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Parson Russell Leeds 17 Judge's Critque

Parson Russell Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Leeds 17 Judge






Judge: Mr Brian Aubrey

BEST OF BREED : 4854 SMITH, Mr M A & Mrs K A & MOON Mrs M L Alncroft Tussle
Dog CC : 4845 NEWPORT Mrs J & Mr S Digaden Pitch Perfect
Res Dog CC : 4856 STOREY, Mr B & KELLY Miss S Pacolito Simply Strategic At Brizanrae Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 4854 SMITH, Mr M A & Mrs K A & MOON Mrs M L Alncroft Tussle
Res Bitch CC : 4865 YOUNG Miss J Chadbrook Electra
Best Puppy : 4852 ROBERTS, Mrs L & MURRAY Mrs C A Mindlen Muskett
Best Veteran : 4849 NEWPORT Mrs J & Mr S Pacolito Xpectations

Class 1478 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4862 YOUNG Miss J Chadbrook Floki
2nd: 4832 BROADBERRY Mr J G & Dr S H Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion
3rd: 4837 HALL Mrs B Frithgarth Stone Meadow


1 Chadbrook Floki. Good start to the day, very classy puppy, strong tri wedge shaped head, nice ears, darkest of eye, strong underjaw, correct mouth, big strong teeth, every dog/bitch I went over today all had perfect mouths and big teeth so I won't mention mouths through this critique. Straight front, good bone, very good jacket, good backend helped move with drive. Best PD.

2 Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion. Another very nice puppy I gave his champion sire his first CC and this young man is sure to follow in his footsteps, similar remarks as first. First had that stronger head for me today, very good front, dark almond eyes, good length of neck. moved with drive.

3 Stone Meadow.


1 Digaden Pitch Perfect. And boy, was he perfect for me today, tan headed dog, nice head, ears, and dark eyes, stunning front, spanned easily, I have to say one of a few today, loose skin in perfect harsh coat, stood on good feet, moved both ways with power. I think he could run all day with a pack. I was honoured to give him his first CC. I hope he gets his title as he is a good dog.


 1 Pacolito Protostar. Little bit shy until he got going, nice head, good bone, in need of a new coat, moved out well.

2 Logierait Loki. A bit of a handful for his handler, on his toes all time, strong in head in good coat. I would like the tail straighter, moved ok.


1 Pacolito Simply Strategic At Brizanrae ShCM. Tthis Pacolito kennel is producing some very good Parsons, and here is another, all dog, very nice head, ears, good eye and shape, lovely bone, straight front, good length of neck leading into good shoulders, correct length of body and a perfect harsh flat jacket, good bend of stifles, move both ways with ease, pleased to award him his first RCC, good luck, another destined for top honours.

2 Chadbrook Roux. A true working terrier type, good head and eye, jacket harsh to the touch, loose skin, would like a little more body length, moved well both ways, liked him a lot.

3 Alncroft Imperial.


1 Ch Pacolito Highly Prized At Dragonmoor. Strong tan headed dog, strong underjaw, lovely round straight bone, correct length in body, moved well both ways, his jacket needs to come on a bit more, came up against two lovely dogs in the challenge today, very worthy champion.

2 Maanmainion Doubleshot Over Kylini (Imp). Tri dog, lovely headed dog, needs a new jacket, a true Parson, moved out well but a little wide coming forward, liked him.

3 Digaden Top Hat & Tails.


1 Brithgarth Jack Frost. Stood alone, over 11 years of age, what can I say, looks like he is enjoying his life, nice head on him, little overweight but who cares, love judging these oldies, hope you have many more years with him. I found today the bitches were far superior to the dogs and that can only be good for the breed, again, I won't mention mouths as all were perfect and that's a working terrier main tool for me.


1 Mindlen Muskett. My notes read, wow, stunning puppy bitch, what we all dream to breed, strong but feminine head darkest of eyes, neat correct shaped and placed ears, wedged shaped skull, good neck and shoulders, lovely straight front, good length in back, moved both ways with purpose, my best puppy in breed. I see a very bright future for this young lady.

2 Chadbrook Elka. Smaller than one, but a true working terrier type, similar remarks than one, very unlucky to meet the above today, but I think you will have a load of fun with her.

3 Digaden Runner Bean. A trio of stunning puppies.


1 Chadbrook Electra. Again a stunning bitch from this breeder and one I would take home any time, a true terrier, looks very game and up for any job, lovely strong head, but again you can see she is a bitch, in perfect jacket, spanned easily, moved both ways with drive, lovely feet, no hesitation in giving her the RCC.

2 Alncroft Isle Sea TAF. Very nice type bitch, from a kennel that's producing true working type Parsons, similar remarks as one but not that 'look at me' attitude, good luck with her.

3 DIgaden Made To Measure. A trio of nice bitches.


1 Alncroft In Tune With Ratscallion. Stood alone, not a happy bitch at first with her young handler, very nervous, but her handler coped very well with her, when standing she is a nice type bitch, lovely head, not happy on the move, but seen enough to award her first.


1 Alncroft Tussle. Well, what can I say about this one, it is every judges dream to see a dog/bitch in front of him/her with this quality, all I thought was, wow. I have judged this exhibitors dogs on many occasions but for me this is her best to date, and she has bred some stunners, tan/tri on ears, very strong feminine head, lovely placed ears, darkest of eyes, strong underjaw, narrow front standing on strong bone, lovely feet, correct neck leading into correct shoulders, good length of back, in A1 jacket, loose pelt, strong muscled thighs, good bend of stifles, hocks set low, I could go on and on about her, no hesitation on giving her the CC and Best In Breed, told afterwards this was her third CC and the latest champion, made my day.

2 Ch Pacolito Phardante ShCM. Smaller type than one, very workmanlike, stood on good bone and neat feet, lovely head, good jacket, loose pelt, spanned easily, moved well.

3 Ch Kylini Lisa ShCM.


1 Pacolito Xpectations. Tan headed dog, looking good for his age, covered the ground well. A little overweight, but aren't we all. BVIB. 2 Logierait Little Lotte. Smaller type than one. but see she loves her handler and that's great to see.

Judge Brian Aubrey

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