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Staffordshire Birmingham National 21 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 21 Judge



Judge: Mrs Sian Hammond

BEST OF BREED : 3987 JOHANSSON, Mr J Te ora magic Eclipse
Dog CC : 4074 THOMAS, MR G & THOMAS, Mr C & THOMAS, Mrs C & GRIF Gazstaff's Black Magic
Bitch CC : 3987 JOHANSSON, Mr J Te ora magic Eclipse
Res Bitch CC : 3998 FULFORD, Mrs K & FULFORD, Mr J Gazstaff's Diamond
Best Puppy : 4049 PEARSON, Miss S & LAMBERT, Mr C KodaKnott Cold as Ice
Best Veteran : 4060 ROPER, Mrs J & HARRISON, Ms B Ch Trawden Ice and Spice JW
Best Special Beginner : 4090 WILKES, Mr M & WILKES, Miss D Macadurmus too Infiniti


In the current climate, with multiple show weekends, and dedicated dog folk trying to catch up with everything we’ve missed in the past 18 months, it was a delight to receive such a lovely entry for my very first Championship show judging appointment.
Every last exhibitor has my sincere appreciation for making this day truly memorable for me, I will always be thankful.
I was extremely happy with my main winners, there were some super special Staffords on display that I very much enjoyed going over; however, as a breed, I do think we need to have a long hard look at lack of width, bone and substance. Narrow fronts, and shallow bodies are not ideal.
My BOB was exactly the style I was looking for, compact, standard sized, fabulous temperament and bags of breed type. Easy to see how she gained her title, I expect her to continue her winning ways for some time to come. My Best Puppy was exactly the same, compact, great front, plenty of rib and a beautiful head piece. These girls, and their like, are the future of our breed.

SBD 1/1
MPD 0/0

PD 8/2

1st Couzens - Niatona Arlo Coombes. Stunning, 10 month old, red and white dog. Very flashy, with a gorgeous head shape and expression. Clean, deep, well defined with a deep stop, correct length of muzzle, wide underjaw, lovely round, well set eyes and correctly carried ears. His front is broad and deep, well boned straight legs and tight, neat feet. Side on he has depth to his body, tuck up developing, close enough coupling, lovely level topline. His rear quarters are well angulated, depth to the thigh, and his hocks are short and strong. His tail is set on correctly and he carried it well on the move, he moved very well indeed. Best Puppy Dog.

2nd Cherry - Finnstaff Pistol Pete. Another lovely red and white. 10.5 months. Close decision with first placed dog, with a broad front, good brisket, strong, well boned legs and his feet are fine. His head is lovely, neat ears dark round eyes, defined stop, lovely pigmentation. His topline is excellent, and he too has depth in the body, perhaps a little closer coupled than 1, good rear angulation and short strong hocks. He was pipped to the post by 1 having more of my preference for a wider underjaw.
2 very promising puppies.

3rd O’Connor - Chezatree Devils Advocate
Res Rutherford - Niatona All Above Board
VHC Hands & Wyatt - Skyestaff Winter Soldier

JD 10/1

1st Fairhurst - Fairlenium’s American Pie. Beautifully marked dark brindle and white pied. Super head shape, deep skull, goodd cheek muscles, dark round eyes perfectly set. His front is just about wide enough, and he has depth of brisket developing. His legs are straight and well boned, strong flexible pasterns and tight neat feet. In profile he is compact, close coupled, well angulated and his tail set is good. His body shows enough depth and he moved well. An attractive young dog with lots more to come.

2nd Clark & Ortizo - Powerpack Lachlan Dorin. I actually did prefer the depth and width of front on this chap, but preferred the length and depth of body on the first placed dog. He has an attractive head, with neat small ears, dark eyes, a good stop and enough underjaw. He is clean, and his muzzle blunt. He has a good topline, tailset and angulation and he moved well enough.

3rd Waltham - Dringshaw Athos
Res Cobb - Tillcarr Fire Collective
VHC Edwards - Niesenbull Ivanhoe

`YD 2/1

1st Parker - Jackabyte Boletoro at Nettleworth. Standard sized, black brindle dog. Good bone and rib to him, small neat feet, he is close coupled, carries his tail low, and has the correct depth and length to his body. His head is very attractive, lovely expression with a nice round eye, small, well carried ears, well defined stop, correct length of muzzle. He was in beautiful condition. Moved ok.

ND 5/0
1st see 1st


2nd Meeson & Portman - Rossobull In The Night. Gorgeous shade of brindle, with a powerful, deep and broad head. Super expression, small neat ears, defined stop, correct length of muzzle, and a deep underjaw. His front is well boned, and he has neat feet, his brisket is deep enough but I would have preferred more width to his front. A little longer cast than 1st but a good topline and tailset, angulation is fine and he has short strong hocks. He moved ok, but I would say he is worth some ringcraft and conditioning.

3rd Edwards - Niesenbull Ivanhoe
Res Marshall - Niesenbull Fuggle
VHC Fidoe - Taraiel Flo Rida

GD 7/1

1st Van Wijk & Jongelis - Pearl From The South Hubba Bubba. Hubba hubba! Beautiful flashy, black brindle and white dog. Could have been made just for me, I loved his markings, white front and legs, and both back feet. His head is ideal, clean strong, lacking exaggeration of any description, very good depth of skull, definition of stop, small tidy ears, dark round eyes, melting expression that is full of character! His front is beautiful, clean, wide, deep, well boned, straight and the neatest of little tight well padded feet. Side on he is compact, close coupled, deep through, with a correct tail set and he moved with drive. One I would take home. On maturity, when his body hardens up, he will trouble the best, my RCC today.

2nd Norris - Labrastaff Magma at Haidastaff. Mahogany brindle dog with good weight of bone, just enough width to the front, feet are tidy, he has good substance, good rib, topline and tailset are correct, short strong hocks and he moved well enough. His head and skull are nice, with well carried ears, and enough definition of stop but I would prefer a much stronger underjaw and a cleaner foreface and jawline to complete the picture.

3rd Wise - Montgomery Guard
Res Crawford - Dekayro Mystic Mac For Crowstaff
VHC Walker - Georgie Poergie Pops At Teshleystaff

PGD 5/0

1st Hamilton & Murphy - Magicgem Daredevil For Shawrigg. Bang standard sized red and white dog. Nice flashy markings, his front is true, with width, enough depth of brisket, straight well boned legs, with flexible pasterns and small neat feet. His topline is excellent, tail carriage correct, his rib is well sprung and deep, he is well angulated at the rear with correct hocks. His head is clean and well defined, good depth of stop, length of muzzle and enough width. Ears are ok, and his eye is dark and round. He was easily one of the best movers today, agile and that topline was fabulous, in the final line up I preferred the expression of my winners.

2nd Stillman - Sikaistaff Shadow Warrior at Maidendale. Another standard sized dog, dark brindle. Beautiful head on this chap, not quite as clean as first but I did prefer his expression. He couldn’t match the first placed dog on fitness or movement and was narrower in the front. He is well boned, has good rib and substance, close coupled with a good topline. He would look even better with a little more definition in his condition.

3rd Stanway - Waystaff Crackerjack
Res Wise - Montgomery Guard
VHC Lewis - Hamason To Be Frank At Karjaydan

LD 10/0

1st Thomas & Griffiths - Gazstaff’s Black Magic. Black brindle, powerful standard sized male with a gorgeous head and expression. Deep broad skull, well defined stop, neat little ears which he used to advantage, dark eye, correct length of muzzle, and a wide, deep underjaw. Front on, he is an absolute picture. He is unexaggerated, well balanced, he shows enough width, and depth of brisket, good bone, straight limbs and flexible pasterns, with neat little feet. I liked him side on, his body, which is in fantastic condition shows excellent definition, a good topline which he held on the move, correct tailset and short hocks. He really did it for me in the final line up, the epitome of breed type, well done, my DCC and BOS.

2nd Cherry - Brockmar I Am Titanium at Finnstaff. Another handsome, standard sized black brindle dog, with a white bib. Good weight of bone, strong straight legs and his feet are neat. His brisket shows enough depth and his shoulder is clean. He has a level topline, carried his tail well, and has moderate rear angulation, with short strong hocks. I admired his head, small neat ears, dark eye, clean foreface with the correct length of muzzle.

3rd Williams - Jodel’s Impact
Res Jackson - Jackabyte Javikah
VHC Norton - Taraiel Stormzy Of Tikkurilan

OD 13/1

1st Antonio - Gazstaff’s Man In Black for Antoniostaff JW Absolutely gorgeous headed black brindle dog who turned out to be litter brother to 1st in Limit. Deep and broad, well defined stop, beautiful dark round eye, excellent length to muzzle, neatest of ears and a good underjaw. His front is wide enough, and he has good bone, handler has a habit of turning his feet in, making him look a touch pigeon toed, this is much less so when the dog is allowed to stand naturally. He has good rib, plenty of substance, his coat was gleaming, his topline was good, his tailset correct and he moved well. He appealed to me with his lovely breed type and beautiful expression.

2nd Arntzen & Manito - Catstaff’s Used To. Beautifully constructed black brindle dog, standard sized, with a very good front, clean shoulder, good depth of brisket and width between forelegs. He has an attractive head, very nice eye shape, ears are fine, well defined stop and length of muzzle good. His profile is lovely, good depth to body, good topline, well ribbed, coupling fine, well carried tail and he moved well. This was a very close decision, 1st place swayed me on head and expression.

3rd Mayren - Ch Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaff
Res Desmond - Ch Elitebull’s Challenger
VHC Plumstead - Callastaff Son Of The Moon

VD 4/1

1st Thomas - Biggleswick Funky Devil. White dog with minimal red markings. Handsome boy who I judged in his much younger days and regarded highly. He still has a lovely head shape, clean, deep skull, well defined stop and gorgeous dark round eyes. Muzzle length ideal. His body is compact and still strong, he is short coupled, with an good tailset and he moved like a dream!

2nd Whitely - Ginstean Black Bomber. Dark brindle chap, with an attractive, clean head, well carried ears, defined stop, dark enough eye. He has enough bone for his frame, his width of front is ok, a level topline, correct tailset and good movement.

3rd Robinson, Robinson-Cox & Cox - Hamason Red Revival

SBB 1/0

1st Wilkes - Macadermus Too Infiniti. Pretty headed black brindle bitch, ears are fine, good eye shape, stop well defined, clean enough in foreface, lovely wide underjaw. She has good bone, I would prefer a wider front, she is well bodied, topline ok, feet good and a good tailset. Moved ok.

MPB 2/0

1st Jackson - Jackabyte Nemesis. Very pretty black brindle bitch. 7 months. Broad and deep skull, well defined stop, dark round eye, short muzzle. Her ears are well shaped, and she has a very appealing expression. Her front is straight, enough bone to balance. Brisket coming, pasterns are good and her feet are fine. She is close coupled, body yet to develop, good rear angulation, correct tailset, and short, strong hocks. Pretty baby who tried very hard to please, her character was adorable.

2nd Bignall - Marstaff Gangs Of Roses. Almost 8 months. Red bitch, lovely head shape, deep skull, well defined stop, nice eye placement, ears are fine. Strong muzzle and deep underjaw. She has more leg than the first placed puppy and is not quite so positive in front but she has enough bone to balance for her size, and her feet are nice. Another lovely personality to this baby.

PB 9/1

1st Turley - Loyalstaff Bella Bambina. Cracking head and expression on this 11 month old black brindle girl. Great cheek muscles, wide, deep stop, neat ears, dark eyes, short, blunt muzzle, with a lovely deep, wide underjaw. Her front is well boned, brisket just starting to come, neat feet. She is a lovely size, depth of body developing, tailset nice and low, short strong hocks, she moved like a happy puppy should.

2nd Lambert - Kodaknott Dusk Upon Us. Another absolutely gorgeous headed bitch, 11 months old, beautiful round eyes, neat enough ears, super clean foreface, short strong muzzle, deep wide underjaw. She was slightly narrower in front than the first placed bitch but had enough bone, and good feet. In profile, she is well balanced, well angulated and close coupled. She had a great tailset and moved well. 2 very promising puppies.

3rd Payne - Auchdaran Kiss Full Of Fire
Res Rutherford & Taylor - Niatona Miss Batty
VHC Hands & Freeman - Skyestaff She Conquered

JB 5/0

1st Parker - Elitebull Mojito at Nettleworth. Lovely, standard sized, black brindle bitch. Gorgeous head and expression, with small neat ears, a well defined stop, width and depth to skull, short blunt muzzle, and a good underjaw. Her front is straight, flexible pasterns, small neat feet. Well angulated rear, short strong hocks, good tailset, moved fine. Very pretty bitch, can see why she is doing well.

2nd Boulton & Hayton - Dusklight Cassiopeia. Now this is my type of bitch, beautifully marked red pied. Lovely head, clean, deep, wide, well defined stop, neat ears, dark round eye, short strong muzzle, wide underjaw. I preferred her width of front, she had good bone and good feet. Close coupled, well tucked up, great spring of rib, but could not match 1st on movement today.

3rd McDermott & Bernhardsson - Macadermus Little Star
Res Robbins - Jakataff’s Summer Song
VHC Pieterse - Stapphire Yella Cover Girl of Changamire

YB 9/1

1st Thomas - Tillicious Whatever at Biggleswick. Red fawn bitch, absolutely lovely head and expression to her. Darkest of eye, neat ears, broad and deep through, lovely muzzle length, super underjaw and superb pigment. Lovely front, wide, with enough brisket, good pasterns, feet are ok. In profile, she is well balanced, super topline, great angulation fore and aft, good tailset, short powerful hocks and she moved really well. She was in the forefront of my mind in the challenge, I just went with the more compact Open and Limit bitches, she is a real cracker.

2nd John - Llanstaff Double Valentine. Standard sized, very pretty black brindle bitch, neat little ears, lovely round eye, a deep stop, strong skull, good cheek muscles, clean foreface and a short strong muzzle with depth to underjaw. Nice width to front, good bone, feet ok. Compact body, well carried tail, moved ok.

3rd Kendall - Rossobull Upsy Daisy
Res Jackson - Jackabyte Decadance
VHC Robinson, Robinson-Cox & Cox - Hamason A Wish Away

NB 9/0

1st Person & Lambert - Kodaknott Cold As Ice. Stunning, bang standard sized, 11 month old red pied bitch, I loved her overall make and shape. Compact, well ribbed, well boned, close coupled, good topline, well angulated, neat feet, correct tailset, short powerful hocks, evident forechest in profile. Ideal width and depth in front. Her head is beautiful, clean, chiselled, lovely ears, dark round eyes, wide, well defined stop, deep through skull, strong blunt muzzle. She moved ok, I loved her and would have whisked her away in a heart beat. My BPIB.

2nd Merrick - Seastaff Ocean Queen with Magicgem. A different style to 1st placed bitch but this one is also super pretty with a lovely feminine expression, a good width to her skull, dark round eye, ears are ok, she has time to grow into them, ideal muzzle length. She has a straight front which is wide enough for her frame, flexible at the pastern with small feet that are tidy enough. In profile, she is a picture, angulation front and back are spot on, deep rib, good forechest, close coupled, low tailset and she moved beautifully.

3rd Fergiestaff Hands Of Stone
Res Catrin’s Little Lady of Llanstaff
VHC Dazmarnic Daisy Duke
GB 5/1

1ST Prutton - Jasamarch Ditsy Diva. Black brindle bitch, pretty girl with a clean head, small neat ears, dark enough eye, well defined stop, nice length of muzzle and enough underjaw. Her front is ok, small neat feet. She has enough depth to her body, is close coupled, and she moved very well in profile, maintaining a level topline and well carried tail.

2nd Oakley - Homafar Jomanda. Another pretty black brindle bitch. Small well carried ears, nice eyes, good skull with definition of stop, clean foreface and good length of muzzle. Slightly more width to the front than 1st placed, good topline, slightly longer cast, moved nicely,

3rd Mayer’s - Sugar’s Shadow
Res Nolan - Kentstar’s Mustang Sally

PGB 12/2

1st Norman - Amavia Rewrite The Stars. Dark brindle bitch with white markings, not a big girl, but what a beautiful classic head on her. So clean, lovely shape to skull, defined stop, good cheeks. Dark round eye, neat ears, loved her deep, broad muzzle and tight lips. Nice straight front, wide enough, clean shoulder, enough depth to brisket, well balanced bone and small neat feet. A little longer cast, but light in the loin, well angulated and she has a good tailset. Moved nicely.

2nd Bassford-Lane - TNT Edition Quaestium at Jojalane (Imp Svn) Very nice, clean headed red bitch, black mask, lovely dark eye, well defined stop, correct length to muzzle, good cheek muscles, depth to skull. Lovely front, width and depth, strong straight forelegs and small neat feet. Good width, length and depth to rib cage, close coupled, moderate angulation, well carried tail, moved well. Just preferred the depth of underjaw on first placed bitch, very close decision.

3rd Wells - Taraiel Ray Of Light at Wellsstaffs.
Res Thomas - Biggleswick She Devil
VHC Efreme - Labrstaff Afterdark at Bindyestaff

LB 9/3

1st Fulford - Gazstaff’s Diamond. Beautiful, standard sized, compact, powerful looking black brindle bitch. Loved the head on this girl, and the rest of her equally as good. She is clean enough, she has a deep skull, which is broad with a well defined stop, dark round eye, neat well carried ears, powerful, blunt muzzle with depth to the underjaw and width. Her neck is rather short, and strong, her front is wide enough, with the right amount of bone to balance, and depth of brisket for her size. Small neat feet. She is close coupled, well angulated, has short strong hocks and carries her tail well. In the challenge, it was marginal between her and Open bitch, she was my BRCC.

2nd Rowe & South - Illori Bootie Luv. Dark brindle, a bitch I have admired from ringside, just back from maternal duties and carrying a bit of baby weight. Similar stamp to first, but outgunned today. She has a classic, clean head shape with neat ears, a round eye, good shape to skull, well defined stop, good cheek muscles, muzzle deep and of good length. She has width to her front,
enough bone, small neat feet, good rib, close coupled, correct tailset and well angulated at the rear, her hocks are short and strong. As mentioned, she was obviously just off a litter, and could not match 1 for condition, nonetheless, a decent quality bitch.

3rd Jackson - Jackabyte Boucoture
Res Thomas - Skilful-Dogs Poison Ivy
VHC Stevens & Raynsford - Raynstaff Dark And Stormy

OB 12/2

1st Johansson - Te Ora Magic Eclipse. My critique says B****y Gorgeous. This is a standard sized, compact black brindle bitch. She is clean in the head, wide deep skull, small neat ears, lovely round eye, beautifully defined stop, good cheek muscles, strong deep and blunt muzzle, of correct length. Her front is wide enough, and has depth of brisket, her forelegs are well boned, pasterns are good, and her feet small and neat. She shows depth of body in her profile, is close coupled, she has spring of rib, correct tailset, short strong hocks and moved well. She ticked all the boxes I was aiming to tick for type, and she was my BCC and BOB. Thank you for bringing her.

2nd Jones - Chiswellstaff Black Velvet at Kamaristaff JW Slightly different in type to 1st, a shade bigger all over. She is in superb condition, with a gleaming coat, and good muscle tone. Her head is very pretty, neat ears, appealing eye shape, clean foreface well defined stop, and a good underjaw. She has nice width and depth to her front, enough bone for her size, well angulated both ends, a good topline and tailset, correct hocks and she moved well.

3rd Howard - Matrixstaffs Black Beauty
Res Marshallsay - Fergustaff Tudor Queen
VHC Boyle - Ashstaff Painted Lady

VB 3/0

1st Roper & Harrison - Ch Trawden Ice And Spice JW. What a beautiful girl this is. Her head is absolutely classic, melting expression, neat ears, such dark round eyes with lovely pigmentation, depth and width to her skull, well defined stop, short blunt muzzle and a good underjaw. Moderate angulation both ends, good depth to her body, a good topline and correct tailset. She moved really well, a beautiful bitch to whom I was delighted to award BVIB.

2nd Canavan - Ch Boldstock Am I Bovered. Beautiful, standard sized rich brindle bitch with a lovely head shape. She too has good bone, is well ribbed, carries a level topline, has good angulation and moved nicely. Just pipped by 1st with her broader front and my preference for expression.

3rd Wilson - Ch Bullhawk Jessie Jay at Northstaff

Sian Hammond - Hammystaff

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