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Kerry Blue City Of Birmingham 2011 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

City Of Birmingham 11 Judge







Judge: Mr Ernie Darby

BEST OF BREED : 5081 CROWLEY, Mr S C & YIWYLING Mr E D Perrisblu Kings Ransom
Dog CC : 5081 CROWLEY, Mr S C & YIWYLING Mr E D Perrisblu Kings Ransom
Res Dog CC : 5083 DALE, Miss M & COOPER Mr S Avalanche Eire Kerry Ustin Lynnsto Croatian Jr. Ch
Bitch CC : 5097 MUNRO, Ms P & AVERIS Mr J Saredon Showtime To Arkama
Res Bitch CC : 5087 DAVANI Ms C Kebulak Wheels On Fire
Best Puppy : 5085 DAVANI Ms C Kebulak Tango In Paris
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


Kerry Blue Terriers

VD (1)

1 Adamson’s Adabelle Blue Laurel, 7½ year, nice type, showed well. Could lose a little weight. Good neck & shoulders, moved OK. A little dark in coat for age.

PD (1)

1 Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream The Navigator, 11 months, good head, body, legs & feet, nice coat, moved well behind. Little loose in front.

JD (1)

1 Dale & Cooper’s Avalanche Eire Kerry Ustin Lynnsto, only 12 months, very good head & expression, good neck & shoulders, enough body for age, good mover. Coat OK but needs more plus maturity to complete the picture. RCC.

PGD (2)

1 Read’s Kopykats King Of The Castle, good type, good head, neck & shoulders, good body & set on, moved well behind which won him the class. Just needs touch better presentation around top of neck;

2 Linsdell’s Kebulak Jailhouse Rock with Lunabrook, good body, neck, shoulders & head. Good coat. Lost on hind action.

LD (1)A.

OD (1)

1 Crowley & Yiwyling’s Perrisblu Kings Ransom, very good colour & coat, good head & expression, good shoulders, short coupled body, excellent outline, moved well. Won with ease. CC, BOB & G1.

GCD (0).

VB (0).

PB (1)

1 Davani’s Kebulak Tango In Paris, smart 10 months, excellent head & expression, good neck, shoulders, body, legs & feet, good coat for age, very good hind action. Just needs to tighten in front movement. Lovely temperament, should go far. BP.

JB (2)

1 Gibson’s Glendonly Numero Uno, nice head, coat of good colour & texture. Needs presentation to be improved. Moves OK.

PGB (6)

1 Dale & Cooper’s Lynnsto Sapphire Blu, very good head, neck & shoulders, good body, well presented, moved & showed well;

2 Salmon’s Windygap Winter Moon, very good type, good head, neck & shoulders, good body. Did not use her ears very well. Moved well;

3 Baxter’s Saredon Blue Pearl.

LB (5)

1 Munro’s Saredon Tailormade at Arkama, very good, excellent type, good in all departments, showed well, super presentation. Unfortunately too much of her all over for me but should make up;

2 Davani’s Kebulak Agent Provocateur, of similar type, up to size, well presented & moved well;

3 Peacock’s Rimbert Queen Aravis.

OB (6)

Three very good bitches of correct size.

1 Munro & Averis’ Saredon Showtime To Arkama, outstanding, good head, neck & shoulders, good coat & body, good tail set, excellent presentation, moved well. CC;

2 Davani’s Kebulak Wheels On Fire, good head, neck, shoulders & body, very good coat colour & presentation. Older than 1 so coat colour was through. Just preferred front of 1. Close up. RCC;

3 Peacock’s Cranmoss Millie.

GCB (0).


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