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Welsh Leeds 18 Judge's Critique

Welsh Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Leeds 18 Judge




Judge: Mr W R Irving

BEST OF BREED : 7289 HUGHES, Mr & Mrs D J & W A E & PEARCE Miss R Knowlelion Morning Sky
Dog CC : 7293 PEARCE Miss R Darwyn Knowlelion Special Brew (Imp)
Res Dog CC : 7294 ROBERTSON Mrs J Tiltser Thunder Bay At Renevis
Bitch CC : 7289 HUGHES, Mr & Mrs D J & W A E & PEARCE Miss R Knowlelion Morning Sky
Res Bitch CC : 7297 SPRAGG Mr P Westpenn Sugar Mama
Best Puppy : 7294 ROBERTSON Mrs J Tiltser Thunder Bay At Renevis
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner :


Not a great entry numerically but I was pleased to see some promising youngsters.

PD (3, 2)

1. Robertson's Tiltser Thunder Bay at Renevis, a very promising puppy which was very good in head and correct in eye. He was good in neck, topline and tail set. Very good in hindquarters with great muscle there. Moved better behind than in front. Held his topline well when moving around the ring. Went on to take RDCC and Best Puppy

JD (1)

1. Roe's Dezrez Silver Machine, needs to settle better in the ring and didn't always use his ears well all of the time. Also needs to have a shade more coat and body substance. Very good clean neck and correct topline. Good in skull and has enough bone. Good for size.

LD (1)

1. Roe's Dezrez Keep on Running, good in head and expression, though he needs to use his ears a bit better at times. Good neck and topline, could be shorter in tail for balance. Good tight feet. Moved well behind and OK in front but needs just a bit more coat to complete the picture.

OD (2)

1. Pearce's Darwyn Knowlelion Special Brew (Imp) better for size than 2 OK in head with the right expression and enough skull, though ears could be better. Good eye and enough foreface and jaw. Correct neck and topline. Moved better behind than in front and doesn't always stand well there. Enough bone and good tight feet. Good short back and well proportioned. Went on to win DCC.

2. Jones Perrisblu the Duke, very good in foreface and could be better in eye. Very good neck, topline and tailset, good hindquarters, excellent coat texture but rather too big all through.

PB (1)

1. Witmond's Tiltser Liberty Lady, a very pleasing youngster. Very typical in skull and good in head and expression, good eye. Correct neck shape. Enough depth and correct underline. Moved well but could do with a bit more development in thighs. A shade big for a puppy bitch.

JB (2)

1. Spragg's Westpenn Sugar Mama, scored for head and skull proportions. Good neck shape and correct topline with excellent body proportions. Good tail and tail carriage. Moved out pretty well both in front and behind where she was good in stifles. Correct size and went on to won RBCC.

2. Ashton's Jymelhia Princess Consuela Kitesprite, good jaw, OK in neck and topline and correct in rib but tail carried too high and just wasn't showing to best advantage.

PGB (1)

1. Heaths' Cannyyatton Mr Tiggywinkle - a strange name for a bitch (?) - good head and jaw. Good ears. Correct neck and well ribbed up. Enough bone. Moved OK behind but could be a shade tidier in front. Low set on of tail but carried high enough.

OB (3)

1. Hughes & Pearce's Knowlelion Morning Sky, Very good outline and size. Good head and expression correct neck, topline and tail set. Moved better in front than 2. Good hindquarters and very good round tight feet. Needs more coat and I was not at all happy with the excessive trimming over the shoulder but her other qualities carried her through to BCC and BOB.

2. Young & Potts' Kebulak She Devil, not so good in topline as the winner but scored over 3 here for being an acceptable size within the 15 and a half inch maximum. Good eye and foreface. OK in rib but could be tidier in movement.

3. Graham's Ch Stanstead Shining Star

Judge Ronnie Irving


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