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Parson Russell Birmingham National 17 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 17 Judge






Judge: Mr Roger Bigland

BEST OF BREED : 2138 SMITH, Mr M A & Mrs K A & MOON Mrs M L Ch Alncroft I Spy
Dog CC : 2143 YERBURY Miss J Beauforts Charles James
Res Dog CC : 2112 BROADBERRY Mr J G & Dr S H Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion
Bitch CC : 2138 SMITH, Mr M A & Mrs K A & MOON Mrs M L Ch Alncroft I Spy
Res Bitch CC : 2136 SMITH, Mr M A & Mrs K A & MOON Mrs M L Alncroft Tussle
Best Puppy : 2112 BROADBERRY Mr J G & Dr S H Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion
Best Veteran : 2121 KANNAGARA Miss S Sherosco Lucky Lad


Parson Russell Terriers

MPD (1)

1 Broadberry’s Mindlen Magnum at Ratscallion, an outstanding puppy with a lovely head, an exceptional topline & tailset. Good narrow front, well angulated rear, super harsh coat. Moved very well. RCC & BP.

PD (1)

1 Newport’s Digaden Pitch Perfect, another lovely puppy with a good head & expression, narrow front, correct feet, harsh coat. Good angulation behind, giving good movement.

JD (2)

1 D Pitch Perfect;

2 Davies & Davies-Wood’s Pacolito Protostar, good head, harsh coat. Lacking confidence.

PGD (2)

1 King’s Bramarno Prince Of Bohemia for Riosset, correct bite & strong muzzle. Narrow front, well angulated rear. Moved OK; 2 Aspell & Dixon’s Logierait Loki, pleasing head with good mouth. Too straight in shoulder for my taste.

LD (3,1a)

1 Yerbury’s Beauforts Charles James, strong workmanlike head with correct bite. Harsh weatherproof coat, good topline & tailset. Plenty of bone. Well shown. CC;

2 Sturdy’s Alncroft Imperial, has a good coat & rearend, could do with a bit more strength in head. Not the quality of shoulder & movement of 1.

OD (2)

1 Young’s Chadbrook Roux, quality head, strong muzzle & teeth. Good harsh coat. Moved OK;

2 Broadberry’s Ch Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion, I really liked this dog, but not happy today, so not showing his true potential.

VD (1)

1 Kannagara’s Sherosco Lucky Lad, has good mouth & coat. Excellent condition, credit to owner.

MPB (4)

1 Smith & Moon’s Alncroft I’m Bizzy, a really bright & sharp puppy with a wonderful attitude. Good head & earset, super front & feet, nice topline & tailset. Moved with drive;

2 Roberts & Murray’s Mindlen Muskett, pleasing head with well set ears, good mouth. Harsh coat, excellent condition. Moved well;

3 Newport’s Digaden Runner Bean.

PB (2,1)

1 Matthews’ Digaden Coloratura at Springhill, good active type in excellent condition. Correct head, narrow front with good tight feet. Well laid back shoulders. Moved very well.

JB (3,2)

1 King’s Riosset Raise The Roof, strong muzzle, good bite, harsh coat. Moved OK.

PGB (4)

1 Young’s Chadbrook Electra, super strong head with correct bite. Good coat, topline & tailset. Easily spanned;

2 Sturdy’s Alncroft In Time, decent head, excellent coat, good topline & tailset. Moved well;

3 Hobson’s Alncroft Isle See.

LB (8,1)

1 Smith & Moon’s Alncroft Tussle, super head with correct bite, good front, topline & tailset. Tight feet, plenty of bone. Easily spanned. Moved very well. RCC;

2 Collis’ Riplington Dream Image, correct workmanlike head & expression. Hard coat, good angulation giving plenty of drive on the move;

3 Newport’s Digaden Just So.

OB (4)

1 Smith & Moon’s Ch Alncroft I Spy, a bitch of exceptional quality. Strong workmanlike with a superb head, muzzle & teeth. Weatherproof coat, good topline & tailset excellent front & rear. Spanned easily. Moved with drive. CC & BOB;

2 Bowden’s Pacolito Mistress at Llyunamill, another quality bitch, with a good head, shoulder & front. A smoother but still harsh coat, good topline with well set tail. Good angulation behind giving drive on the move;

3 Newport’s Digaden Made To Measure.

VB (2)

1 Newport’s Digaden Glamouruss, lovely strong head. Harsh weatherproof coat, super fit condition. Moving well;

2 Kannagara’s Sherosco Christmas Rose, not as strong in head as 1. But again in very good condition. These veterans are a credit to the owners.


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