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Staffordshire Driffield 21 Judge's Critique

Staffordshire Bll Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Driffield 21 Judge



Judge: Maureen Ward

BEST OF BREED : 3540 ARNTZEN, Ms C & MANITO, Mr D Catstaff`s Used To
Dog CC : 3540 ARNTZEN, Ms C & MANITO, Mr D Catstaff`s Used To
Res Dog CC : 3600 PARKER, Mr & Mrs J Jackabyte Boletoro at Nettleworth
Bitch CC : 3561 HOWARD, Mrs C Y & HOWARD, Mr J Matrixstaffs Black Beauty
Best Puppy : 3613 RUTHERFORD, Mr T N Niatona Miss Batty
Best Veteran : 3622 TURNER, Ms B Tidestaff Mystical Magic


There really is nothing like the atmosphere at a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ring echoed a friend from another breed and how right they were, my thanks not only to my 2 stewards Adrian and Pete staying with me for the whole day, the secretary and committee of Driffield for their hospitality and hard work in difficult times, but also to you the exhibitors in recognition of a lovely quality entry and some very close decisions the sound around the ring was lovely. It was lovely to see our BOB shortlisted in a strong group. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder or so I’m told, so with a breed coming from bull and terrier how we get the perfect balance is always going to be open to question, we always have an abundance of quality in our bitches but today I found an abundance of quality in the dogs that I have not seen for a time, and I was splitting hairs in many of the classes, this can only bode well for the breed, it was a hot day with some dogs coping better than others, but on the whole movement has improved.

Vet D (1)

1 Turner’s Tidestaff Mystical Magic. 11 years young this lady has still kept her shapely body with good rib and nice curve in at the waist, little loss of head muscle, with lovely neat ears and eyes shining straight at you, still ready to strut her stuff as she moved still with purpose and lovely tail carriage, a credit to her owner, happy to award Best Veteran.

PD (4)

1 Howard/Howard’s Matrixstaffs Kilgharrah, Beautiful headed 8 mth mature B/B, good skull shape with muzzle in balance, lovely dark eye, correct bite, good front with well- shaped body going into the loins, ribs and bone structure to match age with just the right amount of substance for shape, liked this lad, moved without hesitation, look forward to seeing him in the future, Best Puppy Dog.

2 Rutherford’s Niatona All Above Board. Eye catching 9mth R/W pied well shaped head, nice width with good bite and clean lips, nice eye placement with good colour to match coat, width and leg bone in keeping with age, really nice youngster 1st just moved more freely today.

3 Playle/Playle,s Kalosstaffs Warlord. Solid 8mth B/B, head still maturing making the difference today, nice eye, clean mouth, well- built front with good boned legs, ribs starting to spring with well-structured back quarters for age, no problem moving.

JD (3/1)

1 Young’s Seastaff El Nino. Lovely overall size and pigmentation to this R/W youngster just over 12 mths, good head shape with stop and muzzle to match, clean bite with width between well boned legs, ribs well sprung going into loins with just the amount of substance to match body shape at this stage of development, good back quarters developing showing when he moved, moving more confidently over 2 giving him the edge today.

2 Waltham/Waltham’s Dringshaw Athos. Up to size striking 11mth R/W pied, lovely construction without being coarse, good depth throughout skull, correct scissor bite and lovely dark eye, solid bone construction, a real eye catcher, just needs to settle on the move, handler worked hard, but he’s young just needs time.

SpYD (7)

1 Parker’s Jackabyte Boletoro at Nettleworth. Liked the profile on this 20mth smart fit B/B, well chiselled head, plenty between ears with good width to skull, well- proportioned good cheek muscles and stop, liked his length of foreface, clean bite strong muzzle with good eye placement lovely expression, short strong neck into shoulders well laid back, plenty between well boned legs, good rib and well in at loins, nothing overdone, one of the best movers today, with strong back quarters and topline level on the move RCC

2 I’Anson’s Cludenstaff I Will Follow. Unlucky to meet 1st this 16mth b/b liked his size with just the right covering for body shape, well boned legs, good head proportions with strength in skull, correct stop, good underjaw, ears and eye placement enhanced expression, moved ok.

3 Williamson’s Alport Highlander. Beautiful coat to this 21mth lad, liked the overall shape with lovely head of correct proportions, powerful muzzle with good stop, clean mouth good bite, ample bone and substance, not disappoint on the move.

PGD (10/2)

1 Johnson’s Ellchansha Hotshot. Loved the overall shape and style of this handsome lad, lovely dark eyes on a strong defined head, correct stop, good ear carriage and scissor bite, plenty of space between well boned legs, with depth in brisket, well ribbed into strong loins, no hesitation on the move, plenty of drive firm topline throughout.

2 Miller/Miller’s Skyland Enchanted. Strength in body and head, nice balance of skull to muzzle ratio, correct bite strong jaw, lovely eye, good forequarters with strong boned legs with plenty of lung room, good rib well into loins, liked his rear movement with plenty of drive.

3 Manghan/Manghan’s Diamondstaff Wee Mac at Durhamstaff. Lovely expressive eyes, with well- placed ears adding to expression, pronounced head deep through clean lips, width and depth to front into well balanced shoulders, good spring of rib into loins and strength in rear quarters.

LD (10/1)

1 Arntzen/Manito’s Catstaff’s Used To. No doubting the sex of this lovely masculine fit dog, viewed from any angle standing four square with lovely clean outline, flowing from well- placed shoulders, plenty of space between legs with depth of brisket, good skull muzzle ratio, dark eye, lovely rose ears and cheek definition, strong underjaw, correct bite presented in excellent condition devoid of any exaggeration, lovely balance of bull and terrier with parallel movement both fore and aft, just oozes quality, happy to award CC and BOB.

2 Norton’s Taraiel Stormzy of Tikkurilan. Strong bodied but not overdone b/b, well developed head piece with good depth of skull, dark eye good ear set and clean bite, strong neck into well laid back shoulders and spring of rib, powerful hindquarters with good angulation and strong rear movement gave him the edge today, keeping a firm topline.

3rd Jackson’s Jackabyte Javikah. Good clean headed b/b, well balanced with good proportions, lovely dark eye full of expression with width to skull and liked his depth to foreface, correct scissor bite, good front layback and ribbing with enough space between solid well boned legs into loins, didn’t disappoint on the move nice front action.

OD (7/1)

1 Johnson’s Ch Tillcarr Fire Coanda JW, Lovely compact body giving balanced outline, excels in headshape strong but lovely balance of skull to muzzle with strength of foreface good stop correct bite, ample width across the brisket, short strong neck reaching into well laid back shoulders and strong ribcage, good rear angulation strong hocks adding to strength in rear action giving him the class today, fought hard in the final lineup.

2 Stanway’s Aus Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon. Pushed first hard, lovely spring of rib on this masculine r/w/pied, short compact body into strong loins, needs to be handled to appreciate the strength in head and body parts, well chiselled head good expressive eye to match coat colour, plenty of space between the ears with breadth of skull and well pronounced cheek muscles, good depth of brisket well boned into strong loins and good angulation from the rear.

3 McClelland/McClelland’s Ch Rochlawie Behold The Hour. Smart masculine headed b/b dog with good overall body structure gave this dog his place in a strong class, good neck with well-developed head piece, width to skull strength in foreface, correct bite, used his ears well to complement expression, well fronted, good strong well boned legs, enough space between, ample bone and substance balancing body frame for overall co-ordination giving him the power when moving. Nice class of youngsters,

PB (8/1)

1 Rutherford’s Niatona Miss Batty. Lovely sculptured head shape on this pretty r/w 9 mth mature classy girl, eye catching in outline with lovely body proportions, width to skull with nice ratio of skull to muzzle, lovely eye and ear placement enhancing expression, good stop and nice scissor bite, solid front legs with plenty between into nice lay of shoulder, short compact body with ribs just right for age into loins and well forming buttocks, moved without hesitation, positive action both fore and aft, she never took her eyes off me so self- assured showing to perfection, giving her the edge to take Best Puppy Bitch and later Best Puppy in Breed.

2 Parker’s Elitebull Mojito at Nettleworth. Promising 10mth b/b, liked her size and body shape when standing in profile, lovely head piece with plenty between ears and nice depth to muzzle for age, clean mouth, good front assembly with enough space between legs, liked her neck and shoulder placement with ribs forming well into loins and good angulation on rear quarters, moved ok not quite the positivity of first making the difference, but like many in this class ones to watch for the future.

3 Pieterse’s Stapphire Yelia Cover Girl of Changamire (Imp) ZAP, good balance of skull and muzzle to this 10mth r/w baby, lovely black mask with eyes to match coat colour, good stop, clean mouth, liked her body shape and construction with overall size, lovely spring of rib, well - formed bone structure in keeping with age development, with just sufficient covering to blend into the picture, lots to like with this pretty youngster, moved easily round the ring.

JB (6/3)

1 Johnson’s Tillcarr Kissed By Fire. Full of style this 18mth b/b lady, stunning headpiece with balance of skull to muzzle, good stop dark well placed eye and lovely rose ears to complete the picture, liked her body proportions with depth in brisket, good spring of rib and strong tuck up with bone in proportion to body weight, good close coat in super condition, moved strongly with style and ease keeping her topline firm throughout, pushed hard in the final line up.

2 Butler/Butler’s Joemikeste Fair And Square. Strength in head while still retaining her femininity this 17mth b/b lovely dark eyes and neat ears loved her expression, correct bite with strong neck into well laid back shoulders, strong frontage with enough space between and good bone structure, well up in loin with well- muscled rear quarters, good positive movement with topline remaining level, just preferred the extra covering on first.

3rd Ellis’s Bojstaff Girl On Fire At Elistaff. Nice overall body structure on this pretty girl, good size with matching bone and substance, enough heart room with solid boned legs and ribs deep and well sprung, developed head in proportion to body size, clean dark eye good stop, was impressed with the patience of his young handler expertly handling and showing her to advantage moving well over the ground.

SpYB (12/1)

1 Jackson’s Jackabyte the Decadence. Lovely short coupled bitch, body deep in brisket with good spring of rib, liked her height weight ratio with lines blending with just the right covering, well developed head balanced in proportions following from breadth and depth of skull to good stop and strong muzzle, correct scissor bite, moved soundly with ease, power from back quarters showing.

2nd Bibby/Hirst’s Taraiel Dua Lipa, fought one hard in this class, strong head still not doubting her sex, lovely ear set with muzzle well into proportion to skull, clean mouth, loved her overall body frame in balance with height, legs well separated with strong bone good well-muscled neck into laid back shoulders, strong muscle showed on back quarters as she moved, just preferred the slightly lighter loins of one, but close decision.

3rd Duncan/Duncan’s Jackabyte Wonderlust AT Rhebelstaff, Beautiful eye and lovely rear construction on this classy girl, well sculptured headpiece plenty between the ears with ample breadth and depth, lovely round dark eye looking straight at you, enough heart room into well sprung ribs, angulated hindquarters with plenty of muscle giving her impressive strength from her rear quarters on the move to take her place in a strong class.

PGB (8)

1 Liversidge/Liversidge’s Hatson Getting Away With It. Lovely shape and bone with type and style to this charming lady, scores in front assembly with plenty of room between legs, well- rounded rib with depth, well- padded feet, short strong neck into well laid back shoulders, ribs well sprung, balanced head with good ratio of skull and muzzle, nice eye complemented by position of ears, lovely front movement without losing power from behind gave her the class.

2 Stanway’s Waystaff Honey Moon. Stylish bitch this attractive r/w with lovely black mask, well defined headshape, ample breadth and depth of skull good stop with keen on her toes expression, strong neck leading to shoulder assembly, well fronted depth to body and strength into legs and good spring of rib, strength in back quarters showing when she settled and moved with purpose, just preferred ears of first.

3 Robinson/Robinson/Robinson – Cox/Cox‘s Hamason Belle O’the Ball, Well named this pretty r/w showgirl, beautiful pigmentation with strength in head and body without losing her femininity, good width in skull with muzzle to match complemented by muscular cheeks and good stop, solid well boned legs with plenty of heart room, short strong neck flows into shoulders, lovely spring of rib into firm loins with just the right amount of substance to cover into well-muscled rear quarters, moved and showed with confidence.

LB (6)

1 Howard/Howard’s Matrixstaffs Black Beauty. Aptly named, beautifully proportioned striking bitch giving overall body shape and balance viewed from any angle, everything fits together with body parts flowing into each other giving the balance of bull and terrier but still retaining the charms of her sex, width to skull ample breadth and depth with stop to balance, scissor bite and strong underjaw, good eye and ear placement, compact body with strong front and depth of brisket, shoulders well laid back, ribs sprung into firm loins and well-muscled hindquarters, covering the ground without effort keeping firm topline and plenty of drive from behind, happy to award CC & BOS.

2 Jackson/Jackson’s Jackabyte Bocouture JW. Full of attitude this lady loves the ring and uses it to advantage, good body size and shape, impressive head, with lovely dark eyes that never looked away, width to skull with overall balance of depth, excels in front with well separated strong boned legs, good brisket, muscular neck into shoulders, good spring of rib into strong loins and powerful rear quarters that was evident in the strength of drive from the hind legs, good hard condition alert and on her toes throughout giving that extra in the final line up, could not deny her the RCC in a very strong final line up beating strong opposition.

3 Isles/Isles’s Luthais Aurora Borealis. Strong but feminine with lovely well sculptured head piece, good space between ears giving breadth to skull, deep through, good stop nice eye placement with eyes complementing expression, plenty between legs with solid bone and good brisket, ribs well sprung into firm loins and strength in hindquarters from well- muscled hocks, no problem on the move retaining a firm topline throughout.

OB (10/3)

1 Jones Chiswelstaff Black Velvet At Kamaristaff JW. Loved this strong but stylish feminine b/b bitch the moment she entered the ring, beautiful head of the correct proportions, width to skull, short deep through with good stop, round dark eye full of expression with lovely rose ears completing the picture, good body shape and outline, strong bone in forelegs well separated with good feet into firm loins and strong rear quarters, free flowing movement with power and drive from behind, well in contention for top honours, look forward to seeing her attain them.

2nd Anchor’s Lonemoor Inion Realta, unlucky to meet one this striking fit b/b as she has many of her attributes, lovely defined head shape well in proportion of skull and muzzle giving balance, good eye set and expression, strong body frame ample bone and substance with depth to body well in and strength in loins, loved her front strong with no hint of weakness good pasterns with slight turnout required showing on her front movement.

3rd Dougan’s Luthais Light Of Venus JW. Well-structured head piece with overall balanced outline to body on this alert pretty b/b, skull well- proportioned with width between ears, good muzzle and stop, eye position and cheek muscles retaining feminine expression from a strong head, good forequarters with plenty between legs and good brisket, well sprung rib into loins, well angulated hindquarters, just prefer a hint off of the loins making the difference today, good strong movement from the back quarters.

Maureen Ward

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