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Leeds 21 Judge's Critique

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Leeds 21 Judge



Judge: Mr S Watson

BEST OF BREED : 6898 JOHNSON, Mrs and Mr K Ch Tillcarr Fire Coanda JW
Dog CC : 6898 JOHNSON, Mrs and Mr K Ch Tillcarr Fire Coanda JW
Res Dog CC : 6925 PLUMSTEAD, Mrs C & PLUMSTEAD, Mr T Callastaff Son of the Moon
Bitch CC : 6899 JOHNSON, Mrs and Mr K Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire JW
Res Bitch CC : 6880 DOUGAN, Mr T Luthais Light Of Venus JW
Best Puppy : 6855 CLARK, Mr P & ORTIZO, Mr J Powerpack Lachlan Dorin
Best Veteran : 6853 CANDY, Miss M Elitebull solitaire
Best Special Beginner : 6917 MILLER, Mrs E & MILLER, Mr A SKYLAND ENCHANTED


First I want to thank Leeds show and all the committee, for the invitation and I had a huge entry which I was really pleased with and thanks for all the exhibitors, I have to say I had my grounding in SBT in the early 90s, as I went to a dog club in London which was run by a Championship SBT judge and went there for many many years and later became friends with Terry Giles and via him Mike Holman, and others, with other friends from SBT Ch judging parents who also became SBT Ch judge, Terry for about 4 years used to go to all the shows with me and my family and was constant entertainment and a big Staffordshire Terrier man, so lots of chats and visits to the breed with him, when he died suddenly and just before his first terrier ch show appointment was a surprise and something he was looking forward to, for anyone who went to the funeral, I took his dog, Soldier, to the service, I remembered Soldier during my judging as I thought after a few classes, ohh I don’t seem to be putting any reds up, ohh yes Soldier was a red, but then, looked hard for reds but was not their day today, I was looking carefully for teeth growing into gums and yes a found a few but not too many, I have even seen, BUT not in the UK, where these are cut so as not to grow into the gums, but still not right, I thought the exhibitors were very polite to each other and all winners seem to be congratulated by others and lots of people watching. I had some super dogs and was pleased after first judging them at open shows in the 1990s to actually judge them in the UK and with CC. As a FCI judge I have judged them in many countries but wanted and hoped to judge them in the country of origin, thanks to all and remember it’s just the judge’s opinion on that one day and you all take home the best dog. I was ready and aware that due to Covid, younger dogs hadn’t been to shows and older dogs hadn’t been for a while, but no, all was happy and rock steady. I stayed and watched all dogs in their groups and thought all did well for the breed and thought some might have been placed but different judges and different days.

MPD (6, 1)

1 Hands & Wyatt’s Skyestaff Winter Soldier. 7 months old, quite impressive at this stage of his show career, good depth of chest, nice topline, correct tail set, handled well and presented well.

2 Howard & Howard’s Matrixstaffs Kilgharrah. Nice chest, correct length of loin, good and correct feet, nice coat colour and condition, moved and handled well, correct rear angulation.

3 Rutherford’s Niatona All Above Board.

PD (4)

1 Clark & Ortizo’s Powerpack Lachlan Dorin. Almost 1 year old high quality male, super and correct in temperament. Correct in bone size and body for age, feet could be a little tighter but should come better with exercise and time, masculine head for age, with good width of skull, ears correctly set and in right position and well used, correct topline and tail set should have a bright show career. BPIB.

2 Waltham & Waltham’s Dringshaw Athos. In proportion, nice topline and rear angulation, super correct temperament, well handled and presented, correct in coat and colour, stands four proud and happy, dark eyes and nose, nice muzzle and stop, he just needs time but nothing wrong with that, nice bone, feet and correct substance.

3 James & James’ Luthais Loch Ness.

JD (7)

1 Clark & Ortizo’s Powerpack Lachlan Dorin. As per PD.

2 Crawford’s Dekayro Mystic Mac. 18 months old, correct bone type, feet could be a little tighter, clean head, cheeks developing well, good expression, dark nose, good width of head, nice topline in super coat condition and colour, just needs more time to develop overall and to finish off. Stands proud and happy and in control, front legs correct, nice feet good width of chest, excellent underjaw, correct in muzzle, dark nose, correct set and use of ears, correct chest, moved well and well presented.

3 Smith’s Tillcarr Forged In Fire.

YD (1)

1 Parker’s Jackabyte Boletoro At Nettleworth. Alone in the class but correct type, excellent coat, correct colour and shine to coat, dark eye, correct shape as well, position set and use of the ears, stands proud and positive with a look of confidence and charm, clean in head, correct in skull, super expression, correct nose and look, correct coat type and texture and high quality.

GD (5, 1)

1 Nicholson & Nicholson’s Northstaff Poster Boy. 4 years old, nice boon and legs, tight and correct feet, ears could be used more to advantage, correct width of underjaw, enough depth of chest, topline could be slightly better, head just needs time to finish but certainly getting there, correct in bone and substance.

2 Cooper’s Fairlenium’s Bat Out Of Hell. 16 months old, temperament excellent, good in skull and head type, excellent expression, correct set and use of ears with good position, correct in cheeks and muzzle.

3 Stephens’ Bigor Stance At Eclipsebulls.

PGD (8, 1)

1 Funnell’s Powerpack Tam O’Shanter JW. Happy dog and likes to show and enjoy his day, feet could be tighter, super temperament, clean in skull with correct width, current in nose and muzzle. Nice topline and happy on the move. eyes could be a little darker.

2 Johnson’s Ellchansha Hotshot. Just over 3 years old, nice type, correct bone feet could be tighter, excellent coat colour and condition, correct length of muzzle, good in nose good and correct in width and depth of chest happy dog that looked like he was enjoying himself.

3 Stanway’s Waystaff Crackerjack.

LD (15, 1)

1 Plumstead & Plumstead’s Callastaff Son Of The Moon. Impressive and large class to judge and when a judge has to work and make sure he does not miss any dogs. 2 years old and of very high quality and type, well handled but a dog who wants to show and please which this breed likes to do, stands and looks at you and says, well I’m here and you’d better look, good and correct in feet, super in body, excellent in width and depth of chest, super shine, which to be honest you hope to see in this breed, with correct coat texture, excellent type for the breed and looks and acts like a male, masculine in outlook and type, strong head, clean in the skull and impressive to see, correct in stop, correct in bite and underjaw, correct strength and type of neck, super topline standing and on the move excellent temperament, RCC and should become a Champion and deserves to be so.

2 Jackson’s Jackabyte Javikah. Also, an impressive male but just needs ta bit more time to finish off, excellent substance and bone, straight front legs, head right type just needs maturity and time to finish, masculine and definitely all male, very dark eye, correct in breed type coat looked well present and happy smiley dog excellent expression should do well in the future.

3 Miller & Miller’s Skyland Enchanted.

OD (6)

1 Johnson’s Ch Tillcarr Fire Coanda JW. A star and not surprised to see when I wrote the CC, already a Champion, 4 years old, fully finished and looking first the part of a SBT then a champion and thirdly looks like the dog most would be proud to own and walk down the street and say he’s mine and the dog looked to please and make his owners proud and happy of him. Walked in like he owned the ring and dared me not to place him first, when I see a SBT I look for the smile and the relationship of the two together that being an adult or a child, they look like they want to please and be together, that said, this is a beauty show and this male fits the breed standard as well in type and temperament. Moves like he’s in charge and with power and grace but with the breed requirements, correct height and substance, masculine but refined, stands square and proud, with darks eyes the correct shape, clean in skull with the right amount of width and depth, excellent width of chest and correct depth with good spring of rib, strong in neck with correct length, leading into correct standing and on the move topline, tail is set and positioned correctly and used well, standing and on the move very pleased and in fact honoured to give this male CC and BOB, he beats his sister for BOB challenge, I just thought his strength, character and determination to win stood out, but I would accept the breeders of both these are very proud people and well done to you.

2 Desmond & Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger JW. A quality male who was presented and shown well, temperament which you expect and hope for, happy to show and be there and moved and handled well, I see also a champion and deserved to be so, dark eye correct happy expression and look, super coat and shine, masculine head with right type and proportions, correct ears super underjaw and stop super body and moved well.

3 Wilson’s Ch Northstaff Notorious.

SBD/B (5)

1 Miller & Miller’s Skyland Enchanted. Third in a very strong limit class, nice male stands and shows well, good width of chest straight and correct front legs, correct in skull and width correct ears, nice look, nice stop, correct in body type.

2 Playle & Playle’s Kalostaffs Warlord. Almost 8 months, at that age just needs time and age to fully develop more, but right type dark eye and correct ears, all going the right way.

3 Ellis’ Gogo Dancer.

MPB (6, 1)

1 Marsden’s Auchdaran My Meggy Sue. Should say six in the class, and even without Covid could be the first show, but all stood and acted like well behaved happy to be there and enjoying there day. First was 7 months but stood and showed like an open female, super prospect for the future and should do well, correct breed type with correct substance and attitude, super correct in coat and condition, good front legs and feet, correct in muzzle and super underjaw, topline correct excellent temperament.

2 Taylor’s Scipelei The Beauty Of Dorne. 8 months, needs more time and not as advanced as first which is not really a problem at this age, presented and stood well, excellent temperament, nice head but needs time to fill out and develop, dark eye, correct ears, correct type, and quality of coat, moved well and handled well.

3 Hands & Freeman’s Skyestaff She Conquered.

PB (5)

1 Parker’s Elitebull Mojito. Ten and a half months, well presented and handled and really enjoyed to be shown and seen by others, good expression and looked like she wanted to please and enjoy the day, head still as accepted at this age, needs time but all going the right way, very correct eye and dark in colour and correct in size, correct set and use of the ears, nice width of skull, good stop, should do well in the future.

2 Funnell’s Powerpack Morgan Le Fay. 11 months, as expected for this age, just needs time and exercise to fill out and develop correctly, likes and enjoyed the show, super correct temperament, correct set of the ears, super expression and good topline.

3 Major’s Ginstean Charlotte’s Web.

JB (6)

1 Johnson’s Tillcarr Kissed By Fire. High quality female and if continues to develop and fill out should easily become a Champion, 15 months of high quality breed type, but yes, still needs to fully finish and develop, super substance but strong and still feminine, correct in head, super dark eyes, excellent expression, super topline standing and on the move, correct in coat type.

2 Butler & Butler’s Joemikeste Fair And Square. Correct type, enjoyed her day out, showed and presented well, excellent temperament, super correct in feel, moved well, just needs time and should do well.

3 McDermott & Bernhardsson’s Macadermus Little Star.

YB (6, 1)

1 Candy’s Elitebull Solitaire. 20 mths old, well presented and handled on the day, correct in breed type, nice head but slowly maturing so needs time which she has, good muzzle correct width and strength of underjaw, good in chest width and depth, nice in next and topline.

2 McClelland & McClelland’s Rochlawie Cutty Sark. 18 months, excellent in coat colour and shine, shown in correct condition and substance, straight front legs, nice tight feet, correct nose and good expression, correct use and position of the ears.

3 Nicholson, Nicholson & Speed’s Ballindona Labrastaf Forget’Me’Knot.

GB (3)

1 Parker’s Elitebull Mojito. Winner of female puppy

2 McClelland & McClelland’s Rochlawie Ever Mair. Almost 18 months old, nice type and shape, but needs more time to finish and fill out and develop. Dark eye topline could be better, well handled and presented.

3 Riley’s Joemikeste Let Her Rip For Hatson.

PGB (10)

1 Funnell’s Powerpack Alura Finvarra JW. Happy female who wanted to please and happy to show and enjoy her day out with family and friends, a little immature and needs time, but again, nothing wrong with that, dogs finish at different times and ages, correct type strong muzzle, dark eyes, nice bone, good topline.

2 Taylor’s Rhoglass Just Looking. 2 years 4 months, nice head and correct expression, correct muzzle, good coat and shown and handled well.

3 Liversidge & Liversidge’s Hatson Getting Away With It.

LB (15, 2)

1 Isles & Isles’ Luthais Aurora Borealis. Excellent in type and super bone, with excellent substance strong but still feminine, nice coat which you hope to see and have, good shine, eyes could be a little darker, nice clean skull and width and strength to skull, cheeks correct good width and strength to the underjaw, correct use of ears well presented and happy should do well in the future.

2 Jones’ Chiswelstaff Black Velvet At Kamaristaff JW. Two and a half years old as you would expect and hope in this class high quality, right type and look for me, correct in coat substance and bone, correct stop, good strength and type of muzzle, good width and depth of chest, a real show dog and looked like she wanted to be there and please all, should do well in the future.

3 Howard & Howard’s Matrixstaffs Black Beauty.

OB (9)

1 Johnson’s Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire JW. Sorry I cheated and used the same report when I judged her, I think 2 years ago, and all still stands. She’s certainly muscular, active and agile but still feminine, was of correct height, excellent substance and excellent rear, my job is to see correct breed movement and in this case I saw it, she moved without effort but agile, she had the power and drive behind and excellent width of rear movement, the front had super reach and true front, so as I said the movement is and was correct, but this breed do not move or flow as some terriers do, due to breed type, character and the way they use the lead but they can still move and hold their own in the group ring, I don’t know about her wins but know she’s a champion which was not a surprise and I should add, a worthy champion, she’s just 4 years old so still has plenty of years to go on to even greatly wins, well what’s she like, I could say super and leave it at that but that’s not right, she has the correct coat texture, which is in excellent shine and condition, all is in proportion, but what you see is honest and breed type, certainly correct friendly open temperament with the clown thrown in for measure, nothing seemed to worry her and why should it, she was enjoying her day with her best friend. The head was to die for, in proportion with well set, carried and use of the ears, correct width of skull, correct in checks, super dark eyes with real terrier and SBT expression, tight lips, right length depth and strength of muzzle, correct bite with excellent width of underjaw, strong neck, leading to correct topline standing and on the move. Excellent spring of ribs, excellent width of chest and fore chest. Correct use and carriage of the tail. Handler and dog happy are in harmony and represented their breed well, today won CC against her brother who won BOB.

2 Dougan’s Luthais Light Of Venus JW. 2 years old and a very high quality female and one I’m sure will be, if not by the time of reporting, be a Champion and a well deserved one. What I enjoyed about the day and the breed is its desire to please the handler and at times seems to play to the crowd, I’m sure they enjoy the shows and attention and applause of people outside and go home and be the protectors and family pet that you can enjoy and be proud of, as you can see when this female shows and puts her heart time and effort to stand out but more importantly make her owners proud, correct in substance size and type but still all female but with the right about of strength and character, as should be accepted temperament is top, coat shine and condition is excellent and she is fit to do what is needed or required, head is well set and carried correctly with the skull and cheeks excellent and correct with dark eyes and well set used ears with the right expression you want and look for, correct length depth and strength to the muzzle, correct stop. Correct bite strong underjaw, a pleasure and honour to judge, deserved RCC.

3 Hands & Freeman’s Gazstaff’s Black Velvet At Skyestaff.

VB (3, 1)

1 Wilson’s Ch Ch Bullhawk Jessie Jay At Northstaff. 9 years old but didn’t look or act like a veteran, looked more like 4 years old which is a credit to the breeder and owner, certainly enjoyed her day and was proud to show herself to others, well presented and handled, moved and stood well and happy, super temperament, correct for breed type and pleased to see also a champion and still having fun. Excellent bone and substance, super chest, excellent in head type, nice muzzle and super expression, I see later was a Ch and rightly so. Best Veteran.

2 Turner’s Tidestaff Mystical Magic. 11 years old, just showing her age and why not, she’s 11, but happy and proud and pleased to have fun, excellent temperament and enjoyed the fun day and looked good, nice bone, feet and substance, correct in bite and underjaw, super depth of chest, correct in head and expression and excellent representation by the owner to keep her well and happy and her breeder for looking so well presented. Well done.

Shaun Watson



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