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Scottish Leeds 21 Judge's Critique

Scottish Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Leeds 21 Judge




Judge: Mrs A Beckton

BEST OF BREED : 6750 PLANE, Mr S Surprise Von Tinsdal Stuane
Dog CC : 6754 RUTHERFORD, Mrs C & WILLIS, Mrs C Carisco Follow Your Dreams
Res Dog CC : 6733 COLEY, Mrs J Kingsview Just Jordan
Bitch CC : 6750 PLANE, Mr S Surprise Von Tinsdal Stuane
Res Bitch CC : 6751 PLANE, Mr S Miss Stuane of Wild Briar (Imp) Deu
Best Puppy : 6733 COLEY, Mrs J Kingsview Just Jordan
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner : 6749 MCCRACKEN, mrs A E Our Black Jack


I would like to thank Leeds Committee for asking me to judge at the last minute due to the appointed judge being unable to travel due to covid regulations.

PD (3)

1 Coley’s Kingsview Just Jordan. A very compact, cobby, strongly built pup, in very good coat and condition. Nice balanced head, correct mouth and lovely almond shaped eye. Moderate length of neck leading into well laid shoulders and short back with tail on top. Moves well. BP and RCC.

2 Woolsey’s Lochgems First Edition. Another strongly built boy, not as mature as first. Nicely balanced head, moderate neck and well placed shoulder, level topline which he kept on the move.

LD (4)

1 McCracken’s Our Black Jack. Solid 4 yr old boy in good balanced head, correct mouth, well placed ears. Moderate length of neck into good shoulders, broad front and deep chest, moved well both ways.

2 Willis’ Carisco Kings Crusader At Rikirakki. Another solid boy, good bone and substance, broad front, deep well sprung ribs, nice quality head. It was very close between these two boys but first was slightly shorter coupled.

OD (4, 1)

1 Rutherford’s Carisco Follow Your Dreams. Solid typey 5 yr old black in good coat and condition. Long balanced head, correct dentition, dark almond eye, well placed ears. Strong moderate lngth of neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest strong wide front assembly short coupled into good strong well angulated rear. Moved out well coming and going DCC.

2 Leonard & Smit-Kemerbeek’s Lucia’s Dream Cost A Bop. This boy is lovely in profile, great coat and condition, balanced head, well placed ear, short backed and low to ground with a well angulated rear, but he is finer in bone than first and could be wider all through.

Sp Beginners D/B (3, 1)

1 McCracken’s Our Black Jack.

2 Allsop’s Magic Murray. This boy has a nicely constructed front and good bone, nicely balanced head. He needs to body up.

PB (4, 1)

1 Marcinekova’s Carisco Dream Queen. Lovely brindle puppy, in super coat, Nice balanced head, dark well set eye, well placed ears, moderate length of neck into well laid shoulder and short back, deep well sprung rib and nice wide front, well angulated rear end with tail on top.

2 Willis & Rutherford’s Carisco Equinox. Litter sister to first, same remarks apply although this girl is a little lighter in build.

PGB (5, 1)

1 Lawrence’s Sweetgarett Queen Of The Sea. Lovely solid and strongly built black bitch, lovely head and expression, in beautiful coat. Well laid shoulder, good spring of rib and low to ground, well angulated rear with tail on top, moved beautifully, with good drive from behind.

2 Maidment & Maidment’s Berrybreeze Quintadacious For Spinakers. Another very nice black girl well put together, good shoulder placement, short back, low to ground with a lovely feminine head and expression, not so happy on the move today as she usually is.

LB (7, 1)

1 Plane’s Surprise Von Tinsdal Stuane. This bitch just made me smile! Just a solid correct scottie, no exaggeration at all. Nice balanced feminine head, in balance with her short cobby body. Correct length of neck, well placed shoulder into a strong short back good spring of rib, low to ground, short coupled, lovely rear with tail bang on top!! BCC and BOB.

2 Maidment’s Quaint Sabayon. Lovely black girl in super condition, lovely head and expression, very well placed shoulder, good wide front and lovely rear angulation. Unlucky to meet first today.

OB (6, 1)

Limit and Open bitch were the best classes of the day, some absolutley super examples of the breed.

1 Plane’s Miss Stuane Of Wildbriar. Very feminine brindle bitch, balanced head, short cobby body, Correct dentition, lovely dark almond shaped eye, well placed ears. Moderate length of neck, well laid shoulder and strong broad, deep front. Short coupled with lovely wide back end. RBCC.

2 Kenny-Marriott & Marriott’s Millingford Star Anise. Well presented black bitch in super coat and condition. Longer in head than first, but balanced throughout. Wide front with well slung ribs, low to ground, very good rear angulation, moved with drive.

Angela Beckton

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