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Welsh National Terrier 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

National Terrier 18 Judge






Judge: Miss R Pearce

BEST OF BREED : 1252 GRAHAM Miss L Stanstead Shining Star
Dog CC : 1263 YOUNG, Dr R & DUVAL Mr C & Mrs L Monaline Lancelot
Res Dog CC : 1257 ROE Mr N J Dezrez Silver Machine
Bitch CC : 1252 GRAHAM Miss L Stanstead Shining Star
Res Bitch CC : 1259 SPRAGG Mr P Westpenn Sugar Mama
Best Puppy : 1259 SPRAGG Mr P Westpenn Sugar Mama


Thank you to the Officers and Committee for the honour of judging here and to the exhibitors for their support. It is evident that entries from retired or late stalwarts of the breed are missing not just through numerical entries but through depth of quality present.

MPD (1)

1 Tilster Thunder Bay At Renevis. Very raw 6 month puppy. Excellent coat and colour, pleasing head and expression. Good dentition. Good ribbing for age and good set on. Very loose in front movement but sound in profile, needs time.

PD (1)

1 BPD, Res CC. Dezrez Silver Machine. 10 months. Good breed type. Well boned and sized for age. Pleasing head, good eye and expression, used ears well. Good dentition and strength through fore face and under jaw. Well set shoulder moved soundly with good reach in front. Could move with more drive in rear. Well ribbed for age in spring, depth and length. Set on ok. Good coat and colour. Forward temperament.

JD (1)

1 Tilster Double O'severn. 16 month male with good eye and dentition. Excellent presentation in good coat, and condition. Excellent coat colour. Good spring and depth of ribbing but short in ribbing. Lack lustre in the ring today, not moving with purpose, no reach or drive but evenly sound in profile.

LD (3)

Exhibitors who leave the ring in a gesture of bad sportsmanship are not only disrespectful to the judge but also their fellow exhibitors, the behaviour is not acceptable.

1 Dezrez Keep On Running. Not in his best coat and conditioning today, that said he has excellent breed type and was the soundest moving. Excellent coat colour. Good level head planes, clean back skull of balanced length and proportion. Well set ears which when he did use gave classical expression. Well ribbed dog. Set on ok. When not distracted by everything around him made the most of himself. Moved sound and true in planes and profile.

2 Tiltster Goldfinger. Another quality male of good breed type, in wonderful coat and condition and well presented. Good head and expression, good dentition, good shoulder and ribbing, moves well in front. Rear movement let this boy down significantly today.

3 Brecknock Bleddyn.

OD (1)

1 & CC. Monaline Lancelot. Substantial mature upstanding male. Clean head, good strength through fore face and under jaw. Good dentiton. Overall a little too heavy in condition, appeared between trimming styles. Well handled to full benefit of attributes. Well ribbed, good set on. Moved soundly in the rear and in profile. Game, forward temperament.

PB (2)

1 BPB, & BP, Res CC. Westpenn Sugar Mama. Quality bitch of good breed type, game forward temperament which gives her ring presence. Well boned but retains feminine outlook, well sized for age. Good eye and expression, pleasing head proportions and good strength to fore face and under jaw. Good dentition. Good depth and spring of rib, good set on. Moved soundly and with purpose in planes and profile.

2. Perrisblu Ana. Another quality bitch in top order and presented well. Not as good in head and expression as 1st, and a little restricted in front movement although sound and true. Well boned, good size, good ribbing and set on.

JB (2,1)

1 Renevis Revival. Well boned and sized feminine bitch. Good head planes and strength through fore face. Ears spoil her expression. Well set shoulder, moved soundly in front. Good ribbing. Well presented.

PGB (2,1)

1 Little Blossom Of The Sky. Top sized girl, but well balanced. Well ribbed, in good coat and well presented. Moved soundly.

LB (2)

1 CC & BOB, Stanstead Shining Star. Well she shone today, In good weight, condition and presented in good order. Quality bitch, up to size and well boned. Balanced, sound and free moving. Good temperament in the ring and made most of herself. Pleasing head, good clean back skull, pleasing eye and expression. Good dentition. Well ribbed, good strength through loin and rear quarters, good set on. Preferred expression and front of this girl in challenge for BOB and she stood away in ring presence today. Pleased to award her BOB.

2 Saredon Desert Bloom At Somerwel. Another quality bitch who was in top condition and presentation today making full benefit of her attributes. A show girl, never stops and doesn't put a foot wrong, loves the ring and a credit to her handler for her general condition and muscle tone. Preferred head and expression of 1st, but a well ribbed girl, strong loin, well boned for size, excellent strength through rear quarters and good set on. Sound moving.

OB (1)

1 Kebulak She Devil. A black and tan terrier with good depth of ribbing. In good condition and well handled.

Judge Rachel Pearce.


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