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Wire Fox Manchester 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Manchester 18 Judge





Judge: Mr Jeff Horswell

BEST OF BREED : 1576 MALZONI Mr V Am Ch Hampton Courts Monte Cristo
Dog CC : 1576 MALZONI Mr V Am Ch Hampton Courts Monte Cristo
Res Dog CC : 1578 MOHRKE Mr A Yunus Vd Bismarckquelle
Bitch CC : 1561 CALLEJA, Mr I & SHEMBRI Mr J Mlt Ivram Spot On
Res Bitch CC : 1588 VICKERS Ms J Kentixen Slight Intrigue At Eskwyre
Best Puppy : 1568 DUESMANN Ms B Be's Fanta Classica
Best Veteran : 1577 MOAKES Mrs J K & Mr A Blackdale Request Of Jomoaka


A pleasing entry with quite a few absent on the day. I was struck by the number not in full coat, but I guess exhibitors are aiming for them to be spot on in March.

PD (2, 1)

1 England's Ashleyheath Nemesia Fire. He has a pleasing outline. Lengthy head, well set ears. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck with well laid shoulder. Stands on good legs and feet. Level in topline. Could be slightly better ribbed back. Well set tail. Moderate hind angulation with low hocks. Could be better in hind action, parallel in front. In his undercoat, but furnishings harsh.

JD (2, 1)

1 Adshead's Shoalhill Too Hot To Handle. Smart and showy d. Lengthy and clean head, slight stop, strong jaws. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck that flows into his shoulders. Good depth of chest. Short loin. Could be firmer in topline, tail well set. Moderate hind angulation. Can go slightly close away and would prefer more stride. Coat is ok.

LD (3, 2)

1 Dipple's Marvidyne Follow The Trend. Masculine d full of character. Lengthy head, clean cheeks. Dark eyes and carries his ears well. Lengthy neck. Good depth of chest. Well ribbed back. Can be a little slack in topline. Well set tail. Lots of hind angulation with low hocks. Coat coming through. Moved fairly well.

OD (4, 1)

Strong class where performance and movement were deciding factors.

1 Malzoni's Am Ch Hampton Courts Monte Cristo. Real showman who went very well. He has a lengthy head which could perhaps be just a little more masculine. Long neck. Fairly well laid shoulder. Good legs and feet. Is deep enough in brisket. Firmest of toplines with tail set on top. Correct rear, allowing him to move with a balanced stride. Super jacket. CC & BOB, well done on winning the group.

2 Mohrke's Yunus Vd Bismarckquelle. Liked his outline. Probably preferred his head slightly to first, but not as good in front. Lengthy neck. Chest to his elbow, could be more parallel coming towards. Well ribbed back to short loin. Topline is much better than his marking make it look. Good rear. RCC.

3 Browne-Cole's Travellla Stand Aside.

PB (6, 3)

All babies having a lot of fun, they thought going round together was playtime.

1 Duesmann's Be's Fanta Classica. She is a very well made b, who went well when moved individually. Feminine head, could grow into her ears. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Well ribbed back. Could carry more weight. Super rear. Just needs to grow a coat. BP.

2 Salas' Stunning Luxe J'Aime La Vie At Harrowhill. Heavily marked feminine b. She has a good head with dark eyes, ears can settle slightly. Lengthy neck. Good depth of chest. Front is ok. Needs a little more hind angulation. Topline can run up slightly. Well set tail. Moved well once settled.

3 England's Ashleyheath Nemesia Gem.

JB (4, 1)

Thought this was a very good class.

1 Vickers' Kentixen Slight Intrigue At Eskwyre. Liked her very much, maybe a little heavily marked and definitely has a 'better side'. Lengthy head of strength, clean in cheeks, well set ears and dark eyes. Long neck. She has a super front with well laid shoulders. Correct depth chest. Level topline. Short coupled. Tail could be carried a bit better. Well angulated rear. Moved fairly well. In good coat. RCC.

2 Salas' Mindhunter Queen Bee At Harrowhill NAF TAF (Imp). Feminine b, preferred her head to third, although ears could be better. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be slightly firmer in topline and a fraction shorter. Rear matches her front very well. In harsh jacket.

3 Nixon's Willowyre Whyte Magic.

PGB (5, 2)

1 Dodds' Mcleanwyre Heartlands Girl. Nicely presented b. Lengthy head, dark eyes. Ears could be better. She has a lengthy neck. Fair front. Chest is deep enough. Could be a fraction shorter. Tail ok. Well made rear with low hocks. Best mover in class.

2 England's Ashleyheath Dusty Dawn. She is a well put together b. Feminine in head. Ears could be better set. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Firm in topline. Moved well. Just needs a little more coat.

3 Radford's Special Diva.

LB (3)

1 Lilley's Wyregait Cider With Rosie. Well presented b who has a very good outline. Lengthy fem head of strength.dark eyes. Uses her ears well. Lengthy neck. Good front. Short and firm in back. Lots of hind angulation and takes a while to get into her stride.

2 Dipple's Marvidyne Midnight Moon. Another very good b. She has a long, clean head. Lengthy neck. Good shoulders. Can stand slightly wide in front. Level topline. Needs a fraction more hind angulation. Moved quite well.

3 Hampson & Wynter's Jean de Cresecques avec Furlongfox (Imp) ShCM.

OB (2)

1 Calleja & Shembri's Mlt Ivram Spot On. She is full of character, interested in anything. Super outline. Very feminine in head, which is well balanced. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Lengthy neck into a good front. Well ribbed, good spring and they go well back. Could have better hind feet. Enough turn of stifle and low hocks. In good jacket. CC.

2 Bambridge's Nethertonion Sweet Chariot Of Beckstone ShCM. Very nice b. She has a long and clean head. Dark eyes. Ears could be slightly better. Lengthy neck. Fairly well laid shoulders. Level topline with a well set tail. Could have just a little more hind angulation, and goes a little close. In excellent jacket.

VB (1)

1 Moakes' Blackdale Request Of Jomoaka. Feminine young veteran. She has a long head, which is feminine, ears could be better. Lengthy neck. Front is ok. Topline could be better. Moderate in rear. Rather a leaner standing. Moved well.

Judge Jeff Horswell


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