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Kerry Blue Birmingham National 17 Judge's Critique

Kerry Blue Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 17 Judge







Judge: Mrs Margaret Bradley

BEST OF BREED : 1987 RAMSAY Mr R Ch Torum's Cairo Fred
Dog CC : 1987 RAMSAY Mr R Ch Torum's Cairo Fred
Res Dog CC : 1976 ENSELL Mrs R A & Mr P R Int Ch Dandy Black And Blue Just for Balboa
Bitch CC : 1980 HETHERINGTON Miss L Irisblu Aiveen for Newent
Res Bitch CC : 1983 O'ROURKE Mr & Mrs D & J Kebulak Affair Of The Lips
Best Puppy : 1985 PINFOLD Mr F & Mrs J Cyres Adonis
Best Veteran :


Kerry Blue Terriers

I would like to thank the Birmingham committee for inviting me to judge the show, also I would like to thank all the people who entered & exhibited under me.

I must say overall I was concerned about the movement in a lot of exhibits, also I was a little disappointed in a few heads as the breed Standard states strong & well balanced, I found some coarse.

I was very pleased with my two main winners as in my opinion they are true to breed type.

MPD (1)

1 Ramsay’s Torum’s Troubador, stood alone, but a lovely puppy, still very raw but a lovely size, nice head & ear placement. Moved OK for such a baby.

PD (2,1a)

1 Pinfold’s Cyres Adonis, smart young dog wouldn’t like to see him any bigger, lovely head, nice ear placement, lovely dark eye & pigmentation. Moved very steady for age. BP.

JD (2)

1 Walters’ Kebulak Blue Faced Lie Kamagan, another smart dog on top size, changing colour, good spring of rib, short coupled. Nice head, correct bite, nice earset. Moved OK;

2 McCann’s Ballybaloe The Minstrel, smaller dog than 1, needs to settle in the ring.

PGD (1)

1 Belt’s Arterriers High Voltage, nice size dog, would like to see ears a little higher which would improve expression, a little close behind on the move.

LD (3,2)

1 Anderson & Watt’s Edbrios Explorer at Nisyros, heavier dog than most, lovely colour, nice size. Good spring of rib, well muscled, short coupled, well developed quarters which showed in his movement.

OD (3)

1 Ramsay’s Ch Torum’s Cairo Fred, in my opinion this is the closest to the breed Standard, lovely size, good colour, head well balanced without coarseness, lovely dark eye, ear placement just right for a Kerry. Lovely dark eye, & great mouth. Shoulders flowing into a good spring of rib & a nice depth of brisket, short coupled, lovely mover. CC, BOB & G2;

2 Ensell’s Int Ch Dandy Black And Blue Just for Balboa. Larger dog than 1, nice colour, moved a little close behind. RCC;

3 Martin’s Something Blue for Clanciarrai.

MPB & PB (0).

JB (1)

1 Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream Against All Odz, lovely size, nice head, lovely ear carriage, lovely dark eye & good mouth, short coupled. Good front, tail on top, steady mover.

PGB (3,2)

1 O’Rourke’s Kebulak Affair Of The Lips, nice bitch, well balanced, good colour, lovely head, dark eye & good ear placement. Well bodied, short coupled, & moved well. RCC.

LB (0).

OB (4,1)

1 Hetherington’s Irisblu Aiveen for Newent, lovely bitch, beautifully presented, correct size, dark eye, good bite & pigmentation. Neck flowing into well laid shoulders, great body, & short coupled, well ribbed. Moved soundly in both directions. CC;

2 Ensell’s Nemiah Shades Of Grey, another lovely bitch, liked her a lot, would like to see her a little lighter in body weight, & lighter in colour;

3 Peacock’s Millsblu A Dream Come True.



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