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Bath 21 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bath 21 Judge




Judge: David Winsley

BEST OF BREED : 3070 CHAPMAN, Miss C Berrybreeze Quintesential
Dog CC : 3070 CHAPMAN, Miss C Berrybreeze Quintesential
Res Dog CC : 3077 COLEY, Mrs J Kingsview Just Jordan
Res Bitch CC : 3083 MAIDMENT, Mrs L QUAINT SABAYON (Fin Imp)
Best Puppy : 3077 COLEY, Mrs J Kingsview Just Jordan
Best Veteran : 3075 COLES, Mrs S TinkaTykes Golden Girl
Best Special Beginner : 3081 KNIGHT, Miss S A Orrscot Mod De Baliol


MPD (2,1)

1 Chapman & Lidgett’s Berrybreeze Magical Spirit. Just a baby who coped with this experience well. Nice for size, head of good length with a good ear set. Nice outline, pleasing body and correct tailset. He has a good coat and plenty of it. Moving well and just needs time to mature and get use to showing.

PD (2, 1)

1 Coley’s Kingsview Just Jordan. I really liked this well balanced youngster, he has a very good head for length and shape, well placed ears that he uses well. Muscular neck, correctly angulated shoulders and good front. Low slung and well ribbed body. Nice outline with a level topline, tail well set on. Good double coat with a correct harsh top coat. Moves freely with lots of animation and showed very well. BP & RCC.

JD (1)

1 Skudder’s Honeypaws Sweet Talking Guy. Nice size and good temperament, pleasing overall shape. Carrying rather too much weight today. Masculine in head with an alert expression, nice dark eye. Good front, well ribbed body and level topline. In good coat and moved well.

YD (3,1)

1 Bradley’s Brueik’s Jack In The Pack. Quality head and expression. Good neck and correct in shoulder, good front with plenty of forechest, body has good depth and is nicely ribbed. Strongly made hindquarters which he uses well. Nice overall shape. Good quality double coat and well prepared. Was rather unsettled in the final challenge.

2 Chick’s Brueik Ace In The Pack. Similar in many ways to first. Just appears a little heavier in type and lacks forechest I was looking for, he has a very good body shape with plenty of the correct ribbing. Tailset is good and moves with plenty of drive. In nice coat.

3 Skudder’s Honeypaws Sweet Talking Guy.


1 Chapman’s Berrybreeze Quintesential. This male had the attitude of a stallion that I was looking for. All male, very alert and checking everyone out. I really liked his head, long, lean, strong but no sign of coarseness. Correct neck which runs into his level strong topline, finished off by his tail well set on giving him a well balanced outline. Good depth to his body, good coupling and strongly made hindquarters. Moved freely with plenty of reach and drive from behind. In excellent coat and presentation. CC & BOB. Interesting to find out later that he is litter brother to the Bitch CC winner.

SBD/B (2, 1)

1 Knight’s Orrscot Mod De Baliol. Nice girl for size, a well matured body and pleasing outline. Nice head with well placed ears. Body has depth and is well ribbed, with strongly made hindquarters that she knows how to use. In a nicely prepared coat of a harsh texture. Moved and showed well.

VB (1)

1 Cole’s Tinkatykes Golden Girl. 8 years old and looking very fit. She has a nice feminine head and expression with well placed ears. Good in neck and shoulders. Good depth of body, well ribbed and pleasing outline. Good in hindquarters and tailset. Coat coming in, moved steadily and showed very nicely. BV.

MPB (2)

1 Chapman’s Berrybreeze Spirit Seeker. Two very nice puppies, litter sisters and close to each other. I liked her head shape, she has good length with well placed earset. Good outline, low to ground but well balanced. Good body, correct tailset and pleasing hindquarters. Nice coat and active mover.

2 Whitehead & Pinto’s Berrybreeze Spirit Guide At McKalay. Much like her sister in size and head features. Again she has a clean outline with a level back and good tailset. Nicely made body, good quality coat of a harsh texture. Moving with drive and a happy temperament.

PB (1)

1 Redfern’s Eimahan’s Leap Of Faith. I see she is sired by the BOB winner. A mature girl, good head for length with clean cheeks, well placed ears and good expression. Good in neck and correctly angulated shoulders, good in front. Mature well made body. Well made hindquarters. She has a harsh quality top coat but needs some judicious tidying up which will improve her uneven topline. Moves with plenty of drive, very promising.

PGB (7, 1)

1 Spry’s Saredon Shante You Stay At Celmareva. Smaller in size than the majority here today. Very alert and on her toes, clean feminine head, alert expression with well placed ears. Good neck and shoulders, well made body and hindquarters. Level topline and correct in tailset. In first class condition, coat of good texture and presentation as one expects from this handler. Lively mover and showgirl.

2 Cole’s Berrybreeze Quintessa. Just found her slightly longer cast than first. Pleasing in head, neck and shoulders, good front. Well made body but tends to lose her topline on the move. Correct in tailset with well made hindquarters, a lively free mover.

3 Maidment’s Berrybreeze Quintadacious For Spinakers.

LB (4, 1)

1 Maidment’s Quaint Sabayon. A nice typy girl of a good size, nice overall shape. Good in head for length and strength of foreface. Well placed ears, good neck which blends into correct shoulders. I liked that she had a good forechest with depth of chest and nicely ribbed body. Well made hindquarters which she knows how to use. In good coat and condition. Pleased to award her the RCC.

2 Knight’s Orrscot Mod De Baliol.

3 Sykes’ Sandbourne In Your Dreams.

OB (1)

1 Whitehead & Pinto’s Berrybreeze Quintella At McKalay. Nice for size, totally feminine throughout, with good balance and full of quality. I liked her head and expression, clean neck and shoulders, good in front. She has a well ribbed deep body, well made hindquarters which enabled her to move fluidly around the ring. Level in topline and correct in tailset. In a nice quality coat and well presented. CC & BOS. Litter sister to the BOB.

David Winsley

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