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Staffordshire Southern Counties 21

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Southern Counties 21






The invitation to judge was only a few short weeks prior to the show date as I was the replacement for an overseas judge who was unable to travel due to restrictions I was very happy to accept and carry out the appointment, this being my first CCs for the breed. I would like to thank everyone who came and gave me the opportunity to judge. The weather held out for us right up to the last bitch class so we were lucky I guess after the forecast! My thanks go to my excellent ring stewards and in particular Debbie Anstead who ran the ring to perfection and kept my timings in check. Also, I must take time to congratulate the Southern Counties ‘Team’ for their organisation and giving us an excellent Show. In general I found no major mouth faults only the odd one with crocked or slightly misplaced teeth but bites were good. A lot of good strong teeth which is a pleasure to see. Considering we haven’t had any ringcraft or shows these exhibits did the breed proud and conducted themselves first class in the ring which showed that the handlers haven’t took their finger off the pulse.


1 Stevens/Pycroft’s Regalbull Enzo B/Br Wow – this puppy has the x factor! A lovely young dog who has substance. Not over done at all. Lovely strength of head with definition. Good ear carriage. Nice eye set. Loved his expression. Straight front and good bone. Proper depth of brisket. Close coupled. Nice shape to his back end. Good topline. Stood foursquare. Moved out well. He will mature steadily and he has all the makings to go on and do well. He has ring appealing presence and his handler got the best from him. Best Puppy Dog.

2 Hands/Wyatt’s Skyestaff Winter Soldier B/Br really nice youngster. Standard size. He has a lovely head with good expression. Good bone. Straight front and neat feet. Topline ok. Rear end developing well. Compact and well balanced. He will do well as he matures - he and 1st place will change places I’m sure as they go through the classes. Liked him a lot, very tidy youngster, shows a lot of promise. Presented and handled well.

3 Hammond’s Hammystaff Red Revenge.


1 Clark/Ortizo’s Powerpack Lachlan Dorin B/Br lovely young dog who has good proportions and showed balanced outline. Liked his strength of head for one so young. Good depth and width of skull. Nice expression. Neat rose ears. Dark eye, set well. Clean lips and strong jawline. Good chest. Well off for bone, straight front, strong feet and pasterns. Level solid topline. Good bend of stifle. Stood well. He moved well and his handler presented him in good form. Theres a lot to like on this young dog and I feel theres more to come for him which will take him into higher stakes.

2 Williams’ Chelmbull Mr Pickles B/Br Similar in build to 1st with good shape of head/skull and proportions. Ears could be neater. Appealing expression. Good jawline. Clean straight front. Good depth of brisket. Nice tuck up into good loin area. Bend of stifle ok. Moved out well. Shown and handled well.

3 Waltham’s Dringshaw Athos.


1 Powerpack Lachlan Dorin.

2 Davis/Booth’s Hamason Suspended By Stars At Sharmara Lovely tiger brindle youngster in great condition. Clean headed with no excess of flesh. Rosed ears which he used to his advantage. Smooth shoulder line and straight front with enough bone to suit his frame and make up. Not overdone. Balanced. Held his topline when stood and moving. Bend of stifle ok. Good thigh shape and muscle. Handler got the best from him and showed him expertly.

3 Hillman’s Chapelpups Northeen Dancer.


1 Norton’s Taraiel Stormzy Of Tikkurilan B/Br very typey standard dog with pleasing lines. Balanced head showing strength with lovely expression and well set ears. Ample depth of skull. Clean shoulders. Well boned straight front and good feet. Correct depth of brisket and good tuck up. Level topline held on the move. Powerful rear quarters with plenty of muscle. In great condition. Once he settled he moved well with purpose. Lovely ring presence. Liked him a lot and a dog in my opinion who will go on to do very well. He was a contender for top honours in the final line up.

2 Stanway’s Waystaff Crackerjack Red Standard sized dog. Nice width of skull and good stop. Dark eye. Ears ok. Good pigmentation. Plenty of substance about him. Good width of chest. Well boned. Correct drop to his brisket. Topline ok. He has a muscular physique with good rear. Good overall proportions with a pleasing outline. Stood moved and handled well.

3 Walker’s Georgie Poergie Pops At Techleystaff


1 Wise’s Montgomery Guard B/Br who has a good skull with plenty of width and depth. Defined stop. Plenty of width of muzzle. Strong in jawline. Well boned. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Tuck up gave lovely shape and outline. Plenty of cover on hind quarters. Stood and moved ok.


1 Johnson’s Ellchansha Hotshot B/Br showing lovely physical fitness in his condition. He has a head shape of good size shape and balance with a good expression. Nice dark eye set well. Enough underjaw housing correct bite. Straight front. Correct shoulder placement. He held a level topline both stood and moving around the ring. Body is short coupled and has a muscular physique. His movement is sound and with drive. He is a very clean dog without any exaggeration or coarseness. Has style and class. He was shown and handled very well.

2 Mann’s Biggleswick It’s My Life B/Br & white. Pleasing from all angles with clean lines throughout. His head is not overdone but does not lack anything. Lovely width and depth of skull. Clean lipped. Good muzzle to skull ratio. Clean shoulder with good width of chest and forechest. Good bone. Correct depth of brisket. Nice body outlines. Good bend of stifle. Correct tail set. Well covered defined hind quarters. Handled and shown very well.

3 Funnell’s Powerpack Tam O’shanter JW


1 Artzen/Manito’s Catstaff’s Used To B/Br who appealed to me even from a first glance as he came into the ring. Good strength, size, shape and balance to his head. Well defined with good stop and cheek muscles. Clean in foreface. Nice round well set eyes and neat ears. Good forechest. Straight well boned front. Correct depth of brisket. He showed a level topline both stood and moving. Powerful well muscled rear. Moved with drive once he had settled. Up on his toes and was alert in the ring. Handled well and put down in great condition. Competed well for top honours.

2 Plumstead’s Callastaff Son Of The Moon B/Br who gave the 1st place a run for his money. Liked the overall style and shape of this dog. Clean outlines throughout. Standard sized dog. Lovely head with good width and depth of skull. Pleasing expression. Good bone. Nice outlines when stood and on the move. Nice bend of stifle. Hind quarters were shapely and muscular. Attentive to his handler who showed him to his best.

3 Johnson/McCulloch’s Tillcarr Master Of Fire


1 Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger JW B/Br a dog that I would like to refer to as a major league player! He certainly has it all for me. Having judged him a few years ago, I certainly was even more impressed with him today. He has matured on so well. Good strength to his head with ample width and depth with proper definition of stop. No exaggeration. Muzzle to skull ratio spot on. Very clean yet powerful skull. He has equal bull and terrier make up and is a great breed example. Strong jawline housing correct bite. Alert and typical expression. Good eye and ear set. Powerful neck and shoulders into a front which is straight and well boned. Depth of brisket is correct with well formed rib. Shoulders are muscular but not overdone. Tucked up tightly, he has muscular tight loins and a defined well muscled rear with ample inner and outer thigh to give the clean and driving movement he does. Good bend of stifle. Lovely profile on the move. At one with his handler who just gets the very best from him. What a team! After carefully considering all my final line up of dogs, I did not hesitate in awarding him my CC and later the Best of Breed. He went on to take Group 4 in the Terrier Group – congratulations on a well deserved day of top honours. What a dog! This one I would take home any day.

2 Rhodes/Pritchard’s Ch Taraiel Reaper At Teracota B/Br What a physically fit example of the breed, put down in a fit hard condition. A credit to his owners. Balanced dog who has a good blend of bull and terrier. Clean head that has good shape size and ratio of muzzle and skull. Keen expression. Good ear shape and set well. Straight in front, tight feet. Enough spring of rib and good depth of brisket. Great profile. Loins were well covered and tight. Rear end was so tight and packed of muscle with definition many would aspire to. Moved with drive and had keen ring presence. He competed very well and I have admired this dog from outside the ring on many occasions and he certainly did not disappoint in all areas. I was very happy to award him my Reserve CC.

3 Johnson’s Ch Tillcarr Fire Coanda JW


1 Miller’s Skyland Enchanted B/Br with good head showing balance of bull and terrier. Well defined stop. Neat rose ears. Straight front. Good depth of brisket and nice rib. Level topline and correct tail set. Well muscles rear. Good bend of stifle. Stood foursquare. Has good outlines. Shown and handled in good form.

2 Walker’s Georgie Peorgie Pops At Techleystaff Red dog of top size. Good size to his head/skull which was clean without excessive flesh. Definition of cheek muscle. Well off for bone. Good front. Clean outlines. Good physical condition. Handled well.

3 Mitchell/Ashton’s Chedanstaff Devil Star


1 Wilson’s Ch Bullhawk Jessie Jay At Northstaff (Bitch) B/Br top class bitch who certainly doesn’t look a veteran. In lovely condition throughout. Good width and depth of skull, well set dark round eye. Straight front with good bone. Nice width of chest and spring of rib with good depth of brisket. Short in back. Lovely body shape and condition. Muscled rear that shows good definition and enhanced her driving flowing movement. She stood foursquare and stroud out well showing beautiful profile and was shown first class by her handler. She deserved to win this class and I awarded her Best Veteran and she went on to win the Veteran Terrier Group – congratulations.

2 Canavan’s Ch Boldstock Am I Bovered JW (bitch) dark brindle bitch who is in absolutely tip top condition. Loved her over style and shape. She pushed hard for first place, never stopped showing herself. Balanced head with good width and definition. Pleasing expression. Lovely front with nice width and good rib with correct depth of brisket. Great tuck up into firm well covered loin. Level topline. Good bend of stifle. Rear end had muscle on muscle which showed her power of drive when she moved. Handled and shown in top form.

3 Kendall’s Biggleswick Diamond Lil At Rossobull


1 Ellis’ Gogo Dancer At Elistaff Red with dark mask. Loved her expression. She has a good head shape with ample width and was deep through. Defined stop, and strong muzzle without being exaggerated. Good underjaw. Clean shoulders and straight well boned front. Good topline and underline. Nice bend of stifle and muscled rear. Shown and handled very well by her young handler.

2 Mitchell/Ashton’s Vimaval Red Angel Red with dark mask and white chest. Pretty bitch who has a enough width of skull and a pleasing expression. Straight front. Level topline. Good rear quarters. Stood foursquare. Handled and shown well.


1 Payne’s Auchdaran Kiss Of Fire B/Br bitch who caught my eye. She ticked all the boxes for me today. Lovely shape throughout. Has plenty of strength but not overdone. Still retains her feminine expression from good eye placement. Good skull with correct ratio. Distinct stop. Ample depth through. Strong jaw housing good bite. Clean lipped. Straight front, with ample bone. Nice width of chest for a baby and her rib and brisket is developing well. Looked alert when stood. An all round very promising puppy who I will watch with interest. In the puppy challenge, I was pleased to award her Best Puppy In Breed.

2 Taylor/Annakin’s Scipelei Beauty Of Dorne B/Br pretty bitch. Not overdone at all but has everything she needs at this age. Clean head with defined stop. Good cheek bumps. Clean lipped. Nice shoulders and clean straight front. Good body lines. Level topline. Moved out well.

3 Hands/Freeman’ss Skystaff She Conquered.


1 Parker’s Elitebull Mojito At Nettleworth B/Br what a lovely young girl she is. Everything is in the right proportion and maturing at the right pace in my opinion. She has a good head shape which is balanced showing defined stop and good muzzle and underjaw. Lovely keen expression, looks alert is very eye catching. Good bone with straight front. Good width of chest. Rib and brisket are coming on well. She has a lovely shape and profile when stood and moving around the ring and she kept her topline level moving with drive and flow. Enough muscle for her age which was firm to touch but not over done. Nice Bend of stifle. Presented and handled very well.

2 Funnell’s Powerpack Morgan Le Fay B/Br Lighter and smaller than 1st place but overall has good balance. Feminine expression. Clean head which had good width and depth. Clean foreface. Good shoulders. Straight front and good bone. Nice depth of brisket and spring of rib looks to be developing well. Good overall body lines. Nice bend of stifle and let down of hock. Moved ok and handled well, presented in lovely condition.

3rd Mitchell/Ashton’s Vimaval Red Angel.


1 Johnson’s Tillcarr Kissed By Fire B/Br who is an eye catcher. She has terrific ring presence and looks mischievous! Lovely balance and proportions to her head with definition. Straight front with ample bone and good feet. Nice width of chest. Good eye and ear set so she has a pleasing expression. Commands your attention as her eyes follow you. Compact all round. Good underline and topline. She has good covering and shows muscle and definition in her body. Lovely condition. Her handler certainly got the best from her and she stood and moved so well. Very happy to award her Best Junior and she went on to take Group 4 in the junior group. Well done.

2 John’s Llanstaff Double Valentine B/Br This bitch was a little bit over awed initially in the ring but once she settled with the thoughtful handling she had, then she absolutely shone through. What a lovely head shape and expression. Well placed eye and ear. Good underjaw. Nice width to her chest and well boned straight front. She seemed solid to touch and had good shape to her body lines. Correct depth of brisket and lovely rib. Standard size with no

exaggeration but plenty of substance. Good bend to her stifle and well let down in hock. Handled and shown well. She pushed 1st place all the way. 3 Butler’s Joemikeste Fair And Square


1 Hirst/Bibby’s Taraiel Dua Lipa B/Br lovely overall style. Very balanced and had good outlines. Lovely head and proportions. Feminine expression and her eyes and ears are placed well. Ample bone and a clean lined straight front. Nice rib and brisket. Good body coupling with clean outlines. Tucked up into well covered loins. Nice bend to stifle. She moved with drive and stood four square. Presented well.

2 Bissell/Candy’s Elitebull Solitaire B/Br What a lovely bitch. Very typey and has good head shape and ratio. Pleasing expression from well set eyes and ears. Good front which was straight and well boned. Good feet. Really liked her overall balance and clean lines throughout. She pushed hard for 1st place and one who I think will continue to do very well.

3 Holden’s Alport Dream On For Nickayne.


1 Parker’s Elitebull Mojito At Nettleworth.

2 Bassford-Lane’s Tnt Edition Quaesitum At Jojolane Red bitch with dark mask. Lovely compact and balanced youngster. Loved her expression from a well set dark eye and good ears. Good width to her skull. Clean lipped. Good underjaw. Enough width of chest and lovely forechest. Straight front. Good bone, neat feet. Level topline. Good spring of rib and lovely tuck up. Well bent stifle. Stood and moved out well.

3 Breckell’s Chiswelstaff Penny Black.


1st Funnell – POWERPACK ALURA FINVARRA JW B/Br Femine attractive bitch with good skull shape and proportions. Cheeky and feminine expression . Good rose ear set well. Dark eyes. Nice front assembly. She has a good rib and correct depth of brisket. Lovely lines from brisket up to loin. Enough bend of stifle to compliment her build. Good topline holding level both stood and on the move. Well muscled and shaped rear with good bend of stifle. Shown and handled well.

2 Canavan’S Boldstock Whos Bovered Now B/br bitch in super fit condition. Nice overall balanced and outlines. Lovely headed bitch with good definition. Plenty of to like. Defined stop. Good muzzle, and underjaw. Firm well muscled shoulder without bein

g overloaded. Straight front, good feet. Level topline. Defined and muscular rear. Would prefer a tad more covering on her rib. Shown in tip top form. 3 Robinson/Robinson-Cox/Cox’s Hamason Belle 0’The Ball


1 Jones’ Chiswelstaff Black Velvet At Kamaristaff JW B/Br who ticked a lot of boxes for me. She is is great condition without being overdone. Lovely balance to her head which is good size and shape and definition of stop. Well placed eye and ear set giving pleasing expression. Straight front with ample bone and clean shoulders. Good width of chest and nice rib with correct depth of brisket. Held her level topline from standing and then on the move showing drive and ease of movement. Liked her overall lines and type. Good rear with defined muscle but not overdone. Competed well and was shown and handled very well.

2 Funnell ‘s Powerpack Cherokee JW B/Br feminine with a balanced clean head holding a dark eye and neat ears. Good expression. Good underjaw housing correct bite. Straight front with good bone. She has a level topline and good underline. Shapely and well muscled rear. She moved with drive and was handled and shown in good form.

3 Heron’s Dilirystaff Spirit Of Love


1 Johnson’s Ch Ellchansha Once Upon A Time JW b/br of high quality who shows off her numerous attributes very well. She is in peak condition showing excellent muscle tone and physical fitness. She has class, style and breed type. She has very good head shape size and balance set off with neat ears and dark eye. Clean tight lip and good underjaw housing a correct bite. She has good shoulder placement and a lovely straight front with good bone. Ample width of chest for her frame and good rib with correct depth of brisket. Well covered loins which were strong and firm. Muscular at the rear showing great inner and outer thigh which produced driving movement once she had settled. She is very keen and alert and has a commanding ring presence and attitude. No hesitation to award her the Bitch CC. She is a credit to the owner/breeder/handler.

2 Johnson’s Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire JW What a beautiful B/Brindle bitch. Shows elegance and breed type throughout. A lot to like and she shows it well. Very appealing expression with eyes that are set well and neat ears. Proportionate head of good ratio and lovely definition of stop. Clean lips and good jawline. Pleasing Outline from shoulder down straight front and good feet. A good brisket and rib with strong loin and power in her rear which produced clean driving movement. Standard size with classic clean outlines. I liked her a lot and wasn’t hesitant to award her the Reserve CC.

3 Winrow’s Attitude Jingle Jangle At Jayneze

Wayne Jackson (Jackabyte)

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