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Airedale Driffield 18 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Driffield 18 Judge




Judge: Mrs Denise Brown

BEST OF BREED : 3250 HILL Miss G Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire
Dog CC : 3250 HILL Miss G Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire
Res Dog CC : 3264 VICKERS, Mr M & VICKERS Ms J Eskwyre Sunny Bay
Bitch CC : 3260 TOULSON Mr N & Mrs H Toulsyork Nefarious
Res Bitch CC : 3263 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby
Best Puppy : 3261 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Maximus The Cool
Best Veteran :


I thoroughly enjoyed judging our wonderful breed and was pleased movement has improved since I judged last year.

MPD (2)

1 Purchon's Jokyl Draw The Line. Smart pup, good head and eye, used his ears well, tail on top, moved and showed well for his age.

2 Mitchell & McColl's Thistleaire The Buzzard. A raw baby, needs time and training, wouldn't use his ears.

PD (1)

1 Turner's Crillee Maximus The Cool. Lovely make and shape, good length of head, good eye and expression, nice length of neck into good layback, tail well set, good mover, on his toes, very well presented. BP.

JD (2)

1 Vickers & Vickers' Eskwyre Sunny Bay. Very eyecatching, lovely outline, good length of head and small dark eye, excellent tail set, nice bend of stidle with well let down hocks, sound movement, good temperament. Very well presented. RCC. Should have a successful future.

2 Gregg's Bambusa So Noble. Not as good in head as first (wider and shorter skull), would like more length of neck and better layback, good hard coat, level topline with tail on top.

LD (2)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Noted Nat. Good head and eye, used his ears well, good colour and hard coat, tail on top, moved well.

2 Collins' Toulsyork King Lincoln. Stronger in head than first, finer trimming would help here, good eye, wouldn't use his ears, compact fairly cobby dog.

OD (5, 2)

1 Hill's Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire. He ticks all the boxes. Masculine without a hind of coarseness, good length of head, small dark eye with keen expression, good neck and layback, excellent tail set, good length of thigh, well let down hocks, movement, showmanship and presentation all good, gave him Res CC last year, pleased to award him CC and BOB today.

2 Gregg's Ir Ch Bambusa Noble Dynasty. Larger heavier dog all round, well balanced outline, good length of neck, topline, tail set, coat and colour all good, not moving as well as first. 3 Ablard's Katherina's Land VIP Lover.

SBD (1)

1 Mitchell & McColl's Thistleaire The Blizzard.

MPB (1)

1 Graham's Thistleaire Touch Of Frost. Lovely pup, good head, eye and ears, good length of neck, level topline with good set on, nice bend of stifle, good temperament, moved well for her age. Best PB.

PB (3)

1 Graham's Thistleaire Touch Of Frost.

2 Turner's Crillee Cool Wishes. Nice pup with good head and eye, set on, outline and coat all good, not happy today, so not using ears.

3 Furlong's Russtam Twist & Shout.

JB (2, 1)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Only Olga. Lovely young b, head, eye, ear carriage all good, hard coat, tail on top, well let down hocks, moved well.

PGB (4, 2)

1 Gray's Grayaire Cointreau. Compact and feminine, lovely head and ears, small dark eye, hard coat, tail well set, movement and temperament good.

2 Edwards' Saredon Simply Susan At Smockalley. Shade longer in back than first, needs more neck for balance, ear carriage, eye, coat and colour all good, movement and temperament good.

LB (2)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Nefarious. Feminine attractive b, good head, eye and ears giving keen expression, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, harde coat, good set on, long thigh with well let down hocks, showed and moved well. CC. In challenge for BOB didn't have the males outstanding showmanship.

2 Purchon's Jokyl True Romance At Ellwoodkings. Good head, eye and ears, would like more length of neck and better layback, hard coat, good tail set.

OB (3, 1)

1 Turner's Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby. Feminine compact b, good ear carriage, neck and shoulders, hard coat, level topline, tail on top, good temperament and movement. RCC. In challenge preferred winners head and eye.

2 Edington-Hall's Wendaire Kissed By An Angel JW ShCM. Not as feminine as first, good length of neck, level topline, hard coat, nice bend of stifle, showed well all the time.

Judge Denise Brown

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