the day for him to examine. I don't have a catalogue to scrutinise but from the information that I do have five of the nine Kerries present are from one Kennel.

Would anyone care to offer an opinion as to why one breeder has more than half of the dogs present at this show, or any show?

It seems to me that the so called 'Custodians' of our breed are screaming out the answers to the demise of our breed... in silence.
I have offered this space on numerous occasions to them to tell us all what the answer is. My view is that they couldn't care less.

Breed Notes 27/08/15.

The email below was sent to me yesterday and my response to it is below it.
(There are some redactions to protect the names of those involved.)

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
*********************************************** on Wednesday, August 26,
2015 at 17:55:24

breed: Kerry Blue
comments: As a matter of interest, you keep referring to Pat Munro as the main instigator of endorsing, but you never mention ********** who is the most ****************** and has told me personally that *** endorses the pups sold in this country. ***** actually ********************************************. That is **** right but why just pick on one person when there are others?
submit: submit

Hello *******
It's nice to hear from you.
Regarding me referring to Mrs Munro as the main instigator for endorsing Kerry Blue Litters, yes this is correct, because she was the Architect of this practice in our breed. Moreover, she has and continues to do so, encourages newcomers to do the same. Regarding me continually naming Mrs Munro; the last time that I named her was 29/08/13.
Regarding ************************ ***** endorses ****** litters because ****** has had *********** ************. Further; I wrote this in my Notes
of 13/08/15:
"There's a bit of time before the next show W.K.C. so I thought I'd have a look at some recent results. The Bournemouth show stood out like sore thumb, Only two dogs were in attendance and nine bitches. The Entry was fourteen, three were absent. Eleven present with CCs on offer...dear oh deary me. Another glaring fact was that seven of those present were from one kennel. Has our breed gone to the dogs or gone to those who endorse?"

Do you endorse your litters? Do you know all of the names of those who do endorse? If you give me them all I will publish them .
After repeated requests for those breeders who endorse to give their reasons to Terrier World and to Dog World, only Gill Ford offered a comment. However, she only wrote about Soft Coated Wheatens - which are not a vulnerable breed and are not Kerry Blue Terriers.
If you do endorse your litters and would like to give your reasons why to Terrier World, I will publish them.

Kindest Regards,

You may well ask why I have published the above. In my Notes of 22/08/15 I wrote;

" Pat Munro had the task today as the Judge. It should be called 'The Walk Of Shame' when unashamed 'Endorsers' enter the ring to judge so few dogs. "

I assume that sentence prompted the writer of the email above to defend Mrs Munro.
For those of you who do not remember, Mrs Munro wrote this in her Dog World Breed Notes on 19th February 2010 :

Quote: " I am very far from being in the minority and if I wish to endorse my registrations I will and am continuing to do so – and I do know of at least eight Kerry breeders who also do so. I also am aware that such high profile kennels like the Saredon Terriers do the same. "

In view of the fact it was published in Dog World I do think that I am well in order calling Mrs Munro 'An Unashamed Endorser' don't you? The reality is that she wrote as a Breed Columnist for Dog World - which has a considerable readership - about the Practice of Endorsing her litters, and it gives me every right to say that she is an 'Unashamed Endorser'. She wrote it herself!

I have said in other Notes that I will not name 'Names' unless I know who all of the 'Endorsers' are; then I would publish their names in full. I know of some; not as many as Mrs Munro suggests that she knows of, which she says is eight.

I have said this before, those breeders who endorse their litters can tell us all why they do it and I will publish their reasons. However, I don't think that anyone will you?

Breed Notes 22//08/15

Welsh Kennel Club today held in that lovely setting at Builth Wells.

Pat Munro had the task today as the Judge. It should be called 'The Walk Of Shame' when unashamed 'Endorsers' enter the ring to judge so few dogs.

There was eleven Kerry Blues pesent made up of seven dogs and four bitches. Eight classes without any dogs. (six absentees) Moreover, the Judge is a Breed Specialist with more than forty years experience.

Here is an idea for you to think about. Why don't we hold the three clubs Open Shows, the three clubs Championship Shows all at Windsor all on the same day? This would give us seven shows including Windsor all on the same day; they could be all done and dusted in an hour. Just think of the money we would save on petrol etc. Or, better still, we could just send images of our dogs to the show...

I will be available in the near future with my cameras if you need me...

Breed Notes 13//08/15

There's a bit of time before the next show W.K.C. so I thought I'd have a look at some recent results. The Bournemouth show stood out like sore thumb, Only two dogs were in attendance and nine bitches. The Entry was fourteen, three were absent.
Eleven present with CCs on offer...dear oh deary me. Another glaring fact was that seven of those present were from one kennel.
Has our breed gone to the dogs or gone to those who endorse?

The endorsers were given every opportunity to give their reasons for this practice. Only one breeder attempted to justify endorsing and did so by describing health problems in Soft Coated Wheatens which are not classed as a 'Vulnerable' breed.

The second quarterly stats are not yet available, let's hope that there are more registrations than the 18 in the first quarter.

Breed Notes 05//07/15

Windsor ...Wonderful Windsor! This is the show that the Kerry Blue Terrier Club Of England (Our Parent Club) decided to hold its Championship show in conjunction with the Windsor Dog Show. It may seem like a good idea to do this, but in my view I think that it will eventually be negative for the breed.

I have heard that there was mixed feelings about the Judge when he withheld on a number of classes. But, we must respect his decisions. If the Judge thought that withholding awards was necessary, then this is his opinion and we must accept it. The only thing that will bother me is, If he withheld a first place then awarded a second and third in the same class with no first being awarded, then this would be absurd. In my opinion, if you withhold the first place then you must dismiss the rest of the class. You cannot have a second and third placing if there isn't a first place winner. (This happened in The Dandie Dinmonts at Border Union N/D class) Any Judge that does this in my opinion is an idiot. No matter what award is withheld, be it 1st 2nd or 3rd, any dog thereafter the withholding has to be dismissed; if they are not it is nonsensical bullshit.

Breed Notes 20/06/15

Re Homing A Kerry Blue Terrier

[Below is an email that was sent in to me. I know the people who are involved and I have disguised their names.
If they wish to send in their side of the story I will of course give them the right of reply to the story below.
(Come to your own conclusions of what is in the statement below. Comment if you wish.) Ed.]

I was sent your link regarding an adult Kerry Blue we re-homed 4 months ago. It is a very long story I am afraid but it has been a horrible, horrible experience for myself and my husband.

I am 48 and live with my husband on the edge of Mousehold Heath in Norwich with my 2 elderly (but very fit and active) Kerry Blue terriers Parker and Izzy. I have owned dogs for over 30 years and have had 7 re-homed terriers. I currently help at a dog training club in Norwich with running the puppy class. The 2 Kerries I own now have done agility/obedience and  heel-work to music plus one of them used to visit a care home and did street collections for charity too. Parker my oldest Kerry was one of the finalists in last year's "Dogs monthly" magazine "Best Friends" national competition where he did very well for a rare breed- coming fourth through public votes.

Earlier in the year I e-mailed some Kerry Blue breeders including ********* who bred Parker stating that in the summer we would be looking for a younger Kerry to add to our household. I explained I wanted one that could take over Izzy's role as training instructor's dog to illustrate exercises to the puppy owners when necessary. Izzy is nearly 13 so realistically won't be keen on turning out for club in the cold and dark winter months. At the end of January I had an e-mail from ********* saying as I was a five star Kerry owner did I know of anyone who could offer an adult Kerry a good home? She knew of two that were looking to be re-homed-a bitch and a dog. I reminded her that we were interested in an adult but it must be a dog-friendly one due to the location of where we live-the many acres of Mousehold heath are a popular dog-walking spot where the majority of people have off-lead dogs. Our first Kerry was dog-reactive and we did not want to deal with this problem again though any training problems we were happy to deal with. I was told that both dogs were dog-friendly though the bitch was dominant so we were given the show breeder's details for the male and got in touch via e-mail/Facebook.

Because we had not been told the correct information in the past regarding re-homed dogs we requested that if we were not happy with the dog (if he was not as described) we wanted the option of bringing him back for a refund. The show breeder said she was happy with this. We went to see the dog with our 2 Kerries on 7th February, they all got on well and we took Dazzle (previously called Diesel) back home with us. The next afternoon when we took all 3 out for a walk we had Dazzle on a flexi-lead (I had lent my long training line to a friend) and he suddenly zoomed out and grabbed a Shih-ztu. When I had taken him out for a walk in the morning he had behaved fine with the other dogs he had met but they were all medium or large-sized. We were very upset as although we had instantly grabbed him off the little dog and it wasn't hurt it was not what we had expected. I e-mailed the previous owner and said not happy, she said to bring him back but reiterated that he was not dog-reactive/aggressive. I shared the story online on the KB owners Facebook page as I was so upset and ********* said that it was my fault as I should not have walked him on a flexi-lead and the small dog probably started it as small dogs can be sneaky (this was untrue-small dog wasn't even looking at Dazzle). I was told that I should not have been walking him with my other 2 for 2 weeks to give him time to bond with me. I had not been told this when I collected him, my 2 dogs are both friendly and can be off-lead around other dogs no problem. I felt bad that we hadn't given him a real chance of settling in so agreed to carry on with him. When I sent the previous owner an e-mailing stating this she sent me a back a big smiley emoticom.

I started walking Dazzle separately as told but it made no difference-he was terrified of small dogs and would go wide-eyed with fear, rear back on his lead and then lunge, barking with a high-pitched bark. Having had a reactive Kerry before I was familiar with techniques to help so I arranged to meet local people with small non-reactive dogs and did some parallel walking with them to get him more comfortable with small dogs. He would kick off when he first spotted the small dog but then calm down and walk alongside ignoring it, focusing on me so I would click and reward this behaviour and then let him have a sniff of the other dog at the end of the walk. The next time he met the same dog he would be fine but would then kick off at any new small dog he spotted. I also did some focus exercises with him-the "watch me" whereby he would get a click and a treat for looking away from the small dog and focusing on me, or clicking him when he was calm and looking at a small dog. He also went with me to my obedience class which he loved. He was put into the advanced class with Izzy as the other dogs are well-behaved so easier for him to cope with. He had seemingly had no training at all.

We went over the month and decided to keep him-we had no correspondence from the previous owner about this month but nor did we get in touch with her. We thought that it was just our side wanting to possibly take him back, that we didn't need to. We had him neutered, teeth cleaned and vaccinated. We knew that dogs can take about 6 months to settle in to their new homes and our environment was very different to what he had previously known (more about that later). We are members of a local dog-walking group which Parker and Izzy enjoyed. We decided to take Dazzle on the next walk with us. The other dogs were all medium or large sized apart from 2 Bichon Frise bitches which we had already met as part of the parallel walking exercise I had been doing. We had him muzzled and on a long line on the beach walk just in case. He was fine running about with the other dogs and all was going well until he suddenly spotted another Bichon Frise in the distance which wasn't part of our walking group. He shot off after it and although I stood on the long line to stop him because we were on sand it just slid under my foot. He pursued the Bichon trying to attack it even though he was muzzled and it was screaming in fear. My husband caught up with him and grabbed him off it and apologised profusely to the owners. It wasn't physically hurt but if he hadn't been muzzled I think he would have killed it.

I booked an appointment at a behaviourist who was very experienced with aggression cases. She assessed the cause of his behaviour as not having been socialised and said it was not a problem that could be cured in a dog of his age. She said that it could only be managed. I had taken along a breakdown of Dazzle's daily routine and a list of what I had been doing to try and remedy the problem. She said that all I had been doing was what she would recommend and the only other things she could offer were drugs and an Adaptil collar. She advised me that he must be muzzled in public and not walked where there are off-lead dogs. She also poured scorn on what I had been told about it was my fault for walking him on a flexi/walking him with my other 2 dogs etc. She said that whoever had bought this dog would be having the same problems whether he was walked on a flexi or with other dogs or not. The problem was with the dog and not the handler. I have her report saying that I am an experienced owner and was handling Dazzle well.

The next day following consultation with the behaviourist I was walking the dogs around the field a  stone's throw from my home. I had just put the older 2 back on their leashes when Dazzle spotted a small dog in the distance. He got very reactive/aggressive on spotting it and because he could not get to it he redirected the aggression onto Izzy and jumped on top of her. He was muzzled as the behaviourist said he must be outside but he is a lot bigger than her and it was not a nice thing to see. She is not an aggressive dog and would not fight back.

After the behaviourist saying he could not be changed only managed and the above experience my husband said we could not keep him. We could not return him to the breeder for the following reasons-

1) The unenriching environment he was in. For the first 3 weeks we had Dazzle all he did was jump up and down on his back 2 legs. It would have been funny if not upsetting as he was in a very unbalanced state of mind.
We assumed this was what he had been used to doing to get attention when in his run. He seemed to have received no training and yet was really enjoying the obedience I was teaching him and the class lessons.
We could not put him back into an environment where he would have nothing to do, especially since we had had him neutered so he could no longer be used at stud or as a show dog.

2) We were concerned about his care. When we collected him I asked what food he was fed on and was told chicken wings but his teeth were very dirty for a 4 year old. He had also had no vaccinations since puppy ones. I understand some owners are concerned about over-vaccination but he came with no records of titre testing or homeopathic nosodes used as an alternative to vaccines. In fact he came with no health records at all. My other re-homed dogs came with health  records, favourite toys and a list of feeding instructions and commands they were used to. Dazzle came with absolutely nothing at all. Before we saw the behaviourist we paid the vets to have him neutered/teeth cleaned and vaccinated but were criticised for this by ********* but it was what any pet owner would have done as a duty of care.

3) We were concerned he would be sold again and the next owner not told about his aggression as they considered me to be the problem and not the dog. This was very worrying to me as a responsible owner as I knew how reactive/ aggressive he was when he saw small dogs. I was told that a previous owner (he had been in 2 homes before the person we bought him from which we were not told about) had him off-lead and he was fine with small dogs. This may have  been the case when younger but it was obvious to anyone who met him that whatever socialisation skills he once had  were now sadly lacking.

4) We were told he would return to be a house dog but when we went to the breeder's house it was really dirty and we felt sad for the two elderly people also living there. Because of Dazzle's manic behaviour inside when we first got him it seemed that he had not lived indoors for a while as he would do zoomies around your head when you were sitting on the settee  and constantly jump up and down as mentioned before. We had got him into a routine whereby he had regular physical exercise 3 times a day, mental exercise in the form of obedience training and we had a few of those Nina ottosson doggy board games that he really enjoyed. He had stopped his previousmanic behaviour because of this enriching routine and we thought it unfair to Dazzle to put him into a routine whereby there would not be so much time and attention focused on him  because of the competing demands of all the other dogs/elderly parents/breeder working night shifts. His manic behaviour,  if exhibited around frail elderly people could be dangerous.

I told his previous owner about the behaviourist's report and the fact that he had attacked Izzy out of frustration about not being able to get to the small dog. Kerry people then said it was my fault, someone saying it was clearly my fault as I was not the pack leader. I spoke to a top trainer who has appeared on tv about this and he said pack leadership was nothing to do with Dazzle's behaviour. I said I was not happy to return him to his previous owner but we would find the right home for him ourselves. I did not give the reasons (above) as I was concerned re libel.

I advertised him online for £400 stating the reason for rehoming-not good with other dogs as we had been told he was. We did not advertise him for free owing to the risk of the wrong people wanting him. We were looking for someone to  have him who was into obedience or agility like I was, but with a larger garden,living in a less dog-intensive area.
Obviously if the right person had come forward we would not have charged then for Dazzle-we did not expect anyone  to have to pay this amount if they were the right person as we knew his problems with other dogs were severe.

We had a list of questions to ask anyone who called and were in no hurry to rehome him but realistically we did not want a dog so aggressive for possibly another 10 years. We would also only have re-homed him to someone with previous terrier experience and I would have asked for the name of their vets to check this ,they would have had to  have attended training or agility with a previous terrier and I would have got them to give permission for me to speak to  their vets and training club to check information was correct and their suitability. We also would have asked the behaviourist's opinion on anyone wanting Dazzle as she had promised ongoing support should we need it.

The next thing I know is that someone from the Kerry Blue facebook page has e-mailed me saying  that I have been reported to the police for stealing Dazzle! ******** and **************s daughter both called me a thief online and said they were reporting me to the police. The person who told me  about this said that she and some other people on the group were shocked about this. The next morning I rang my local police and spoke to someone explaining the situation. They said not to worry- I had not stolen the dog and the police would not get involved as it would be a civil matter. I also  spoke to someone on a free legal helpline I get because of my job as a civil servant and they said the same. I spoke to the behaviourist about the turn of events and they said that I had obviously upset a  really nasty group of people and that as their spouse worked as a police officer they knew the police would not be involved in this matter as I had paid for the dog and he wasn't from a rescue where I would have  signed a contract to say that the dog had to be returned to them should I no longer want him. Someone on the Kerry group offered to speak to me and help me re-home Dazzle privately and I said we  were happy to do this and e-mailed him my phone number. He never got in touch so I guess pressure was put on him by certain quarters.

The police came round and they bought with them a contract that they said we had to sign if we wanted to keep Dazzle saying that we did not own him but were merely his keepers and if we could not keep him  he would have to be returned to the breeder we bought him from. We had spoken to Trevor Cooper dog  legal experts after a recommendation from our vets and he said not to sign any contracts and that we were  the legal owners of Dazzle as whether they called our money paid for him (£100) a "small donation" or a payment we had still paid the money and been handed the dog. They were also shocked the police were involved in this and said to me that sometimes police officers did not know the law. After speaking to Trevor Cooper I e-mailed the police stating what he had told me and asking the police to speak to him. They sent an e-mail back straightaway saying they didn't need to do this and that I wasn't being charged with theft. We had asked for  Dazzle's papers and the police said that ******* was going to speak to the other people involved (previous co-owners) and let me know but we would have to go there to collect them. I spoke to Trevor Cooper about this and he said there was no reason for this and they were just being difficult. He also said that the papers only proved past ownership and that we were the legal owners. I will be putting a complaint in to the police about the way this has been handled also to complain about the internet abuse and lies of being called a  thief when I have not stolen this dog-if I was going around stealing dogs I would not have stolen one with  such a poor temperament!

I contacted ****** recently as I thought that as Kerries were a small breed she may have known Dazzle in the past or seen him at shows. My oldest Kerry has been shown a lot at companion shows and I know a lot of people in the show circuit who show at higher levels and when I say to them that Dazzle was advertised on his previous owners' website as part of their show team they look at me and laugh as they have seen him in the ring. He will not allow anyone to touch him-he is very ring-shy. He backs off and backs off and then lunges. I joined a ring-craft  club with him and they could not understand how he could have been shown because of his extreme nervousness.  He is also nervous of people he does not know touching him when he is not in a ring. My Kerry bitch was a cruelty/neglect  case and he is worse than she ever was. After communicating with ******* it is obvious why this is-as the behaviourist correctly  diagnosed he has not been out and about meeting people and other dogs but has been institutionalised by not being walked  but just kept in kennels.

I have many friends in Norwich in show/obedience circles who have met this dog and can see the improvement he has made with me in the last 4 months. He is an extremely challenging dog and not one for a novice owner. We cannot now let him go on to someone else as he has really settled in well with us and bonded well,with me especially.

My dogs have a 5 star life with home-cooked food and treats (Lily's kitchen recipes) and lots to do and I am experienced  in dealing with reactive dogs so realistically I don't think he would be any better elsewhere but he is not the dog we  were told and not ideal as we only have a small garden and live near heathland where he will meet lots of unfamiliar free running dogs which stresses him out.

I don't think it is right that people can not tell the truth about their dogs and also put the blame on  someone who has not been responsible for his poor temperament and extreme nervousness. I have many friends in training and showing who would confirm my love and care for my dogs and it is very upsetting to think of how I have been blamed and lied about when it is not my fault he is like he is.

I have seen another side to the world of show dogs and it is not one I like. The behaviourist we saw said I should have got a puppy as with some breeds you could not run the risk of the dog not being socialised adequately in the critical
stage. I will certainly remember this for next time. I guess we were just lucky in the 2 adult dogs we have now that we re-homed as adults as they are both brilliant with other dogs.

Kind regards


Breed Notes11/05/15

Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies For Sale: (no endorsements):

These are the latest Statistics issued by the Kennel Club for the first quarter of 2015. The figure is not encouraging for our breed is it.

Breed Notes 29/03/15

I have jus recieved a comment via my contact page which is below this sntence:

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
anon (email:anon) on Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 09:59:16

breed: Kerry Blue
comments: TO THE EDITOR!

Dear Mr Manning, I was shocked when I read the breed notes on your site and the remarks regarding the Crufts judge and his report. After reading the report on the Kerry Blue Terrier Association's site you seem to have made some mistakes. Please correct them and put the report as it is on the KBTA blog.

submit: submit

When I received the "TO THE EDITOR" posting my first port of call was to the KBTA site to have a look. The writer suggests that I have made some mistakes and I should make some corrections. Just what should I be correcting? I have read the version that is published on the KBTA site and it is quite different to what I have published on Terrier World. Moreover, it has data missing and spelling mistakes that are not in the original Critique.

Altering a Judge's Critique is not something that I would ever do unless specifically asked to by the Judge. The Crufts Critique that is on Terrier World is the same one that the Canine Press has published.

My comments on the Crufts Critique are my opinion after not seeing the judging take place. Whoever re wrote the Judge's Critique for the KBTA site has taken out the 'Ampersand &' and replaced it with the conjunction 'and'. The Puppy bitch winner and owner/s are not named. And, there is a big difference between; Muscle, Mussel and Muzzel...they may sound the same, but they are all very different.

Anything that you read in Terrier World is always accurate and I do not re write Judge's Critiques. But having said this, perhaps the sender of the message would prefer 'Bullshit' instead of accuracy.

Breed Notes 14/03/15

Onto a different matter but also related to all critiques when it is mentioned and this is 'The Kerry Blue Terrier Breed Standard'.

Recently - October 2014 actually, The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club proposed that the Breed Standard should be changed and that a white blaze on the chest of the Kerry Blue should be penalised. The proposal was later re worded and I think that this resolved the matter for all concerned members of the club.

My concern is the wording of the Breed Standard that states; COAT: 'Soft And Silky, Plentiful And Wavy.' The Judge at Crufts mentions this in his Critique. A short coat or a long coat on a Kerry Blue Terrier is not the same thing as 'Plentiful'. Plentiful does not mean a long coat nor does it mean a medium length of coat. Plentiful means the amount of hair follicles that grow in say a square inch of surface; it doesn't mean the coat length. I must have trimmed many hundreds of different Kerry Blue Terriers over the years and I know what 'Plentiful' means.

The first dog that I encountered that didn't have a 'Plentiful' coat was one that Ron Ramsay owned "Arkama Roulette". This dog's coat was so sparse that it was a nightmare to trim and keep in shape; the coat used to just collapse because it wasn't 'Plentiful'.
Humans are the same where hair is concerned, but we don't have a breed standard to judge us by. You must have heard people say he/she has a brilliant head of hair - it's never he/she has a brilliant length of hair. Plentiful to me means Dense, it doesn't mean long.

The next time that you are near a shop that deals in carpets, go in and look at the swatches of the most expensive carpets and the cheapest ones. Compare the amount of tufts per square inch in the dearest to the amount of tufts in the cheapest and you will see what I mean.

If a dog is in your opinion over trimmed and you would like more coat to have been left on, that is a preference, it has nothing to do with the Breed Standard Stating that the coat should be 'Plentiful'. Below is my understanding of the wording 'Plentiful' and how I would apply it to the Breed Standard.

Related to PLENTIFUL
abundant, ample, aplenty, bounteous, bountiful, comfortable, cornucopian, galore, generous, liberal, plenteous, plenty, all kinds of, thick on the ground
bare, minimal, scant, spare

Some may say that I'm talking through my arse, well I would ask them this; How many different Kerry Blue Terriers have you ever trimmed?

Breed Notes 12/03/15

Crufts is over - and we can start all over again trying to qualify for 2016.

Shaun Watson over from Cypress officiated this year, drawing an entry of 64 - comprising of 26 dogs and 38 bitches with an extra entry for each sex making 66 entries in total.
I didn't see a single class being judged. The seating area was full and these days I can't stand for too long. The bars however were an oasis of seating and refreshment.

I asked myself why do I continually put myself through this - what is becoming an ordeal - Dog Show? The answer is simple; I like to meet up with old acquaintances who usually attend it.

Although I didn't watch our breed, I did get to see the Terrier Group whilst traveling back to Liverpool on the train. Terrier World was streaming Crufts live from the front page and I watched it on my phone. I just love technology don't you? The Kerry Looked in top form and trimmed to perfection by John and I didn't detect any show of nerves from him, but I know he would have been a bag of them - he always is. Getting picked for further consideration by the Group Judge would have delighted him.

Our Judge Shaun Watson sent in an extremely quick Critique. Now you may well think that a speedy Critique wouldn't have a lot of content. How wrong you would be; this Critique has no less than three thousand - two hundred words, WOW! The preamble alone contained five hundred and sixty eight words. The late Barbara Cartland when writing her novels used to strive for a thousand words per day.
The last time that I read a Critique similar to this one was when Shaun Judged at South Wales or maybe the Welsh Kennel Club I can't remember which, I think that it was when he was awarding CCs for the first time.

I quite like Shaun and he has never done me any harm - not that I know of anyway. But, reading his Critique was almost baffling me at times, with contradictions within a single Critique. More can sometimes be less... I don't like the use of the 'Ampersand &' in a sentence and this Critique was littered with it, it was used so much that I kept losing my place reading the Preamble. Rushing to have a Critique published can lead to sloppy English. One has to be careful and ensure that the reader is able to understand what is in the mind of the writer, otherwise it becomes incomprehensible.

Many years ago (When I was popular) I was invited to perform trimming demonstrations. I always spoke about each particular aspect at different stages of the trim. When I think back of the puzzled looks that I got when I'd finished trimming, I would say about the finished specimen;
"Trimming a dog is an illusion" Now I knew what I meant and I assumed everyone else did. However, it was an incomplete sentence and the rest of the sentence was in my head, I was thinking it. What I realised years afterwards was that I should have said;
" Trimming a dog is creating - or trying to create- an illusion of a better dog, by disguising its faults and enhancing its virtues".

Why you may ask have I brought this up? Well I think that Shaun could have been doing the same thing; he knows what he means in his critique but a lot of it is somewhat confusing to me. Not having seen any of the judging I wanted a picture painted for me when I read the Critique; this didn't happen for me, others though may see it in a different way.

Breed Notes 18/02/15

Simon Parsons isn't my favorite person. I think that he's a decent writer and his offerings are interesting. However, in my opinion he sits on the fence too much (Twee) and needs bigger balls.

In his latest Column he writes about a Petit Basset Griffon Breeder - Linda Skerritt - who presumably writes up the Notes for this breed and her experience from one of her litters.

She wrote about a bitch that had expired. "

When being born, she became firmly stuck and her anxious and over-enthusiastic mother nibbled furiously at her to bring her into the world. This resulted in her losing most of the toes on one hind foot.
"Thankfully everything healed up nicely and no lasting damage was done. Even more miraculously, despite the handicap, her movement was unaffected.”

The bitch was shown by her new owners with a degree success, but more interestingly, took part in judges’ assessments apparently with no one ever noticing the missing toes. Are these Judging assessments useless, and who assesses the 'Assessors'?

Now you may well wonder why I have brought this to your attention. I have great concerns about the ability of many Judges - present day and also latter day. Observing them going about their task in the ring you can see that they are mimicking others in the way that they go over dogs. Moreover, the question that begs is; do they even know what is required for soundness and not withstanding the fact that a 'Breed Standard' is available and a requirement for all breeds to be Judged by.

I exhibited a male Kerry Blue many years ago who had won reserve CC's and a CC. Unfortunately, he developed an infection in his 'Testicles' and one of them had to be removed. I withdrew him from the ring for a while and after some time I decided to re introduce him as he was a very good dog. I went to my Vet and got a Certificate stating why the Testicle had been removed and that he was entire before the removal. Why did I decide to bring him back out? For the very reasons that I have stated in the previous paragraph.

He won his second CC under the Late Andy Walker (A Breed Specialist) and his third - making him a Champion - was under the late Betty Flood. (a Terrier Specialist; although she had also kept Kerries) He went on the same day after gaining his third CC and BOB under Betty to win the Terrier Group under the Late Mary Gutheridge (Lakeland Breeder and Terrier Specialist). None of them mentioned the dog not being entire.

There was only one Judge after this before I withdrew him from the ring who found that he had only one Testicle, and she is Liz Cartlidge.
This was at The Welsh Kennel Club, she did however, still give him the Res CC. I asked her after the judging why she gave him the Reserve CC (He was much better dog than the winner) and she said; " Well he isn't entire is he?"

The Breed Standard can be found here. Read the final Note.

Breed Notes 29/01/15

The Breed Stats for the final quarter of 2014 are out; 32 registered for this period. This brings the total for 2014 to 172 - an increase of three registrations.

Breed Notes 11/12/14

Well, after a lengthy wait a breeder has finally entered the debate about 'Endorsing' litters.
Below - from Gill Ford - is featured in Eve Somers' notes in DW 12/12/14.

Gill Ford Wrote Below:

"As there appears to be some controversy about the practice of endorsing registrations ‘progeny not eligible for registration’, I thought I would send my two penn’orth.

"I do endorse registrations and have done so for some time. I do it not to stop people breeding but to make sure that they choose a suitable sire (or dam as the case may be). This is particularly important in Wheatens who, as a breed, are prone to kidney disease among other things. By careful monitoring of breeding practices over the years, renal dysplasia has been almost eliminated in the breed, though the odd case still pops up from time to time.

"My contract gives the reason for the endorsement and new owners have always accepted it. It also states that the endorsement can be lifted as long as I approve the mating, from a health point of view in particular and also taking into account temperament and conformation.

"The downside is that, once lifted, the endorsement cannot be re-installed but the hope is that the new breeders will continue to research their pedigrees and ask advice before doing any further matings. Wheatens were initially on the vulnerable breeds list but registrations have now taken us well above that limiting number, even though just about every reputable breeder in the breed endorses their pups.” (Gill Ford).

[ I like Gill, I have found her to be an honorable woman and I don't think that she is one of the 'Kerching' Brigade.

Reading the above from Gill is commendable. However, the debate is about The Kerry Blue Terrier not The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier which are not classed as a 'Vulnerable' breed, and have registrations more than double the Kerry Blue Terrier.

If breeders who endorse their litters are doing it for the reasons of health issues they should say so. And if they are, what are these health diseases that are the issue and what are the 'Bloodlines' that are carrying them? We can all take part in eradicating diseases can we not? ]

Hugh Jordan said this below:

" What could be the possible effects of placing endorsements on puppies ? Will it stop people from breeding their Kerrys ?

The rise in modern designer breeds show that some people are not really interested in having a KC registered puppy. And remember that many modern designer breeds could be far more expensive than some registered breeds.

Endorsements will mainly effect the number of dogs registered, therefore the amount of dogs available to show breeders will fall and eventually have an adverse effect on the gene pool.

Most breeders will have already established their line and will have enough to sustain their hobby/business for as long as they wish to or are able to continue. This limits competition from others and keeps them towards the top of their game. (self preservation)

We do not own this breed nor have we been granted a title of being the breeds custodians. That title is self awarded.

Kerrys have been around for longer than any of us. In our litters we try and mold the breed in to what ever suits our needs. Kerrys will be there when we are gone, they might just not have KC registrations."

Breed Notes 7/11/14

The Breed Stats are out for the third quarter of the year. There was 29 Kerrys registered for this quarter. This is an 8.5% drop for the same three totals in 2013.

In 2013 there was 153 registered; in 2014 there is 140 registrations a fall of 8.5%.

I had an email from an exhibitor who told me that they had bought a pup to ingest new blood into their lines. The Exhibitor was astounded when he received his registration document and found out that the breeder had endorsed the pup. This endorsement was only lifted when the exhibitor took legal action against the breeder and the Kennel Club.

Eve Somers was almost pleading for comment about why there is a decline in our breed. Not a single breeder responded to her appeal. Is it any wonder why these breeders are endorsing their litters when they are demanding more than £1000.00 for pups and A Thousand Pounds for a stud dog to cover a bitch and as I understand it, this is the going rate. Are they making a killing? The answer is yes they are, but they are also killing the breed. Kerching rings the cash register for these greedy bastards who don't give a toss about the breed.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Angry (email:) on Friday, November 07, 2014 at 22:24:06

breed: Kerry Blue
comments: Dear Sir,

i have just noticed that a breeder from Ireland has registered two litters from the same Kerry Blue bitch with the UK Kennel Club. One litter was born in July 2013 the other in March 2014. The first litter must hardly have left the bitch when it was mated again to the same stud dog. This is disgraceful. The bitch must have been mated again five months after its 2013 litter.

submit: submit

[ I have published the above in the 'Letters' section. Does anyone know if this information is correct? I went with it because I don't think that anyone would make this up. ]


Breed Notes 20/10/14


Below is a proposed revision to the Breed Standard for the Kerry Blue Terrier
issued by The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club.

On a point of information the please note the final proposal agreed by the Annual General Meeting of The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier.
As The American Kennel Club, The Canadian Kennel Club, The Kennel Club and The Australian Kennel Union issue there own standards for Kerry Blue Terriers and have never recognised the FCI/IKC Standard, nothing will change for those breeders/exhibitors claiming these kennel authorities as their Kennel Club of reference.
The following is the final proposal from The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club to the Irish Kennel Club re additions to the standard of Kerry Blue Terrier.
The Club would like to thank all those who interacted regarding this propsal in a measured and sincere way.
These additions to be included in the exhisting FCI/IKC standard to clarify the position re white markings
Under the heading 'COLOUR ' :
Blue of any shade with or without black points. Black is permissible only up to the age of 18 months, as is also a shade of tan.
Pups may be born with a white patch on their chest. This usually disappears with age. On an adult dog a small blaze of white on the chest only, is acceptable.
Under the heading' FAULTS'
• Any colour, other than blue with the exception stated above.
A Large amount of white on the chest is highly undesirable.
Cathy Delmar, Hon. Sec.

On a point of information the please note the final proposal agreed by the Annual General Meeting of The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier.
As The American Kennel Club, The Canadian Kennel Club, The Kennel Club and The Australian Kennel Union issue there own standards for Kerry Blue Terriers and have never recognised the FCI/IKC Standard, nothing will change for those breeders/exhibitors claiming these kennel authorities as their Kennel Club of reference.

The following is the final proposal from The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club to the Irish Kennel Club re additions to the standard of Kerry Blue Terrier.
The Club would like to thank all those who interacted regarding this propsal in a measured and sincere way.
These additions to be included in the exhisting FCI/IKC standard to clarify the position re white markings


Under the heading 'COLOUR ' :
Blue of any shade with or without black points. Black is permissible only up to the age of 18 months, as is also a shade of tan.

Pups may be born with a white patch on their chest. This usually disappears with age. On an adult dog a small blaze of white on the chest only, is acceptable.

Under the heading' FAULTS'
• Any colour, other than blue with the exception stated above.
A Large amount of white on the chest is highly undesirable.

Cathy Delmar, Hon. Sec.

Is this change to the Breed Standard the concoction of 'Power Mad' people who want their 'Legacy' to be;
"We Changed The Breed Standard"?

In all walks of life 'Power Mad' people are desperate to leave behind a legacy for the History books. Prime Ministers are classic examples of this practice. However, policy changes doesn't really have that much an impact in History. War does. It is either success or failure and will always be Historic. This is why Prime Ministers are always ready to take Brave Men To War. Tony Blair is a classic example of this and is still in denial that him and George W Bush are responsible for the loss of over a Million Iraqis in a war that was based on a Lie.
Bush once said; " You Can Fool Some Of The People Some of The Time; And Some Of The People All Of The Time, And These Are The Ones You Should Concentrate On."

Are the people who have gone along with this proposal being manipulated in the way that George W Bush described; Or are they just 'Marionettes' dancing to the tune of their 'Puppet Masters'?
Do not be taken in by the 'Haw Haw Haw' joke tellers who are also akin to Shakespeare's 'iago'. These people care nothing for the breed other than the Power that they can wield and their Holiday Judging Appointments.

Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club

The Irish Kennel Club had requested the original parent breed clubs of all the breeds of Irish origin to submit any changes, additions or clarifications that they thought were necessary to the breed standard.
All proposed changes were submitted to the Board of The Irish Kennel Club and were made available to ALL members of An Ard Comhairle (High Council, made up of clubs with representation) for 2 months for comment before being recommended by the Board and subsequently passed by An Ard Comhairle.
The Kerry Blue Terrier standard has not changed but has some additions.
An extra section has being added to assist judges in understanding TYPE, and under colour, an approach to white markings on the body has been added as the standard only identifies a single colour with no exceptions.
Please note below inroduction to the standard.
The Essence of The Kerry Blue Terrier
There are certain characteristics and features that make individual breeds of dogs unique. In canine terms this is called 'TYPE'.
The following has been compiled by to assist Judges
in establishing an attitude towards 'TYPE' in Kerry Blue Terriers.
Overall appearance and ring presence
The Kerry Blue Terrier should have a free-standing, assertive upstanding body posture with it's head held high. The tail should be carried straight or slightly forward. All this combines to create a clear look of focus and dominance.
This is well described by the old saying ' He should own the ground he stands on'.
The Kerry Blue should have a distinct and unique expression. It should demonstrate terrier intensity and be 'hard', not 'soft', not'cute', nor obediently begging for a biscuit.
Physically this is gained from the following:
A rather deep set dark eye, and ears that are medium in size, have the fold slightly above the level of the skull and are carried close to the side of the head with the tips pointing to the corner of the eye.
A small ear carried high on the head gives an incorrect 'cute' expression and low dropped ears make the expression too 'soft'.
Correct eyes, ears, head carriage with an assertive attitude create the 'True Blue Expression
Born black, they gradually change to any shade of blue, from an almost silver grey to a very dark blue which is sometimes described as 'midnight blue'. All are correct.
A feature sometimes found in coloured dogs is darker colouring on the socks, hocks, tail, and beard than on the body and is seen as a bonus by many breeders.
As they mature and start the gradual colouring process the coat can develop a brownish hue (particularly on the legs). This should not be penalised as it is usually a sign the the colour is on it's way.
It is important for judges to understand that this is a gradual process and though we all would prefer an adult dog's colour finished, once a dog has started to colour it should not be heavily penalised.
The Kerry Blue has a single coat that is `non-shedding' however is should be plentiful and not sparse. It should be soft to the touch with an obvious sheen.(never a dull matt finish).
It should have a gentle wave or half curl.
A coat that is harsh, wool like, tight curled or totally lacking in sheen should be penalised.
A typical finished adult Kerry Blue Terrier should have an assertive upstanding and independent posture(not stacked). It should have great ring presence with a determined expression and be clearly coloured with obvious bloom (shine) in it's coat.
As these are the features and characteristics that make the breed unique a lot of importance should be placed on them and though the entire standard is important extra credit should should be given to dogs who posses these qualities.
Addition to colour
A white patch of skin anywhere is a disqualification fault.
Puppies may have a small blaze of white hair on the chest which usually grows out with age. Adult dogs may have a few small white hairs on the chest which though not desirable, are acceptable. Adult dogs with an obvious white patch or blaze of hair on the chest should be downgraded.
Cathy Delmar,
Hon Sec.

Breed Notes 19/10/14

The Northern Kerry Blue Terrier Club held its 40th year Anniversary of Championship show status yesterday.

The heat inside of the hall was uncomfortable to say the least, however, the judge Caroline Nagle managed to complete her task even though she appeared to be at times really feeling the heat. The only ventilation to the place was the door and I was told that the windows hadn't been opened in years.

Best In Show from a large entry of 53 for these days was CH HALLSBLU FIBBER MAGEE ( MR J WEATHERHEAD)
Reserve Best In Show was COMMANCHE CREEK (MR G & MISS A DALY).

I witnessed something in the ring in the open bitch class that was disturbing at best, but really totally unacceptable. One of the bitches was bleeding profusely and there was blood all over the mats. When this was pointed out to the exhibitor, his reply was "It's pulled a nail" Liz Nagle had to give him paper tissues to mop up the blood. Did he withdraw the bitch? NO! You see, this particular exhibitor epitomises the word 'Egotist' and he worships at the Altar Of Glory; Glory it would seem at any cost; the ego on his back has to be fed.


Why The Video? Someone Said That He Was Humming the Song In the Ring;
All Together Now; Dont Stop Me Now...

Breed Notes 30/9/14

The second quarterly Breed Stats are out. Our Registrations are up again, an increase of 61.26% on this time last year; lets hope that it continues.

Terriers exhibitors in general have lost one of the great breeders of their generation. Judith Averis Passed Away on Saturday.

Breed Notes 12/9/14

After Eve Somers asking (almost pleading) for comment about the falling Registrations in Kerry Blue Terriers, she received just one response. And, this was from a new Exhibitor.

The silence is deafening from the so called, self styled, 'Custodians Of The Breed'. It is even more evident to me that these people will see the breed burn as long as they can control the ashes.

Darlington saw everyone who entered there get a first in their class. Brilliant! The same happened at Southern Counties last year even with CCs on offer.

Breed Notes 21/8/14

Arriving back to the UK last Saturday from Turkey after two weeks was a shock to the system - it was perishing cold! However, it was a much needed break for me, my first holiday in ten years. And boy did I have some backlog of work to catch up on when I fired up my lap top; did any of you readers miss your free to read Judge's Critiques?

Following on from my last notes regarding the debate that Eve Somers has asked for regarding the alarming decline in Kerry Blue Registrations; reading her Dog world Notes it would appear that she hasn't had any response to date. Why I wonder is the 'Apathy' in responding to Eve's request? You would think that Kerry Blue Breeders would be falling over themselves to offer intelligent debate about the most serious decline in our breed's registrations ...wouldn't you... Are there feelings of 'Guilt' amongst the 'Endorsers' that is causing the apathy? I think that I know the answer to that question. I would say to anyone who does feel the need to contribute to Eve's call to debate, state if you 'Endorse' your litters. If they think that 'Endorsing' is the right thing to do then why should they want to keep it a secret?

Reading another section of Eve's Dog World Notes Eve wrote:
"it was a pleasant change for the judge, in this case Jeff Luscott, to come over to the benches and talk to the exhibitors. He chatted and gave verbal critiques to those of us who asked which was really refreshing especially as some judges don’t bother to even send one to the papers."

I suspect Mr Luscott was sniffing for information regarding me after lambasting him in Terrier World on the 'No Critiques click here' page. (Click the link)
This Judge [Luscott] is an imposter who has never had a written Critique published since I have been compiling the data from 2010 and this is only the Terrier Group that has been monitored. I'll wager he starts having Critiques published very soon. Tom Johnstone was another serial offender who has now refreshingly seen the error of his ways.

Breed Notes 30/7/14

it's my Wedding Anniversary today; 48 years ago, on the very day that England won the World Cup 30/7/1966 - they haven't won anything else since!

Eve Somers writes in DW Breed Notes:
" I would like to start a debate in these [Dog World] notes about why the breed numbers in the show ring and just generally are declining. The last annual total of registered Kerries has dropped to a worrying 169. There must be reasons for this and I would like to explore why. There are many opinions: some believe it is because of the politics and alleged corruption in the show world, some think it’s the rising cost of fuel and show entries, others think it’s the system of endorsement of puppies which prevents new owners from having litters which is to blame. Whatever the reason the decline is real and very alarming."

At last! Eve is someone who can also see the wood from the trees, not just me. I have been banging on about the decline in our breed since 2008. And, what has been the response so far? Shoot the messenger. I had an anonymous message posted to me advising me to look at the KBTA group page. There was a posting on it by Lyndia Salmon which I assume was directed to me saying the KBTA is nothing to do with some people, they don't have to visit the Group Page and the KBTA Group would prefer it if they stayed away. Shoot the messenger?

If you read down the page you will have a better insight as to what has been said thus far. Let me say this - unequivocally; all what I have written is not certainly not personal. I like Eve Somers and I like Lyndia and Tony Salmon. From my experience they are decent people. If I get something wrong, I apologise as I have done in the past when I got it wrong over schedules. Although I have been personal in the past. It was because the persons that I targeted had told blatant lies about me which damaged my reputation.

I'm overjoyed that somebody else has concerns about the falling registrations. Politics, corruption, rising costs with entries and all of the rest of it, doesn't stop people breeding and registering Kerry Blue Terriers. I have been accused in the past of being obsessed with 'Statistics'. The only accurate data for registrations are in the Kennel Club Statistics, they are not made up by me. And, of course the people who accuse me of obsession are in fact 'Endorsers'. So well done to Eve for encouraging a debate.

And finally, to Eve and Lyndia, believe me when I say it's not personal.

Breed Notes 21/7/14

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Lyndia Salmon ( on Monday, July 21, 2014 at 13:44:41

breed: Kerry Blue
comments: Hi Tony

I ve just been reading your comments on the breed page about the KBTA Face book page, it is a pity that you feel you have to be so negative about it.

Eve has only just taken over as Secretary and although you seem to feel that you are the watchdog for our society I think after her reply to you that there was no need for you to keep repeating yourself.

She has said that the only people we do not accept are people who are not involved with dogs, our membership contains many people who do not own Kerries, but they have got an involvement with dogs and perhaps hopefully will one day own a Kerry. We also have quite a few Kerry pet owners, and we allow members to advertise on the page.

The face book page is not a static thing and sometimes we have to alter the parameters to accommodate what is happening. We restrict the adverts of puppies to our members because at one time we were being swamped by adverts from Eastern Europe and that was all that was appearing on our pages.

With reference to your remark about removing the ones we don t want, we dont sit on the computer all day, and we do remove them when we come across them, but that depends on how long they are on before we see them. We don t want to make the page a closed shop, but again we don t want the pages clogged by adverts which could put people off visiting our page.

As far as endorsing puppies go we don t stipulate on the page what should be done about it. Our view is that it is up to the owner, we dont presume to dictate to breeders what they should do, and I personally think that you are taking a liberty trying to dictate to people what they should do with their litters. I know that you keep saying about the numbers being registered but when there is difficulty in selling puppies it does put the hobby breeder off breeding. If you are a commercial breeder this doesn t really affect you, but when you have limited space the fear of being left with puppies that you cannot sell must be taken into consideration.

I hope that this satisfies the concerns that you have expressed.

Lyndia Salmon

submit: submit

The above was sent in to me in response to my Notes (Breed Notes 18/7/14)

[ I think that some of the points above need clarifying. But before I do, let me say this. Terrier World gives the full right of reply to anyone as long as they are not anonymous, which is why both of the responses have been published in full.

1: (" I think after her reply to you that there was no need for you to keep repeating yourself.") In my response to Eve I am not aware of repeating anything from my initial posting. However, maybe I missed something.

2: ("you seem to feel that you are the watchdog for our society") I certainly do not consider myself 'The Watchdog' for your Society or any other. What I did do, was to state the obvious after reading what was on the KBTA Group Page. Saying that my comments are 'Negative' is an 'Opinion' I would call it 'Constructive Criticism'. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. Further, Terrier World belongs to one person and that person is Tony Manning. There are no postings by me on the KBTA face book page - unlike the KBTA Group - your comments have been published here in full on Terrier World. I don't force anyone to visit Terrier World. I average 50,000 visitors - (not hits visitors) - a month (Fifty Thousand). Dog World recently boasted as having nearly one hundred thousand visitors a month and they cover all seven Groups. This leads me to believe that I must be doing something right. Terrier World is the only Web Site where everything is free to use.

3: (" With reference to your remark about removing the ones we don t want, we dont sit on the computer all day,") It is my understanding that a 'Group Page' can set up preferences whereby all comments go through an 'Administrator' before they are published. (No need to sit by a computer all day)

4: ("As far as endorsing puppies go we don t stipulate on the page what should be done about it. Our view is that it is up to the owner, we dont presume to dictate to breeders what they should do, and I personally think that you are taking a liberty trying to dictate to people what they should do with their litters.") Dictating to breeders about endorsing their litters? I only wish that I knew the names of all of the breeders who endorse their litters; I would publish them. I do know some but it would be unfair just to name those. Who would want to buy a dog or bitch that has conditions that the 'Progeny' from the animal cannot be registered, or if a male, pups sired by it cannot be registered? Perhaps this is why breeders are left with pups, notwithstanding the fact that some are breeders demanding £1000 plus for pets. All of the froth about lifting the 'Endorsements' if the people want to breed and they are considered sufficiently suitable for the 'Endorser' to lift the restrictions. What utter bullshit. If this is the case the breeders are not vetting the people who they sell their pups to properly.
(" when you have limited space the fear of being left with puppies that you cannot sell must be taken into consideration.") Could it be that breeders who are limited etc. 'can't wait to get 12 week old pups sold that are shitting everywhere, screaming to be fed at first light, fighting, howling and destroying anything that they can get their teeth into?

5: Regarding my opinion about breeders (Custodians) who 'Endorse' their litters:



Professor Sampson said this in an article about 'Vulnerable Breeds':
"A concerted effort by breeders to breed more dogs is required to reverse the trends of the last few years. This doesn’t mean producing greater numbers of puppies from the same old dams and sires, it means increasing the number of dogs and bitches within the breed who become parents in their own right. Existing experienced breeders should try to persuade and encourage new owners who buy puppies from them to have at least one litter from the puppy. In this way breed numbers will increase and so will the parental base from which future generations are produced. This will go some way to stemming the current loss of genetic variability."


Professor Jeff Sampson was the Kennel Club's Senior Scientific Advisor. Professor Sampson
studied Biochemistry at Sussex University and attained a BSc. in 1970 and a DPhil in 1973.
1973 - 1978: Scientific Officer at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund
1978 - 1990: Lecturer in Biochemistry - University of Leicester
1990 - 1998: Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry - University of Leicester
1998 - to retirement: The Kennel Club Canine Genetics Co-ordinator

I first published the above information in BREED NOTES 30-10-08.
The Registration Statistics for the year 2007 were: 267 Kerry Blues registered.
The Registration Statistics for the year 2013 are: 169 Kerry Blues registered

All of the points that I have made in reply to Lyndia Salmon's comments may give readers a better understanding of what my position is regarding kerry Blue Terriers and my concerns for the breed which is going backwards.] Ed.

Breed Notes 18/7/14

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Eve Somers ( on Friday, July 18, 2014 at 12:47:24

breed: Kerry Blue
comments: Hi Tony....hope you're well. I felt I had to contact you to clarify something I read in your notes about a post I put on the Facebook page for the KBTA.

What I meant to say, albeit very badly worded, was that we wouldn't accept people into the group if they had nothing whatsoever to do with dogs, much less terriers.

The nature of FB is such that unless you put loads of filters in place, most people can reach most things. We have been getting lots of requests to join the page from people who, when looking at their profiles, don't have a dog, nor do they have any mutual friends or any interests which involve dogs.

These people use FB groups in an attempt to sell anything from bathrooms to soft toys. When a page is clogged up with these things, the relevant posts that people put on get lost. However, I can fully see why you thought that my post smacked of nannying and hypocrisy, particularly as I had advertised some clippers !

What should have been made clear is that we accept adverts for puppies and dog related goods and services as long as the person posting is a paid up member of the KBTA. I have reworded my post to reflect this.

Hope this clears it up Tony. Thanks for reading this....have a good weekend,

submit: submit

[The above message was sent to me by Eve Somers in response to my notes below and I thank Eve for clarifying the information on the KBTA 'Group' page.
What I cannot get my head around is why people who don't own a dog should be classed as wanting to use the group for ' Commercial' purposes?]
(We have been getting lots of requests to join the page from people who, when looking at their profiles, don't have a dog, nor do they have any mutual friends or any interests which involve dogs.)
[Surely if a new member puts anything inappropriate for sale on the Group Page I'm sure that they can be removed from the Group quite easily.
I don't like 'Closed Shops; Secret Societies and Elitism' - which is why you will never see me offering a limp hand to receive
a 'Secret' handshake.
Just because there isn't any information regarding dogs on various 'Face Book' pages, doesn't mean that they don't own a pet. It isn't a requirement for ownership of an animal to attend dog shows and/or exhibit too.
Our breed is on its knees. 169 Kerry Blue Terriers registered in the whole of the UK last year. 40 have been registered in the first quarter of '14.
If Breeders do not stop endorsing their litters and we do not do our utmost to encourage new owners into our breed, it will get worse - not better. If this is what the so called 'Custodians Of The Breed' want; so be it.
Border, West Highland White, Staffordshire Bull...why do you think that these breeds are so successful and you can watch them being judged with 'more than one in a class' at any show? Certainly not by endorsing litters that's for sure. Rocket Science It Isn't.]

Terrier World will be on Holiday from August 2 for two weeks - I haven't had a holiday for ten years. Critiques etc will be published within a couple of days of my return. Ed.

Breed Notes 8/7/14

I was looking last night at the timeline on facebook for the Charity that I support; 'Yellow House'. In the right hand panel there are adverts and suggested sites. The KBTA group was there. It had been some time since I had visited this group so I loaded it. There seems to be a whiff of 'Nannying' taking place on it - to me anyway. Even worse, could it be lecturing?

It is my understanding that these sorts of groups are to encourage people into our breeds; or maybe I'm wrong.

scrolling down the page I came across this message:

And, further down this was posted:

Breed Notes 26/6/14

Congratulations to Andy Potts And Cara Davani

Florence and Francis

The Twins Were Born 7th June 14

Breed Notes 3/6/14

An email from David O'Rourke brought sad news. Jimmy Pender has passed on. Our sincere condolences to his wife Bernie and their family on the loss of Jimmy.

The Penders were often at the shows a few years ago; I had many a session at the bar with Jim in those days - we both enjoyed a tipple.

Their Affix was Athlone and Ch Athlone Bannagher Boy {Ch Kamaghan Almighty ex Philwyre Fan Fare} was campaigned for some time by Bernie. They didn't breed a lot but were delighted when they made up their Champion.

Jimmy was a 'Bricklayer' by trade and we talked about the building game a lot - me being a Roofing Specialist.

He will be sadly missed; A nice man.

Breed Notes 30/4/14

Dog World has a new Breed Note writer; Eve Somers. Mrs Munro has retired for health reasons.

In her final contribution to the Kerry Column Mrs Munro writes:

"I started writing the column for Dog World during the ’80s when Miss Majory Baynard (Underbridge Kerries) was still contributing."

I have to put the record straight on this. It was me - Tony Manning - that wrote the Breed Notes along with Miss Baynard up until the time when I decided that the sub Editor Simon Parsons was editing my notes in an unreasonable fashion. That is when I formed a partnership with John Phelan and published Terrier World as a hard copy - monthly. Miss Baynard's contribution was limited as I became the main writer for
Dog World. Mrs Munro took over from me.

Mrs Munro wishes Eve success - she also wrote:

"I wish my successor good luck and feel sure their efforts in promoting the breed to the wider dog world will be as rewarding as my own contributions have been by loyal readers and be free of any ill minded unnecessary interference."

I suppose that paragraph above was aimed at me.

Breed Notes 2/4/14

Crufts. I would think that everyone regards the Kennel Club's show as the beginning of the 'Show Season. I have read elsewhere that it was three deep with people at the ringside watching the judging. I don't think so. Trying to talk up atmosphere doesn't really work.
It's my view that our breed has gone backwards. Temperament (Disciplined Gameness) has all but disappeared. I can recall when people actually were three and four deep at ringside watching true temperament with the dogs and bitches all sparring and snarling with dominance and intimidation towards each other. I suspect that what is being exhibited these days could only draw a Badger with pencil and paper.
Our 'Gene Pool' is very weak due to the ever diminishing numbers available for breeding. (It has been well documented by me why this is.)
So what does the foreseeable future hold for Kerry Blue Terriers? Your thoughts please - am I the only one who can actually see the wood and the trees?

Can You See The Crowd As Three Deep At The Ringside?
Mrs Munro Needs To Visit SpecSavers!

Thank You Tanja Sonnenschein For Your Video

Breed Notes 4/3/14

Kerry Blue Terrier Association of Northern Ireland News Letter

Breed Notes 26/02/14

It didn't take long for a response to the notes below 20/02/14; it must be painful reading for some.
Here is a paragraph from Dog World's Breed Note contributor, that appears February 28:

"A thankless task being a breed writer as all that happens is down to us with some people constantly looking to find fault and blaming everything from winners, entries to breeding, et al, with the more constant complainants being those who never put anything into their breeds."

I wonder if the above is a veiled accusation aimed in my direction? The facts and stats are very clear.
Have I encouraged the 'Endorsing' of litters? No. But I know of someone who does! Our breed is on its knees and those responsible should hang their greedy heads in shame - single dogs in most classes at shows for Kerry Blue Terriers, is now the norm. All of the propaganda about expenses, weather, and all of the rest of the shite that is used as an excuse for falling entries really doesn't wash anymore.
Why? Because Kerry Blue registrations are getting less and less because of the 'Endorsers'. It isn't 'Rocket Science' that there are massive entries in Borders, West Highlands, Staffordshire Bulls and all of the other big entries, it's because there's thousands of them!

Hollow victories, cheap champions - what is the point of it if not for financial gain? There was one show in 2013 where every one who entered won a first; single dogs in each wonderful...

The question I ask Dog World's Note Writer (Sole Owner of The Arkama Kennels) is this; Is breeding and exhibiting Kerry Blue Terriers your 'Hobby' or your 'Business'?

in my Breed Notes 12/11/13 I gave an analysis (Not a comprehensive one) as to what a successful kennel could earn. I didn't name this particular kennel, however the amount of money that I calculated for this kennel astounded me. And the estimates were conservative!
I wonder if I did the same and researched what the 'Arkama' kennel has probably earned from their... 'Hobby'? 'Business'? What would that research uncover...

Referring back to the paragraph in blue I will enlighten Dog World's Breed Correspondent about just some of my input into - not only Kerry Blue Terriers - but all of the Terrier Breeds. Terrier World is the only online Magazine where you can read all of your Judge's Critiques for free. I don't get paid by anyone, moreover, it costs me a considerable amount of money to pay for my web space (seven thousand pages to date) and it is an unpaid full time job. Since I went 'Live' in April 2008 I have had two donations. One from the 'Saredon' kennels and the other from
'The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club GB'.
I have also always helped and encouraged newcomers to our breed - unlike the Munro, Corish and Ramsay Clique who create divisions so that they can operate without awkward question that are innocently asked by naive newcomers; they keep them well away. And what are these awkward questions? Well, the classic one is to the Professional Handler: "How is it that you don't trim a dog or even groom it, and then you take the lead from the owner, win the CC, Best Of Breed and even get placed in the Group with a dog that previously couldn't win?" This is the type of question that 'Naive Novices' ask in all innocence. This is why those three and their like create divisions and cliques to keep newcomers and novices away.

The Newcomers/Novices: SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL: They Can't If You Have A Clique!

Breed Notes 20/02/14

Oh Deary Me, Our Breed Registered 169 From The Whole Of The United Kingdom In 2013

The Endorsers Are Laughing All Of The Way To The Bank, Kerching!
They Don't Have A Problem Selling Litters Or Registering Pups.

169 Is The Lowest Registered Amount For Twenty Years Or Even A Hundred Years If You Could Obtain The Statistics!
From The 169 Registered - 11 Were Exported To:

Australia 3, Belgium 1, Brazil 1, Canada 1, Mexico 1, Sweden 1, Switzerland 1, USA 2.
I'll Wager Plenty Was Made From Those Exports.

Hi Tony, enclosed some winter picts received from our american friend of Cross the Rubicon, we can see her kerries under the snow !
Hope to come to Crufts ! All the best from yours italian friends,
Graziano & Pia

Int Ch Class Act By Hallsblu

Int Ch Class Act By Hallsblu

Kerry Judges 14

Manchester Dog Show Society 16th January 2014 - Breed Judge - Mr. T. Mather
Crufts 7th March 2014 - Breed Judge - Mr. E. Jones
National Terrier 5th April 2014 - Breed Judge - Ms. C. Davani
Kerry Blue Terrier Association Ch Show 6th April 2014 - Ms. U. Lethenstrom
Birmingham Dog Show 9th May 2014 - Breed Judge - Mr. P.R. Davies
Scottish Kennel Club 16th May 2014 - Breed Judge - Mr. M. Vickers
Bath Canine Society 23rd May 2014 - Breed Judge - Mr. H. Ogden
Southern Counties Canine Association 31st May 2014 - Breed Judge - Mr. J. Horswell
KBTCE - Breed Judge - Mr. H. Jordan
Blackpool - Breed judge - Mrs. L. Wilkinson
Bournemouth - Breed Judge - Mr. N. Straw
WKC - Breed Judge - Mr. B. Browne-Cole
Driffield - Breed judge - Mr. P. Wilkinson
NKBC - Breed Judge - Ms. C. Nagle
LKA - Breed judge - Ms. C. Clarke O'Neill

Judges for 2015

NKBC - mr. J. Madden
National terrier - Mrs. J Pinfold

I was honoured to receive an invitation to judge the Kerry Blue Terrier Association open show which was to be held after completion of the breed judging at the South Wales Kennel Association championship show.

I was informed by the secretary that my entry of 9 dogs was an expected entry as there were only 10 dogs entered at the championship show.

Several exhibitors gave their apologies for not being able to exhibit their dogs at the open show in the afternoon as they needed to leave for home & could not stay, therefore having an impact on a small entry of three dogs being exhibited under me.

Breeders of numerically small breeds need to support their breed classes at the championship shows to prevent any further reduction in the allocation of CCs from the Kennel Club, as low entries attributed by breed politics will have detrimental effects on societies scheduling classes for the breed in the future.

JD & PGD (0). OD 1 Clarke-O’Neil’s Lemracdream The Navigator, clean head of a good length with well placed eyes & ears giving a typical expression, good mouth, reachy neck fitting into well laid back shoulders, good front assembly with nicely boned straight front. Good spring of rib & short coupled, level topline with a well set tail, well developed angulated quarters. Moved soundly both fore & aft & covered the ground from side profile. Presented & handled to a high standard. BIS.

JB 1 Davies’ Brandyn Celtic Ice Maiden, nice dark eyes of a good shape, good mouth, & well laid back shoulders, level topline, well muscled quarters. Moved soundly behind. PGB 1 Clarke-O’Neil’s Lemracdream Blue Ivy, decent head with nicely placed ears & eyes, typical expression, nicely angulated front assembly, level topline, & short coupled & well muscled quarters. Moved soundly both ways & covered the ground effortlessly in side profile. Nicely presented & handled. RBIS. OB (0).


[The paragraph in Red: Does Nick Connell not know that there are people in our breed who endorse their litters 'Progeny Not For Registration'?
Is it any wonder that our breed is on its knees? TM] (They're Laughing All The Way To The Bank...Kerching!)


Breed Notes 12/11/13

Having registered 200 plus Kerry Blue Terriers since the early eighties, a certain kennel has been quite successful.

I wrote in my last notes that I would do a little research into how much money can be earned and why I think that 'Endorses' endorse purely for monetary reasons. All of this bullshit that they will lift the endorsements if they feel that the person is a fit and proper person, doesn't hold water - or bullshit either. If the 'Purchaser' has to contact the 'Vendor' to ask for endorsements to be lifted; why did they sell the pup to them in the first instance? The 'Endorses' regurgitate this shite [that they will lift the endorsements] on a regular basis to justify what they do.

The analysis - although brief - which I have done, will astound you; it amazed me!

200 pups. Now considering the present day rate for a Kerry is £950.00 if you take a 'mean' from the eighties to present day, it wouldn't be considered generous if we concluded that it would be £450.00. This brings in revenue of £90,000.00 (Ninety Thousand Pounds). Moreover, a 'Successful' Kennel will have made up Champions - which will have been sold for considerably more - and also exported pups which will have cost much more than a domestic sale. So, a very conservative estimate to add to the 90 grand would be another ten thousand.

Then we have the Stud Dogs that are at a successful kennel. I have researched only four and the total bitches covered by the four from this kennel are seventy one (71). Stud fees are considerably more expensive now than they were some years ago when I charged them. So, if we take a 'mean' for this service too at £250 which generates another £17,750.00. So if we round these figures to £120,000,00 it most probably isn't generous.

But wait a minute, what about entry fees travelling expenses etc etc; it is supposed to be a 'Hobby' isn't it? If I go to watch a 'Football Match' or a 'Boxing Bout' that is my 'Hobby', I don't start bleating on about what it costs me. Why? Because I'm not forced into going and it isn't a 'Business'. I wouldn't expect to generate any money from my hobby either.
These 'Breeders' who complain of how much it costs them with entry fees and all the rest of it want it both ways. I say this to them: it's either a Hobby or a Business that you indulge in. Of course, the mere notion of you labelling these people with running a 'Business' is like opening the curtains to let the sunshine on 'Dracula'. Business brings all of the dreads that are associated with it; 'Books and Accountability etc' - the main one being of course 'The Inland Revenue'.

In conclusion: The next time that these 'Endorses' bleat on about all of their woes and worries for the breed - which is total bullshit - tell them to read my analysis. TM.

Breed Notes 5/11/13

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by KC STATISTICS
(email:MORE THAN 2012) on Tuesday, November 05, 2013 at 13:27:39
breed: Kerry Blue
comments: The stats for the three quarters of 2013 are better than 2012. Are things getting better or have the breeders who are monopolising Kerry Blue's just been breeding more?

submit: submit

[ I have always said that those who 'Endorse' do so to keep the numbers of registered Kerry Blues down - thus keeping the demand high for a small amount of puppies available. I will do a little research into one of the successful kennels (whether they endorse or not I don't know) and publish the amount that can be earned from a succesful kennel. ]

Breed Notes 30/10/13

The passing of Glen Keery a couple of months ago has not been very well documented. Glen's 'Affix Spelga' produced a total of sixty three Kerry Blue Terriers; hardly a prolific breeder. His most notable Kerry was Int Ch Louisburgh Anach Cuan who sired five litters. He also owned Louisburgh Hurricane Ann Of Spelga a Green Star winner and Hallsblu Extra Special.
Although a quiet spoken man Glen could stand his corner. We all remember the 'Ructions' at one of the NornIron Clubs and the 'Fiasco' at Clarges Street. Never one to shy away from anything, I suppose one of Glen's more notable controversies was when he judged at the Welsh Kennel Club Circa 1999. Not one to be 'Bullied' by a Professional Handler, he awarded Ramsay's Torum's Scarf Michael the dog CC and Martin's Louisburgh Mo Chara the bitch CC, giving the bitch Best Of Breed. I still remember the almighty roar and cheering that erupted around the ringside. Scarf Michael's handler (G. Corish) stormed out of the ring refusing to do the lap of honour, whilst Mo Chara's handler (who was me) did a lap of honour 'Aeroplane Style'. I have never had so many congratulations as I did on that day. TM.

Breed Notes 25/10/13

I came across a photo on the Dublin Irish Blue Terrier page
It Is A Presentation For "A Lifetimes Contribution To Kerry Blue Terriers" Awarded To Ronald Ramsay.

A Lifetimes Contribution...



 It's been some time since I last attended a dog show. What is amazing to me is how much people have changed since then.Some people seem to be getting taller with age whilst the rest of us are all shrinking; how can this be?
I recognised Sean and Cathy Delmar and even a larger than life Mr Ramsay; I know that I haven't been to a show for some time, however, I think that the other person in the photo Is Con Hackett. A quiet knowledgeable unassuming man is Con; he can even tell you why dog biscuits are coloured differently)
There are also other photos;
It was a blanket award to those pictured for a lifetime contributution to Kerry Blue Terriers.
Considering the work that I put into this Website and the fact that I have actually exhibited, prepared and took the time to engage with and help new exhibitors to encourage them into our breed; maybe I should be nominated for a 'Knighthood' Just imagine it: 'Cur Tony Manning!'
The self congratulators and holiday judging experts will undoubtedly be polishing their blank callendar spaces; well, isn't this how it works? You betcha life it is!

It must have been a wonderful weekend for Mr Ramsay staying with the Delmars and recieving such a prestigeous award.
(His lifetime contibution to Kerry Blue Terriers award.)

The Judge for Northern Kerry Blue Terrier Club Championship Show 2013 Was Ross Delmar.

He found his DCC & Best of Breed in D: Clarke-O'Neill's (Sec NKBTC) *Lemracdream The Navigator.
BCC: Ramsay's (V.Chairman NKBTC) Torums Dallas Rose.
On His Facebook Posting Ross Delmar states that Torums Dallas Rose is "Owner/Breeder Ron/Carol Ramsay." This is incorrect.
As I understand it, Mr Ramsay has never added his wife to his Affix; none of his dogs are co owned with Mrs Ramsay either - although I could be mistaken. If I am I'm sure someone will correct me.

The Kennel Name TORUM is owned by Mr R Ramsay.
Kind regards
Paul Cheshire
Communications & Contents Officer
The Kennel Club
Tel: 0844 4633 980
Fax: 01296 486725
('Just a little point but an important one.) Terrier World Is Proud Of Its Reputation For 'Accuracy.'

Breed Notes 13/9/13

I was shocked when told about the Demise of Michael Gray.

Michael was an extraordinary man in many ways; Handsome, Flamboyant, Intelligent, Witty and Knowledgeable. He had an eye for a good animal and also a 'Snide'... We were both in agreement about the 'Professional Dog Walker'.
There were no grey areas about Michael, you either liked him or loathed him. I liked him. I stayed overnight with him and Carl Toop when he lived in West Ealing, London - when Crufts was held at Earles Court, it was a welcome break rather than taveling both ways in a day.

His accent reflected an education from the Public School system and he ex hued confidence. His dress sense was always immaculate and he only wore the best of clothing. Having the gift the 'Gab' he was an excellent salesman and worked for the exclusive kitchen company, Smallbone Of Devizes. The firm sent him to Harrogate in Yorkshire but I think that he still craved the London scene and parted company with them.

Michael dabbled in four of the Groups; Hound, Toy, Working and Terrier. He had a Beagle Dog; ' Dialynne Arrogant Of Graylag ' which he exhibited (used once at Stud), A Bichon Frise Bitch: ' Leijazulip Lucy Graylag ' (never had a litter) and Boxers.

He was a little more succesful with his Boxers. Michael purchased two Boxers, a male 'Cherrygate Gatsby Of Graylag' and a bitch
'Skelder Red Alert' These two were mated and produced four puppies. He named Three of them and the one that he didn't name became a Champion: 'Ch Comedy Of Errors At Skelder', perhaps this was the reason that he ditched Boxers and embraced Terriers.

Michael liked Kerry Blue Terriers and bought his foundation Bitch; 'Louisburgh Grainne Uaile' from Noel and Mary Reidy'. He bred eleven litters in all, four from 'Louisburgh Grainne Uaile'; four from 'Ch Chataway To Graylag' two from 'Ch Graylag Grateful' and one from 'Graylag Bewitched'.

Out of the eleven litters four Champions were made up: 'Ch Graylag Grateful', 'Ch Graylag Gaelic Lass', 'Ch Graylag Dr Devious'
and 'Ch Graylag Musicale At Rayfos'. He also made up 'Ch Chataway To Graylag'. I briefly handled Loisburg Grainne Uaile and Graylag Grenadier for him. He did initially 'Flirt' briefly with another Kerry Line. I asked him why he immediately got away from it; "Upright Shoulders, Wooly Coats and couldn't cover ground without taking dozens of steps." he said.

Leaving our breed Michael decided to try his luck in America and took up employment with the well known Professional Handler,
Woody Wornall. After some time with Woody, he returned to the UK bringing back a Smooth Fox Terrier 'Toofox He Is My Hero'. There was quite a bit of interest in the Smooth and he sired seven litters here. He did make up a Smooth Fox: Ch Graylag Far & Away.
To my knowledge Michael didn't have any Glendraterra Smooths.

My apologies for this information only just being published - I thought that I had uploaded the page. TM.

Breed Notes 29/8/13

Birmingham National is on Saturday August 31. Breed Specialist Mrs Pat Munro is the invited judge for this show.
There are 12 Kerry Blue Terriers entered - with CCs on offer. This is the entry for the self appointed Custodian of our breed who endorses all of her litters; Progeny Not For Registration and presumably Not For Export. Only Lakeland Terriers have a smaller entry; they are only offered one CC for Best Of Breed.

This practice of Munro and her Disciples may benefit them in the short term keeping the prices high and making up Cheap Champions; however, you will hear them howling once the Kennel Club begins to take away CCs from our breed. Shows will eventually only have the 'Endorses' attending them. What is the point of going to a show without competition? These people are weakening the Gene Pool and do not give a damn what happens to our breed as long as they make money.

Further, you can guarantee that those twelve Kerries that are entered will all be owned by Mrs Munro's cronies.

Breed Notes 9/7/13

Below an extract from DW Breed Notes.

"There has recently been two championship shows scheduling the breed but without CCs and sadly both pulling just one entry. Therefore, at Blackpool under Per Iverson, BOB was Carmel Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream The Navigator (L Baneak ex Rimbert Queen Of Naboo at L), owner-bred in September 2010, while at Border Union under Jeff Luscott, BOB was Irisblu Candy Stripe, owned by Kerry newcomer Mr P Smith. Sorry I have no breeding details other than she was obviously bred by Harold and Helena Quigg).

I recall mentioning a few weeks ago that among other shows Windsor used to have CCs for Kerries and, to this day, I cannot fathom why the Kennel Club took them away from here" [Windsor] "

I think that the writer of Dog World Breed Notes needs Professional help. Does she not understand that endorsing her litters - and all of the rest of her deciples who do it - are driving the number of registrations down?

The Kennel Club taking CCs away from Windsor? Ahhh...what a lovely show to have CCs on offer! What about Southern Counties when there was only seven Kerries there with CCs on Offer - one in each class? And so it goes on...with less Kerries being registered and shows depleted of Kerries - what is the point of going to a show and standing alone in a class?

As I have previousely said your reap what you sow. It is my veiw that the Kennel Club should take away all CCs until our registrations increase.

Cheap Champions, you bet your life they are! Put your Violins away; Rome is fucking burning!


Breed Notes 26/6/13


The long time breeder and exhibiter of kerry blue terriers in Germany sadly passed away on 24th june 2013 .

Walter was well known to many of the kerry blue fraternity in both England and Ireland where he was a regular visitor and a familiar face at many major shows.

In his own country he was in no small part responsible for the rise in popularity of kerries as a breed and its acceptance generally elsewhere on the continent and later its wider spread into the former 'eastern block' area.

Walter will be sadly and greatly missed.

Jimmy and Brigitta Linsdell

Breed Notes 7/6/13

Oh my... after reading the latest offerings from Dog World's Breed Note writer it comes as no surprise that she is now seemingly concerned about the 'Moribund' state of our breed. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW comes to mind.

The main thrust of her notes this week are about falling entries and Societies not offering classes for our breed. She wrote this below:

" the price of ever-increasing fuel has a huge impact: employed people cannot afford to risk their job by taking days off during the week; others feel it’s not worth the effort and time involved when their hard earned cash can be spent nearer home; sometimes the choice of judges; classes being monopolised and other lesser reasons are all factors which are obviously having an effect. Bad sportsmanship in the ring also does not help."

She cites the choice of Judges and midweek shows in part of the above statement. Presumably the Judge for Southern Counties was acceptable (Mrs Munro entered and attended) it wasn't mid week it was Saturday June 1. There was seven Kerry Blue Terriers there with CCs on offer. She also wrote this below:

"As much as it pains me to say so, I am firmly of the opinion that most of us have seen the best of the dog game. I certainly would not like to be coming fresh into dog showing now."

I couldn't agree more! But, it's not the end of the 'Dog Game' per say - it's Kerry Blue Terriers that are fucked! And Mrs Munro and all of the rest of her disciples who endorse their litters 'Progeny Not For Registration' are the architects of the falling numbers in registrations and show entries which are clearly connected.

I wonder if she was euphoric at Southern Counties winning Open Bitch standing alone? Or, beating the other three bitches - for Best Of Breed - who also stood alone in their classes; was it a feeling of 'Hollow Victory' that she had; or, 'A Mental Orgasm'?

I have a proposal to put to Professor Steve Dean Chairman of the Kennel Club. This is to suspend all CCs for Kerry Blue Terriers in the foreseeable future until our registration numbers increases to the at watch list criteria. Whilst this may seem drastic, it may encourage the non endorsing of litters and thus increase our numbers.

Breed Notes 12/4/13

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
confused ( on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 16:53:59

breed: Kerry Blue
comments: Dear Editor,

can you explain what the writer of the message Kerry Blue ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 13:49:42 meant by saying:
"You couldn't even put my post up without cutting it to shreds"?

Thank you.
submit: submit
[ The answer to your question is yes I will explain. Does the anonymous 'Gobshite' poster think that I will publish everything that they write about me - without identifying themselves? If they do think this, they are even bigger 'Gobshites' than I first thought. I have given them the opportunity to have their comments published in full - if they identify themselves with a valid email address. So far they have not responded to my offer. ] Ed.

Breed Notes 10/4/13

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Concerned. ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 09:44:18

breed: Kerry Blue

comments: Dear Editor or reporter.

It is a great shame that the articles on this website are becoming more and more hostile towards owners, exhibitors and breeders of Kerry Blues.

The site sometimes champions issues that are of concern to people in the dog world and rightly so. It is a shame on the editor to let this extend to people that he has personal issues with.

See yourself as other kerry people see you.

submit: submit

[ First and foremost I will not be lectured to by an 'Anonymous' (no guts) poster. There is nothing that I - Tony Manning, finger print, photograph and DNA if you like - do or say that is anonymous.
Who are the " owners, exhibitors and breeders of Kerry Blues. " that I am ' Hostile' to? Anyone that is reading your comments would think that there is a substantial number; there is not.
Seeing that you have not named the three people in question, I will do it for you.
They are: Mr Corish (Professional Dog Walker), Mrs Munro (Breeder Exhibitor) and Mr Ramsay (Breeder Exibitor). Let me start with Mr Corish. Everything that I have ever written about him is accurate, Mr Corish of course has said an awful lot about me - to anyone who will listen to him, with his behind the hand Chinese whispers. Next there is Mrs Munro, who for years sniped away at anyone whom she disliked in her breed notes - without challenge - everything that I have ever written about her is accurate, whereas she has spoken many inaccuracies about me - even telling lies to Vincent Mitchell that I had sent him an anonymous letter. ( I don't do anonymous.) And finally there is Mr Ramsay. Everything that I have ever written about him has been accurate too. Now you may think that he should be portrayed as some sort of Saint. Mr Ramsay is a nasty little piece of work. I recall some years ago when I was Chairman of Liverpool Terrier Club; we were at a meeting and Mr Ramsay made a nasty remark to the then Secretary Mrs Jean Shelly who's husband John took great exception to this viscous snipe - and rightly so. Mr Ramsay's reply to her husband was to Headbut him. If you are referring to my recent breed notes regarding National Terrier, what I wrote about Mr Ramsay is also accurate. But if you think that the fill picture and the accompanying music is him, all as I can say is if the cap fits...
If you want a debate with me about anything, I will publish your comments in full. However, you will have to identify yourself and add a valid email address. There is an old adage; "Heros Die Once, Cowards Die A Thousand Deaths." ] Ed.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Kerry Blue ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 13:49:42
breed: Kerry Blue
comments: Yes Tony you will be lectured by me. You need not try to tell me about on un-signed posts or "No Need for Introductions" as a call name.You couldn't even put my post up without cutting it to shreds. Was it you who put up a show report and asked it to be printed entirely or not at all?
submit: submit
[ You are correct about "No Need for Introductions" However, your memory is short. I had already introduced myself on that anonymous website and my subsequent postings therafter all started with, "No Need for Introductions", everyone knew it was me that started a posting with that. (No big revelation there) Regarding me asking for a show report to be printed entirely or not at all is correct. However, my name was associated with the report, unlike you who are hiding behind anonymity.
If you want a debate with me about anything, I will publish your comments in full. However, you will have to identify yourself and add a valid email address. There is an old adage; "Heros Die Once, Cowards Die A Thousand Deaths." ] Ed.

Anonymous posts will be edited if I think it is necessary to do so.

I will now go back to viewing 'Deal Or No Deal' Ed.

Breed Notes 6/4/13


(A Stock Image To Fill The Space)

Best Of Breed At National Terrier Was Saredon Rainbow Warrior
Unfortunately his owner didn't feel that Terrier World is worthy of his image and that of his dog which was bred by Judith Averis. 



(CH) Kerry Blue Terrier Club of England
June 9 - Judge Tony Salmon
Monkton Recreation Centre, Penkridge, Staffordshire,
Mrs M Bradley, 01685 874442,

Breed Notes 2/4/13

An Apology The Show Secretary Of The KBTA CH Show 2013

In my Notes 12/03/13 I wrote:

"At Crufts, there were exhibitors who complained that they had not received schedules for this show - even members".

I finally tracked down the source of this and it seems that I have got it wrong. Listening to a couple of ongoing conversations at the same time
- not recommended when you have poor hearing - what I thought was a member complaining of not having a schedule sent, was actually the member saying that none was sent because it was on Face Book to download.
So I apologise unreservedly to Mrs Salmon for any upset that I may have caused.

Tony Manning.

Breed Notes 19/3/13

Entries Close March 30 For:

Norther Kerry Blue Club Open Show Saturday April 13
Stanney Leasure Centre
Stanney Lane
Ellesmere Port CH65 9DB
Judge Bob Blackley
Show Opens 12pm Judging 1.30pm

There are no favours given on Terrier World to anyone. (Look At Some Of The Names On The No Critiques Page)
Give me information and it will be published.

(The Schedule For This Show Was Given To Me At The Benches - Crufts - By The secretary Of The NKBTC)

Breed Notes 12/3/13

KBTA Championship Show (Sunday 7th April)
Great Bridgeford Village Hall
Newport Road
Great Bridgeford Stafford ST18 9PR
Show opens 10 am - judging 12.30 pm

Judge Josephine Pinfold

The KBTA Are holding their Championship Show the day after National Terrier (Sunday 7th April)
Josephine Pinfold is the Judge awarding CCs for the second time.

At Crufts, there were exhibitors who complained that they had not received schedules for this show - even members. This is a scandal and if the members of the KBTA had any sense they should look at their secretary's agenda - for certain Judge's - very carefully. It doesn't wash when it is said "Well I sent them out." And, online schedules isn't an excuse either; every member should have a schedule posted unless they say otherwise - this is part of your membership fees. Not everyone has access to a computer or can use them either.

Moreover, there has not been a single mention of this show in Dog World Breed Notes and the writer of these notes is the Secretary of the KBTA. The only clue one would have to this show was in DW Notes on Jan 25 giving the name of the judge. There has been six sets of DW notes since the beginning of the year: Jan 4th - 18th - 25th - Feb 1st - 8th and March 8th. Not a single line about this show in any of them.

Here is a section of DW Breed Notes taken from March 8 written by the Secretary Of the KBTA:

" Breed-related news is really thin on the ground at this time of the year, hence no column for a few weeks, therefore it was good to hear from Eve Somers about her recent win at the Terrier Club of Devon and Cornwall open show."


She could have wrote that the KBTA Championship Show Entries Close on Monday March 11. And, it would have been an excellent idea to take schedules to Crufts.

I would ask if I were a member of this club; do we pay the Secretary expenses and an Honorarium; and if we do what for and why?

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Lyndia Salmon ( on Friday, March 15, 2013 at 13:06:43
breed: Kerry Blue
comments: I have just read your comment about the schedules for the KBTA show.

Firstly I would like to point out that the schedules were available at Crufts and were given out to the people that asked me. Secondly the schedules were sent out to the members without access to computers. If a member without a computer did not get a schedule why didn't they ask either Pat or myself for a schedule we were both available at Crufts.

The infomation and schedule was put on our Facebook page and this was done to enable the club to save on postage and printing and it seems to be the way a lot of clubs are going. Lastly the distribution of the schedules has nothing to do with Pat Munro but is up to me as Show secretary, and if anyone has any complaints and, if they would like to get in touch with me I will discuss it with them.
submit: submit

[How does the club know which members have or haven't access to computers? Moreover, why would one assume that anyone who doesn't have access to a computer will go to Crufts on a business day? Saving on postage and printing is a false economy; members through their membership fees already pay for this. I am astounded that the KBTA need a show secretary for a single breed championship show. What does the full time secretary do? Nonetheless, the question begging is why was there nothing in the DW breed notes about the show? After all, the contributor to the DW notes is your full time secretary.]

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Lyndia Salmon ( on Friday, March 15, 2013 at 21:15:15
breed: Kerry Blue
comments: I would like to answer some of the questions that you have about the running of our club.

I have a full list of the members and their email addresses, so I assume if they have an email account they have computer access. If I don't have their email address, the schedules were posted to them.

I am show secretary because I type both the schedule and catalogue, also as Treasurer it's easier for the money to be sent to me directly. Pat does the everyday work like consultation with the KC and the normal work of a secretary and this is for a nominal amount of money, which is available for members to see on the Balance sheet at the AGM

I have spoken to Pat and I believe it is Dog World's policy not to allow the advertising of shows in the breed notes, if you disagree with this, I suggest you take it up with Dog World.

I thought that I had covered all the members as far as giving them access to the schedule, but if the members who alledgely complained to you at Crufts would like to contact me I will explain to them how they have been missed off.

submit: submit

[I am fairly computer literate. However, it was only last week that I found out that you are using the Facebook Network for the KBTA - after trying to discover some information for a friend in America. I had tried the KBTA website which has closed down and there is nothing about the show on the Arkama site. Having an email address for someone is no guarantee that they are computer literate - know about facebook or even understand how to navigate it. I do appreciate your information and realise that Dog World are very strict regarding advertising shows - this is evident in all of the Breed Notes for every breed. And, as Jim Royal would say; "Strict My Arse!"]

2012 DW Breed Notes:
THIS YEAR there has again been a move of the KBT Association open show, and it will now be held at South Wales championship show in October. Judging of the breed with CCs at this show will be in the morning, then after a lunch break the KBTA is holding its open show in the same ring. Carol Ramsay (Torum) is judging South Wales show, and Harold Quigg (Irisblu) will be judging our open show so you have two breed specialists in one day – an opportunity not to be missed.


February 2011 DW Breed Notes:
AS MOST are aware, for the past few years the KBTA has been holding its championship show the day after National Terrier – April 2. This year our show will fall on Sunday April 3. The KBTA venue is the Great Bridgeford Village Hall, Great Bridgeford, Staffordshire, ST18 9PR – around a ten-minute drive from the National Terrier venue.
At Crufts the club’s new yearbook will be making its appearance and you can get your copy there, along with the ‘12 calendar, both, of course, which will be among other items available throughout ‘11.
A reminder regarding the forthcoming breed-specific judging seminar being held by the KBTA on Sunday June 12 at Penkridge, Staffordshire. This event will take place the day after the KBTC of England’s championship show. The seminar will start at 11am and after the speakers have given their introduction on the breed there will be a barbecue lunch, which is included in the price of the seminar, followed by the judging session and critique of the dogs. Further details to follow in the near future. Bookings have already been taken and if you wish to be included you should contact myself or Lyndia Salmon at
This is advance notice that the KBTA open show which has always been held in October will, for at least this year, be held back-to-back with City of Birmingham. Arrangements are already in hand and our open show judging will start at 9.30am on Saturday Sept 3 in the Kennel Club’s building on the Stoneleigh Showground. Judging for the Kerries at CC level at the City of Birmingham will not be before 2pm.
Apart from the KBTA providing stewards etc nothing much else changes as there will also be the club goods and raffle available. This innovation gives exhibitors a great chance to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and the City of Birmingham committee could not be more encouraging and helpful; they will be supplying and erecting the ring fencing, their caterers will supply refreshments on arrival and during the day, and all we, the committee and exhibitors, have to do is to make sure the place is left as clean and tidy as when we arrived.
There will be other breeds being judged on the day in the same building but this will not affect us or vice versa and from reports from various people this is a super venue with spacious rings and room for everything else involved.
By going back-to-back the three above events have been arranged in an effort to help and encourage the Kerry exhibitors and hopefully the club’s efforts will be appreciated and shown by your support.

Am & Ir Ch Class Act By Hallsblu

George, get in touch with me - your email address is not working.

The Information for National Terrier click here and download the Schedule
The Judge for the KBTA the next day is Josephine Pinfold

Best in Group at the Virginia Terrier Club

Breed Notes 5/2/13

Here is my latest fascination with statistics: it is the entries for Crufts - All Breeds.

The entry is twenty dogs; twenty six bitches - making forty six in all. None are entered in other classes.

Breed Notes 24/1/13

The wrong information was given to me regarding the final registrations for our breed. Alas, our numbers are still down - two less than last year (210) despite a rally in the last quarter of 98. Click Here

Professor Jeff Sampson Former Head Of Genetics At The Kennel Club Said This

Breed Notes 11/1/13

[Mrs Munro] regurgitates the same old shite periodically about pet owners breeding and unregistered Kerry Blue Terriers.
In her Breed Notes - Mrs Munro dedicates 1,098 words to the subject. Doesn't she realise that the evidence does not support her 'Dogma'.

One breeder accused me of having a 'Fascination' with the KC breed statistics. Well, I say this to them and to Mrs Munro that the only accurate record of Kerry Blue Terrier Registrations is recorded by the Kennel Club. Who knows how many unregistered Kerry Blues are in this country; I don't know and neither does Mrs Munro, although by endorsing her pups she is abetting the the situation indirectly.

In her [Mrs Munro's] Breed Notes she writes of an internet advert for Kerry Blue pups for sale unregistered from a mistake mating - with a very low price tag. Is this any of her business when she is a big contributor of unregistered Kerry Blue pups due to her practice of endorsing registrations? She also goes on - taking the 'Moral' high ground - to denounce the owners for the mistake mating.

Quote from Munro: "on one internet site were nine advertisements for Kerry litters with only three being bred by people currently showing, most
others never having exhibited at any time. [ If they were all registered with the KC that would average: 30 div by 9 = 3.33 pups each] She also says;
I bet I wasn’t the only one to recently receive a brief but to the point email saying: ‘I’m looking for a stud dog for my pet Kerry Blue’
which ‘will need to be covered Dec 28 to 30." (Have you ever known Mrs Munro to name anyone in her snide writings... ever?)
She adds further: " I personally don’t have a problem with people breeding as long as it’s for the right reasons but we all know that
a good 99 per cent are breeding without care at all for what happens to their puppies and certainly not for any breeds welfare."
(A good 99 per cent, does she not mean a 'bad' 99 per cent?) There have been 112 Kerry Blue pups registered in 9 months 2012 final figures not yet available and Mrs Munro must know the names of the Breeders (She gets sent free the KC Gazette and supplement which informs you)
Is she saying 99 per cent of those who registered their pups with the KC to date are uncaring?
Further in her Notes Mrs Munro goes on to justify the price of 'her' pups saying that expenses for exhibiting barely covers the cost - omitting of course the big 'Money' that can be secured from the Europeans, Japanese, Americans, Australians and uncle Tom Cobley and all.
(We await with excitement for the fourth quarter Stats because the breed needs to register 100 pups in the final quarter just to equal last years total of 212.)

I remember going to a house some years ago and seeing Kerry Blues in crates stacked on top of one another in a hallway; as many as ten if I remember correctly - no chance of a mistake mating in that situation. Of course they were 'Show' dogs and this is okay ...isn't it?

I'll tell you this; I have never met a 'Pet Breeder/Owner' who wants to have ears cracked, tails fixed, teeth fixed, dyed their dogs, given their dogs drugs to either calm them down or speed them up, charged big money for a Ch stud dog and used another one after the owners have left their bitch with them for one reason or another. But this doesn't go on, surely not? We are talking about the real world of Dog Showing and what can (and does) go on.

Let us make an analogy. The assertion is that if you do not exhibit dogs you should not be allowed to breed them.
What about Judging dogs? If you do not show them should you be banned from judging them? One breeder I know always ranted on hearing new Judges had been passed to award CCs; - "What have they ever bred; what have they ever owned?" Yet this same breeder's wife proposed a Judge and he seconded the proposal for someone to award CCs in our breed who had never even had one on a lead. However, I do not think that you have to even own a dog to be able to Judge them; a Breed Standard tells you what is required. Moreover, there are some who have been breeding and exhibiting and judging for many years whom you wouldn't give them tuppence to buy you a dog.
At Crufts in March this year we have a Professional Handler who is Judging for Best In Show. You really have to know your stuff to pick out the best one from seven different breeds...don't you? This is of course a load of bollocks!
Judging for Best In Show at Crufts is easier than judging a Limit show! All of the Breed Judges have sorted out the Best Of Breeds; all of the Group Judges have picked their winners. The Best In Show Judge has seven to choose from. No matter which one he picks for his winner the
Presenter Clare Balding and probably Frank Kane will be in raptures - both having mental orgasms as he (The Judge) shakes the hand of the winner.
You could train a monkey to Judge Best In Show!

To whom it may concern at the Kennel Club, here is Terrier World's
nomination to Judge Crufts Best In Show 2014.

Best In Show Judge Nomination For Crufts 2014


Breed Notes 2/1/13

The lack of atmosphere I wrote of at LKA in my last notes has nothing to do with the company that you are with ( which is what Mrs Munro implies in her notes) it's to do with the number of exhibitors that are there at the show. (A party isn't a party without people!) And unfortunately, all of my fears for our breed at dog shows are coming home to roost much earlier than I expected.

When I write of our breed becoming extinct, I write in a 'metaphorical' sense. Of course it will never be extinct as we know it because they are all over the world. Moreover, there are hundreds of unregistered Kerry Blue Terriers in this country. Why is this? Well, one of the reasons is that some breeders endorse their puppies; 'Progeny Not Eligible For Registration'.

Mrs Munro wrote this in her D/W Breed Notes Feb 2010: Quote: " I am very far from being in the minority (endorsing her pups) and if I wish to endorse my registrations I will and am continuing to do so – and I do know of at least eight (It must be nine now) Kerry breeders who also do so. I also am aware that such high profile kennels like the Saredon Terriers do the same. "
( I must add that I have never met anyone who has said that their pup has been endorsed by the Saredon Kennels.TM.)

Nine Kerry Blue breeders endorsing their litters? A vulnerable listed breed... they should all hang their heads in shame. Who wants to go to a dog show when there are only ones and twos in the classes and some classes none at all; is this what they (the breeders) want... or, is there a more sinister reason?
Roger Good and his Son from Ireland and Tanja Sonnenschein from Germany came to The Northern Kerry Blue Clubs 2012 Ch Show, which must have cost them many hundreds of pounds. There was a total of fifteen Kerries there, what an advert for our breed! Less dogs equals less competition; easier to make a dog up; bigger prices to be gained, less sales competition. But of course this surely isn't the it; they have the breed at heart...don't they?

Surely, someone with even a tiny bit of common sense at the Kennel Club should realise that if they put a breed onto their list of 'Vulnerable Breeds' they should immediately ban 'Endorsements' If not it is a complete contradiction!

There is another contributing factor which is dwindling our numbers and this is an infestation that has embeded into our breed after being purged from the West Highland Whites...To be continued.

Professor Jeff Sampson Former Head Of Genetics At The Kennel Club Said This

Breed Notes 19/12/12

LKA was a repeat of last year; as dull as ditch water. There wasn't any atmosphere and many well known exhibitors past and present didn't attend. Our breed is I'm afraid, Moribund. And Dog Showing is heading there too.

I handled for Lynn Wilkinson at the show and in conversation with her she told me of a breeder who cannot sell their pups. Somewhat surprised at this information, (There are not many around in the UK) I enquired as to why they were having problems.

She told me that it was all to do with the Stud Dog that they had used and 'Endorsements'.
I commented that if they were stupid enough to use a dog that had been 'Endorsed not for breeding' it was their own
fault - I thought that they couldn't register their pups with the KC. How wrong I was.
Intrigued by this I saw the breeder and decided to get the information first hand and asked why they had a problem. To say that I was astounded by what the breeder told me is an understatement!

It transpired that these breeders had endorsed their own pups. (I'm not surprised that they can't sell them) The breeder went on to tell me that if any of their pups are sold and the owner wants to breed from it after a period of 2/3 years they would decide if they thought it appropriate, to have the 'Endorsement' lifted. Oh, I forgot to add that they have had Kerry Blue Terriers for 5 yrs. (I don't think they have had any other breeds before this.)
To decide if an owner is a fit and proper person to be 'Allowed' to breed their Kerry Blue after 2/3 years is an absolute nonsense; don't they vet the people before they sell their pups to them?

The breeder continued to tell me - Sanctimoniously it has to be said - that he had come across a Kerry Blue with "That Brain Disease" 'didn't know what that "Brain Disease" is called, so I presume the breeder was talking about PNA;
(Progressive Neuronal Abiotrophy). The breeder went on; "I contacted the breeder of the dog with the 'Brain Disease' and they didn't want to know about it when I told them."

Now given the fact that These breeders (New Entrants For 'Custodians Of The Breed) feel so strongly about 'Endorsing' their pups "Progeny Cannot Be Registered" and their concern for the health and well being of Kerry Blue Terriers; shouldn't they be letting other Breeders know what Kennel it is and which Bloodlines have produced a Kerry Blue that has
Progressive Neuronal Abiotrophy? And, given the fact that PNA is such a serious disease, if any breeders are aware that their lines are producing offspring with PNA and are using Stud Dogs with it they must be exposed for doing so.

Finally, any breeders that endorse their litters 'Progeny Cannot Be Registered' with the Kennel Club will NOT be allowed to advertise on Terrier world.

As you can see from the above I have not named the breeder, however, they have decided to respond which is published below.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Les Peacock (email: on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 12:44:59

breed: Kerry Blue
comments: tony get your facts right i said someone came to my house and said they had purchased a pup from a pet breeder, this puppy had neurological problems and he told me it was a brain disease associated with kerry blue terriers when he first contacted the pet breeder he did not want to know and this is why the owner of the puppy had contacted me to see if i could help him, but i could not, you are right in saying i did say that brain disease as i did not no the correct name for it instead of trying to ridicule me on your website by the way if i decide to endorse my puppies that is my buisiness, they are my puppies and as regards to vetting the owners we have and that is why we still have pups left, we are resposible owners and this is our first litter and we are concerned about the future and welfare of our pups.Our pups are not for breeders who turn out litter after litter to satisfy you with your fascination of the quarterly kennel club statistics up i know you have been in the breed for a lot of years, but in the time i have known you, you have never even owned a kerry blue, so why be so concerned as to the number of puppies registered and as to who is endorsing their puppies what have you done to help the breed progress in the last six years apart from trying to ridicule people

submit: submit


[In answer to your question; "What have you done to help the breed progress?" I helped you on a number of occasions. Don't you remember? Then you were absolute novices and when others whom you now think that the sun shines out of their arses wouldn't give you the time of day.]

Professor Jeff Sampson Former Head Of Genetics At The Kennel Club Said This

Breed Notes 26/11/12

"Personally I will always have a problem getting my head round people breeding when they do not exhibit – to me there is only one other reason which certainly is not to help the breed(s), and frankly what can people who totally lack breed knowledge do to help it anyway? Particularly when one finds that the majority don’t just have the one litter but continue to do so generally year in year out and in some cases have been doing so for a long time – even acquiring their own dog on tap for their personal regular breeding use. Most Breed Records Supplements contain regular registrations from such as the above and the facts are there for anyone to see"

The above is a section from Mrs Munro's Breed Notes 30/11/12

The Stats show it all, they do not lie. Mrs Munro must know personally those who have bred litters. This self appointed Custodian of Kerry Blue Terriers should keep her mouth shut, instead of opening it all the time to change feet. Her pretence regarding concern for our breed fools nobody; she has single handedly done more to decimate Kerry Blue Terriers being registered than anything that I can think of.

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Breed Notes 31/10/12

Well, further to the last notes below, the stats are out for the third quarter and they make grim reading for our breed. Unless there are 100 kerries registered in the final quarter we will not even equal 2011.

There seems to also be concern written in this weeks DW Breed Notes. (Copy Below)

I also wrote some time ago about Breed Clubs not being supported in my notes 8/11/10 A worrying time for all concerned isn't it.

The Grinning Reaper

Is the ‘Black Propaganda’ waged against ‘Pet Owners’ now coming home to roost?
After a relentless campaign against pet owners breeding by the Dog World Breed Note Writer, has she finally won her vindictive battle?

Her dogged agenda must have undoubtedly deterred lot of ‘Pet Owners’ from breeding. She wrote of them as if they are ‘Pariahs’ and should be treated as ‘Pariahs’ for daring to have a litter if they didn't’t embrace the ‘Show World’.

The Kennel Club Breed Stats show that in the first two quarters (2012) only 82 Kerry Blues were registered with the Kennel Club – in the same period (2011) there was 109 registered. In 2011: 212 KBT were registered. In 2001, a total 318 Kerry Blues were registered. Our breed is sinking into extinction!

Out of all the ‘Pet Breeder’ ‘So Called Pet’ because they choose not to exhibit their Terriers; there surely must be owners who have purchased pups from these breeders - who have decided to show their dogs regardless of them being purchased from people who have not taken up the hobby of ‘Dog Showing’.

Now alas, this seems to be on the decline and we as a ‘Vulnerable’ breed are sinking to dangerously low numbers. Moreover, does it help the situation when breeders are endorsing their pups? This is to stop people registering pups [If they then breed them] that they have sold on. people cannot register their own pups if they breed a bitch or use their dog at stud with the Kennel Club, because the breeder has endorsed their KC Documents.

The Dog World breed Note Writer seems to be shocked and alarmed at how much the entries have declined at Championship shows.
Doesn’t she know that she is one of the main Architects that is bringing about the demise of Kerry Blue Terriers.

The amount of Kerry Blue Pups for sale is 'Not A Lot'. The less there are - the easier it is to command big prices and a cast iron guarantee that your pups will go like hot cakes!

Kerching!.....Another £1000.00 in the Cash Register!

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How To Recognise An Exhibitor Who Has Been Groomed As A Cash Cow

1: Exhibitors Are Mystified At How They [The Groomee] Have Been Invited (Having Very limited Experience) To Judge More Than One Breed Without CCs At A Major Championship Show. [A Word Was Put In And The Groomers Expect Payback]

2: The Groomer Then Pursuades The Cash Cow To Let Them Exhibit Their Animal At A Cost Of £60 Per Class And £60 Therafter Each Time They Enter The Ring. A CC Is Another £60, BOB Another £60, A Group Win £100 Plus And Pro Rata Rates For Placings. Added To This They Will Not Expect To Have To Trim The Dog - You Have To Do It Yourself And Have It Ready For Ring Entrance. The Cash Cow Will Also Be Charged Expenses - Even Though They Take The Dog To The show Themselves. A Lot Of Money.

3: When The Cash Cow Is Finally Passed To Award CCs And Officiate, They Will Be Expected To Remember Who It Was That Had The Word For Them And Judge Accordingly.

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Am & Ir Ch Class Act By Hallsblu

Am & Ir Ch Class Act By Hallsblu
George Wright with Ch Class Act By Hallsblu


A 2 year old kerry blue went missing from a garden in Totton, Southampton last Saturday.

The dog is un-neutered, has a small white flash on his chest and was wearing an orange collar with I'd tag on it.

He is also microchipped. If you run your hand up his tail, there is a kink in it.

The dog is owned by two young boys - who are utterly distraught.

There is a substantial reward for him.

Any sightings please phone: Lydia 07916267495.

The Kerry Blue Terrier Club Of England Held An Anniversary Dinner 2012
Pictured Some Of Those Who attended.

A big thank you to Lyndia Salmon who compiled the results for the show and to Hugh Jordan for the images.

It is the first KBTC of E show Open and CH that I have missed for about twenty years.

Breed Notes February 9 2012


Will those who have been circumventing the rules for docking dogs on the pretext of working their animals take the chance and exhibit at Crufts? Exhibitors can pay a fee to the Secretary at Crufts and have a docked dog disqualified if it is placed.
The bottom line on the Crufts page is explicit.
Click on Crufts for Schedule.

Dogs which were docked before 6th April 2007 (28th March for shows held in Wales).
If your dog was docked either in the UK or in a foreign country before 6th April 2007 (28th
March for shows in Wales) then it may compete at all Kennel Club licensed events.
Dogs which were docked on or after 6th April 2007 (28th March for shows held in
If your dog was docked on or after 6th April 2007 (28th March for shows held in Wales and
irrespective of where it was docked) it will not, under the law, be permitted to be shown at any
show in England or Wales where the public are admitted on payment of a fee.
However, if your dog was legally docked either in the UK or in another country on or after
28th March/6th April 2007, you will be permitted to compete with it at:
a) all shows held in Scotland
b) all shows held in Northern Ireland
c) those shows held in England and Wales where the public do not pay to be admitted
Shows where the public are admitted on payment of a fee
All shows which charge the public for admission must state this on the show schedule and entry
form - but you should check carefully whether or not your dog is eligible before entering.

No dog with cropped ears is eligible to compete at any Kennel Club licensed event.


Breed Notes January 24/12

I went to The Manchester Dog Show last Thursday; Bingley Hall is about the limit to the distance that I drive nowadays. long gone are the days of driving to Edinburgh and back as well as finishing off a ten hour shift driving a taxi - all in the same day!

Geoff Horswell judged the breed. And, without CCs on offer it's no better than an open show win.

Nine Kerries turned up for examination, five of them puppy bitches. There was titters from the ringside when Horsewell awarded Best Of Breed to Torum's Calico Jack. His handler and owner Ron Ramsay punched the air just like one of his hero's Michael Coad did at Crufts 2000. I suppose any small win must be a bonus and bring euphoria these days.

Breed Notes 18 December 11

I've only just noticed (I don't get the dog papers picked up a freebi at LKA) that Dog World are using an image of mine for the Kerry Blue Breed notes. What a cheek! They didn't ask for my permission nor have they sent me any moneys!
Do they think that I buy expensive equipment and then employ my expertise for them to use for free?

Ch Kamagham Mighty Aphrodite

This is the Image [above] that Dog World have used without my permission. The head shot that Dog World have used has been cropped from my original image which is clearly showing my name and copyright logo.

I caught Mrs Munro using my images some time ago of Balboa Saturnia on her website which she has since removed. I did give her the option of keeping them if she credited me as the photographer - clearly a raw nerve would have been exposed as they were removed. All except one which she still has on her website Click Here
The original can be found here if you scroll down the page of my images Click Here

To say it's barefaced cheek is an understatement.

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Breed Notes 13th December 11

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Lyndia Salmon ( on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 20:07:04
breed: Kerry Blue
comments: In reply to your breed notes, I was surprised at the comments that you made about Mrs Munro. I read her column again after reading your comments and how you can read into it that she is jealous of other people s success astounds me. Mrs Munro has always run a small kennel, with continuing success. Although she hasn t not shown a large quantity of dogs this year, she has made up 2 champions, and has another one sitting on 2 tickets, so what has she got to be jealous of. As far as your comment about the bitter break up between her and her partner, surely that is something that is private between the two of them. In her column she referred to breeders in Wales and Yorkshire and as far as I know, her ex-partner has not moved to either of these places. With regard to the number of puppies being bred, several people that I have spoken to have brought up the fact that there are difficulties in selling pups, and that they are delaying breeding because of this fact. Everybody is entitled to their opinion without somebody being vindictive about them. No doubt some people will say that I am writing this because I am friendly with Mrs. Munro, but I feel that the breed notes should be about the breed and not a vendetta against the DW breed correspondent.

Lyndia Salmon
submit: submit

[ Reading the above letter one would think that Mrs Munro is waiting for Rome to 'Beatify' her. However, I have known the Dog World Correspondent a lot longer than the writer. What can be made of these Kerry Blue Breed Notes when the Correspondent wrote about a Welsh Terrier.
[Dog World] Kerry Blue breed notes Who was Mrs Munro referring to? Was this not referring to her ex partner? It doesn't seem that she wanted her partnership break up kept private to me, moreover, it is a classic case of a vindictive vendetta.
Who are these breeders in Wales and Yorkshire? - When she (Munro) refers to these Breeders and locations Mrs Munro is clearly quoting from other breed notes.
A quote from the same Kerry Notes that is about about our breed:
" But to ask just a couple of questions; firstly its nigh impossible to show (particularly in a numerically small breed) more than a few dogs of the same breed at any given time so why the desire to constantly breed on an average of every four to eight weeks?" -
Who is the Dog World writer referring to; it's not rocket science to work out who it is.
The other point in question about me being vindictive and having a vendetta against the DW Breed Correspondent is open to opinion. I will point out what I see as misusing the Dog Press for ones own gratification. And I make no apology for this to the writer of the above or to Mrs Munro. Further, If the DW Correspondent would like to apologise to me in her column for telling scurrilous lies to Vincent Mitchell about me re an anonymous letter that was sent to him; I may accept it. Ed ]

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Breed Notes 9th December 11

Reading the Kerry Breed Notes regurgitated by Mrs Munro in Dog World this week they scream out at you
between the lines;


Just in case that Mrs Munro cannot count; there are 151 Kerry Blue registrations up to the third quarter this year.
The same period last year there was 200 registered. To read her notes about our breed being awash with unwanted kerries is laughable. She churns out this drivel on a regular basis dressed in different clothes.
But, her assertion that certain breeders are having too many litters is more sinister and smacks of a bitter break with a partnership. Far from falling on their arses the other party has gone on to more and much better successes than the partnership produced.
And what's wrong with a breeder who has the resources, the staff, acres of land and excellent kennels breeding more than one dog for the show ring? Would Mrs Munro put the same questions to the likes of The Saredon Kennels, The Rayfos Kennels, The Dandyhow Kennels and et al?

Onto a different subject; Dog showing is becoming ever expensive nowadays, I don't know how some exhibitors manage to take in nearly every show. Petrol is so expensive; moreover, especially if you have to pay for it yourself.

Breed Notes 29/11/2011

Tony Muat And His Kerry Blue Terriers

Tony Muat and his Kerry Blue Terriers With Senior Vet Christina Symonds

A PDSA commendation award for animal bravery or devotion for actions that resulted in finding and saving the life of a abandoned baby was awarded to Tony Muat and his Kerry Blue Terriers. The lady in the photo is the Senior Veterinary Surgeon Christina Symonds at the PDSA, Woolfall Heath Huyton.The award was presented on Friday 25 November 2011. The dogs are on the right; Lescariot Magical Milly, (Milly) on the left Montealtos Moo Moo's Madame Joy, (Molly).

Senior Vet Christina Symonds Presenting Tony Muat With His Award

[The Original Story]
A ONE-HOUR-OLD baby boy was abandoned by his mother in woods yesterday.

Police officers and hospital staff have named the 6lb baby boy Andrew, as he was born on St Andrew' s Day.

Wrapped up in a white towel embellished with an unusual sea lion motif, the boy was found by Tony Muat of West Derby,Liverpool, who was walking his two dogs across a building site near Croxteth Park woodland.

Mr Muat,42, scooped up the baby, protected him from the bitter wind and rain under his coat and dashed to a neighbour' s house to call emergency services.

He said: ``The place where I found the baby is sealed off most of the time. He would not have been found if I hadn 't gone there today.

``I only used that route to the woods because it was a Sunday and the workmen w eren 't on site.

``My dogs Molly and Milly alerted me to the baby when they started barking.

``At first I thought someone had dumped a litter of pups, but then I looked inside the towel, which was sopping wet from the rain, and saw ababy.

``As soon as I touched him, he started crying but I could see he was very cold and put him inside my coat and ran to raise the alarm as fast as possible.

``He stopped crying and I feared he had died on me. Thank God he is OK.

``He is a perfect baby, a really bonny boy with lots of blackhair.''

Andrew was taken to Liverpool Women 's Hospital by ambulance where he was being treated inside an incubator in the intensive care unit last night.

Police are desperately concerned for the welfare of his mother who they are urging to seek urgent medical attention.

They believe she may have severed the umbilical cord umbilical cord herself before abandoning her baby.

A party of 18 officers, inc luding two mounted officers and two dog handlers , and the force helicopter, combed the woods near Deysbrook Way for clues of her whereabouts yesterday.

Inspector Geoff Cheshire, of Merseyside Police Merseyside Police is the Home Office police force responsible for policing Merseyside in North West England.

The force area is 647 square kilometres with a population of around 1.5 million. At present the force has 4,466 police officers plus over 2,000 police staff. , who is leading the in vestigation, said: ``Now the baby is safe and well we are turning our full attention to the mother.

``We want to give her absolute assurance that she is not in any trouble in any way.

``All we are interested in is her welfare.''

He added: ``Mr Muat's quick response was vital. He clearly acted very promptly and in those circumstances time is of the essence.

``If Andrew had been out in the cold and rain any long er, events might very well have taken a tragic turn.

``He was very, very cold to the touch and was not wearing any clothes under the towel.

``It is clear from the way the cord was severed, that it was done by an amateur and not a trained medic.

``Somebody has obviously cared for the child enough to wrap it in the towel and someone may recognize the towel.''

Family support officer Helen Bennett said: ``We will be carrying on the in vestigation by contacting other agencies, inc luding social services and hostels to try to trace people whose circumstances may fit the description of this mother, in terms of pregnanc y.

``This woman must have felt very distressed to have actedlike this and we urgently want to ensure her safety.''

Doctors believe he was born around an hour before he was discovered.

A spokeswoman for Liverpool Women 's Hospital said: ``He was very cold but otherwise appears well.''

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Breed Notes 17/7/11

Just a quick note for the breed notes about the pitter patter movement,i think it is down to the dogs getting proper exersise. You see them in the ring with the owners who themselves cannot run around a ring so what chance has the dog got when the owners are unfit to move?

Another thing are the working docked dogs does any one of these working, show dogs belong to a person who can walk 200 mts never mind work a dog . Would any of them know how to work a dog?

[Below are two more Videos of Tony Muat's dogs at work. I wonder if the people that bend the rules and still dock the tails of their dogs on the pretext of them being working Terriers think about these new additions? As Tony Muat said they are phonies and wouldn't know how to work a dog - no, they are not dog people - just glory hunters with personalised number plates.]



Montealtos Boudica - Bushing


Tony Muat.

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Breed Notes 24/6//11

It is some time past since there has been anything of consequence in our 'Notes'. I'm astounded really that somebody hasn't taken up 'The Baton' and used this page to advantage.

I have a workload with Terrier World and I don't really have the time to keep these notes interesting. However, I was thinking recently about our breed and something struck me as unusual - for any breed - and it is this; considering that we are classed as a 'Vulnerable' breed and that there has been a total of only 3,884 Kerry Blue Terriers registered in fifteen years, (yes fifteen years) the success for Group wins and Best In Show has been astounding. Border Terriers Registered more than twice this amount last year alone registering: 8,383 and was not the greatest registrant in the Terrier Group, it makes it all the more remarkable. What are we saying here; have we almost succeeded in producing the perfect Terrier as the Breed Standard requires? I think not.

The modern day Kerry Blue Terrier is a mere shadow Of the breed that I first came to love over forty years ago. Gone are the days when there was excitement at the 'Kerry' ring when the open dog class was being judged - crowds milling at the ringside from other breeds - watching the mature males sparring and snarling. Alas, this is no longer seen now; the 'game' temperament has almost been extinguished. Fox Terrier ear carriage is fashionable, 'Wooly Coats' too and some lines not changing colour until a very late age. This now seems acceptable. I know of one particular breeder who thinks that 'Colour' isn't that important in our breed; a breed that defines its colour in its name! Could the Modern day Kerry 'Draw' a Badger? Maybe if it has 'Crayons And Paper' it could! It is now not unusual to see Modern day Kerries terrified in the show ring, tail down ears back eyes wide with the whites showing like Larrie Parks in 'Jolson Sings Again.'

Movement also has suffered in our breed. It is a rare occasion that you now see a 'Modern' Kerry really striding out covering ground effortlessly. We now have 'Pitter Patter' movement which some breeders are doing nothing to correct in their breeding plans. Do they think it is how our breed should move?
'Pitter Patter' movement may be a term that some may not understand. Let me draw an analogy to it.
Most of us will have seen cyclists on modern bicycles - the ones that have dozens of gears on the wheel - peddling furiously on the flat - in a gear that is designed to go up hill - and getting nowhere fast. This is the easiest comparison to make with 'Pitter Patter' movement. The dogs take dozens of steps to cover the ground that a good moving dog would do in half this amount.

So what are we to make of the success that Kerry Blue Terriers have enjoyed in the last fifteen years, considering there are so few being registered and presented in the show ring? Are we to assume that our breeders are now producing the almost perfectly constructed Terrier that matches its Breed Standard since records began; a Vulnerable breed to boot?

I'm sorry to say that this is not the case. Because, the Common Denominator in 95% of this success in our breed is down to one person, the most famous Dog Walker of his generation, Geoffrey Corish.

I read in the Notes from the other place the offerings from Mrs Munro. She makes a point of mentioning Higham Press on two occasions. I wonder why? We all know of course that Higham Press and Fosse Data publish results. But where can you get your results, Judge's Critiques - if available - at a glance - all on the particular Breed page, without having to wait for pages to load and all of the rest of it? Why here of course at Terrier World. One look at any breed page and you can see instantly if the results are there or if there is a critique available. This is unique because you have the best of both worlds; results and critiques all on one page for each individual breed. Eat your heart out Mrs Munro, Terrier World is now massive - much to your chagrin. [She would have you believe that she doesn't use my site. I caught her using images
taken by me of Arkama True Grit; at Welsh KC 08 and of Balboa Saturnia; at KBTC of E Ch. 09 from Terrier World on her web site. Me being Mr Nice Guy, I said that she could continue to display them if she credited me with the photos. She removed them rather than do this, this is why there isn't a photo of Balboa Saturnia on her web site.]

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Response to [Dog World] Kerry Blue breed notes of 18 February

I read the [Dog World] Kerry Blue breed notes of 18 February with interest.

The notes were dedicated to a story related to an Accredited Breeder who is ‘reasonably well known’ though not in the particular breed referred to and tells of an unfortunate situation that occurred with a puppy they had breed with a ‘bad mouth’. I am not sure who the person referred to is however the story is similar to a situation that has recently occurred within my kennels.

I recently had my first litter of Welsh Terriers. The litter was observed during a successful Accredited Breeder inspection. Both parents are champions. I had four puppies in the litter; one bitch and three dogs. The bitch had an undershot mouth from birth but was otherwise very healthy. I sought advice from my vet when the pups were born and from the highly reputable breeder of both parents of the pup. I was advised that it could improve but this was unlikely. I therefore endorsed the puppy and sold it for less than half the normal puppy price as a pet. The prospective owners came to visit the puppies when they were five weeks old. On their initial telephone enquiry I had already discussed her mouth. I explained that the mouth was undershot therefore she was unsuitable for showing or breeding and that the price was reduced as a result. The family had three children. I offered and agreed with the new owners that I would take the puppy to the vet before they collected her for a health check.

Two days before she went to her new home I took her to the vet. My vet said she was in the best of health and did not seem overly concerned about the mouth. He did not consider it was anything other than a cosmetic fault. I relayed this to the new owners and provided my vet’s contact details in case their vet wanted to talk to my vet about the puppy.

As an Accredited Breeder I have a sales contract which is based on the Kennel Club’s recommended contract. In the contract it stipulates the requirement to declare any fault and I duly declared the undershot jaw. It also stated that if within 14 days an examining vet found any further health issues I would offer a full refund. Ten days after the sale the new owner took the puppy to the vet for its inoculations and the vet expressed concern about the jaw saying it could be necessary to operate on the jaw if it got worse. The owner immediately called me. She was understandably upset. I immediately agreed to take the puppy back which on balance they agreed to as they didn’t want to take the chance that surgery might be required. She asked me whether any of the other puppies were still available instead but unfortunately they were all sold. They returned the puppy the following day and I gave them a full refund.

I took the puppy to the vet the following day. He remained of the view it was simply impossible to say whether anything as serious as surgery would be required until she was fully grown. And in short my vet and all the staff in the surgery fell in love with her. With their fantastic support we found her a new home. My vet wanted her himself but has a rather grumpy old dog who would not have accepted her. She has been back to the vets only last week to complete her inoculations and I am told her mouth is getting better. So there was a great ending to the story. I contacted the previous owners to tell them the outcome and they were delighted to hear this and were greatly appreciative that I had taken the time to contact them. They also informed me from whom they had recently obtained another puppy

I am sure any responsible dog breeder would behave as I did in these circumstances as the only other alternative would have been to put to sleep what was otherwise a perfectly healthy and happy puppy.

Cara Davani

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Breed Notes 1/03/11

Kempische Kynologen Klub International Championship Show

At Kempische Kynologen Klub International Championship Show (held in Hoogstraten, Beligum) Kerries were judged by Tom Hehir from Ireland. His CAC, CACIB and BOB winner was my Ch Kebulak Willie Nelson who went on to get 3rd in the group under Frank Kane. CAC and CACIB in bitches was my Edbrios Vanity Fair.

C Davani

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Breed Notes 22/2/11

Dog World's Breed Correspondent Wrote This Article below In Her Notes Friday 18th February 2011

"The following does relate to our breed. A friend in another breed was telling me of a reasonably well known breeder – though not in that particular breed – who had sold a puppy to a pet owner with a child. The said breeder did inform the new owner that the puppy had an undershot mouth as the prospective owner was concerned about the shape of the jaw. Taking the breeder’s word for it, this new owner went with the pup, which the family then had less than a week during which time it went to the vet for a health check when the vet said the puppy had a very bad wry jaw – its whole jaw was out of alignment – and would very likely need several operations to correct this without any assurance that it could ever be 100 per cent normal; the advice being to contact the breeder whom the vet stated must have been aware of this physical defect due to its severity.

Needless to say this accredited breeder was not interested, insisting there was nothing wrong other than being a bit undershot and would not take the pup back, until later when this puppy owner threatened to report them to the Kennel Club; at which stage they were told to bring it back.

The pet owner then found a reputable show breeder, whose experience far outweighed the first breeder’s, and who had a pup available of a suitable age. On a visit to see the pup the above incident came into the conversation. This pet owner was most surprised when she saw the puppy as she said the one she had previously, and which her young son had been not surprisingly very upset to part with, was almost half the size of this one, being much smaller and on the thin side, which then caused my friend to bring in the siblings in order to show they were virtually all uniform in size being average for the breed at that age. The end of the story is this owner now has a happy healthy puppy from a conscientious breeder."

[ If what Mrs Munro writes is true and does relate to our breed, she must therefore know the name of the breeder.
Will she then name the breeder so that we all can share her knowledge? If not why not?
Can she also tell us what the breed is that produced such a deformity and let us all know what are the bloodlines behind it; we wouldn't want to use bloodlines that produce seriously deformed mouths, would we?
As I see it, Mrs Munro casts slurs and rumour in her Breed Notes that ninety percent of the time have nothing to do with Kerry Blue Terriers. This is Cowardice.
As I have said before, she should either put up or shut up. However, she never will because she has been well tutored by her Mentor - Chief Of The Chinese Whisperers - Geoff Corish. ]

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Breed Notes 11/1/11

I read the latest offerings from Dog World's Breed Note Writer this week and I only have a short comment to make.

Endorsements so that buyers of puppies cannot register pups if they decide to breed, or use their dog at stud if it is a male because the KC must take into account the endorsement, thus will not register pups sired by the said dog. The so called vetting of potential buyers?

Come on, I could tell you horror stories about conditions that some people have kept show dogs in, even other peoples dogs.

Is it any wonder potential Kerry Blue owners are turning to other breeds after such negative propaganda from this so called - self appointed - "Custodian of the Breed?"

Bollocks to what Ann Roslin-Williams says; there are thousands of Border Terriers!

As I have said before, this isn't about concern for our breed, it's concern for the price of the breed.

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Breed Notes 15/12/10

Well, LKA the last show for 2010 has been and gone.
It was a Sunday show for the Terriers, devoid of atmosphere, exhibitors and spectators; in a word ' Crap '.

There was a change of Judge for our breed. Geoff Corish the appointed Judge had apparently taken ill the day before
and was admitted to hospital. I must say that I was astonished at the amount of ' Homophobic ' comments that were spoken to me. I didn't think that this amount of venom was possible for one who is poorly.

Mr Corish was also the appointed Judge for Westies and Maurice Marshall replaced him after being asked the day previous; Saturday.

The question that is begging here is why Ron Ramsay was asked to Judge our breed on the day of the show and more poignantly why he accepted?

Did he not consider the fact that Mrs Lynn Wilkinson - who's dog he was supposed to handle on the day had gone to considerable expense for this show?
Her Entry Fees, Petrol Expenses, Car Park Fee and not forgetting that she had to take a day off from her busiest time of the week at her Public House Business with all of the Sunday Lunches. And also what she had probably already paid him for trimming. [No body else could show it under him could they?]
There was also exhibitors at the show who did not even get their dogs out from their crates when they found out that he was the replacement Judge.

The answer to why he accepted the replacement is a simple one really. The man is an Egotistical Maniac. His limelight has been somewhat diminished of late and this was an opportunity for him to be the ' Center Of Attraction ' once again;
" The Day Freddie Mercury Saved LKA " A Posturing Poseur doing his Lesley Page impersonations.

What should he have done then considering that he was only approached on the day?
He should have told them to " Fuck Off " and get the Group Judge to Officiate or another Judge who has been passed for CCs, there were lots there.

Exhibitors should demand their entry fees back and claim their expenses from LKA.

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Breed Notes 8/11/10

What Evidence Does The Author Of The Quote Below Have?

"There are some exhibitor-breeders who do not register all their litters with the KC being aware (especially if they are Accredited) that due to the amount of breeding they undertake it is not in their interests for them to do so. They are aware it is generally sociably unacceptable to the majority – particularly the general public, a few of whom are not complete fools and who do seem to be wising up to what is going on. It seems from what I have been told, more than once, that generally these breeders like to advertise these litters on various dog-related sites, but in some cases not on their own websites." [ Quote from Dog World Kerry Blue Breed Notes 5/11/10 ]

It seem to me that Mrs Munro is casting veiled accusations towards our breeders. If she has any evidence about what is in the above quote she should bring it to the table or shut up.

Bollocks to what Eileen Geeson wrote and the Jeremy Vine radio show broadcast. We are not interested at what happens in numerically strong breeds - let them sort their problems out. If we took any notice to what Mrs Munro writes our breed would be extinct.

Another Example Of Her Mischief Below

[ A few years ago Vincent Mitchell was sent an anonymous letter about a Kerry Blue ' Torum's Tunde Bayou.' Mitchell had been appointed to judge the Terrier Group at Leeds. (No Kerry Classes at Leeds) Did Mitchell consign this anonymous letter to the waste bin? No. He decided to show it to Mrs Pat Munro. One can only admire her expertise in these matters. Because she decided that the letter had come from someone in our breed; she even published the fact in her Breed Notes. Oh, and as a little aside to this Mrs Munro also told Vincent Mitchell that I, Tony Manning, had sent it to him. And like a Gobshite he believed her and then went on to inform Ronnie Irving - another Gobshite - who swallowed it too. And consequently, I was blamed for this but never approached and asked did I send it. The scabby cowards! It became clear to me that something was amiss when I had in the past had conversations with both Mitchell and Irving only for them to blank me. Much to the delight of Munro and the Maggot Corish whom she adores. Two cheeks off the same arse. ]

Mrs Munro should use her energies in trying to promote our vulnerable breed, not being hell bent on trying to keep our numbers down. She goes on about supporting the breed; where was she on Saturday 6/11/10 when the KBTC of E held its open show? She didn't even give a paper entry.

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Breed Notes 2010-10


Grand Am Ch Edbrios Stradivari  BOB Montgomery County
Grand Am Ch Edbrios Stradivari

Hi Tony,

Hope you keeping well, firstly I want to let you know that the dog Edbrios Marco Polo became a champion at Belfast,
you gave him his first ticket.

Montgomery was a special week for Edbrios. I was there for over a week grooming the dogs we bred. A dream come true for any breeder.

Grand Am Ch Edbrios Stradivari was BOB 2 days and first award of merit another day.
The biggest entry was 118 Kerry's on the Montgomery day ;-) and the majority of dogs were specials as you know, so it was no easy task.

Philip and Jarka

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Breed Notes 2010-10

Kerry Blues at the Scottie All Breed Open Show

Hi all

Due to unforeseen circumstances our Judge for Kerry Blues can no longer fulfil his appointment so Richard Dalton (Dalstar) has kindly agreed to Judge. Your support for Richard would be appreciated.



Breed Notes 4-10-10

Hi all

Dont forget the closing date for entries in the Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club show are fast approaching. Online entries have now closed so if you want to enter please contact me.

We look forward to a great show and would like to thank our exhibitors for their continued support.

Tel: +353 86 8750614

Breed Notes 30-9-10

My wife and I attended the funeral on Monday of Les Kendrick. Some of our longstanding exhibitors will remember Les and his wife Ena - who passed on three years ago - as two nice people who went to many dog shows. They were committee members of The Northern Kerry Blue Terrier Club and Liverpool Terrier Club for a number of years. Unfortunately, neither club was represented.

Les and Ena were the breeders of a Champion bitch that I owned; Ch Kerdales Princess Kimbellar, a bitch of outstanding quality sired by the great show dog Ch Bluefires Double Trouble Of Fermoy.

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Breed Notes 19-7-10

For those of you who remember Terry Meredith and his Father Joe, here is a little bit of information for you. Terry still has a Kerry but he spends most of his weekends with his son, Jack. Remember this name; Jack Meredith.

IAAF World Junior Championships (Moncton, Canada, 19-25 July) in the knowledge that it’s one of the country’s strongest squads in over two decades.

The most realistic gold medal contenders are world junior top ranked trio Jodie Williams (coach: Mike McFarlane),
Jack Meredith (coach: Donald Moss) and David Guest (coach: Michael Guest).

Meredith, who has demonstrated impressive current form with victories in Mannheim and most recently the Aviva English Schools, is the UK junior record holder over 110mH with 13.32 - a mark he’s now improved on two occasions in 2010 - following a brilliant victory at the Samsung Diamond League under-20 event in Oslo.
He’ll represent the team in the official IAAF Press Conference this Monday (19 July), just prior to the opening ceremony.

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Hi Tony,

Just wanted to let you know, on Sunday 4th july at the Lanchester Agricultural Canine Society show our bitch Cranmoss Millie won best in show. There were 199 classes and 382 dogs entered.

She won her class and the terrier group under judge Mr Martin Baker (Pacolito) Then went on to win Best In Show under judge Mr Tom Johnston (Fieldkirk)

Cranmoss Millie

Cranmoss Millie
Sire Ch. Torum’s Tunde Bayou Dam Cranmoss Fizzy Lizzy

Susan & Les Peacock

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The KBTC of E Held their Ch Show Sat 12th June. It was a poor turnout for the club. I am waiting for a marked up catalogue from the Secretary (I forgot it) and when I get it the results will be published.

Best Of Breed And Group Winner Southern Counties 2010



A telephone call from Cherie Walters informed me that one of our well known exhibitors Eon Jones had been admitted to hospital with back pain. He has since been found to have a serious heart problem and has undergone surgery.

Eon is now recovering in the Intensive Care Ward and making good progress.
I am sure that you will all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.




[ A while back Andrew [Brace] also mentioned intimidation being on the increase with the internet giving the public a “vehicle for anonymous correspondence, either directly to the subject who is to be berated or via one of the chat lists that seem to proliferate and prosper…Countless cowardly and embittered members of our sport seem to acquire extra courage and recklessness as they commit their thoughts to print often hiding behind anonymity. The anonymous letter has always been with us and any sensible recipient of such a missive has in the past consigned it to the waste bin without a second thought but it appears this practice is very much on the increase.” ]

Terrier World will allow some contributors ' Anonymity ' if what they want to say is ' Accurate ' and factually correct.
Click Here For An Example (Use the back arrow to return and continue reading)

Now why would she choose to publish this particular quote from Andrew Brace? I assume that Dog World's Kerry Blue Breed Correspondent thinks the sun shines from his arse as she continually quotes him. So, can we also assume that since she has quoted the above that she concurs with him? Can we also presume that she thinks that anonymous letters should be ignored and consigned to the waste bin?

You may be wondering why I am writing this.
A few years ago Vincent Mitchell was sent an anonymous letter about a Kerry Blue ' Torum's Tunde Bayou.' Mitchell had been appointed to judge the Terrier Group at Leeds. (No Kerry Classes at Leeds) Did Mitchell consign this anonymous letter to the waste bin? No. He decided to show it to Mrs Pat Munro. One can only admire her expertise, because she decided that the letter had come from someone in our breed; she even published the fact in her Breed Notes. Oh, and as a little aside Mrs Munro also told Vincent Mitchell that I, Tony Manning, had sent it to him.

Now considering everything that has been published in these Breed Notes in the past, do you think that I would send an Anonymous Letter - to anyone? Not on your life!
I don't do Chinese Whispers either like her mate ' Ho Chi Geoff Corish.'

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Hi Tony,

Would it be possible for you to mention in your breed notes our bitch

Cranmoss Millie

CRANMOSS MILLIE bred by Mrs Lyn Wilkinson out of( CH. TORUMS TUNDE BAYOU X CRANMOSS FIZZY LIZZY) as she has just won best in show from an entry of 433 dogs at the Billingham Synthonia Canine Club Open Show, on Sunday 28th Feb

She won her class AVNSC OPEN and the terrier group under Mr Ken Bartlett (Dwilencia) and then went on to win
BEST IN SHOW under Mr A Chappell (Selmalda)

We would like to dedicate this win to the memory of Paul Netherwood for all of the help, support and encouragement that he gave us in the short time that we knew him

Thank you
Les and Susan Peacock

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Ch Cranmoss Finbar Of Colinca Breed: Kerry Blue Terrier Sex: Dog AKC: RN 18504501
Date of Birth: February 18, 2003 Breeder: L Wilkinson
Sire: Torum's Tunde Bayou - Dam: Garnemore Dardjine
Owner: Judith McGrath

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Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle! No matter how Mrs Munro (The self Appointed Official Custodian Of Our Breed) tries to dress it up our numbers are falling. Have a look at the Breed Statistics.

Writing in her notes she also says:

" Another email I received reads: “I am writing simply to say how much I enjoy your Kerry Blue notes. I do not have Kerry Blues (and, I ashamed to say, have no interest in having one) "

Why would someone be ashamed at not owning or having interest in a Kerry Blue? I wonder if they would be ashamed or even mortified if they had a Penchant for shagging sheep?

Yester year regurgitation shows a complete lack of imagination, as does the plagiarising of other columnists just to pad out a dreary column. New exhibitors wouldn't have a clue who she is writing about and probably care less.

Her notes are full of self congratulations; if she slaps her own back any more could she possibly be a member of Opus Dei? Opus Dei, practice mild self-flagellation using an instrument called a "discipline", a cattail whip usually made of knotted cords, which is flung over the shoulders repeatedly during private prayer; would the chant repeatedly be;
" Don't Allow Pet Owners To Breed. 'Bastards! "

You would think that the country is awash with Kerry Blue Terriers reading her obfuscating rubbish.
She also writes: " We have those thinking most pet owners should have a litter. "
Yes, there is one who comes to mind who thinks this, Professor Jeff Sampson. Professor Sampson is the Kennel Club's Senior Scientific Advisor.

Professor Sampson studied Biochemistry at Sussex University and attained a BSc. in 1970 and a DPhil in 1973.
1973 - 1978: Scientific Officer at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund
1978 - 1990: Lecturer in Biochemistry - University of Leicester
1990 - 1998: Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry - University of Leicester
1998 - present: The Kennel Club Canine Genetics Co-ordinator.

Professor Sampson wrote:

" Existing experienced breeders should try to persuade and encourage new owners who buy puppies from them to have at least one litter from the puppy. In this way breed numbers will increase and so will the parental base from which future generations are produced. This will go some way to stemming the current loss of genetic variability. " Read full transcript.

Also in KBT Breed Notes the writer names a well known kennel that endorses their litter registration documents when they sell their stock.

Quote: " I am very far from being in the minority and if I wish to endorse my registrations I will and am continuing to do so – and I do know of at least eight Kerry breeders who also do so. I also am aware that such high profile kennels like the Saredon Terriers do the same. "

Considering there were only 190 Kerry Blue Terriers in the United Kingdom registered with the Kennel Club last year, this statement above is spectacularly breathtaking... incontinent arrogance.

I wonder if she could name the others who endorse their documents, for then we will know just who else is implicated in the demise of our breed; thus keeping numbers registered with the Kennel Club down and further diluting our small Gene Pool.

What is required in a published column is accurate information, just as it is in the Lakeland Terrier Breed Notes when less can be so much more.

The Dictionary Definition of the word ' Accurate ' is: " Free from error or defect; consistent with a standard, rule, or model;
precise; exact. "

I'm sure Eugene O'Callaghan was pleased to read that he's still ' Alive '. I think that this information could be ' Dead ' right!

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Kerri Nertherwood is running in a charity race to raise funds for the Hospice that looked after Paul so well during his
brief battle with Cancer. Here is a message from Kerri:

"As most of you are aware Paul was diagnosed with kidney cancer in October 2009 and after a short battle he died on 12th January 2010, aged only 45 years old. Please help us say 'thank you' to the Hospice of the Good Shepherd for their kindness and care during Paul's final days, by sponsoring me to complete their 5 mile Run 2 Remember. I have never run in my life so I'm going to need lots of encouragement and I want to make my Paul proud by doing the run in his memory. Please help if you can. Thank you, Kerri xx."

If you wish to donate to the Fund you can find more information at:

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The figures for kerry Blue Terrier registrations this year show a fall of approximately 4.1%
198 registrations in 2008 and 190 in 2009. Our breed is still the tenth most Vulnerable Breed according to the Kennel Club.
Only a rally in the last quarter of the year with 70 registrations dragged the breed up to 190.

These figures surely now must convince even the most sceptical of unbelievers that the message is getting across, it is being heard. "Pet Owners Must Not And Should Not Breed Kerry Blue Terriers."

What do we do next? We as breeders must now surely have a responsibility to do what is necessary. We must all do as
they do at the Arkama Kennels and Endorse all of our puppies that go to Pet Homes as "Progeny Cannot Be Registered."
We are after all; THE CUSTODIANS OF THE BREED. 'Struth, send for John Terry!

Doing this will surely get us up the list and who knows, maybe in a few years we may even be at the top. We must try and make the headline:


Now come on all of you breeders, this really is achievable; pull your finger/s out and keep a 'Stiff Upper Labia'
after all, we're British! 'Struth, send for John Terry again!

Crufts will soon be upon us.
Do any of you new or old Exhibitors know that Crufts at Olympia in 1972, Mrs P Littlefield of the 'Bemel' Kennels Judged? (In the voice of Michael Cain) Not a lot of people know that.
Her Dog CC & BOB was Mr Courtney's ' Irish Breeze ' and the Bitch CC Mrs Lisa Attwood's Ch Binate Festival Of Kerry
the res. going to: Mr Malachy McGeown's ' Ch Granemore Ferla ' (D) and Mrs Attwoods ' Ch Binate Festival Of Kerry ' (B)
Not a lot of people know that either. Do you know there were 'undreds of people there too?

For the discerning among you, more useless information can be found in Dog World.

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Hi Tony,

Could you mention our bitch in your kerry blue breed notes as we had a good day at the Darlington Championship Show and The Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Show last weekend


Friday 18th September Darlington Championship Show:

Reserve Bitch Kerry Blue Terrier , Judge Jeff Horswell

First 28 entries (8 absentees) Newby Special Beginners Bitch Stakes, Judge Sheila Jakeman

Third Non CC Breeds Reserve Best Opposite Sex Winners AV Bitch , Judge Les Aspin

Sunday 20th September Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Association

Reserve Best In Show Judge Mr M Rushby (Dormic)

This is now I RCC, 2 RBB(non cc) at champ shows 1 BIS and 2 RBIS at open shows

Best wishes Susan & Les peacock

(My apologies for this late update)

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The Kerry Blue Terrier Club Of England is holding an Open Show on Sunday November 1st 2009.

The show will be held at Monkton Recreation Centre, Pinfold lane, Penkridge, Staffordshire.

Show opens 12.00 noon. Judging commences 1.00 p.m.

The Judge elct for this show is: MR DAVID TODD (Chataway)

For all show enquiries Schedules etc. please contact the Secretary:

Hon Secretary Mrs Margaret Bradley, The Ranch, Cwmbach Road, Aberdare. CF44 OPA
or Tel: 01685 874442

Terrier World will give further notice for this event nearer the date of the show.

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Referring to your Kerry Blue Terrier Breed notes 5/9/09. I agree that Kebulak kennels had a very good day at Birmingham City Championship show, but surely congratulations should also be given to the breeders of the winning dogs,
and to Tony Manning for handling the BOB and R. Dog CC winner.

Kerry Blues
Bitch CC & BOB. Bred by C. Walters
Dog CC Bred by Cara Davani
R. Dog CC Bred by Mr. & Mrs P. Jones
R. Bitch CC Bred by B. Linsdell
B.P. & Puppy Group 3 Bred by P. Munro

Bitch CC and BOB Bred by J. Monser & A. English.

It was a pity that there was such a poor entry with the Kerries, but congratulations to all the winners, especially Mr & Mrs Baxter who are new comers to the breed and who had a very good day with their puppy.

Lyndia Salmon

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David Prince the Judge for City Of Birmingham had a mishap and had to pull out of his appointment for this show.

The replacement Judge was the evergreen Mrs Maureen Micklethwaite.

Maureen found her Dog CC winner in Carvey and Davani's Arkama Pinball Wizard at Philwyre. His third CC making him up on the day subject to KC approval.
The reserve Dog CC was Walter's Kenmileven First Class For Kamaghan.

In Bitches the CC her fourth, went to Walter's Ch Kamaghan Mighty Aphrodite who also took Best Of Breed
Reserve Bitch CC was Linsdell's Lunabrook Pennylane

Best Puppy was Baxter's Arkama It Girl.

Now you may wonder why I'm repeating what is already in the results page for this show?

Well, the principle winners; Dog CC; Res Dog CC; Bitch CC and BOB are all co-owned by Cara Davani, who also had Bitch CC and BOB in Lakeland Terriers. A very good day for the Kebulak Kennels.

I remember a Breed Note Writer some years ago writing after winning nearly all of the classes at a kerry show;
" Without being blase, what else is there? "

I will refrain from writing up the breeding; when and where they won and under whom of the Kerries, the quality - colour - and firmness of the stools etc. etc. to someone else at the other place.

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The kerry Blue Terrier Association Are Holding A Fun Day On October 25th.
The fun day is being held at Holyport War Memorial Hall, Moneyrow Green, Holyport, Nr. Maidenhead. Berks. SL6 2ND.

There Will Be Lots Of Novelty Events And Knowledgeable Kerry People There For Advice
And Help For Pet Owners And Novice Exhibitors Alike.

For Further Information:

Contact Either: Pat Munro: Email: or Tel: 01787 269977
Or Lyndia Salmon: Email: or Tel: 01443 493278


I attended The Northern Kerry Blue Club's Championship show recently and I'm sorry to say that my earlier predictions about the club are coming home to roost. " Moribund " You can almost hear the death rattles.

The show was barely open when a heated argument broke out between the Secretary and the President over ' who was marking up the Judge's judging book.' Not a very good start to say the least.

It was an almost perfect day for a show to be held outdoors, the ring was set up in a backdrop of pleasant leafy surroundings. The show was held inside. Why? The gates to the rear were locked and nobody knew where the key was...duuuh!

The room inside is dark, with lighting more suited to a disco and where there was once windows, they have now been bricked up. I have a decent camera with a powerful flashgun and only managed half decent pictures such was the poor quality lighting.

It was shouted at a one of the shows couple of years ago that the club would go nowhere whilst I was involved with it. Well, I no longer have anything to do with the Northern Kerry...they got their wish...I'm not even a member. Has the club gone from strength to strength since I relinquished all of my ties? I don't think so. The present incumbents are not the solution, they are most of the problem.

Looking at the Catalogue of the show I noted that the committee is very small. Most of the longer serving committee members have bailed out.

Club Officers
President Mrs B McGeown
Vice President Mrs M Twilton
Chair Mrs C Ramsay
Vice Chair Mr R Ramsay
Sec/Treas Ms C Clarke-O'Neill
Cup Sec Mrs P Ward

Mr B Blackley
Mr Hillen
Mrs Hillen
Mrs L Neen
Mrs M Twilton
Mrs L Wilkinson

Now I'm sure that you are all familiar with whom the Vice President is.

It is not often that I would endorse the writings of Pat Munro in Dog World Breed Notes, however, when she speaks of judges using breed clubs to further their ambitions she is absolutely right. And who is it that promotes these very judges?
And of course the question that must be asked is why they promote such judges?
When such a Judge who is not involved in our breed and never has been, is proposed by someone you have to examine their motives. Why would you want somone to Judge our breed in order to help them in their quest so that they then have the required number of breeds allocating CCs to, to judge a Terrier Group? The answer is self interest. It's not what you can do for your club, it is what the club can do for me.

There is always a wheeler dealer in the background, forever massaging someone or other for gain to whomsoever, these people are the parasites that dwell amongst our breed...Master Chinese Whisperers!

When I caused mayhem at the Northern Kerry Blue Club AGM 2006 it was because of these very things - I was also very intoxicated - but, nonetheless I had enough wit about me to realize that there was a stink in the club that would outdo any of the odours that pour from an illegal Cannabis Skunk Growing Factory.
Alas, the once established exhibitors who were involved with the running of the Northern have long since gone. I take no pleasure in writing this, however, it has to be brought into the open before the club goes under.

It always annoyed me when I was a member of the Northern, that rules which were passed at AGM's were never ever implemented. I had it passed at one of the AGM's that the minutes and the balance sheet should be sent to all of the members before the actual meeting, together with the sent out show schedule to members. They never were.
Why not you may ask? Because it would give you much more time to scrutinize the documents .
The minutes from an AGM are only as good as the person that writes them up. And, who can remember the minutia of what went on twelve months previous?
Really, the minutes of any AGM should be with the members a week after the meeting has taken place. Then there would not be any questions of skullduggery. And if there was, a special AGM could be called for.

However, Special AGM's are sometimes flawed. Many years ago I called for a Special AGM with the required number of members supporting the petition as is required by the Kennel Club. This was to discuss Ballot Rigging within the Club.

I was at that time Vice Chairman of the Club. The Club Secretary tried everything to stop the SGM from taking place, but the Kennel Club said it must go ahead if that is what the members wanted. I asked for an independent member of the Kennel Club to chair the meeting.

The Appointed KC member who chaired the meeting was Ann Arch who brought with her an odious woman who acted like a bouncer. I quickly realized that something was not right and the finger was being pointed at me as the
'Ballot Rigger' Yes, me...the one who had organized the SGM to investigate it!

I didn't know until some time after, (A certain member of the club was actually boasting about how the outcome of the meeting was decided before it had even taken place) that the so called 'Independent Kennel Club Member' Ann Arch had spent hours with the Secretary leading up to the meeting.
They even enlisted a Graphologist (in secret unbeknown to the committee) to examine the handwriting on the ballot papers. I would assume that extra special attention was paid to my handwriting! Talk about a stitch independent impartial KC Member? Ann Arch must think impartiality means collusion! And I wonder, was everyone's handwriting examined? Don't you laugh now!

I was once Chairman of a Terrier Club where the secretary tippexed out judges names in the minute book and replaced them with her own choice; until I caught her at it. Her excuse was that she had written to the said Judge and had no reply, so in order to have a judge for that particular breed and show she would select her own! Crafty. Who can question the Royal reply? Unscrupulous Secretaries practice this tactic whenever there is a judge that is not to their liking. They say that the Schedules were all sent out to the members. I know of two life members of a certain club who did not receive schedules for a show when the Secretary didn't like the elected judge.

The Minutes Books of the Committee Meetings and of the AGM's should be available at all of the Club's shows for members to scrutinize if they so wish. Are they ever taken to the shows for the members to see?

I wonder how much the Northern lost last year? I would be interesting to see the balance sheet. I do have one for the year ending 2007. The club lost money. There are only two shows a year, yet neither are itemised as they should be. I have never ever seen a statement of accounts with so little information on it. £150.00 paid out of club funds for that? If the club had not had donations of £216.50 and an auction that raised £50.00 the losses would have been serious. A club cannot function on goodwill and donations. The statement of accounts sheet was audited by a Mrs P Almond who didn't sign it off. The only signature on the document is the treasurers. Who is Mrs P Almond?

When Guarantors are listed on the fronts of catalogues what are they there for? It is my view that these such Guarantors should be held responsible if the club loses moneys and they should forfeit the losses. Why else would you have Guarantors? Maybe it's just to fill up the space on the fronts of schedules and catalogues.

If anyone does have a copy of the accounts for the Northern last year, do send me it.

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Rumour has it that there are certain breeders having normal docking procedures carried out by Veterinary Surgeons,
with the approval of the Kennel Club.

How can this be you may well ask? Apparently, if you have the required amount of land and you can prove that your dogs work on this land, you can have them docked with the blessings of the Kennel Club.

It has also been whispered that certain breeders are circumventing this criteria by having their litters also docked presumably having a resident address at premises with land, or having the land owner register the pups in their names and then transferring the dogs back into their own names.

If this is true, it is outrageous that the rest of the breeders cannot do it and have to exhibit the breed with those awful long tails.

Aesthetically, a ' Docked Kerry Blue Terrier ' looks balanced and far more attractive to the eye than an undocked one.
What Is good For One Should Be Good For All. A fair level playing field should be the order of the day for all exhibitors.

It will be interesting to see if any docked youngsters are exhibited at future shows.

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Results Ireland
The Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club judge Peter Steen (Valera Kerry Blues, Norway) 29 May.

The bitch Green Star and BIS was awarded to Cathy Neill’s owner handled Kensbridge Moon Dance bred by
Mr and Mrs K Neill in 2006 (Ch Perrisblu Street Wise for Kensbridge X Milford Moonlight Vision).

Dog Green Star went to Eddie and Philip O’Briens & jarka Poulova’s owner bred Ch/Ir Ch Edbrios Amadeus
(Ir Ch Torum’s Hollywood Jack at Shillelagh X Int, Sk, Cz, Ir Ch Kerrydom Court Dhaulagiri at Edbrios) handled by Philip.

Reserve Green Star in bitches was awarded to Natalia Fedosseeva’s Rus & Lux Ch Avalanche Eire – Kerry Cezaria Evora bred by N Volkova-Fomicheva in 2006
(Int, Rus, Ukr, Hun, Lit & Pol Ch Avalanche Eire – Kerry Nash Know – How X Avalanche Eire – Kerry Tittle-Tattle).

Reserve Green Star dog was Svetlana Romanova’s owner bred and handled Int Ch Blue Joi Williams who is now a veteran (Int Ch Aran Donaghmore X Rus Ch Blu Joi Olivia).

Best Puppy in Show was my owner handled Granemore Maximillian at Kebulak bred by Bridget McGeown in 2008
(Ch Torum’s Tunde Bayou X Granemore Calaamintha).

Reserve Best Puppy in Show was Ross Delmar’s Michladh Moondance at Shilelagh handled by Cathy and bred by
Hugh and Angela Jordan (It Ch Torum’s Hollywood jack at Shillelagh X Irisblu Hot n Bothered.

The Dublin Irish Blue terrier and the International Kerry Blue terrier Clubs combined to hold ‘A Festival of the Blues’ judged by Margaret Moller Sieber (Wheaten Rebel) from Germany. 29 May.

Bitch Green Star and Best In Show was awarded to my Ch/Jsy Ch Naughty But Nice at Kopykats bred by Dave Rushton
in 2005 (Ch Kamaghan Mr Ballistic X Lunabrook Just Look at Me Now) handled by myself.

Dog Green Star and Reserve Best In Show was a repeat of the morning going to Ch/Ir Ch Edbrios Amadeus.

Reserve Dog Green Star was awarded to Mr P and Mrs E Martin’s Namor De La Cadiera at Clanciarrai bred by
Mr & Mrs Carica Pedraz in 2006 (Int Ch El Virginiano De La Cadiera X Flor-De-Azahar-De La Cadiera).

Reserve Bitch Green Star was awarded to Ms O Tsukurova’s Nash Avgust Russkaya Ruletka bred in 2007 by L Kolosova (Gaeltacht Mac Dara X Nash Avgust Russkaya Krasavitsa).

Best Puppy in Show was a repeat of the morning going to my Granemore Maximillian at Kebulak.

The European Winner Dog Show was held on 30 May judged by Hans Lehtinen.

BOB, CACIB Dog, Green Star Dog went to Edbrios Amadeus. He then went on to win second in the Group.

CACIB Bitch and Green Star Bitch was awarded to Phil Davies’ owner handled Perrisblu Kennislain’s Chelsey
bred by Mr and Mrs Laing in 2007 (Perrisblu Emperor X Perrisblu Miss Ele).

Res CACIB Dog was Sean & Frances Cusack, Philip O’Brien & Jarka Poulova’s Ir Ch Edbrios Marco Polo handled by Jarka. He was bred by Eddie O’Brien, Philip and Jarka in 2005
(Ch/Ir Ch Edbrios Bohemian Ivanhoe X h Glenfitor Clodagh at Edbrios).

Best Junior was my Granemore Maximillian at Kebulak who went on to win 3rd overall in the Junior Dog finals that day under judge Cathy Delmar.

Best Puppy was J & A Madden’s Irisblu Witchcraft at Madragorm bred by Harold and Helena Quigg
(Madragorm Maximus of Irisblu X Montealtos Rainy Day Woman at Kopykats) handled by John.
She was 3rd overall in the Puppy finals that day.

Best Veteran was Int Ch Blu Joi Williams who was 2nd in the Veteran finals that day.

The Kennel Club held their special Championship Show for Irish Native Breeds with CCs on offer
on 31 May. Kerry Blues were judged by Ron Ramsay (Torums).

Bitch CC and BOB was a second for Liz, Con and Caroline Nagle’s Granemore Imperial Beauty of Colinca’s
handled by Liz. She was bred by Bridget McGeown in 2006 (Ch Torum’s Tunde Bayou X Granemore Calaamintha).

Granemore Maximillian at Kebulak was Best Puppy in Breed.

Dog CC was a first for Andy Baine’s Stormblu Aristocrat bred by Andy Baines in 2006
(Stormblu Mr Chisum X Stormblu Moana Lisa).

Res Dog CC went to Ir Ch Edbrios Marco Polo handled by Jarka.

Res Bitch CC went to Cathy Neill’s Kensbridge Moondance.

BPIS Irish Native Breed Championship Show Granemore Maximillian at Kebulak under Ferelith Somerfield.

Cara Davani

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"I visited my vet recently for a puppy to be inoculated. My practice is a country one with much canine and equine experience particularly with show horses. It was interesting to hear my vet say how much he was against ‘pet’ breeders. In fact, for once, I had little to say as he said it all for me when he asked the question why were people breeding – then answered it himself when he said ‘for their extra holidays and new cars.’ He was concerned over their lack of knowledge, husbandry, aftercare and concern for where these pups ended up."

The Above Is An Extract From This Weeks Breed Notes In Dog World 22-5-09

My my, such a wonderful and supportive Vet. How twee.
(198 Kerry Blues registered last year in the whole of the United Kingdom.) Extra Holidays; New Cars?

Could this be the the same writer who wrote this of Vets?:

"THANK YOU, Martin Clunes – another ill-informed celebrity making incorrect statements. On a recent Paul O’Grady Show Martin appeared with his pedigree Cocker Spaniel and made the following statement: “….. dysplasia – lots of pedigree dogs do have it.” He is obviously an animal lover, especially of dogs, but here was another body blow delivered to the genuine pedigree dog breeder and enthusiast.
Unfortunately because people like Martin have celebrity status he, and indeed vets, have a big influence on the general public who believe everything these people say. After all they are VIPs so it must be true."

"I was also disgusted with the RSPCA vet who has done nothing to enhance my own opinion of the profession, particularly when he called show dogs ‘mutant freaks’ among other things."

"After all, Mr RSPCA vet, if it wasn’t for us breeders the veterinary profession would not be such a lucrative career for the many thousands who clamour to be qualified for the profession. Perhaps it should be remembered which side the bread is buttered. Sorry, but I have little respect for some vets – who, unfortunately, seem to be in the majority – who see many of the general pet owners as £ signs. Odd how one of the first questions owners are asked by their vet is if their animal has insurance."

"Those who listen to their vet and the ‘qualified’ veterinary receptionist generally end up paying a fortune for ongoing treatment which, in many cases, isn’t necessary.
Perhaps someone should do a TV programme or even write a best-selling book about the horrific veterinary stories over the years and the horrendous prices vets charge for treatment which can also vary considerably depending on where one lives. No doubt there are thousands of genuine breeders who would have a tale or two to tell about puppy owners’ ‘dealings’ with vets."

(But Her Vet Is Ok, Er... He Supports Her Dogma)

Now I'm sure you all must be wondering; Did she really write all of the above? Oh yes she did!

Her on-going battle to halt the dreaded spread of non ' Exhibitors ' owning/and or breeding Kerry Blue Terriers is breathtaking in its stupidity.

Dog World's Breed Note Writer also wrote this:

“Many pet owners join a club to feel closer to others within their breed. They enjoy some of the benefits and many visit the breed club shows. They buy items from the breed club stand and breed related books through the club. It is the responsibility of the committee of the breed club to offer the best service possible towards all owners of the breed.

“Committee members of a breed club have a responsibility to encourage good ownership, to stimulate interest in the breed, to provide education and to advise. This means extending this encouragement to all owners and enthusiasts of the breed – not just the chosen few. All pet members and all those owning the breed should feel that they are free to consult their club for advice.”

Does the above mean then that she should advise and encourage all pet owners to have a least one litter to increase the
' Gene Pool ' of all Vulnerable Breeds as Professor Jeff Sampson Suggested?

Professor Jeff Sampson is the Kennel Club's Senior Scientific Advisor.
Professor Sampson studied Biochemistry at Sussex University and attained a BSc. in 1970 and a DPhil in 1973.
1973 - 1978: Scientific Officer at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund
1978 - 1990: Lecturer in Biochemistry - University of Leicester
1990 - 1998: Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry - University of Leicester
1998 - present: The Kennel Club Canine Genetics Co-ordinator

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(Barbara Cartland Wrote One Thousand Words A Day; She Was Another Fiction Writer)

"There is a certain person who takes great pleasure and every possible opportunity to criticise virtually everything written in these [DOG WORLD] notes. What I fail to understand is why this critic seems to continuously suggest and believe that I am the only person who thinks breeding should be left to experienced exhibitors I would like to point out that over the years I have often quoted other peoples’ opinions on this subject along with my own."

The above is an extract taken from Dog World Breed Notes this week 8/5/09

The certain person is of course me; Tony Manning. What Dog World's Breed Note Writer [Mrs Pat Munro] fails to realize when she quotes others is, that our breed is The Kerry Blue Terrier.
198 Kerry Blues registered last year in the whole of the United Kingdom. Can we therefore assume that these none exhibitors are amongst the Kerry Blue breeders that registered those Kerries? If we also assume that the average litter is about five puppies, this would mean that there were forty litters Registered from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Considering that Mrs Munro would have us all believe that she is privy to all things' Kerry Blue' Why does she not let us all know just who these non exhibitors are who are flooding the market with ill bred Kerry Blues.

Let me put a series of questions to her.

Can The Breed Note Writer For Kerry Blue Terriers Published In Dog World Tell Us This:


Tail Fixing, Ear Fixing, Teeth Fixing (They fall out after a short period of time), Teeth Banding, Force Feeding,
Drugging /Uppers And Downers, Coat Dyeing, Steroid Abuse.
Do Breeders Who Do Not Exhibit Resort To These Practices? I think not.

What would she do with a dog that had torn off the ear of someone walking past a grooming table; would she continue to exhibit it, or moreover, would she actually breed from it?
Would she hammer a brood bitch with five consecutive litters trying to reproduce a big winner again?
Would she deceive people that had left a bitch for mating by using a different Stud Dog other than the one they had paid for, thus falsifying the pedigree?

Custodians of the Breed? Of course we are. And what is the bottom line, a Poxy Rosette and a Certificate from the Kennel Club? Oh, and I forgot, maybe a lucrative sale abroad.

I think that maybe we should support the idea of endorsing all of our litters; so if buyers decide to breed from the dogs they have paid for from us they cannot register their own puppies with the Kennel Club because of the endorsement. Long term we would strangle the market; Brilliant! This way it would not be long before we would have maybe one in each class at shows and in the future maybe one at each show. The rewards would be abundant. Just think how easily it would be to make up Champions.
You could even charge £10,000.00 per puppy (with the endorsement lifted for another five grand)
The options are unlimited.

Yes; on second thoughts, Non Exhibiting Dog Breeders should be given the 'Cat' (Pictured Below)

Cat O Nine Tails

494 word in reply, just to save her counting.

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Anyone intending to enter the speciality shows to be held in Dublin on the 29th of May 2009 have a few days left to enter.
Visit our site for details.
We have some special prizes of Hand Carved Kerry Blue Walking Sticks"(picture on
We are producing a special catalogue with some historical articles.
Adverts or articles for inclusion would be most welcome.

Looking forward to welcoming all Kerry People and their dogs to Dublin.
Hugh Jordan
Vice Chairman,
Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club.

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"It might interest people to know there are at present more than eight dogs needing new homes. It certainly should be a cause for concern. All but one are males and range from 15 months to five years of age, plus an 11-year-old. The majority seem to be problem dogs with 99 per cent of them having been bred by people who do not and have never exhibited or been near a show ring. I won’t elaborate as I think most know my feelings on this type of breeding practice.
Suffice to say I have said several times this is a specialist breed.
One of these dogs has had two homes and is only three years old but the present owner has been having complaints from the neighbors about it barking all day. That is not surprising when one finds out that no-one is at home during the day during the week and the dog is left to its own devices in the garden. This is no life for any dog let alone people dog like the Kerry."

The paragraph above is taken from Dog World Breed Notes this week.

What is ' More than eight '? Is it Nine, Ninety Nine, Twenty? How many is more than eight? And, whatever the figure is, what is 99% of it? Will there be a dissecting of a Kerry to make the percentage work?

Who is the show person/kennel who provides the one percent? If the writer for Dog World knows that these dogs are bred by non show people who are the breeders? Publish their names; why not publish the name of the one percenter too?

All of this scare mongering is produced on a regular basis by the Dog World Correspondent to try and bolster her pathetic dogma that non show people have no right to breed. I'll tell you this much, I have never ever met a breeder who does not exhibit dogs, that has ever resorted to cosmetic enhancement of their animals. " Custodians Of The Breed? Don't make me laugh! If this statement were true it really would be laughable!" Have you ever heard of non exhibitors drugging dogs to calm them down, giving high doses of caffeine to liven them up - I don't think so. This pratice isn't all common amongst show people, but however, all spectacles are not rose tinted and it can be easily detected.

What would she suggest for the barking dog that has been re-homed twice? Should the owners pack in work; should it be crated all day until they arrive home from work (there are experts to call for advice on leaving dogs crated) or should the dog be euthanased?

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I received an Email yesterday asking " Have you read last weeks Breed Notes in Dog world?"
The writer also went on to say;

"There are 266 words devoted to Tony and Lyndia Salmon; words of fawning gratitude to them for being at the KBTA stand at Crufts. Praise such as this has never ever been lavished on others who have done this work."

They also wrote that in her own words the writer for Dog World [Mrs Munro] said;

" I’m sure some may think this over the top but frankly I don’t care, as credit where credit is due and the KBTA would not be in the very good position it is without willing supporters like this."

The writer also mailed me the rest of the Judges for this year:

National Terrier: Mr J Fields (South Africa)
KBTA: Mr E Jones (Jondry)
The National: Ferelith Somerfield
SKC: May Mr A Salmon (Windygap)
Southern Counties: Les Aspin
KBTC of E: Mrs L Salmon (Windygap)
Paignton: Paul Wilkinson
Bournemouth: Judy Averis
WKC: Mr S Watson (Schutz)
South Wales: Miss C Nagle (Colinca)
NKBC: Mr Paul Netherwood (Nedavir)
LKA: Mr G Morris.

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The overall and stated object of the Kennel Club is to promote in every way the
general improvement of dogs and this objective also applies to Judges.
The overall aim and objective of a Judge at whatever level, from Companion Dog
Show to Championship Show/Trial, is to provide value for the time, training, effort
and money,which the exhibitor/competitor puts into presenting their dog.Moreover,
the decisions of Championship Judges in particular will ultimately affect the future
development of a particular breed and/or respective discipline concerned.
There is therefore an expectation that Judges will be competent and may be
trusted. Judging is not a right but a privilege. Judges should be respected by the
exhibitor/competitor.To that end the following Code sets out the relevant aspects
that Judges should be capable of demonstrating.
1.1 Judges should act honestly and impartially when undertaking an appointment.
1.2 A dog should be placed on merit only according to the Breed Standard
or Competition Regulations. Judges should be prepared to provide a
critique on placings (Field Trial Judges excepted).
1.3 Judges should conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the
standing of a Judge at all times whilst at a show/trial and in any other
capacity which might have bearing on the interests of the canine world.
1.4 Judges are referred to the factors set out below which may be said to
affect their standing and may result in exclusion from Judging lists or future
judging contracts or withdrawal from an agreed appointment;
1.4.1 Criminal Convictions
1.4.2 Threatening Behaviour
1.4.3 Misrepresenting or abusing authority
1.4.4 Not Judging in accordance with KC Rules and Regulations
1.4.5 Not judging according to Breed Standards
1.4.6 Harsh Handling
1.4.7 Breach of KC Rules and Regulations
1.4.8 Using the name of the Kennel Club in an unauthorised manner.


Well we have Crufts next Thursday and I want you all to watch the judging very carefully. Why do I ask this? Because I want you all to take note of the placings of dogs or owners that I have ever been involved with.
And the numbers are considerable believe me.

The Judge's Code Of Ethics: Honesty; Integrity; Impartiality and Fair play.
If there is a failing with any of these ethics; The Judge Is A Blackguard And Morally Bankrupt.

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Schedules for the Kerry Blue Speciality (Hosted by The Dublin Irish Blue and The International Kerry Blue Terrier Club) Are now online at
Other shows available on the same site are "The European Show" and "The Ulster Kerry Blue Show"

The Dublin and International Kerry Blue clubs will be publishing a special Catalog for this occasion.We hope to have some new pictures and the Legendary "Up for the Cup" photograph. Anyone who has seen this photograph will know of its significance as a testament to the true nature of The Kerry Blue and of those who exhibit them.
Anyone wishing to advertise in this special catalog can contact Our Club Secretary our Myself.
Best wishes
Hugh Jordan

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Best Of Breed Westminster 2009

Ch Echo Of Aran Cross The Rubicon

Sex: Dog
Date of Birth: March 06, 2005
Breeder: Dr Natalia Samajova-Glover
Sire: Ch Aran Ferbane
Dam: Ch Lady Wirginia Braudag
Owner: Diane Beaulieu & Dr Natalia Samajova-Glover

Our next big show Is the Kennel Club's very own "Crufts"

History of Crufts How it all started: the development of Crufts Dog Show

Crufts is named after its founder Charles Cruft. The young Charles leaving college in 1876 had no desire to join the family jewellery business. Instead he took employment with James Spratt who had set up a new venture in Holborn, London selling "dog cakes".

Charles Cruft was ambitious and a relatively short apprenticeship as an office boy led to promotion to travelling salesman. This brought him into contact with large estates and sporting kennels. His next career move with Spratts saw him travelling to Europe and here in 1878 French dog breeders, perhaps seeing entrepreneurial talents in Cruft, invited him to organise the promotion of the canine section of the Paris Exhibition. He was still just two years out of college.

Back in England in 1886 he took up the management of the Allied Terrier Club Show at the Royal Aquarium, Westminster.

The first Crufts show in that name was booked into the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington in 1891. This was the first in a long series of shows there. During this era it was possible for individuals to run shows for personal profit, an aspect that appealed mightily to Charles Cruft, and he ran his shows with considerable profit to himself. Today there are no privately owned dog shows and permission to hold shows is granted by the Kennel Club which licenses only non-commercial organisations.

In 1938 Charles Cruft died and his widow ran the 1939 show. Three years later Mrs Cruft felt the responsibility for running the show too demanding and, in order to perpetuate the name of the show her husband had made world famous, she asked the Kennel Club to take it over and it was sold to them; 1948 was the first show under the Kennel Club auspices. Held at Olympia, it proved an immediate success with both exhibitors and the public. Since then Crufts has increased in stature year by year.

In 1979 it was decided to change the venue from Olympia to Earls Court as the increasing entries had the show bursting at the seams. In 1982 the show ran for three days and in 1987 for four days to accommodate the increasing numbers of dogs and spectators.

1991 saw the Crufts Centenary Show being held at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, this being the first time the show had moved from London.

2009 will be the nineteenth year that the show has been staged at the NEC.

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I was sent an Email which I only read yesterday after returning from a short break. Lynn Wilkinson the secretary of the Northern Kerry Blue Club has been in hospital and is due out today after suffering serious dog bites. As I understand it, some of her dogs got into a fight and Lynn was badly bitten trying to separate them. I would have had no hesitation in offering my help to Lynn at this time, however, certain people have done so much to undermine me with Lynn that I am now unable to.
Lynn's Cranmoss dogs are predominantly made up from Torum and Granemore bloodlines, maybe these two kennels can offer her assistance. We wish Lynn a speedy recovery.

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TERRIER----- 1998--- 1999-- -2000 ---2001--- 2002---- 2003---- 2004--- 2005---- 2006--- -2007-----2008
Kerry Blue----291------272 -----279 ----318 -----244------ 283----- 274----- 277------ 263------ 267-------198

2008 saw registrations fall dramatically. 198 is the least number of our breed registered with the Kennel Club for a decade.
This is a drop of 25.84 % on last year and a cause for grave concern.
Unbelievably some breeders endorse their puppies so they cannot be bred from.

Professor Jeff Sampson
Professor Jeff Sampson former Head Of Genetics at The Kennel Club wrote this article below some time ago.

Extending the gene pool
I cannot understand how we have fewer registrations than the Kennel Club’s qualification of 300 per year, when logic dictates that every home should have at least one. Extending the gene pool

Dr Jeff Sampson is a molecular biologist, who has many years of experience of owning and exhibiting dogs (Schipperkes). Prior to his appointment as the Kennel Club’s Health & Information Executive, he was based at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket. He is well known and respected in scientific circles as well as by the many breed clubs at whose seminars he has communicated the basis of canine genetics.

The list of British and Irish vulnerable native breeds was drawn up mainly by looking at their annual registration numbers and their trends over the years. They all have relatively low numbers of dogs registered each year, however, numbers alone are not the only consideration. When the population structure of many of these breeds is examined, it’s noticed that relatively few bitches are becoming mothers and probably even fewer males are becoming fathers.

It’s likely that some of the major kennels that contributed to the breed structure in the past no longer operate and these major bloodlines are no longer available to today’s breeders. All this means that genetic variability within these breeds is becoming more and more eroded and their breed gene pools are becoming increasingly shallower.

This erosion of genetic variability doesn’t have inescapable consequences, but it is far more likely to create a situation where the prevalence of breed-specific inherited diseases increases, and could very well lead to something called in-breeding depression. This is where the reduced genetic variation actually impacts on the breed’s overall fitness, causing, amongst other things, reduced fertility, often manifesting as a gradual reduction in litter sizes and an increasing inability to get bitches pregnant. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) actually uses the numbers of mating pairs to determine whether a species is in danger, or is on the point of extinction. If the WWF were to classify some of these vulnerable breeds, they would at least declare them as ‘endangered’. The Rare Breeds’ Survival Trust has also been tackling similar problems in other purebred domesticated species like sheep, goats, cattle and horses.

A concerted effort by breeders to breed more dogs is required to reverse the trends of the last few years. This doesn’t mean producing greater numbers of puppies from the same old dams and sires, it means increasing the number of dogs and bitches within the breed who become parents in their own right. Existing experienced breeders should try to persuade and encourage new owners who buy puppies from them to have at least one litter from the puppy. In this way breed numbers will increase and so will the parental base from which future generations are produced. This will go some way to stemming the current loss of genetic variability.

Breeders should also be encouraged to look overseas for fresh bloodlines. Admittedly these overseas populations were initially imported from here in the first place, but the populations have probably been geographically separated for long enough to allow genetic drift to generate a different genetic profile. Dipping into these overseas gene pools may not be without potential problems and breeders will need to do their homework very carefully. There are a number of examples that I am aware of where breeds in different countries have disease profiles that are different to the British population of the breed. Care will need to be taken to avoid using overseas bloodlines that are affected by these problems.

Another possible approach will be to create breed sperm banks that can be used to store sperm from significant lines, so that if the breeder eventually stops breeding, the line will be available to future generations of breeders. Of course, frozen sperm can only be used via artificial insemination (AI), but fortunately canine AI techniques are improving all the time, with a concomitant increase in success rates. Practioners of AI in the dog say that litters are produced in about 85 -90% of cases these days.

Breeders of some of these vulnerable native breeds have made the point that in the beginning of their breed, the breed register was closed far too early, preventing the entry of fresh dogs, and therefore fresh ‘genetic blood’. For some breeds, at least, there are examples that have since been maintained outside the Kennel Club breed register, but have nonetheless been maintained as a purebred population. If some of these dogs could be allowed back on to the breed register it could have significant impact on the breed’s genetic variability.

Specific interbreeding programmes would regenerate the much-needed genetic variation in some of these breeds. However, the problems in this approach are obvious, not least of which is the choice of breed to participate in interbreeding programmes. Using foundation stock in the past from other breeds has produced most of today’s breeds, and an hour or so in the Kennel Club library, reading the numerous breed books, will demonstrate the various ideas that exist for the history of different breeds. Unfortunately, the true origins of many of today’s dog breeds are not known. For meaningful interbreeding to become a reality, the specific foundation breeds that lay behind a particular breed and the relatedness of today’s dog breeds needs to be known.

Fortunately, that information is just around the corner. Recent advances in understanding of the canine DNA molecule are now showing the way to develop methods of identifying breed specific DNA signatures. Professor Elaine Ostrander, a significant player in the international canine genome project, recently published a paper together with members of her group showing that DNA can be used to predict the breed of a dog. The paper presented the result of an experiment where the group was given 406 anonymous canine DNA samples from individual dogs from 80 different breeds. By analysing each DNA sample they were able to place all but four of the samples into the correct breed. This work is in its infancy, but it does open up the very real possibility that DNA analysis will be able to reveal the breeds that lay behind today’s dog breeds, and how present-day breeds are related to each other. The availability of this information will help to identify which breeds should be interbred, if such interbreeding is ever envisaged.

Professor Jeff Sampson

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A little while ago I was told that a forthcoming judge had said; "I will not put up any dog that Tony Manning has trimmed."

I laughed at this and thought no more of it. However, on reflection when I thought of the implications of this, it is an absolute outrage that this judge has said this. What about the code of ethics for judges; Honesty, Impartiality and Integrity. This judge wouldn't know the meaning of these words even if they bit his arse.

What about the expenses that these innocent exhibitors who's dogs I have trimmed are incurring? Entry fees, travel costs etc.
Moreover, does this also include any dogs that I have Photographed and digitally trimmed?

A crook is a crook no matter what clothes you dress him in.

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Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club
As part of the Celebrations of the Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club's 75th anniversary we are launching a Kerry Blue Champions of Ireland Book. This will be limited edition.
The deadline for advertising (Overseas Advertising very welcome) has been extended. The owners of all Irish Champions have been contacted and they were given the opportunity to submit photos, these will be featured free of charge. There is also advertising space, so if you wish to advertise your current show dog, your up and coming star, your rescued Kerry or your business please contact me.

If it is your intention to advertise please contact me immediately.

We look forward to a very exciting weekend for Kerries starting 29th May 2009 with the launch of our Book and our Club Show at the National Show Centre in Cloghran (near Dublin Airport). Last night at An Árd Chomhairle (High Council of the IKC) our Show was passed. We are delighted that Mr Petter Steen (Valera) will preside over our Show. The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club will also host a show the same day so it will be worth a visit for Kerry enthusiasts. On 30th May the Euro Winners Show will be held in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Our Judge will be Mr Hans Lehtinen (Finland). Finally on 31st May The Native Irish Breeds CC show will also be held in the RDS
with Mr Ron Ramsay (Torums) presiding.

It will be possible to enter our show and the Euro show online at

Schedules will be available shortly at The Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club or from myself.

The CC show can be entered online Click Here

For information relating to the Euro Winners Show Please Click Here.

Those requiring information regarding Pet Passport and the importation of Dogs into Ireland
please ClickHere


Tel: 00353 86 8750614

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TERRIER----- 1998--- 1999-- -2000 ---2001--- 2002---- 2003---- 2004--- 2005---- 2006--- -2007
Kerry Blue---- 291----- 272 ----279 -----318 -----244------ 283----- 274----- 277------ 263----- 267

In 2008 for the three quarters to date there have been a total of 147 Kerry Blue Terriers Registered. The final quarter is yet to be published. The figures are evidence that our breed declining further and is more vulnerable now than it ever has been.

Unless there is a dramatic increase in the last quarter for registrations, 2008 will be the lowest for our breed in a decade.
Idiotic dogma and scare mongering from another place, do our breed no good whatsoever.

Moreover, the insidious practice of certain breeders in endorsing puppies registrations so that their progeny cannot be registered, is scandalous in a breed classed as Vulnerable. Could this practice be just another ploy for levering yet more money from naive buyers [ who agree to this ], who further down the line may wish to have a litter?

"That will be another £100.00 if you want me to lift the endorsement. Kerching! Thank you very much! Oh, and I will only lift it if I have two puppies from your first litter as well as..." And don't think that this will not happen, it does in other breeds.

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Happy New Year to you all.

The deadline for advertising in our Champions of Ireland Book (Overseas Advertising very welcome) has been extended to 14 January. The owners of all Irish Champions have been contacted and they were given the opportunity to submit photos, these will be featured free of charge. There is also advertising space, so if you wish to advertise your current show dog, your up and coming star, your rescued Kerry or your business please contact me.

If it is your intention to advertise please contact me immediately and forward your ad prior to 14 Jan.

We look forward to a very exciting weekend for Kerries starting 29th May 2009 with the launch of our Book and our Show.

It will be possible to enter our show online at Schedules will be available shortly on our site or from myself.


Tel: 00353 86 8750614

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Thank you for all of your [Hilarious] Emails regarding me asking Ron, Pat and Queen Geoffrey for money in my cards instead of gifts this year. I did think of publishing the Emails, but that would be really naughty of me.
And what's that I hear you cry; didn't I send them anything?
But of course I did; I sent them Woolworth's Vouchers.

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BREED NOTES 14-12-08

Gill Ford was our judge for LKA the last major show of 2008.

The judging was delayed by an hour due to a serious accident on the motorway. But as soon as the judge started her task she got on with the job in a smooth and efficient manner, precise and without hesitation with her assements in each class.

She awarded the dog CC to Ramsay'sTorum's Lemracdream Rainbow George.
( Torums Electrik Bill ex Torums Dancing Mist.) Bred by Carmel Clarke-O’Neill.
This is the dog's second CC, gaining his first at the Northern Kerry Ch Show under Kay Aspin.

The reserve CC went to Walters' Kenmileven First Class For Kamaghan
(Lunabrook Hot Shot ex Montealtos Rainy day Woman) Bred by Mr & Mrs Jones.

The Bitch CC and the Terrier Group - her third group win - went to Averis and Scawthorn's
Int Ch Sharp n' Shocking Of Irisblu (Ch Kamaghan Mr Ballistic ex Lunabrook Just Look At Me Now.)
Bred by Dave Rushton, handled by Pat Munro, this is the second group win with this bitch for Mrs Munro.

Res Bitch CC was O'Brien & Poulova's Dalstar Boney M By Edbrios
(Ir Ch. Torum's Hollywood Jack at Shillelagh ex Ir Ch. Edbrios Mata Hari)
Bred by Richard Dalton, Philip O'Brien & Jaroslava Poulová

Best Puppy in breed was Walters' Kamaghan Diva

There wasn't a great deal of atmosphere at the show I thought, with little groups of Kerry Exhibitors spread all over the hall.
I traveled to the show by train which is most relaxing and enjoyable, rather than the horrendous car journeys that most people have to endure. I always use the train for LKA at the NEC, I write all of my Christmas cards on the way down, read the newspapers and enjoy a few cups of coffee; and all for £18.00 return fare - Brilliant!

After the judging was finished, Bridget McGeown came over to me with her Christmas message, which was interesting.
I thank her for the concern about me getting a proper job, unfortunately my health prevents me from working at my trade as a Roofing Specialist. And my other profession - Hackney Carriage Taxi Driver - I failed the Medical when I re applied for my license. I purposely never mentioned my health problems to her because I don't want her worrying about me over the Christmas period, she has enough to think about for me in the New Year 2009.

I did have a notion about breeding litters just to sell and make some money. But, Bridget pointed out to me that I lost a litter of ten puppies some twenty years ago and had never bred anything. She is of course correct. In over forty years I can count the number of litters that I have bred on two hands. And who better to give advice on breeding? Only someone who has bred dozens and dozens of litters and is still breeding. However, when I started to show Kerries it was never my intention to be a breeder I was always only ever interested in preparing and exhibiting quality dogs. And it still is.

Just a thought. If Ron, Pat and not forgetting 'Chief Of The Chinese Whispers' Geoffrey Corish are reading these breed notes; could they for this year only, instead of buying me something for Christmas, just put money in my card. Thank you all.

And finally I take this opportunity to all the readers of Terrier World to wish you all a Merry Christmas
and a Prosperous New Year for 2009


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The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club will hold their Annual Championship breed show on Friday the 29th of May 2009.
This is the weekend of the IKC European Show.

For this occasion They will jointly host this show with The International Kerry Blue Terrier Club.

The Judge will be Margaret Möller-Sieber (Wheaten Rebel).

This is an historic opportunity for Kerry Blues from all over the world to compete on the breeds native soil.

Schedules will soon be available from and online entries will also be available on the same site.
Everyone from the "World of Kerries" is invited to sample our Irish hospitality.
We have already been contacted by some of you to tell us of your intentions.
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BREED NOTES 28-11-08

This Magazine [ Terrier World ] Was Started Up Again To Give People A Voice.
I had tried the letters page [ Dog World ] and had pursued every other avenue that I could think of to give an alternative view to Mrs Munro's rants in her Breed Notes, all to no avail.


" Although I am still working without a computer I feel I ought to comment on the resumption which I am informed has taken place of knocking the breed clubs and writers again. It should be remembered that clubs consist of volunteers who give many hours of their time solely for the love of their breed and their satisfaction in its promotion and future.
Constructive criticism is okay. Being obstructive is plain mischievous and smacks of sour grapes.
Breed clubs are obviously doing their best and in some cases fighting a losing battle. They cannot be blamed for the downward trend in entries which has been gradual for many years. It is of interest that none of the knockers are breed club committee members. "

Let me take point for point Mrs Munro's assertions.

1: As far as I am aware, (and I assume she is referring to these breed notes) I have only written about one breed club and one breed note writer; both singular not plural. "Volunteers who give many hours of their time solely for the love of their breed"
Yes, I know - ' been there, ' got the Tee shirt! ( ' Never been Secretary though - with all of the puppy enquiries that go with it )

2: " Constructive criticism is okay. Being obstructive is plain mischievous and smacks of sour grapes. " She writes. Does she mean what I have written (sic) below in BREED NOTES 30-10-08 ? Or does she mean my report on the Northern Kerry Blue Ch Show (the show that Mrs Munro gave one entry and didn't go to) BREED NOTES 12-10-08 ?
The notes for the show NKBTC Ch Show are totally accurate. The show was conspicuous, not for those who were at the show, but for those who were not. 'Moribund' is a perfect description of the state of the Club at present

3: " Being obstructive is plain mischievous and smacks of sour grapes. " What may I ask is being obstructive in stating fact and reporting accurate information? What does she mean by " Sour Grapes " ? Does she mean that I named the proposer and seconder [ Mr & Mrs Ramsay ] for the judge at the NKBTC Ch Show? (Winners of the Dog CC& BIS and the Res Bitch CC)

4: " They cannot be blamed for the downward trend in entries which has been gradual for many years. " She writes.
Mrs Munro Is very selective with her ideas of supporting the breed.
Here is a quote from the Judge from the KBTC of E Open Show Hugh Jordan:

" Many thanks to everyone that gave me an entry. I thought that the Breed show might have merited a prior mention in the Breed Notes [Mrs Munro's ] of the top canine Weekly. [Dog World] It was a great surprise to find that 14 were actually shown on the day. " (Sic) NKBTC Ch Show 08: 22 Dog/Bitches

Is this what she calls supporting the breed? Even if she did not want to enter under the Judge why did she not advertise the show in her notes? Is it spite for the Judge or the Club? I do recall her promoting a match meeting which coincided with the day of the Club Show last year [ to her shame ] and trying to encourage Kerry Exhibitors to go to the match meeting rather than go to the KBTC of E Club Show.

Mrs Munro should not be so ambiguous in her notes it can be confusing; moreover, added to all of the corrections that she has to make to her notes it really is confusing. Maybe she's getting a little confused herself, a tad bothered perhaps.

Now you may wonder why I named those who proposed the Judge for the NKBTC Ch Show 11th October 08
in my Notes of 12-10-08
Well, I sat in on the NKBTC AGM April 2006 and was absolutely astounded when the proposal for the Judge Mrs Kay Aspin
Was put to the meeting to Judge the Oct 2008 Ch Show, by Ron Ramsay. Why was I astounded? For years his rant on hearing of somebody new being passed to award CCs in our Breed was always :
It seems to me to be a very strange choice of Judge for someone to be promoting who holds the above viewpoint!
I don't recall ever seeing Mrs Aspin in the ring with a you? Has she then bred a litter? 'Don't know, do you?

At that very same NKBTC AGM in April 2006 a plot was hatched to unseat the Secretary, Lyn Wilkinson. [ She'd had an argument with a longstanding member of the Club ] Against all of the Rules of the NKBTC, a proposal came from the floor of the meeting for another Secretary to be installed. There were two Ex Secretaries at the meeting; Mrs Bridget McGeown and Mrs Carol Ramsay. Both of these Ex Secretaries know full well that the Rules Of The Club state that any change of officer has to be: IN WRITING TO THE SECRETARY AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE AGM Did either of these two Ex Secretaries open their mouths? No. Shame on them and all the rest of the Committee who did and said nothing. Being the mild mannered person that she is Mrs Wilkinson just sat there and they actually had an illegal vote to oust her.
IT WAS NOTHING SHORT OF OUTRAGEOUS! Mrs Wilkinson won the illegal vote, a vote that should never have taken place.
All is not well at the Northern - committee members resigning and others not turning up for the Champ Show, oh deary me. As I have written before; YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.
They Say That Fish Rot From The Head Down.
The Northern Club was once a very good club; not any more in my opinion. There are people out for what they can get from of the Club not what they can do for it.

Now if I wanted to write the above about the NKBTC in these Notes it could be argued that it is not constructive criticism.
That is why I didn't write it then in the show report Breed Notes 12-10-08 and that is why it is published here secretly in these Notes.

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BREED NOTES 30-10-08


"A call came from West Midlands Canine Search regarding a young Kerry male currently in rescue in the Birmingham area. He had been picked up wandering by the RSPCA recently, appears to be about two years old, has obviously by his picture been clipped all over in recent weeks, including legs, yet his face is extremely bushy. He has a nice temperament and is looking for a good home. If you think you can help contact Roseden kennels and ask for Sheila or Sam on 01922 627013.
Kerries being in rescue should be a cause for concern as to me this tends to point to too many being bred. Too many people breeding who shouldn’t be, and too many having too many litters during a given period.
Even if you exhibit it is virtually impossible to show pups from that many litters and extremely difficult if keeping at least one from each litter to give that many dogs individual personal attention. It seems these breeders consider themselves small ‘hobby’ breeders. What is the difference between small and big when it comes to breeding as obviously some put a different interpretation on the word small – how long is a piece of string? Our dedicated ‘rescue person’ Bridget McGeown was recently aware of no less than 12 of the breed all at the same time needing to be rehomed – disgusting."






Professor Jeff Sampson is the Kennel Club's Senior Scientific Advisor.Professor Sampson
studied Biochemistry at Sussex University and attained a BSc. in 1970 and a DPhil in 1973.
1973 - 1978: Scientific Officer at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund
1978 - 1990: Lecturer in Biochemistry - University of Leicester
1990 - 1998: Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry - University of Leicester
1998 - present: The Kennel Club Canine Genetics Co-ordinator

I think I know what opinion I would take notice of.

Considering that there were only 267 Kerry Blues registered in 2007 in the whole of the United Kingdom, could any of the dogs she writes about be her breeding?

Further in her article she quotes Bichon Frise numbers in their hundreds from a Dog World Supplement being registered and imply's that breeders who do not show should not breed, the motivation for this she suggests is purely for money.

First of all our breed is The Kerry Blue Terrier not the Bichon Frise.

Secondly, shouldn't she ask the woman who runs the rescue service why she is still breeding litter after litter although she hasn't exhibited for many years? Surely this person cannot be breeding just for the money can she? She doesn't exhibit them.

"Too many people breeding who shouldn’t be, and too many having too many litters during a given period." She says.
Just who are these too many people breeding having too many litters? If she has the facts, why doesn't she name them?




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BREED NOTES 12-10-08

The Northern Kerry Blue Terrier Club held their annual Championship Show 11 October 2008 at the
Royal British legion Club, Stanney Lane, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, Cheshire.

Awarding CCs in our breed for the first time was Kay Aspin proposed and seconded by Mr & Mrs Ramsay at the AGM
April 2006.

40 dogs and bitches were in the catalogue with 22 making it to the show: 12 dogs, 10 bitches, 18 absentees.

Mrs Aspin awarded the dog CC To Mr R Ramsay's Torum's Lemracdream Rainbow George. (Breeder Ms Clarke- O'Neill)
Reserve Dog CC winner was Mrs P Ward's Rimbert Phantom Menace. (Breeder Mrs P Ward)

Bitch CC winner was Mr D Scawthorn and Mrs J Averis's Int Ch Sharp N Shocking Of Irisblu. (Breeder Mr D Ruston)
Reserve bitch CC was Mr R Ramsay's Am Ch Torum's Dornicks Luella (Breeder Mr N Fletcher)

A very poor turnout for what proved to be a very dull show, devoid of atmosphere. It was like as if the club is waiting for the sound of the Death Rattles. I see from the catalogue that there are just five remaining committee members left at the club and two of them didn't bother turning up. The club could easily be described as Moribund.

Judging commenced on time and without a break in proceedings. Sorry, there was a break, they decided to draw the raffle in the middle of the bitches being judged. Mercifully, it was over very quickly, the show that is.

What a disappointment it must have been for Tanja Sonnenschein from Germany who attended the show expecting to see many more of our Kerries. Just one exhibitor over from Ireland, deary me.

When seeds are sown they eventually have to be reaped, paradoxically, some seeds are filled with bounty.

The broadest smile of the day was from Mr Ramsay who with his 3 year old male 'Torum's Lemracdream Rainbow George' won his first CC with the dog and then went on to Best In Show beating the bitch CC winner; this years Top Kerry Blue Terrier
and double Group Winner, 'Int Ch Sharp N Shocking Of Irisblu.' Mr Ramsay also won the Res bitch CC. with his American imported bitch bred by Nick Fletcher 'Am Ch Torum's Dornicks Luella' handled by his wife Mrs Ramsay.


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