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Parson Russell Windsor 17 Judge's Critique

Parson Russell

KC Breed Standard

Windsor 17 Judge








Judge: Kim Collin (previously Denby-Gardner)

BEST OF BREED : 5053 BROADBERRY Mr J G & Dr S H Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion
Dog CC : 5053 BROADBERRY Mr J G & Dr S H Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion
Res Dog CC : 5090 YERBURY Miss J Beauforts Charles James
Bitch CC : 5070 HUGHES Mrs A Ch Riplington Black Cherry
Res Bitch CC : 5052 BIGLAND Mr R & Mrs L Ardencote Teach In With Heythrop
Best Puppy : 5053 BROADBERRY Mr J G & Dr S H Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion
Best Veteran : 5057 FARROW Mrs M L & Mr M J Ch Glenholm Happy Go Lucky JW


My thanks to the show committee, my two lovely stewards, and especially the exhibitors, for an enjoyable day. It's a perfect setting and the weather was just right, being fine but not hot. What more could a judge ask for apart from some good examples of the breed and I had that too. Size is still a big variable in the breed, but as long as the dog is spanable I wasn't too worried. Movement though varies enormously and that does worry me. Traditionally I believe these dogs would have had to cover difficult and large areas of moor, so the ability to move easily would be an issue, as would having a reasonable length of leg, and with 'Jacks' now registered, I'm very glad that the clubs have asked for smaller heights being acceptable to be removed from the standard.

V (5)

The hardest class I had as all 5 are old friends and favourites.

1 Farrows Ch. Glenholm Happy Go Lucky JW. Classic PRT, with tri head, lovely outline, well balanced dog, if starting to show his 9 years of age. Excellent coat and pelt, still has good, and big, teeth. Good ribs, and angulation and showing well. BV.

2 Halls Frithgarth Jack Frost. No secret that I have always liked him, and although he's a big dog, who has got a little bigger with age, he can still out move most PRT's. Good head, and kindest of eyes. Decent pelt. Nice height to length proportions. Lovely attitude and although now 11 still keen.

3 Smiths Bethane Liberton Lassie.

MPD (1)

1 Halls Frithgarth Stone Meadow. Nice wedge head with kind expression, good ears and teeth. Quite a tall baby of just 6 months and still a bit rangy. Lovely reach of neck. Good pelt but a bit out of coat today. Movement was OK when he hit his stride.

PD (1)

1 Broadberry's Mindlen Magnum At Ratscallion. Alone but a cracking dog who it is hard to take your eyes off. Lovely wedge shaped head. Good pigment, and good eyes, teeth and feet. Shown in coat, which is excellent being harsh and flat, and covers a decent pelt. Spanable. He may only be a baby but he showed like a veteran, moving out really well, covering so much ground as his excellent construction allows. Very attentive to his handler and wagged all the time. I loved him and carried on a family tradition as he is now the 4th generation of this dog line I have awarded a CC or Res CC to DCC, BP and BOB.

JD (2)

Quite a hard class, even if there were only 2, and maturity played a part. Both had tri, badger heads, had good coats and pelts.

1 Fooy & Van Roosbroeck's Jappatin Quartermaster. The larger and more grown up dog that moved the better of the 2. Slightly shorter but seemed to be better balanced.

2 Biglands Heythrop Taggert. Such a baby still and 'busy' which made him hard to show and hard to assess on the move. Longer in the back which generally I prefer. Easy span.

YD (1)

1 Pell's Pipinsbrook Mr Happy at Olliebark. I do wish he had been Mr Happy, as he wasn't when on the table which is a pity as I really rather liked him. Moved really well to start with but then seemed to become a bit worried. Good wedge head with black markings and ears. Good reach of neck, nice long ribs, and very balanced when he relaxed. Easy to span. Hope his owner/handler preservers with him.

PGD (3)

My first impression was that all 3 were very different in type, colour, coat and size.

1 Rutter's Boultmoor Badge of Honor Quite a big boy with terrific tri marked head and good coat. Kind expression. Well boned. Nice length and overall balance. Just spanable.

2 Kings Bramarno Prince of Bohemia For Riosset. Tan and white, nice head although still a little immature looking to me. Well boned but not as big as 1, helping make an easier span.

3 Hughes Tamesiseatum Reverto.

LD (4,0)

1 Yerbury's Beauforts Charles James. I really like this dog. Very masculine but with no coarseness. Good overall size, very balanced standing and on the move. Well boned and spanable. Lovely head, with alert expression to his eyes, and neat well carried ears. Good front and excellent set and carriage to tail. Res.C.C.

2 Farrows Glencymreig Two in One. Still a big baby and because of it appears a little un-co-ordinated. Up to size height wise but still very spanable and flexible. Fabulous dense smooth coat and excellent thick pelt. Typical smooth head, pigment very dark, with beautiful eye. Strong neck which flows in to his lovely shoulders. Longest rib of the day which I like. Well muscled.

3 Biglands Ardencote Tutor With Heythrop.

OD (2,1)

1 Woods Ardencote Taber. Lovely dog, for me I just wish he was a shade bigger all through. Very well balanced standing and on the move. Wedge shaped tan head with good expression. Lovely coat and pelt and an easy span. Good legs and feet as a working terrier should have. Well set on and carried tail. He shows really well and displays a very good attitude to showing.

GCDS D/B (2)

Lovely to have a feminine bitch and a masculine dog. As I said in my introduction variance in size can be an issue and we do sometimes have bitches who are bigger (not just taller) or doggier, than some dogs.

1 Nixon's Gonetoground Go For Gold. 6 year old bitch. Very pretty tan head. Has excellent ears, coat and pelt. Good tail set. Spanable. Moved and shown really well. Lovely reach of neck which clinched the class. 2 Rutter's Boultmoor Badge Of Honor.

PB (3)

1 Li's Pro Deo Of Lovealoch. Appealed when entering the ring. A busy, white and slightly hairy bitch, just my thing! Keen expression as a young PRT should have. Well balanced both when standing and on the move. Good height to length ratios. Good reach and use of neck. Proper terrier feet. BPB.

2 Steele's Digaden Get Up And Go. Came across as a bit inexperienced and needing a bit more training but that is easy to resolve. Nice overall 9 month baby. She has excellent pigment, is well boned with very good reach of neck. Nice rear with well set tail.

3 Hughes Ruffntuff Triple Ex.

JB (4,1)

1 Nixon's Gonetoground Summer Breeze. Nice type but very out of coat. Well balanced when standing and moving. Pretty tan head with good eye, ear and teeth. Good reach of neck in to decent shoulder balanced by a well angled rear end. Standing on good legs and neat feet.

2 Biglands Heythrop Tidie. My notes say looked better on the table, I think because I found her slightly short on the leg when looked down on. Has a lovely head. In excellent coat and showing really well.

3 Li's Orange White Dot Dezir.

YB (1)

1 Halls Frithgarth Sky Lantern. Up to size but well balanced and still feminine. Good bone and pigment. Has a very good coat and pelt. Spanable. True PRT movement as expected from this kennel, coming in part from her nicely angled rear completed by well set and carried tail. Bit of a reluctant showgirl but that may be due to her being a little hormonal.

PGB (6)

Hard to split the first two. They are different types, 2 actually being the type I prefer, but one had such a good front.

1 Biglands Ardencote Teach In With Heythrop. A slightly finer bitch, lovely and long with good reach of neck, so overall quite elegant while still workmanlike. Good working attributes too with good feet, rib and tail carriage and set. Excellent coat and pelt. Moved out really well. Res. C.C.

2 Hughes Ruffntuff That Was So Close. Very pretty tan headed bitch with good eyes and ears, and very good mouth. Well balanced with very good rear end. In excellent coat and really good pelt. Just a wee bit silly.

3 Anderson Frithgarth Heavenly Light at Proveits.

LB (4,1).

3 very similar bitches, not so surprising as all have a common breed line. All were of good size and height to length ratios, all were tan and white and all had good feet.

1 Collis Riplington Dream Image. Pretty tan and white bitch. Lovely wedge shaped head I thought she had the better front of the 3, and was balanced by nice rear with well set and held tail. Good bone, legs and feet.

2 Meyers Coclestane Cinnamon. Carrying a lot of coat - but I prefer that to over stripped dogs. Well boned but easily spanable. Has excellent pigment and pelt. Good rear end.

3 Broadberry's Alncroft In Tune At Ratscallion.

OB (7,2)

1 Hughes Ch. Riplington Black Cherry. Very solid but still feminine bitch. Neat head with good ears. Heavy but good quality coat. Good pelt. Nicely balanced standing and on move, and showing well and has a great attitude. B.C.C.

2 Highfields Bradpole Beauty. Different type. Very pretty, very neat and very fit. Nicely balanced on move and standing. A bit out of coat, which was unfortunate, but has a good pelt. Showing really well with plenty of terrier attitude.

3 Hooleys Ch. Hoolmark Belle Starr JW.

Kim Collin (previously Denby-Gardner)

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