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Kerry Blue Birmingham National 18 Judge's Critique

Kerry Blue Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 18 Judge







Judge: Mr Philip Greenway

BEST OF BREED : 4979 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Ch Lemracdream Against All Odz
Dog CC : 4986 FORREST, C & SCOTT C W Lacarnaveen The One And Only
Res Dog CC : 4982 DAVANI Ms C Kebulak Wear My Kiss
Bitch CC : 4979 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Ch Lemracdream Against All Odz
Res Bitch CC : 4989 HETHERINGTON Miss L Irisblu Aiveen for Newent
Best Puppy : 5004 WALTERS Miss C Kebulak Queen of Mean Kamaghan
Best Veteran :


MPD (1)

1 Anderson & Watt's Irisblu Big Expectations. 6 mth old, compact, well balanced profile, pleasing angulation, sound on the move, good neck, set on, topline, coat texture, good head, eyes, mouth and expression.

PD (2)

1 Hetherington's Newent Soul Man. Won on better movement, nice size, good head, ears, eyes, mouth and expression, pleasing neck, topline, set on and coat, overall well balanced profile.

2 O'Rourke's Kebulak Peaky Blinder. Well developed with typy headpiece, good mouth, eyes and expression, well balanced profile with good coat.

PGD (1)

1 Pinfold's Cyres Adonis. Spectacular profile with arched neck, good topline and tail set, good angulation, moved well, coat in good order, typy headpiece with keen expression.

LD (3)

1 Walters' Kebulak Blue Faced Lie Kamaghan. Rear action gave him the nod. Very good head and outlook, nice neck, topline, set on, well angulated, moves well, good coat colour and texture.

2 Clarke-O'Neill's Lemracdream Raphael Ir J Ch. Nice size, good head and expression, neck, topline, set on, presented in good coat, firmer articulation would enhance movement.

3 McCann's Ballybaloe The Minstrel.

OD (4)

1 Forrest & Scott's Lacarnaveen The One And Only. Leaves you in no doubt of his outstanding quality, excels in head and outlook, correct neck, topline, set on, substance, angulation and articulation, the right coat colour and texture, foot perfect with entension in movement.

2 Davani's Kebulak Wear My Kiss. Very close up to above, does not have quite the development of forehand.

3 Tasselli's Balboa Nembo Kid.

MPB (2)

1 Davani's Kebulak La Robe. Quite entranced by this most promising baby. There was nothing that required correction, only experience and development to make it all come to fruition.

2 Clarke-O'Neill & Butler's Lemracdream Valyria. Neat, well balanced pup with good coat texture, nice typy head and outlook, good neck, topline set on.

PB (3, 1)

1 Walters' Kebulak Queen Of Mean Kamaghan. Total quality, very good head, ears, eye, mouth, expression, elegant neck, good topline, set on, angulations articulation leading to pleasing movement, coat texture correct to top off the most promising of puppies.

2 Gallett's Lucy Girl At Nutleaze. Typical, well balanced, sound with good angulation, nice head and expression, good neck, topline and coat.

JB (2)

1 Bagworth & Connor's Emma Aqua Pixie Breeze At Faragoma. Very good head, eye, ears, expression, pleasing neck, topline, set on, angulation, moved well, nice coat texture, added up to a well balanced profile.

2 Jones' Joalyn Sweet Melody. Good head, eyes, mouth, expression, nice topline, set on, neck, coat, has yet to come together as a whole.

PGB (4, 1)

1 Bagworth & Connor's Suzie Peach At Faragoma. Overall nicely balanced throughout, which gives the flow of line which makes a complete whole, very good head and expression, nice neck, topline, set on, coat and angulation which gave the win, moved well.

2 Munro's Arkama Albies Choice. Within striking distance of winner, nice quality and balance, pleasing head and expression, good overall outline and construction.

3 Davani's Kebulak Killing Me Softly.

LB (3, 1)

1 O'Rourke's Kebulak Affair Of The Lips. More compact giving an inherent balance at all times, provied the decision here. Very nice head and expression, pleasing neck, topline, set on, angulation, coat in correct order, moved well.

2 McCann's Ballybaloe Mary Poppins. Very good head and outlook, nice neck, topline, set on, coat, angulation, well balanced, moves soundly.

OB (7)

1 Clarke-O'Neill's Ch Lemracdream Against All Odz. This is a dream of a bitch, everything is in such harmonious proportions creating the epitome of balance where one element moves into the next seamlessly. Lovely head, eyes, ears, mouth, moves so correctly.

2 Hetherington's Irisblu Aiveen For Newent. Lovely head and expression, nice neck, topline, set on, coat, pleasing angulation and articulation, moves so well from any angle.

3 Munro's Arkama Guilty Pleasure. Thank you to the exhibitors and my stewards, they are the heartbeat of the shows.

Judge Philip Greenway


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