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Airedale Windsor 18 Judge's Critique

Airedale Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Windsor 18 Judge





Judge: Mr Brian Collins

BEST OF BREED : 2443 HILL Miss G Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire
Dog CC : 2443 HILL Miss G Ch Crillee Catch Of The Day With Gillaire
Res Dog CC : 2452 SIGFRIDSTAD Mr H Multi Ch Rabben's Quarterback
Bitch CC : 2455 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Carry On Maybe Baby
Res Bitch CC : 2448 MOULES Mrs R Doraemi One Vision Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 2454 TURNER Mr R & Mrs J Crillee Cool Wishes
Best Veteran : 2446 JOHNSTONE Mrs E J Ch Jecadie Dipped In Spice
Best Special Beginner :


I would like to thank the Windsor Dog Show Society for inviting me to judge, what was my first appointment at CC level. But most of all, the exhibitors who entered under me, being my own breed I only know too well the time spent on trimming.
While it is the duty of a judge to point out the virtues of the exhibits it helps no one to sugar coat glaring faults that have become commonplace in the breed.
My comments are meant to be constructive and I hope will be taken as such.
The Airedale is known as the â King Of Terriersâ but it has been a long time since they have commanded that title in the Group ring, unless some of these faults are addressed I fear we will pass a point of no return, it is down to those that breed to address these points and if the same breeding decisions are kept too just because they win we will not return to our rightful status.
Today I found that at best, movement was poor and in some cases lacking any type of drive at all, Heads with a few exceptions were poor, a lot of broad cheeks and short muzzles. Shoulders are an issue in a lot of exhibits which is causing incorrect front movement, a long neck may be considered flashy by some but not at the expense of upright shoulders which is causing the front movement problem in many.
Eyes are round and large in many cases

VD/B â

1st-Johnstone s Jecadie Dipped In Spice: at just over seven, Nice even head, eyes could be smaller, good shoulder and front assembly, correct topline, tailset ok, good rear angulation, not really enjoying her time in the ring today.


1st - Turners Crillie Cool Maximus, slightly rangy at the moment but shows potential, eye could be smaller, good shoulders, a little long in body at the moment, needs to settle did enough to win the class.

2nd Hunterâ s Hazenaide Who Are You â At just 6 months, head could be finer in skull, good shoulders, slightly raised topline over hips, tailset ok, could be finer trimmed.

L/D â

1st Ablardâ s Katherinaâ s Land Vip Lover, Nice upstanding dog while stacked, well balanced in profile, Head ok, correct shoulder angulation, let down by poor rear movement very loose when viewed from behind.

2nd- Burkinâ s Nedella Flash Opal At Rafinato Sh.CM- Not a happy dog, difficult to go over, head could be finer, shoulders ok, level back, good rear angulation, tail set ok

O/D â

1st - Hillâ s Ch Crillie Catch Of The Day With Gillaire- well balanced dog, head of good proportions, could be slightly finer in skull, good shoulders, level topline, good tailset, movement could be stronger, Dog CC & B.O.B

2nd- Sigfridstad s Multi Ch Rabben;s Quaterback, not the head of winner could be finer, good shoulders, level topline, a little straight in rear angulation, a little stronger on the move than winner of this class. Res CC


1st Turners Crillie Cool Wishes, more confident than brother therefore showed her attributes better, good head, eye ok but dark rims round eye although not a fault spoiled expression, good shoulders, level back, tail set ok, rear angulation ok. B/P

2nd- Aylettâ s Jecadie Joyful Spiced star At Rillaton, promising puppy, longer cast than class winner, but I will be interested in seeing her as she matures and handler gains more experience, good length of head, good shoulders, level back, good rear angulation

1st Bettâ s Saredon Head Turner, Nice head, Eye ok, Slightly low set ears, correct front which showed in her front movement, level back, tail set ok, slightly lacking in rear angulation

2nd McCallumâ s Glentops Movie Star, cobbiest bitch in the class, head could be finer, good lay of shoulder and nice front, tail set ok, rear angulation ok, finer trimming would enhance this bitch.

1st Hacker & Jenkins Crilliee What A Carry On At Sherifs, nice head, used ears well, nice eye, good head ratio, good front, level topline, not quite putting it in on performance today, finer trimming would also enhance this bitch.

2nd â Edwards Vivavick whoopee At Smockalley, good all round bitch although would prefer finer head, eye ok, once again finer trimming would enhance this bitch no end, slight dip in topline, rear angulation ok


1st Turnerâ s Crillie Carry On Maybe Baby, Head ok although a little wide in cheek, nice ears using well, eye slightly round, good front, level topline, would like a little more rear angulation, showed well, did not realise until later this was her 3rd cc gaining her title.

2nd McCallumâ s Love Is In The Air, good all round bitch although head is a little broad, finer trimming would enhance.


1st Moules Doraemi One vision, lovely feminine head, best head in the ring today, good ratio of foreface to skull, this is what an Airedale head should be, good eye, ears ok, long neck, slightly long cast in body, trimmed in good order. Res CC

2nd Edington Hallâ s Wendaire Kissed By An Angel , Full of spirit which caused her handler a few problems on the move, a little too masculine for a bitch for my liking, head could be finer, eye ok, shoulder lay is better than some but not correct, movement is powerful but seems to pull from the front rather than drive from the rear. Well presented.

Brian Collins Judge

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