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Airedale NATA Ch 18 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

NATA Ch 18 Judge





Many thanks to the officers and committee for the invitation to judge the 90th Anniversary Championship Show, a very nice show with a good atmosphere, well organised event. Not forgetting the exhibitors who make up the show and create the atmosphere 64 exhibits making for a wonderful show, thank you to the exhibitors for the sporting manner in which they accepted my decisions.

Class 1 Special Beginners Dog/Bitch
No Entries

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Gregg Bambusa So Noble
Well balance puppy, good neck, top line, ultra short, in excellent coat and condition, well boned legs and feet, moved ok when settled, just needs to grow on a little and mature.

2nd Milkovics Wederdena's Stargazer
Nice head and eye, good ear set, well boned legs and feet, level top line, moved well in rear, needs to settle in front, coat needs more attention, and needs a little more ring training.

Puppy Dog

1st Milkovics Wederdena's Stargazer
see above.

Junior Dog

1st Lee Stargus Allegro
Stallion of a dog, well balanced, good ear set, excellent eye and expression, good neck and shoulders, excellent ribcage and top line, very good tail set, powerful well muscled quarters, presented in excellent coat and condition, never stopped showing, moved very well and lovely profile, pleased to award him CC & BEST IN SHOW

2nd Milkovics Wederdena's Stargazer
See Minor puppy class

Novice Dog
No Entries

Under Graduate

1st Toulson Toulsyork Noted Nat
Tidy dog, very nice type, good head, well placed ears, lovely eyes, OK in shoulder, short back, very good set on, well presented harsh jacket, moved very good in rear, needs to settle down in front.

2nd Moore Jokel True Grit At Arngask
Impressive dog, nice head, excellent under jaw, big strong teeth, nice neck and shoulder, excellent body weight, good set on, well muscled hind quarters, moved well in front, a little close in rear, would have liked a little more sparkle, could have used his ears more to advantage, in nice coat and condition.

Post Graduate

1st Moules Doraemi Buffalo Soldier
Very nice head, long clean flat skull, good ear set, wonderful eye and expression, would like a better lay of shoulder, level top line, good tail set, well presented and showed well, would like more body at his age, very showy dog, moved soundly.

2nd Collins Toulsyork King Lincoln
Heavier type dog, in excellent body condition, short back, tail set OK, well presented coat, OK in head, would like him to be more alert in his expression and use his ears , moved OK

3rd Oates Stabuks Mr Bojangles

Limit Dog

1st Lee Stargus Santa Rocks
Powerful upstanding dog, with a nice head and expression, short compact body, Powerful well made quarters, in excellent coat and condition, moved well, nice profile, lost out in challenge not as settled on the move.

2nd Ablard Katherina's Land Vip Lover (ATC AS01785EST)
Well balanced male with a lovely profile, OK in head, good fore face under jaw excellent mouth, well placed ears, preferred the eye of 1st short compact body in excellent coat, well boned legs and feet, moved well in front, preferred rear movement of 1st.

3rd Atkinson Jokl Party Popper

Open Dog

1st Sigfridstad NU/DK UCH/FI UCH/SE UCH/INT UCH/Rabben's Quarterback (ATCAU02005N0R)
Quality dog very showy, good clean head, excellent ear set, nice expression, good neck and shoulders, level top line excellent tail set, very good body weight and condition, well muscled hind quarters, moved well, nice profile, RCC

2nd Hill Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire
Another very nice dog, many breed virtues, in good coat and condition, moved well in the rear, preferred the front movement of 1st.

3rd Jackson & Swash Ch Jokl Truly Noble

Veteran Dog/Bitch

1st Steinke Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel
Good honest type, well boned legs and feet, coat of good texture, very good well muscled quarters, moved soundly.

2nd Fury Saredon Lorelli
Smart oiutline, a finer bitch all through, in good coat, well presented, a little high in the ear set, moved OK.

3rd Wendelberger-James & James Saffron Stars's Stargazer Sh CM

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Gregg Bambusa Dream Come True
Very smart puppy, short compact body, clean in head, good eye and ears, excellent mouth, good set on, and carried well, moved soundly, just needed to settle in profile.

2nd Jones Mikeland Believe In Me
Tidy puppy 6 and half months old, good body and coat, nice neck and shoulder, moved well, preferred the head and eye of 1st.

Puppy Bitch

1st Toulson Toulsyork Only Olga
Lovely head, clean flat long, excellent expression, nice size, nice body, good top line and set on, well presented coat, moved OK just needs to settle a little in front, very nice profile. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd McCallum Glentops Movie Star
Very nice type, good neck and shoulder, good strong top line, in very good body condition, well made quarters, carried a good coat, pushed 1st close, just preferred head of 1st.

3rd Gregg Bambusa Follow The Dream

Junior Bitch

1st Collins Colldale Ring of Fire
Very Stylish Bitch, excellent head, very clean, good ear set, nice eye, real good foreface, very nice neck and shoulder, in good body condition, short back, a good set on, well made quarters, in very good coat condition, would have liked a little more spark and lacked a little in confidence today, must have a bright future moved soundly.

2nd Hampton & Hall Muliebrity Enchanted Bay
Very nice type, with a good head and expression, in very good coat, nice body lines, good set on, well made quarters, not the shoulders of 1st moved well in rear, would like more positive front action

3rd Keay Kentixen Gold Dust to Jaymich

Novice Bitch

1st Jones & Iarova Bonnie Surprise
Very good type nice size, very good legs and feet, in excellent body condition and muscle tone, OK through the head, well placed ears, moved very soundly, coat needs more attention, but a very good texture.

Under Graduate Bitch

1st Toulson Toulsyork Nefarious
Very stylish quality bitch, long clean head, good eye, keen expression, good neck and shoulder, very good body, excellent top line, lovely coat and condition, well muscled hind quarters, moved well in the rear, needs to tighten in front movement.

2nd Pugh & Shaw Lakeaire Ooh La La
A bitch close up to 1st , with a very good out line, nice expression, stood on good legs and feet, short coupled, with a good set on, moved soundly.

3rd Johnston Oldiron Voodoo At Bravados (imp Aus)

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Jackson & Swash Jokyl Red Letter Day
Upstanding bitch, of very good quality, very good head, and ear set, giving a great expression, very good shoulders, excellent neck and top line, super rib cage, powerful quarters in very good coat and condition, lovely profile, must have a great future.

2nd McCallum Glentops Love Is In The Air
Very good out line, a bitch of quality, nice neck and top line, very good body condition, good set on, very good well muscled quarters, moved soundly, with a good profile, preferred the expression of 1st.

3rd Edwards Vivavick Whoopee At Smockalley

Limit Bitch

1st Turner Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby
Quality Bitch, very stylish, good clean head, excellent eye and ear set, giving a good expression, very nice neck, top line, good shoulders, excellent legs and feet, well muscled, beautiful coat condition, very well presented, very showy, moved well, excellent profile. CC .

2nd Purchon Jokyl True Romance At Ellwoodkings
Very nice type, very nice head, very good ear set, nice neck and top line, short compact body, good set on, harsh textured coat, nice profile, preferred the rear movement of 1st today.

3rd Keay Jaymich Zeeoneandonly

Open Bitch

1st Hampton & Hall Muliebrity Harmony
Quality bitch, with a good head, super expression, nice neck and shoulders, short compact body, well ribbed up, well made quarters, well boned legs and feet, moved soundly, good profile and extension, Well presented would just like a little more coat. RCC.

2nd Eddington-Hall Wendaire Kissed By An Angel JW Sh CM
Top size bitch, quality bitch, in excellent body condition, sound mover, good profile, just preferred head and expression of 1st. Very well presented.

3rd Moules Doraemi One Vision Sh CM.



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