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Airedale City Of Birmingham 17 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

City Of Birmingham 17 Judge




Judge: Mrs Patsy Hollings

BEST OF BREED : 4317 IWAHASHI, Mr T & KANAYA Ms T Int Ch UK Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You
Dog CC : 4333 TOULSON Mr N & Mrs H Toulsyork Levity Lester
Res Dog CC : 4316 HJELM, Ms P A & VON KOCH Mrs P Fin Swed Dk Est Ch Big Lady's Iron Duke
Bitch CC : 4317 IWAHASHI, Mr T & KANAYA Ms T Int Ch UK Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You
Res Bitch CC : 4335 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby
Best Puppy : 4328 LEE Mrs L Stargus Allegro
Best Veteran :


David Bell and his team afford great hospitality and a super atmosphere. I was the replacement judge at short notice and enjoyed this entry very much with plenty of good ones to choose from.

PD (1)

1 Lee Stargus Allegro. Well this was a great start to the day, such quality young man. Smart to look at and smart in nature. Exudes a confident air and displays his typical outline to advantage. Has length to head with small, dark eye, clean cheeks, Power in foreface and width to underjaw. Strong dry neck through well laid shoulder. Short, strong back to good set on. He has width to bum, muscular thighs and low driving hocks. In grand harsh close coat. He was very nearly there at the end. BPIB.

JD (1)

1 Moules Doraemi Buffalo Soldier. 13 month who is alert, therefore holds himself to portray type in outline. Decent to go over with his long head, with enough work to stop it looking wedge shaped or plain. Short coupled. Has positive foot fall. Presentation and texture of coat appeals.

PGD (1)

1 Collins Colldale The Outlaw (ai). This 17 month is just at that in-between stage, therefore needs to develop in rib. Small well use ear. Strength in foreface to big nose. Balance of bone. Whilst I would prefer more width of quarters, this should come with maturity. Lacked a little impulsion, but puts his foot down in the right place.

LD (5)

1 Toulson Toulsyork Levity Lester. The attitude was hard to get past here. This beautifully presented dog in the hardest condition had such terrier spirit. Was told I had judged him before, I remember him throwing himself about, and today he did place his feet right. He can still look to lift himself to such a pitch that he softens his topline at times. However to go over he fitted the standard for size, balance and type with all aspects adhered to. I don't mind a bit of impertinence, especially from a terrier! He did it for me today DCC.

2 Lee Stargus Santa Rocks. Grand young man. Again his attitude fit the bill, really up for it. He looked right back at me with a glint in his dark eye. The head has length to strong jaw. Good leg to depth with spring of rib and short muscled loin making for firm back of correct proportions. Not just the bum of winner, but a lovely sort.

3 Ablard Katherina's Land Vip Lover. Res Webber Sherifs Red Hot Sh.CM VHC: Burkin Nedella Flash Opal At Raffinato Sh.CM.

OD (7,1)

1 Hjelm & Von Koch Fin Swed Dk Est Ch Big Lady's Iron Duke. Masculine, sound, holding his outline and using himself to advantage. Clean head to muzzle that allows room for big strong teeth and width to jaw. Dry neck that has length and muscle, flowing into good lay of shoulder, neat elbow and balance of depth to leg. Short coupled with body and maturity to give him his place. Short firm hocks which provide drive. His wiry coat very well presented. Res CC.

2 Gregg Ir Ch Bambusa Noble Dynasty. Very decent chap who conducted himself in a right manner. Whilst he could not be thought of as anything but a male, there is nothing over done. His head has flat skull decent ear and expression. His body is filled and fit with short coupling. Good legs and neat feet. Perhaps just not the strength of winner behind.

3 Jackson & Swash Ch Jokyl Wish List. Res Collins Colldale Son Of Adventurer. VHC Hill Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire.

GCD (1)

1 Webber Sherifs Red Hot Sh.CM.Placed in the good limit class. He is strong with power. Excellent presentation and decent wiry coat. His head is long dry with eye giving confident expression. Stands on legs which give balance of body and neat feet.

PB (7,2) 2.

lovely class, shows promise for the future.

1 Toulson & Toulsyork Nafarious .Even in this quality class, she stood away today for her balance, body and excellent colour and coat. Super head, with balance, length, clean cheeks, dark eye with that terrier spark and small ear used to advantage. Has power in muzzle, but looses no femininity .Her topline is bang on to strong tail set. Short coupled with width of bum. Goes with positive foot placement and energy.

2 Hampton & Hall Muliebrity Enchanted Bay. Not as forward as winner, but she is made right and just needs maturity to take her further. Her head is long, not overdone, enough work to portray type and character. Has elegant lines and a super personality.

3 Johnstone Jecadie I Am Hot Spice. Res Keay Kentiyen Gold Dust To Jaymitch. HC Burkin Saredon Gretal At Raffinato.

JB (1)

1 Jackson & Swash Jokyl Red Letter Day. This one will have her day, without doubt. Not anything I'd change, that time will develop. As expected from this dedicated breeder, she emits type and quality. She is only just out of puppy and just right for her age. Loved her shape and balance. Feminine with strength and correct in action. Delighted she took a place in the junior group. B.junior & 4th junior group.

PGB (10,1)

1 Turner Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby. She stormed this class. She was on her toes at all times. Cracking head, clean muscular neck though her good lay of shoulder and neat elbows. Cobby with hard topline and short developed loin. Has width behind, full buttocks and firm low hocks. Presented in super harsh dense coat. She had attitude and impulsion on the move. Well deserved the Res CC, in good company.

2 Hilton Colldale One Vision Of Touessrok (ai) . This one presented a similar outline. Stylish and sound with real terrier character. Soundly made with correct proportions. Goes with attitude and decently presented.

3 Edwards Vivavick Whoopee At Smock Alley. Res: Jeffreys Jaymitch Winnie's Zee One. VHC Simpson-Jones Nedella Amasing Grace.

LB (5)

1 Edington-Hall Wendaire Kissed By An Angel JW. Although a larger frame than second, I still found her feminine. A quality girl with good head proportions and width to underjaw.Her construction was such that she could not place her feet wrong on the move and she had a long impetus stride. To go over she impressed, so fit and strong. Super presentation.

2 Turner Jokyl Star Struck. Standing, this one was my winner. Eye catching and so typical and loved her size and balance. Such a quality exhibit. However she was throwing her front about on the move and therefore paid the price.

3 Collins Colldale Adventuress Girl. Res: Brown Jokyl Noble Princess For Oceanaire Sh.CM. VHC: Webber Jokyl Stars In Her Eyes Sh.CM.

OB (4,2)

1 Iwahashi & Kanaya Int Ch UK Rockridge Jp I Can't Stop Lovin You.This 3 year old presented the finished article. Supple, shapely and well coupled. From her long dry head, spark in the small dark eye and punishing muzzle, she just displays that typical Airedale outlook. Has developed neck flowing through level back to strongly set of tail carried to advantage. On her toes and working all the time and immaculate presentation of her quality coat. She asked for it and could not be denied, BCC & BOB.

2 Hampton & Hall Muliebrity Harmony JW. Smart compact and in good order. She is very typical and balance throughout. Not quite the front or width behind of winner, but it was close as she has attributes. Can move on well.

GCB (1)

1 Webber Jokyl Stars In Her Eyes Sh CM. This one was placed in the good limit class, and deserved the merit of first place her. She is feminine and honest. Good ear and eye contribute to her typical expression. Presented in lovely order, fit and well muscled. Smart and moved on well.

Judge Patsy Hollings

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