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Airedale Paignton 17 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Paignton 17 Judge




Judge: Mr K Andrew

BEST OF BREED : 1194 WEBBER Miss E R Sherifs Red Hot Sh.CM
Best Dog : 1194 WEBBER Miss E R Sherifs Red Hot Sh.CM
Res Best Dog : 1190 DOWN Mr P & Mrs L Crillee Carry On The Crusade At Brulyn
Best Bitch : 1193 JOHNSTONE Mrs E J Jecadie Gosh Thats Spicy
Res Best Bitch : 1195 WEBBER Miss E R Jokyl Stars In Her Eyes Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 1192 JOHNSTONE Mrs E J Jecadie I Am Hot Spice
Best Veteran :



1 Down and Crillees. Carry on the Crusade at Brulyn. 18 months old, good head and length of neck, good topline, true front movement, RBD.


 1. Webbers Sheriffs Red Hot 5 year old, super head, good eye, correct shoulder which showed up in his very good movement, BD. BOB


1. Johnstons. Jecadie I Am Hot Spice. 7 months of age, good length of neck, correct ribbing, steady movement. BP.


1. Johnstone's Jecadie Gosh That's Spicy. 2 year old, good eye shape, with correct ears, good depth to chest, held topline well, better movement than 2 . BB

2. Hacker and Jenkins. Crillee What a Carry On at Sherifs, 18 months old, carried topline well on the move, well muscled.


1. Webbers. Jokyl Stars in Her Eyes. Nearly 3 year old, Good outline standing, front movement ok.

Judg Ken Andrew

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