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Airedale Bath 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bath 18 Judge





Judge Mr Paul Wilkinson

BEST OF BREED : 1001 LEE Mrs L Stargus Allegro
Dog CC : 1001 LEE Mrs L Stargus Allegro
Res Dog CC : 997 HILL Miss G Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire
Bitch CC : 999 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH Mrs M Jokyl Red Letter Day
Res Bitch CC : 1003 MOULES Mrs R Doraemi One Vision Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 1012 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Cool Wishes
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner :


Thank you to the exhibitiors as I was the standin Judge on the day, for Mrs S McCourt hope she has a speedy recovery.


1st Turner Crillee Maximus The Cool A young dog, with a nice outline, very clean in head, very good eye, nice neck and shoulder, in good body for age, correct tail set, excellent coat condition, moved OK, just needs to mature on.


1st Lee Stargus Allegro A Stallion of a dog, very impressive animal, all Airedale, in excellent condition, moved soundly, CC & BOB


1st Collins Toulsyork King Lincoln Very nice dog well put together, nice shape, in excellent body weight and condition, moved soundly, would like him to have a little more spark, another dog of quality.


1st Burkin Nedella Flash Opal At Raffinato Sh CM Good head, and ear, nice eye, very good dentition, nice neck and top line, OK in coat, would like more positive movement fore and aft.


1st Hill Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire Quality headed dog, with a nice expression, good neck and shoulder, well ribbed up good set on, in very good coat and condition, moved well today, just preferred top line of CC winner in profile RCC

2nd Atkinson Jokyl Party Popper Quality dog in very good coat and condition, very lean in head, good fore faced, nice neck and top line good depth of body, well made hind quarters, good tail set, moved well in rear, preferred front movement of 1 in the class.



1st Atterbury Rokso Lana OK in head, good ears, a little bold in eye, good top line, short in back, good under line, correct tail set, would like a little more neck, OK in front close behind


1st Turner Crillee Cool Wishes A very smart youngster, clean in head, good under jaw very nice expression, used her ears well, good neck and shoulder, short coupled body, good tail set well made quarters in very good condition, moved well when settled should have a bright future BEST PUPPY.

2nd Toulson Toulsyork Only Olga quality puppy, with a beautiful head, long and clean, beautiful out line, in very good coat condition, well boned legs and feet, not settling today stood or on the move, made very hard work for her handler.

3rd Aylett Jecadia JOyful Spiced Star At Rillaton.


1st McCallum Glentops Movie Star Very good legs and feet excellent bone, in very good body weight, excellent top line and set on, very good quarters, in excellent muscle condition, moved very well fore and aft, held her shape in profile,.

2nd Hampton & Hall Mulibrity Enchanted Bay Lovely head and expression, very fancy in ear, in good body weight and condition, nice coat, moved OK in rear, needed to settle in front movement.

3rd Atterbury Rokso Lana


1st Hacker & Jenkins Crillee What A Carry On At Sherifs Quality bitch with a lovely outline, beautiful head, in excellent coat condition, excellent ribbing, good tail set, moved well today fore and aft, and a good profile.

2nd Edwards Vivavick Whoopee At Smock Alley A little heavy in head, well placed ears, nice eye, good neck and top line, nice coat condition, well boned legs and feet, preferred the movement of 1 today.

3rd Burkin Saredon Gretal At Raffinato


1st Purchon Jokyl True Romance At Ellwoodkings A very nice type, good head and fore face, well placed ears, good expression, good neck and top line, nice fore hand, short back, well developed quarters, carrying a harsh coat, moved well.

2nd McCallum Glentops Love Is In The Air A lot to like about this bitch, she has many virtues, needed to settle today, moved soundly, just preferred the head of first

3rd Haly Vivavick Tittletattle


1st Jackson & Swash Jokyl Red Letter Day Top drawer, beautiful head and expression, lovely neck, very good shoulder, in excellent body condition, well ribbed up, lovely top line and tail set, well angulated and muscled hind quarters, Grizzle in colour and very good texture, sound mover, wish I owned her. BITCH CC

2nd Moules Doraemi One Vision Sh CM quality head and fore face, big strong teeth, well placed ears, nice neck and top line, in better body weight today, well made quarters, moved well fore and aft, nice profile, preferred the shoulder placement of 1. RCC

3rd BROWN Jokyl Princess For Oceanaire Sh CM


Judge Mr Paul Wilkinson



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