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Airedale Manchester 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Manchester 18 Judge






Judge: Mr Andrew Westwood

Dog CC : 1220 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH Mrs M Ch Jokyl Wish List
Res Dog CC : 1197 AVERIS, Mr J & BARKER Mr A Saredon Kenquince Holmes
Bitch CC : 1213 FERNANDEZ, Mr M F & PURNELL Mr C J Ch Jokyl Gold Star JW
Res Bitch CC : 1234 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby
Best Puppy : 1232 TOULSON Mr N & Mrs H Toulsyork Only Olga
Best Veteran : 1230 STEINKE Mrs S R Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel


PD (1)

1 Chadwick's Daedal Ice Man With Aggello (ai). Fair head, nice eye, clean in front, bit short in neck, moved ok, good coat for age.

JD (1)

1 Miller Lakeaire Carnival In Rio. Good head, correct mouth, excellent neck and shoulders, short backed, strong quarters, good coat, moved ok, compact dog.

PGD (3, 2)

1 Nelson's Buddonwood Terrys All Gold. Good length of head, could be cleaner, well set ears, good front, short back, ok for size, moved good behind.

LD (3, 1)

1 Ablard's Katherina's Land Vip Lover. Nice type, in good order, good neck and topline, good turn of stifle, moved ok.

2 Collins' Toulsyork King Lincoln. Good head, eye and expression, moved ok, excellent coat and colour.

OD (7, 1)

1 Jackson & Swash's Ch Jokyl Wish List. Excellent headpiece, long and clean, good expression, ears ok, good through the front, nice topline and tail set, good quarters, moved ok, shown in excellent trim.

2 Averis & Barker's Saredon Kenquince Holmes. Close up with good head, good reach of neck, short in body and in good weight, needs to settle on the move.

3 Sigfridstad's Nu Ch Dk Swed Fin Int Ch Rabben's Quarterback.

PB (3, 1)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Only Olga. Nice sort, good for size, pleasing head, good body and quarters for age, should do well.

2 Chadwick's Daedal Ice Maiden With Aggello (ai). More forward but not as elegant, short backed, moved ok.

JB (4, 1)

1 Collins' Colldale Ring Of Fire. Liked this bitch, good head and ears, good reach of neck, short and looked the part standing, just lacked confidence at times.

2 Hampton & Hall's Muliebrity Enchanted Bay. Good head, excellent front and shoulders, moved ok behind, needs to settle in front movement.

3 Keay's Kentixen Gold Dust To Jaymitch.

PGB (7, 4)

1 Hacker & Jenkins' Crillee What A Carry On At Sherifs. Good make and shape, pretty head and ears, good neck, short backed and moved ok, made a good outline.

2 Gray's Grayaire Cointreau. Close up, good front and shoulders, good coat and colour, not the head of first.

3 Edwards' Saredon Simply usan At Smock Alley.

LB (5)

1 Turner's Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby. Good bitch, excellent head and expression, good front, short backed with good topline and tail set, moved ok, shown in top condition, should make up.

2 Moules' Doraemi One Vision ShCM. Another nice bitch with a good head, nice size, made a pleasing outline, not the body condition of first.

3 Collins' Colldale Adventuress Girl.

OB (3)

1 Fernandez & Purnell's Ch Jokyl Gold Star JW. Bitch in top condition with style, head of quality, nice eye and expression, good ears, good front and in good body, moved and shown well, stood out.

2 Edington-Hall's Wendaire Kissed By An Angel JW ShCM. Good type, could be cleaner in skull, good reach of neck with good topline and tail set, strong quarters, in good coat.

3 Brown's Jokyl Noble Princess For Oceanaire ShCM.

VB (2)

1 Steinke's Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel. Looked well in good coat and condition, nice size with good head, neck and shoulders, moved ok.

2 James & Wendelberger-James' Clydebrook Lady Gaga Mit Saffronstars. Bigger bitch, moved ok, not the head of first.

Judge Andrew Westwood



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