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Airedale Welsh KC 18 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Welsh KC 18 Judge



Judge: Mr F Kane

BEST OF BREED : 4053 SWASH Mrs M Ch Jokyl Wish List
Dog CC : 4053 SWASH Mrs M Ch Jokyl Wish List
Res Dog CC : 4048 LEE Mrs L Stargus Allegro
Bitch CC : 4060 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby
Res Bitch CC : 4031 BROWN Mr & Mrs D & J Jokyl Noble Princess For Oceanaire Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 4040 GREGG Mr & Mrs R & M Bambusa Follow The Dream
Best Veteran :


I am sorry that exhibitors did not get the judge they entered for and send Mr Gadd our best wishes for his recovery. Many thanks to my stewards, Stuart Jones & Melvin Partington.

PD (3, 1)

1 Turner's Crillee Maximus The Cool. 10 mths, full of quality and presented in lovely form, good head and ears, eyes a little large, excellent bone, feet and ribbing, good topline and tail, can tighten in front. I'd prefer a little more rear angulation but he moved very well, looked good in the challenge but in the BP competition threw it away.

2 Milkovics' Wederdena's Stargazer. 10 mths, raw puppy needing to gain a little more experience. He moves well, needs time for body and coat.

JD (1)

1 Vickers & Vickers' Eskwyre Sunny Bay. 15 mths, strong headed dog who is well angulated and this shows in his powerful rear drive, a touch short on the leg for perfect balance, good chest, just coming into crisp coat.

PGD (2, 1)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Noted Nat. 18 mths, has good outline coming from strong reachy neck and good quarters, strong foreface and good eye, he can firm up in loin and topline, good rear action. A little loose in front.

LD (4, 1)

1 Ablard's Katherina's Land Vip Lover. 2 yrs old, a good winner of this class for quality and outline, clean in skull and good foreface, good topline, coat could be a little harder and he carries too many furnishings on front legs, however, he has a lot of type and pressed for the Res CC.

2 Webber's Sherifs Red Hot ShCM. 6 yrs, heavier set dog who is a little heavy in skull and body for his leg length, a little heavy in shoulder, won this place on cleaner skull and better eye than third.

3 Burkin's Nedella Flash Opal At Raffinato ShCM.

OD (6, 1)

Good class.

1 Swash's Ch Jokyl Wish List. Refined dog of 2 yrs, best for topline and carriage here. I'd like a little more chest and substance to him but he is full of quality, clean mover and presented in excellent form. CC and BOB.

2 Lee's Stargus Allegro. 19 mths, masculine dog who looked the part standing but not happy on the grass and losing his topline. Strong headpiece, excellent rib and coat and very accurate up and down. Res CC.

3 Gregg's Ir Ch Bambusa Noble Dynasty.

PB (3)

1 Gregg's Bambusa Follow The Dream. At the lower end of the size scale, 11 mths old, compact, short backed bitch with very good quarters and plenty behind the tail. I'd prefer a little more length to the head, good bone and coat. Absolutely sound and clean movement at both ends which won her BP.

2 Aylett's Jecadie Joyful Spiced Star At Rillaton. 9 mths, bigger bitch who needs to firm up in topline, moves well, excellent temperament, goode coat, a little longer cast than the winner.

3 Turner's Crillee Cool Wishes.

PGB (3)

1 Hampton & Hall's Muliebrity Enchanted Bay. 20 mths, beautiful head and eye and very good outline, needs time to fill out in chest and body, good coat and excellent topline, her accuracy on the move won her this class.

2 Hacker & Jenkins' Crillee What A Carry On At Sherifs. 2 yrs old, more advanced in body than the winner and with a good head, ears a little high set, good rear but her front action was disappointing and cost her the class.

3 Burkin's Saredon Gretal At Raffinato.

LB (4, 2)

1 Toulson's Toulsyork Nefarious. 18 mths, substantial bitch who has really good quarters and a beautiful head and eye, good bone and ribbing, could be a little firmer in the loin on the move. Shown in excellent coat and drives round the ring, just needs firming up.

2 Webber's Jokyl Stars In Her Eyes ShCM. 3 yrs, smaller bitch who is a good mover but stronger in head and not the eye of the winner, very good quarters, coat a little soft.

OB (7, 2)

1 Turner's Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby. 2 yrs. Lovely quality, excellent head and good eye, in very good coat. I'd prefer her tail set a little higher and she could be a little cleaner in front action but I thought her good value for the CC.

2 Brown's Jokyl Noble Princess For Oceanaire ShCM. My winner standing, she is a beautiful type with excellent head, narrow on the move, beautiful type won her Res CC.

3 Zidar's Int Ch Croat Slo Ch Iulius Nah.

Judge Frank Kane

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