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Airedale Richmond 18 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Richmond 18 Judge




Judge: Kari Jarvinen (Finland)

BEST OF BREED : 1774 SWASH Mrs M Ch Jokyl Wish List
Dog CC : 1774 SWASH Mrs M Ch Jokyl Wish List
Res Dog CC : 1771 SIGFRIDSTAD Mr H Multi Ch Rabben's Quarterback
Bitch CC : 1759 COLLINS Mr B P Colldale Ring Of Fire
Res Bitch CC : 1778 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby
Best Puppy : 1776 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Maximus The Cool
Best Veteran : 1767 JOHNSTONE Mrs E J Ch Jecadie Dipped In Spice
Best Special Beginner :

Veteran Dog - 0 Entries

Special Beginners Dog - 0 Entries

Puppy Dog (1 Entry 0 Absentees)

1st - Turner's Crillee Maximum The Cool, beautiful youngster, very good head and ears. Good expression, excellent neck into topline. Well set tail, excellent coat and moving very well behind. Still waving a bit in front this will settle. BP.

Junior Dog 0 Entries

Post Graduate Dog 0 entries

Limit Dog (3 entries 1 Absentee)

1st - Ablard's Katherina's Land Vip Lover, well made dog, very good head, ears and expression. Enough angulation not overdone. Could be shorter in loin, good body, bone and coat.

2nd - Burkin's Nedella Flash Opal at Raffinato Sh. CM, correct proportions, a little heavy in skull. Touch narrow in front, well set tail, good coat.

Open Dog (6 entries 3 Absentees)

1st - Swash's Ch. Jokyl Wish List, excellent handsome, upstanding dog. The product of years and years of good breeding. He is correct and excellent in all departments. Sire of Best Puppy CC & BOB.

2nd - Sigfridstad's Ch. Rabben's Quarterback, a little smaller. Enough neck, well angulated, excellent coat condition. Good winner of RCC.

3rd - Hill's Ch. Crillee Catch of the Day with Gillaire

Veteran Bitch (2 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Johnstone's Ch. Jecadie Dipped in Spice, very nice bitch, she is well put together, correct angulation. Good coat, moved well.

2nd - Steinke's Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel, a heavier type but in very good condition. Stronger head and good ears, a little stuffy in neck, but think of her age.

Special Beginners Bitch 0 Entries

Puppy Bitch (2 entries 0 Absentee)

1st - Johnstone's Jecadie Just a Spicy Sparkler, delightful ears, eyes and expression. Correct body proportions. Tail could be better, but excellent coat and movement.

2nd - Turner's Crillee Cool Wishes, very good overall picture, she has lots of promise but she is a little shy and she needs time. I think she could have a good future when braver.

Junior Bitch (1 Entry 0 Absentee)

1st - Betts' Saredon Head Turner, well made lovely reach of neck, but could have more layback of shoulder. So much to like, time will help, tail carried over a bit low set.

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries 2Absentees)

1st - Hampton and Hall's Muliebrity Enchanted Bay, beautiful, excellent neck, topline and well set tail. Enough angulation good condition, moved well, she has style.

2nd - Burkin's Saredon Gretal at Raffinato, heavier in head than winner, not as well angulated behind but good proportions, good coat quality and movement.

Limit Bitch (1 entry 0 Absentee)

1st - Collins' Colldale Ring of Fire, very impressed. Everything to like and look for. Stacks well, excellent in all departments, very pleased to award her the CC.

Open Bitch (6 entries 2 absentees)

1st - Turner's Crillee Carry on Maybe Baby - good construction, strong body, very good head and expression, well set tail, moved very well. RCC.

2nd - Edington Hall's Wendaire Kissed by an Angel JW, Sh. CM, also well moving but heavier in head than winner. Well angulated fore and aft, good tail and coat.

3rd - Brown's Jokyl Noble Princess for Oceanaire Sh. CM

Judge: Kari Jarvinen (Finland)

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