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Staffordshire Blackpool 21 Judge's Critique

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Blackpool 21 Judge






Judge(s): MR L M RHODES(D) - (B)



I had a most enjoyable day at Blackpool, with an excellent entry that made me feel quite humble. Many thanks to the exhibitors. There was an array of quality on show, making for a challenging, thought provoking day. This along with the sportsman-like manner my decisions were accepted, made it a day I will remember with pleasure for a long time.

MPD (4, 1)

1 Howard’s Matrixstaffs Kilgharrah. B/B. Quite a powerful pup of standard size. He has good head proportions with tidy ears, front is good, a short back, rear assembly is also good, moves well although carries his tail a little high on the move.

2 Knight’s Kalostaffs Dark Knight. B/B. Although bigger than first, he is still immature in looks, static his front is good, longer in the back than winner. A little bit loose on the move, time and exercise will be beneficial to him.

3 Playle’s Kalostaffs Warlord.

PD (8, 2)

1 & Best PD, Sutcliffe & Crossman’s Pendlestaff Spitfire. Brindle, showing a strong head, muzzle and clean bite. A clean lively expression, he appeared to enjoy his time in the ring. A sturdy straight front, deep ribs, short coupling, rear showed power on the move which was still very puppyish but shown enough to take the class.

2 Cherry’s Funstaff Pistol Pete. Balanced red of standard size I liked a lot. Lovely head and expression, neat ear and eye placement, his front is ok with a fair rib for age, a short coupling, front and rear assembly looked good when static. Let himself down a little on the move as did others during the early classes, maybe due to the longer wet grass at the bottom of the ring?

3 Couzens & Coombes’ Niatona Arlo Coombes.

JD (7)

1 Clarke & Ortizo’s Powerpack Lachlan Dorin. Nicely balanced B/B&W, good head shape with neat furnishings make a good expression. Front is deep and wide, a decent length to ribs and short couples, he has a fairly well muscled rear and steady and sound on the move.

2 Williams’ Chelmbull Mr Pickles. A clean cut B/B head to muzzle ratio is good, neat ears finish off a grand expression, front assembly is good, a well sprung rib of decent length and short coupled which as with winner could be better defined. He did have good width to his thighs and also moved well, not quite the maturity of the first but a very close decision – two great young dogs.

3 Smith’s Tillcar Forged In Fire.

YD (10, 2)

1 Clarke & Ortizo’s Powerpack Lachlan Dorin. See Junior Dog.

2 Parker’s Jackabyte Baletoro At Nettleworth. A very appealing B/B of some merit, another close decision with first, just not the drive of winner on the move as yet. He has a great headpiece and all parts blend well. Front is straight and wide, good ribs at this stage, his coupling is shorter than 1st, rear is starting to develop, moved steadily. Another good young dog.

3 Williamson’s Alport Highlander.

PGD (11, 2)

1 Johnson’s Ellchansha Hot Shot. Nice clean looking B/B in good condition. Very clean defined head with muzzle of good width and length. Neat ears and dark round eyes giving a grand expression front straight with good shoulders, ribs are deep and of good length. He moved out well to take the class.

2 Page’s Assilio Lisbon Lion. Red with a strong head but not the strength of muzzle of first. Straight front with good width, brisket is to elbow, there is a decent spring of rib and a defined short coupling. Not as crisp on the move as first. His physical condition was of high order. Two really good dogs.
3 Hamilton & Murphy’s Magicgem Daredevil For Shawrigg.

LD (16, 3)

I believe the first five in this class are capable of winning classes at any given shown on any given day. Others that went card less were more than able to push them all the way, such was the quality on show.

1, CC & BOS, Norton’s Taraiel Stormzy Of Tikkurlian. B/B with a strong typical head, powerful muzzle, strong underjaw and clean bite set square to jaw. Dark round eyes and neat ear carriage. Front is straight, brisket is deep and runs through elbow which are snug against his rib cage, length of rib is good. A defining tuck up enhances his short coupling; he is light in loins! Showing a good top and underline. He has wide well developed thighs and is well let down at hock, good feet dropped where they should be. He moved out parallel with drive, condition was great and showed through his glistening coat. Once he had done the difficult job of winning this class, he absolutely smashed the dog challenge and left me no choice but to award him the Dog Challenge Certificate.

2 & RCC, Arntzen & Manito’s Catstaffs Used To. B/B, another decent standard sized dog of some merit. Good head to muzzle ratio while being of good shape. Finer points blend well giving lovely expression, shoulders well laid giving a clean straight front. Maybe a little deeper through brisket than first at this stage. Bodily strength is evident and coupling short, rear angulation looked good finished by decent tail carriage. He went well fore and aft but not the drive of the winner. Reserve Challenge Certificate.

3 Plumstead’s Callastaff Son Of The Moon.

OD (15, 1)

1 Desmond’s Ch Eliteball Challenger. B/B of much merit, he has a very appealing expression which enhances his broad deep skull and clean muzzle. A strong neck runs into a clean shoulder. Front is broad and straight; he has a good body but needed more definition on the day. Rear has plenty of width to thigh but seemed to be stretched out every time I looked at him. He did seem quite fidgety today. He moved out well and soundly. Quality shone through once left to his own devices. Worthy champion.

2 Antonio’s Gazstaff Man In Black For Antoniostaff. B/B who moved very well to secure his place. A lovely expression sets off his strong headpiece. Front wide and deep, needs more body definition. Rear dropped just about right. Owners need to get to work on this dog. I think it will be beneficial going forwards, he does have some quality about him.

3 Robinson & Marsh’s Hamason Fynnbar Firecracker.

VD (4)

1 & Best VD, Whitley’s Ginstean Black Bomber. B/B still in good condition for his age retaining a strong skull and muzzle. Limbs supported him well, he went round the ring like a much younger dog. Front on he is very eye catching with his wide straight front and grand expression. He still has a powerful appearance about him. Good ribs, shortback and firm rear. Enjoyed his time in the ring it was great to see him. He must have had a second wind securing veteran group 2. Good on you old boy.

2 Ryan’s Ch Rubericla Black Starscream. A nice B/B who carries a lot of merits a lovely expression not lost much in head. His limbs also carry him soundly. Not the body proportions of first nowadays but never the less a great oldboy. Thanks for bringing all four. I enjoyed seeing them.

3 Riley’s Ch Molru Nothing Else Matters.

MPB (4)

1 Marsden’s Auchdaran My Meggy Sue. Nice sleek looking B/B with very clean lines and in good condition. She has many finer points to attract. Head is developing nicely with a clean muzzle and bite, good length to rib and defined waist. Front and rear limbs looked correctly positioned at all times allowing feet to be where they should be, moved very well.

2 Payne’s Auchdaran Kiss Full Of Fire. B/B also a very neat puppy, great expression and underjaw, straight front with decent depth to brisket. Body is coming along well. Not as positive on the move as winner but I’m sure will improve the more confidence she gains. A tight call on these two.

3 Hands & Freeman’s Skyestaff She Conquered.

PB (11)

1 & BP, Fleming & Martin’s Loyalstaff Bella Bambina. B/B carrying a strong typical head and wide deep muzzle. Showing a great expression finished by dark round eyes and neat ears used to advantage. Front straight and broad, excels in body development. She is short coupled with good width to thighs, hocks are well let down. She did go well round the ring. BPIB.

2 Parker’s Elitebull Mojito At Nettleworth. B/B, quite similar to first, good headpiece with finer points complementing each other but maybe not as clean in front as first. A well sprung rib and good tuckup, rear looked strong. She also went well. First and second were well advanced in development from the rest. Close decision with first.

3 Taylor & Annakin’s Scipelei Beauty Of Dorne.

JB (8)

1 & BJ, McVay & Hughes’ Tillcar Halo Of Fire. Brindle, showing good type and of standard size. Excellent expression with most appealing dark eyes. Uses her ears well and muzzle is strong and clean housing a good bite. (As did all my main winners). Front straight and clean enough depth to brisket, rib is good. A short coupling but thicker than I would have liked. Rear is starting to show some development, moves soundly. Now’s the time to pick up the pace.

2 Johnson’s Tillcar Kissed By Fire. B/B, close decision with first but I thought the winner was just that little bit cleaner throughout. Another great expression which appealed. She is well fronted, straight and wide. Body is probably a little more advanced than first, but really the same comments apply. Not as positive as winner on the move. Two good examples of the breed.

3 Butler’s Joemikeste Fair And Square.

YB (14, 1)

1 Duncan’s Jackabyte Wonderlust At Rhebelstaff. B/B brought out in great condition, body definition was there for all to see. An excellent head, deep through and strong muscular neck. A sturdy straight front, depth through the ribs. A definite waist highlighting a good tuck up. She is short coupled, rear is powerful with width to thighs and well let down. Moves well both fore and aft. I found this bitch and second hard to separate. First just pipped it on the second run out.

2 Hirst & Bibby’s Taraiel Dua Lipa. B/B, she also was turned out in great condition. Her coat gleamed in the sun. She carries a well shaped head of width and depth with plenty of strength of muzzle. Front on these two bitches are very similar. Conditioning of body highlights her ribs and underline. Light in loins, with definition of muscle on her thighs. Good tail carriage. She also went well fore and aft. I’ll probably review the decision of these two several times in my thoughts. Two great bitches, I’ll follow with interest.
3 McDermott’s Catstaff Say Goodbye.

PGB (9, 1)

1 Norman’s Amavia Rewrite The Stars. Brindle that could be termed as an old fashioned type. A functional type head of good make carrying a very appealing soft expression finished with neat ears. Plenty of width to her straight front. Brisket to elbow, a good length to rib, short coupling, decent turn of stifle and a well let down rear end. Limbs are attached well enabling her to move soundly.

2 Funnell’s Powerpack Alura Finvarra. B/B with a very keen expression, she was full of life giving her handler a few problems. A most powerful head of good proportion, her body is strong and well defined showing a clean straight front and powerful rear. She showed enough on the move to secure her place.

3 Robinson’s Hamason Belle Of The Ball.

LB (10, 2)

1 Jackson’s Jackabyte Bocuture. B/B presented in great form with good conditioning. Her head is defined and clean carrying strength to muzzle (deep/wide and clean). She has a don’t mess with me expression! Well bodied up giving a desirable substance. She looked good in profile showing a good underline and top line. Front straight and true. A well defined muscular rear showed much power, movement was of good order.

2 Hoggard & Afsar’s Zaagabull Pixie Dust. A lovely brindle, clean cut and of a happy disposition. Intense expression set in a clean typical head. Not quite the strength of muzzle of winner but nevertheless balances out well. Front is straight, body well cut up to loins. Rear well attached and strong. She appealed to me very much. Sound and positive on the move, just not as mature and finished as the winner as yet.

3 Isles’ Luthais Aurora Borealis.

OB (12)

1, CC & BOB, Johnson’s Ch Ellchansha Once Upon A Time. B/B, came into the ring like the champion she undoubtedly is! Full of life and attitude. For me her head proportions are ideal with dark round intense eyes. When she brings her ears up it draws you straight in, it’s a killer move. Powerful muzzle with clean bite set square to jaw. Neck set is good on well laid shoulders, good width to a straight front. Front angulation allows her to step out well, brisket runs through elbow, length of rib about right and a short coupling. In profile topline was level (which she held on the move). Being light in loin her underline was also correct. She showed a definite waist. Rear angulation set was good allowing her feet to be correctly positioned. Thighs are wide and well muscled; she is well let down. Moving with reach and drive she covered the ground well, conditioning was of a high order. I watched her in the group at my leisure (where she made the cut). She looked superb and I heard many favourable comments. In answer to the question, but would the judge take her home with him? Bet your life he would. Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed.

2 & RCC, Dougan’s Luthais Light Of Venus. Brindle, I liked a lot, she has many positives. A very clean outline set on good legs. Great head which is clean with good cheeks and bite. Front straight from clean shoulders, body was well developed, though she was carrying a tad in the loins. Rear is set well and quite defined. A good tail carriage – steady and sound on the move. Her day is sure to come. Reserve Challenge Certificate.

3 Wells’ Taraiel Ray Of Light.

VB (6, 2)

1 Wilson’s Ch Bullhawk Jessie Jay At Northstaff. B/B I think she’s a little younger than the others giving her a bit of an advantage. Still has the stature of her younger days. Head of good proportion still sound in limbs and body. She wouldn’t have looked out of place in open bitch.

2 Harrison & Roper’s Ch Trawden Ice And Spice. Terrific headed white and red bitch. Again, still good in body and limbs, she went well and appeared to enjoy her day. Her tail never stopped wagging. Loved seeing her give her handler a hard time, long may she do so! It was a pleasure seeing these four grand old girls. Thank you.

3 Murray & Fawkes’ Flintstaff Helena.

Lee Rhodes

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