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Airedale Birmingham National 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 18 Judge





Judge: Mr Philip Greenway

BEST OF BREED : 4421 COLLINS Mr B P Colldale Ring Of Fire
Dog CC : 4437 HILL Miss G Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire
Res Dog CC : 4456 TOULSON Mr N & Mrs H Toulsyork Noted Nat
Bitch CC : 4421 COLLINS Mr B P Colldale Ring Of Fire
Res Bitch CC : 4425 EDINGTON-HALL Ms W A Wendaire Kissed By An Angel JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 4457 TOULSON Mr N & Mrs H Toulsyork Only Olga
Best Veteran : 4455 STEINKE Mrs S R Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel


Thank you for exhibiting. Exhibitors make the show. I thought the quality of the bitches stood away, several being capable of taking BOB. Generally rear action is of more concern than front. An American judge, Dr Burke once wrote: faults stop a dog from being outstanding. To that I would add: an is the degree of the fault which prevents greatness.

MPD (2)

1 Turner's Crillee Maximus The Cool. Raw, rangy, typy, honest on the move, very good head, ears could improve, in good coat, nice tail carriage.

2 Gregg's Bambusa So Noble. Standing could have won but paced badly, very good head, neck, topline, coat and set on and more mature.

JD (4, 1)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Noted Nat. Won on head and rear action, all round free from obvious fault, making a neat, well balanced sound dog in good coat, with pleasing head shape, eye, ears and expression.

2 Vickers & Vickers' Eskwyre Sunny Bay. Handsome, upstanding dog of maturity, in good coat and pleasing angulation, would like more active rear action, good head overall but too much stop.

3 Eastall's Daedal A Touch Of Frost (AI).

LD (4, 1)

1 Morris' Nedella Black Opal. Took this class on ear carriage and tail set. Has some style, very good head and expression, nice neck, topline, good coat, a little rangey and moves soundly.

2 Ablard's Katherina's Land Vip Lover. Nice headed dog, neck in balance, good topline and depth of body, well angulated, moves well, super jacket.

3 Johnston's Nedella Desert Flame At Bravados ShCM.

OD (7, 2)

1 Hill's Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire. Won on better articulation which presented the movement more precisely. Very good head, eye, ears, mouth and expression, reachy neck, good topline and set, pleasing angulation and in good coat, nice overall profile and moves well, would like more forehand development.

2 Sigfridstad's Multi Ch Rabben's Quarterback. A dog of contrasting virtue and faults, both obvious, liked his head and expression, good neck, compact body, nice set on and coat, outgoing temperament but is excessively wide which affects accuracy of movement.

3 Gregg's Ir Ch Bambusa Noble Dynasty.

MPB (3, 1)

1 Gregg's Bambusa Dream Come True. Overall was clearly on a different level, quality head, expression, nice neck, good topline and set on, coat is in good order and moves soundly, pleasing overall balance.

2 Jones' Mikeland Believe In Me. Good typical specimen, nice head, and outlook, neck in proportion, compact body, not together on the move.

PB (2)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Only Olga. Won on head and eyes, hence expression, good neck, topline, set on, firmly articulated front and rear with good angulation, moved well, good depth and coat.

2 Gregg's Bambusa Follow The Dream. Well balanced 8 mth old with good neck, topline, set on, nice jacket, nice head proportions.

JB (4)

1 Collins' Colldale Ring Of Fire. She's and eyecatcher before you put a hand on her, then she justifies your optimism both in detail and movement, there is still room for maturity in this outstanding quality bitch. You may have deduced I like her a lot.

2 Morris' Nedella Centrefold. Very good head which gained her this place. Nice neck, topline, set on, coat, well angulated and balanced, moved true front and rear, strongly developed throughout.

3 Hampton & Hall's Muliebrity Enchanted Bay.

PGB (9, 5)

1 Jackson & Swash's Jokyl Red Letter Day. Real class, thought she was a contender in the final three but movement was not sustained. I quote: "move it to prove it".

2 McCallum's GLentops Love Is In The Air. Nice quality bitch who I liked. Very good head and expression, pleased in neck, topline, set on, coat, angulation, balanced front and rear, could be more precise in foot placement.

3 Hacker & Jenkins' Crillee What A Carry On At Sherifs.

LB (2)

1 Turner's Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby. Nicely balanced overall, won on strength of foreface, reachy neck, good topline and set on, nice coat, moved soundly but would like more forward reach.

2 Purchon's Jokyl True Romance At Ellwoodkings. Nice head and expression, good neck, topline, set on, coat, reasonable angulation, sound but does not drive from rear, accurate forehand.

OB (6, 2)

1 Edington-Hall's Wendaire Kissed By An Angel JW ShCM. Won because of her active, accurate movement, probably the best of the day, very good head, slightly too much rise of skull, reachy neck, good topline and set on with good depth of body, nice coat, well angulated and articulated. A little Amazonian.

2 Brown's Jokyl Noble Princess For Oceanaire ShCM. Has compact outline with good angulation, true forehand movement, close rear, good coat, topline, set on, nice neck, very good head and expression, close run thing.

3 Moules' Doraemi One Vision ShCM.

VB (2, 1)

1 Steinke's Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel. Balanced with good angulation, topline, set on, neck, good type head and outlook, good typy honest bitch who moved soundly.

Judge Philip Greenway


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