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Welsh Birmingham National 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 18 Judge






Judge: Mr Joe Ashe

BEST OF BREED : 5383 YOUNG, Dr R & DUVAL Mr C & Mrs L Monaline Lancelot
Dog CC : 5383 YOUNG, Dr R & DUVAL Mr C & Mrs L Monaline Lancelot
Res Dog CC : 5370 BRADLEY Mr W Aman The Prince Of Wales
Bitch CC : 5371 GRAHAM Miss L Stanstead Shining Star
Res Bitch CC : 5374 HUGHES, Mr & Mrs D J & W A E & PEARCE Miss R Knowlelion Morning Sky
Best Puppy : 5385 WITMOND Miss A E Tiltser Liberty Lady
Best Veteran :


Many thanks to the exhibitors for their support, the quality of the exhibits was high, male heads could have been a little more masculine preventing the breed becoming a generic attractive terrier.

MPD (1)

1 Robertson's Tiltser Thunder Bay At Renevis. Smart, well balanced young man with good potential for the future, flat skull, good ear placement, well set eyes, dark and giving the correct expression, good dentition, good reach of neck, straight forequarters, will rib up with age, short coupled, tail on top, good overall angulation, good front movement.

JD (1)

1 Bradley's Aman The Prince Of Wales. Compact muscular dog, balanced head, correct eye and scissor bite, good V shaped ears, correct front and shoulder, short back, well ribbed, short coupled, excellent coat and presentation, moved well in front. RCC.

PGD (2, 1)

1 Hoare's Hansullie You Got It At Glenaffric. Slightly longer cast than others, excellent coat quality and texture, dark eye giving good expression, nice v shaped ears, good rear angulation.

LD (3)

1 Orton's Tiltser Goldfinger. Typical in outline, well balanced, good front angulation, head of good proportions, correct dentition, well set ears carried close to head, well laid back shoulder, strong back, good rib, level topline, harsh jacket.

2 Pearce's Demorner Nightmoon. Close to one, good front and rear angulation, correct strong scissor bite, good bone and pasterns, short back good coupling, tail on top, good muscletone just preferred rear movement of first.

3 Roberts' Brecknock Bleddyn ShCM.

OD (4, 1)

1 Young & Duval's Monaline Lancelot.
Typical in all departments, strong welsh terrier male head, strong jaw, correct scissor bite, dark eye with the correct expression, strong neck into good front quarters, ample bone, good depth of chest, level topline which was maintained on the move, well set on tail, muscular hindquarters, wirey hard coat. DCC, BOB.

2 Pearce's Knowlelion Special Brew (Imp). Smart, compact well balanced, balanced head, good mouth, well set eye, carried ears well, neck blended well in to good shoulders, straight front, strong loin, tail on top, just preferred the masculinity of first.

3 Witmond's Tiltser Double O'Seven.

MPB (1)

1 Witmond's Tiltser Liberty Lady. Stood alone, but a very worthy winner with plenty to come in the future, feminine head, elegant neck, into well placed shoulders, strong body with level topline, good front and rear angulation, moved well both ways, excellent coat and colour, won BPIB over a strong challenge from the dog puppy with a slightly stronger rear movement. Glad to see her gain a Puppy Terrier Group 3 position.

PB (1)

1 Spragg's Westpenn Sugar Mama. Another quality puppy bitch, dark eye, excellent expression, correct ear placement, good forequarters, good rib, short coupled, muscular hindquarters, just preferred the rear angulation of MPB.

JB (1)

1 Robertson's Renevis Revival. Attractive bitch of good proportions, correct front, good ear and mouth, nice body, short coupled, correct tailset, moved ok.

LB (1)

1 Graham's Stanstead Shining Star. Compact bitch, excelled in all departments, one of the best movers front and back today, liked her balance and overall angulation, good colour and coat texture put down in excellent order, pushed hard for BOB just preferred the masculinity of the dog on the day. BCC.

OB (2)

1 Hughes & Pearce's Knowlelion Morning Star. Very much to type bitch, strong head, excellent expression, good dentition, nice neck and shoulder, strong front and rear quarters, kept a level topline on the move, good harsh coat,won on type and movement RCC.

2 Young & Potts' Kebulak She Devil. Excellent presentation, in good coat and condition, preferred the type and movement of first.

Judge Joe Ashe

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