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Airedale National Terrier 17 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

National Terrier 17 Judge





Airedale Terrier

Judge: Mr M Phillips

BEST OF BREED : 4 AVERIS, Mr J & TAKASUGI Mrs K Saredon Moon River
Dog CC : 1 ABLARD Mr D E Katherina's Land Vip Lover
Res Dog CC : 33 LEE Mrs L Stargus Santa Rocks
Bitch CC : 4 AVERIS, Mr J & TAKASUGI Mrs K Saredon Moon River
Res Bitch CC : 16 FERNANDEZ, Mr M F & PURNELL Mr C J Jokyl Gold Star JW
Best Puppy : 29 JACKSON, Mrs O K & SWASH Mrs M Jokyl Red Letter Day
Best Veteran : 1 ABLARD Mr D E Katherina's Land Vip Lover


Airedale Terriers

MPD (4,2a)

1 Moules’ Doraemi Buffalo Soldier, 8 months old of good colour, upstanding with good outline, with clean head planes & good expression, clean in neck & shoulder, body good for age, strong quarters with good bone;

2 Mayo’s Starcana Bold Snow Bear, just 6 months old, raw youngster but lots to like, good make & shape, pleasing bone for size & balance, moved out OK.

JD (4,1)

1 Lee’s Stargus Santa Rocks, 15 months old top draw male, impressive for size & strength, lovely head with good expression, neat in ears, clean neck going into good shoulders, good straight front, well bodied with short coupling, tail set on top, god angulation & drive from behind, ring not big enough to see his full attention on the move, in excellent jacket. RCC;

2 Brennan’s Buddonwood Black Jack, 13 months old, just out of puppy, good shape & type, good head planes & jaw, neat ears, OK for body, good topline, tailset & quarters, a little tight in front coming towards me;

3 Nelson’s Buddonwood Terry’s All Gold, overall good type & shape, pleasing to go over, OK for body, sound on the move, would have preferred better shape eye, in good form.

PGD (3,1)

1 Toulson’s Toulsyork Levity Lester, very eyecatching male, lots to like, good balance skull, eye OK, neat ears, good strength of neck with good shoulder, good in front, OK for body, would like a stronger topline, tailset OK with good angles behind, in good form;

2 Allen’s Malolgi Freddy Star, well balanced male, pleasing to go over, correct head shape with good expression, OK for bone, moved out well.

LD (4)

1 Ablard’s Katherina’s Land VIP Lover, top quality male, liked him for his size & balance, lovely head with good terrier expression, correct eye with neat ears, good strength of neck leading into good layback shoulders, excellent front, short back with strong topline, tailset on top, good quarters, ring not big enough to see him at his best from behind, in excellent coat & form. CC;

2 Jackson & Swash’s Jokyl Wish List, another good quality male, similar to 1st for type, but just preferred the eye of the 1st, didn’t give his best in the challenge for RCC;

3 Collins’ Son Of Adventurer, lots to like about him, good upstanding terrier, overall good in all departments, would like smaller ear, which distracts from expression.

OD (3)

1 Atkinson’s Jokyl Party Popper, 3 year old male of again correct size & type, lots to like, lovely head, good set ears, good expression, front assembly very good with correct body & tailset, moving out well, in good order;

2 Hill’s Crillee Catch Of The Day with Gillaire, overall well balanced, pleasing to put your hands on in good form. Moved OK on sidegait, little erratic with ear today;

3 Jackson & Swash’s Jokyl Truly Noble, good honest male, good Airedale type, good in body with strong topline, in good coat, not moving at his best, in good hard condition.

MPB (5)

1 Jackson & Swash’s Jokyl Red Letterday, I think a star in the making, took my eye straight away, for her quality type & balance, beautiful head & eye, correct ears, lovely neck & shoulder, correct body for age with good strong topline, good clean front, tailset correct with lovely quarters, which she uses, in excellent coat, will follow her future with interest. BPB & BP;

2 Bain’s Unique In All Ways of Malton, well made youngster with good terrier expression, strong in body with good bone for size, sound on the move;

3 Shaw’s Lakeaire Ooh La La, rangy bitch & raw at the moment, but OK to put your hands on to go over, just needs time, sound on the move.

PB (1)

1 Unique In All Ways of M.

JB (12,3)

xcellent class of bitches, pleasing to see them in the line up.

1 Turner & Crillee’s Carry On Maybe Baby, top quality youngster, so well balanced, lovely head & expression with lovely neck & shoulder, good clean front, good coupling to body with firm topline, tailset good with good strength in quarters;

2 Gray’s Grayaire Cointreau, attractive feminine bitch, correct head & ears, good in front department, good bone, OK for body & balanced, moved well;

3 McCallum’s Glentops Love Is In The Air, lovely bitch to go over, not disgraced to stand behind these two, splitting hairs between all 3, all three of quality & sound.

PGB (8,1)

1 Moules’ Doraemi One Vision, good quality bitch with upstanding attitude, well made bitch to put your hands on, correct head & ears with good expression, when you look at her, good coupling, strong bone, sound;

2 Edington-Hall’s Wendaire Kissed By An Angel, overall shape good, strong bone & body, OK for coupling, preferred expression of 1st, in good order;

3 Graham’s Nedella Showtime at Thistleare, good strength of bitch, with good balance & shape, in good jacket, sound on the move.

LB (5,1)

1 Turner’s Jokyl Star Struck, lovely bitch, very pleasing head with good expression, good strength of neck, well laid back shoulders, good deep chest with strong body, short in coupling with firm topline, tailset good with good strong angulation in quarters, in good jacket;

2 Collins’ Colldale Adventuress Girl, very sound bitch of good make & shape, liked her head & eye, good for body, moved out well, good picture when stacked;

3 Morris’ Nedella Flame Opal, pleasing to put your hands on, good picture on the move, well balanced & sound.

OB (8,2)

Top class of bitches in this class.

1 Averis & Takasugi’s Saredon Moon River, star of the day, top draw bitch, oozes quality, type & balance, not much would change on this bitch, in excellent form, in super coat, handled well, three words to describe her, (true Airedale type), pleased to hear she got her title. CC & BOB;

2 Fernandez & Purnell’s Jokyl Gold Star, again top quality you would expect from this kennel, not much not to dislike about her, again beautiful head with good expression, excellent outline, correct body, strong bone without coarseness, sound on the move, pity to meet class winner. RCC;

3 Iwahashi & Kanaya’s Rockridge JP I Cant Stop Loving You, different type to the two above but still top quality, lovely clean head & eye, neat ears, well laid back in shoulder, good outline on the move, very sound back & forth, needs to drop in body to finish picture, can hold her own in any top company, liked her.




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