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The year we had to have 2008

We had a wonderful start to the year with Pia and Stefan (Airedales) and Lars

and Inger (Welsh Terriers) from Sweden welcoming in the New Year together with a

wonderful group of Aussie friends. The Cray and seafood brought by Stefan was

sensational. Swedish people know how to party and so do the Aussie friends.

Both Trish and Keith are now fully retired to their rural lifestyle where they

are grazing beef and sheep, growing vegetables and of course caring for the

showdogs. At night the kangaroos and occasional wombat invade the privacy in

the nicest way. Parrots and Kookaburra join the orchestra of many native birds

and the wind provides a powerful background sound as it penetrates the native

bush and rustling grasses.

Thus far there have been no cattle sales but a nice income from hay sales set

the scene for the new farming life. Necessary too, as everybody knows the

dreadful state of world economics. Keith and Trish can live off their land as

world markets collapse. While much of Australia is in drought West Gippsland has

ample rain, tanks are full and the price of hay very good. As I write the new

hay cat is being baled and it looks sensational.

Environmental achievements this year include some new water tanks, solar hot

water and a bank of solar panels to generate the household power and sell some

back to the grid. The composting continues and the Lovells recyle in the most

admirable way. The spare manure from the cattle in the paddocks help in the

veggie garden too.

Keith continues to take responsibility of the Terrier Judges Training Program.

This requires weekly trips to Melbourne and in 2009 Bulla which is north of

Melbourne. The Canine Association has leased a very promising venue and the

Royal Showgrounds will no longer be the second home and Judges Training venue.

While active only as a Trustee, Keith is passionate about the Australian Canine

Museum. It was such a thrill this year to see the inspiration for the museum,

Mrs. Merylin Syme, honoured by the Australian Government with an Order of

Australia Medal for her contribution to The Dog World.

Judging took Keith on special two big trips in 2008. Firstly, a travelling

around the world adventure accompanied by Patricia. Judging in California

(Beverly Hills, Long Beach and Great Western) followed by Poland (Krakow),

Sweden, Finland (Oulu), Portugal (Sintra) and Thailand (Bangkok). Trish missed

the last two as she returned early to Australia for the most important event of

the year. The Swedish visit was very special as Keith judged at the World Dog

Show Circuit Shows….The World Terrier Specialties (Kerry Blue, Aussie Terriers

and Bedlingtons). Trish (and Keith)also got to visit St Petersburg. She had

studied Russian History and this visit had been a must do for almost 40 years

and finally it happened. Sadly Keith’s credit card account was hijacked there

but all ended well.

The second trip was for Keith alone and one he looked forward to very much. The

big year end Oslo show in the Winter Olympic Stadium followed by Zagreb in

Croatia. Apart from some food poisoning and a cold the trip went well. Not as

much joy as he had anticipated however. It was a sad time as Mumbai was

terrorized and Bangkok subdued. Keith’s judging exploits are kept up to date on on a regular basis.

The event of the year was the birth of Belinda and Lucas’ first child. Max.

Trish returned prematurely to assist Belinda during the early weeks of

motherhood. Trish has spent much of the last few years being a great mother and

grandmother babysitting and providing moral support as well as much real

support. Louise and Ben’s eldest son, Otto, will start school in February and

Felix is almost ready for kindergarten. Christmas with all the grandchildren,

the inlaws, friends and Trish’s 94 year old father, Alf, was very special. Alf

is now a great, great Grandfather. Lucas’ father, Renato, had recently returned

to his home in Torino, Italy after a few months visiting his first Grandchild.

It was very special for us to welcome Renato to our home.

While TJURINGA dog showing and breeding was somewhat subdued this year due to

the recent change of home and the number of judging appointments overseas the

most important shows were quite successful. Ch Tjuringa Wade being the most

successful taking the breed (Welsh Terriers) at The Royal Melbourne Show. Wade

finished the year number four Welsh in Australia with Ch Tjuringa Vandango

taking the Number two spot. (Vandango was a regular Terrier Group winner)

However 2008 also saw the debut of the litter from American Champion Evermay’s

High Performance (Max). (Max is the World top best in show winning Airedale

EVER) Tjuringa Romper Stomper, Tjuringa Rising High, Tjuringa Rich List and

Tjuringa Razzle Dazzle. A very exciting group of potential champions. To date

after a very limited ring presence mostly during October and early November

(between overseas judging trips for Keith), between them there are puppy in

show, best in group and runner up best in group to add to Best Of Breeds for all

four. However, on the last show weekend of the year Siblings won six of the

eight CCs and three of the four BOB on offer. To top it all off Ch Tjuringa

Romper Stomper finished his title and won the Terrier Group AND Runner Up to

BEST IN SHOW on his last show for the year while just 18 months of age. The

other wonderful achievement in 2008 was for most of the year Tjuringa was

Australia’s number one or number two breeder of Terriers but number three at

years end. Tjuringa Airedales finished the year being the number one and number

two living in Australia with four in the top 12. In 2009 the four youngsters

will be mature and after selection of the best, heavily campaigned. Keith

continues to condition, prepare and handle his own show dogs but is finding it

increasingly challenging.

While it is correct that the most important event of 2008 was the birth of Max

it is closely followed (but not challenged) by Belinda completing her Ph.D.

Little Belinda is now not only mommy Belinda but Scientist, Dr. Belinda Lovell

Ph.D. She will return to her consultancy career in the new year.

In 2009 Trish and Keith will be touring in Europe in the month of July. Probably

mostly in the UK with Scotland being high on the list of goals. In 2010 the plan

is for the whole of Northern summer to travel in the USA and Europe. For more

information on the June/July trip to Great Western and Europe you can fine an

article written by Keith on

Love, best wishes and fondest regards,

Keith and Trish Lovell


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