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Kerry Blue Bournemouth 18 Judge's Critique

Kerry Blue Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Bournemouth 18 Judge



Judge: Mr P Wilkinson

BEST OF BREED : 3672 TASSELLI Mr R Balboa Nembo Kid
Dog CC : 3672 TASSELLI Mr R Balboa Nembo Kid
Res Dog CC : 3661 DAVANI Ms C Kebulak Wear My Kiss
Bitch CC : 3668 MUNRO Mr A J Arkama Albies Choice
Res Bitch CC : 3664 DAVIES Mr P Indian Princess At Perrisblu
Best Puppy : 3662 DAVANI Ms C Kebulak La Robe
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner :


Special Beginners Dog/Bitch No Entries

Puppy Bitch No Enties

Junior Dog 1 entry ABSENT

Post Graduate Dog No Entries

Limit Dog No Entries

Open Dog

1st Tasselli Balboa Nembo Kid
Quality Dog super outline, good head flat and long, well set ears, excellent mouth, big strong white teeth, good neck OK through the shoulder, well ribbed body, strong loin, correct tail set, good turn of stifle, well muscled hind quarters, in excellent coat and trim, moved well with drive, super profile, looked well standing and moving, CC & BOB and topped the group today with GROUP 1.

2nd Davani Kebulak Wear My Kiss
Another quality Dog, in good form, poses a striking picture, excellent head, lovely ears, very nice eye, nice neck top line and front, deep body well ribbed up, good tail set, well developed quarters, moved well fore and aft, would like to have seen a little more extension in profile, lovely coat texture RCC.

3rd Butler & Seddon Lemracdream Donatello

Puppy Bitch

1st Davani Kebulak La Robe
A nice size with a good outline, well presented youngster, good length of head, with good planes, lovely eye, well set ears, excellent mouth, good under jaw, nice neck and front, short back, solid top line for one so young, well made hind quarters, moved well in rear, just needs to settle a little in front, must have a promising future. Best Puppy

Junior Bitch

1st Jones Joalyn Sweet Melody
Clean in head, nice eye and ear, good neck and top line, in good body, strong muscled quarters, well presented, would like a better tail set and carriage, moved OK

2nd Gallett Lucy Girl At Nutlease
A raw youngster, OK in head, good eye, dark and expressive, strong muzzle, very good mouth, good under jaw, well boned legs and feet, nice texture of coat, good body weight, would like to see her more positive on the move front and rear, unsettled today

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Munro Arkama Albies Choice
Liked this bitch for size and type, a little unsettled when she first came into the ring, nice head, expressive eyes, powerful muzzle, good neck and shoulder, excellent legs and feet, short well bodied, good muscle tone and well made quarters, nice coat and trim, settled well in the challenge and pulled herself together and earnt herself the Bitch CC.

Limit Bitch

Davani Kebulak Dirty Little Secret
Smart attractive bitch, in excellent condition, well presented coat, clean head, excellent ear set, keen expression, nice neck and shoulders, ultra short back, excellent ribbing and good depth of chest, powerful quarters, moved well.

Open Bitch

1st Davies Indian Princess At Perrisblu
Top size bitch, real quality all through, presented in Tip Top condition, super head, long clean skull, wonderful expression, good neck & shoulder, well ribbed up, deep body, very strong loin, excellent tail set, powerful well muscled hind quarters, moved with drive and purpose, very good in profile RCC.

2nd Munro Ch Arkama Guity Pleasure
A nice size bitch, well balanced with a good outline, moved well nice profile, preferred the head and expression of 1st

3rd Clarke-O'Neill Ch Lemracdream Against All Odz.


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