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Kerry Blue Crufts 15 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Crufts 15 Judge





Judge(s): MR J S WATSON



Kerry Blue Terriers

First I want to thank Crufts & its committee for inviting me to judge Kerry Blue Terriers at this famous & prestigious show & thank you to all the exhibitors who entered for the show; it was a privilege & honour. Over the last few years I have judged Kerrie Blue on four continents & many different countries, which means I feel I can comment on the breed as a whole for which I have shown for over 25 years with many champions, group & BIS & top in breed dogs. Certainly the breed is not as strong as my hey days when we would have two or three dogs & two or three bitches being shown at the same time all current ch show BIS & group winners, but I had a very good cross section of Kerries with an excellent entry of 64 dogs entered. I think movement is generally a problem but that said I think that is true of all breeds, & as a FCI all breeds judge I see lots of different breeds. The other problems I felt there were too many tall females, some bigger than males & there are definitely more coat problems. I don’t think all was genetics most I believe was from being blown dry with warm or hot air, this over time gives a harsher coat, not soft as required & takes away from the shine & gloss needed, & the current trend around the world & seems also in the UK, a few are taking too much coat off the body, & the breed Standard requires plentiful coat & where is the trimming & presentation skill in a short close coat. That said many were correct. I didn’t see any problem with mouths or coat colour, the dogs were presented in a professional & terrier way, they were clean & happy, temperaments of dogs & owners were correct & pleasing to see. There was very little of this running & speeding around the ring, again another of my pet hates, so I assume people were told about me & almost all walked. Judging started on time with no dramas & all made the ring, which was big, well lit & enough space to stand & move. I was pleased to see afterwards both CC winners had the same sire & both RCC had the same sire, but different to CC winners, of the major awards three owners had never shown under ever & one had shown under me once, none had ever judged any of my dogs. For the people who don’t know me, I don’t really care for people friends or enemies when I judge, I just look at the dogs; yes I have given CCs to friends & also to people who dislike me, I have given to famous dogs & dogs with their first big win. I like to sleep well & to be honest I do & one reason I just do my own thing & that’s that. There are a few other moans & good things to be said but I know this report will be considered too long & would not get posted so let’s go on to the dogs reports. Can I remind all that judging only matters at that time, at that show & what that judge thinks at that time, we all always take the best dog home?

VD (2,1a)

1 Cooper’s Ch/Swe Ch Rollick’s Fool For Fame, 10 years old very happy & correct temperament & seemed to enjoy his day, correct & OK for size, ears could be set &/or used better, moved well for age, coat correct & as expected for age, shown in good body, weight & bone, there is no best veteran overall which for Crufts would have been nice to declare one.

PD (3)

1 Ramsay’s Torum’s Cairo Fred, very interesting male of 11 months, correct in height, excellent in substance & bone, well presented & handled, coat in excellent condition & trimmed with good length & correct type, & top shine & gloss, short level correct back, good topline, moved well for age, head developing well & of good length, well set & used ears, should become a ch;

2 Easton & Mackay’s Kebulak Heart Of Stone with Widdrshins, 10 months male all in proportion, but could be more of him all over, should come with time & exercise, tailset &/or carriage could be a little better, moved a little close behind, well handled & present in clean & good condition, correct coat going the right way, nice topline;

3 Somers & Cooper’s Dogazza’s Smoking Gun, 10 months male, top size for me. Could have more showmanship & terrier sprit, strong head for age, needs more drive behind but should come with age, exercise & time, good ears, strong neck.

JD (6,1)

1 Anderson & Watt’s Edbrios Explorer, very impressed with this young male of 14 months, really my type & if continues to develop will be a top winner, excellent in height & bone, substance correct for age at present, trimmed well but as I told the owner one of a few with too little amount of coat, the reason was explained to me & I expect this to be more correct at the next shows, colour is correct for this age, texture & high quality of coat, stood like a ch & looked like not only he owned the ring but was looking around to see who would be second place, long lean head with enough muzzle, dark eye, wicked expression, well set & correctly used & placed ears, strong neck, firm hard level topline, excellent length, strength & carriage of the tail which was well set & used to advantage, good angulation, moved & shown well with super character won the RCC today;

2 Davani’s Kebulak Love Gun, 15 months excellent colour & changing well, correct type, texture & quality of coat, good shine, moved close behind, head of good length & depth, correctly set & used ears, strong bone correct feet, enough depth & width of chest for age & developing along the correct way for the future;

3 Carter’s Kebulak French Connection, 13 months correct for height & substance good bone, short level back, head of good length, dark eye, excellent well set & well used ears, must admit I really feel, if the ears are not set right it spoils the overall balance & impression of the head, coat type could be better.

PGD (5)

1 Daly’s Commanche Creek, 18 months excellent for height which is something I always look for, yes I do have a thing about height but I have also had a taller ch myself; I would never put an inferior correct size over a superior tall male but if I can I will look more for the correct size for me, could be a little more mature in body, but this will come with time & is of the right type, long lean head, with strong muzzle, dark eye & well set, position & used ears excellent in temperament & shown well, happy dog;

2 Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream Field Of Dreams, 22 months top size for me, maybe little heavy in skull, strong & deep muzzle, super strong bone, correct frim level topline standing & on the move, movement could be little more positive,

3 Sonnenschein’s Loughborough Suite Leroy, 22 months correct for height & size, nice head, ears could be set & used more to advantage, coat texture could be better, & could be a little more happier & terrier sprit, moved OK & well handled & presented.

LD (3,1)

1 Earle & Kelly’s Miculadh Edge Of Glory at Dollagh, 2 years correct height & size, a little heavy on the skull, dark eyes, not fully happy today & needs more go & terrier attitude & sprit, did not always use tail to advantage, which spoils the general overall balance, handled to advantage & made the handler work, good tailset & use but when used, correct coat & moved OK;

2 Baine’s Cedar The Spaniard at Stormblu, 3 years but a bit too heavy & masculine for me lacked enough elegance & refinement I would have liked, built very strong, showed & handled very well & presented to advantage which you would expect from the breeder/handler. Excellent coat colour but needs a bit more coat, moved OK.

OD (8,2)

1 Weatherhead’s Ch Hallsblu Fibber Magee, my type of Kerry, I like it when they walk in the ring like they own it & think they have already won, correct terrier attitude I want, & no aggression as he knew he was the best & had no need to prove it. Looked like a stallion you want from males & looked down his nose at all, long lean head & correct in skull proportions would like a little more muzzle for overall balance but strong enough, dark eyes, head trimmed to advantage & ears well set & used & correct, had the required for me wicked expression, strong well used neck, short level firm topline held on the move & standing, tail set to advantage & used to balance him overall & to make him look even shorter in back, excellent rear angulation, real light blue coat, which too many think is the only colour. Remember there are I think 52 shades of blue & all acceptable colour for a Kerry Blue Terrier. The coat was the right amount of length to be considered plentiful & allow trimming expertise to be shown, the texture was correct & the gloss & shine expected was there in abundance, I could see he could be a handful, but the experience & full control of his owner-breeder controls this & used it to show off his evident terrier sprit & dominance. Not surprised after how much I like what I saw & found under the coat he won the CC & BOB. I stayed to watch him & the ever youthful looking Crufts terrier group judge & was pleased to see him shortlisted in a very strong terrier group, which was won by a stunning built & handled Scottish Terrier who deservedly went on to BIS;

2 Davani’s Kebulak Lady Killer, 2 years old top quality male trimmed & presented to advantage, handled expertly with the required terrier character & spirit, coat of right type & amount, trimmed to enhance & show off the dog, excellent texture & shine to the coat, strong top line correct & well used tailset, moved well;

3 Kvivesen’s Nord Ch Shyloch Qosmos, another top quality male 2½ years old, presented perfectly & in super hard condition, good length of head, skull could be a little more refined, dark eye, excellent set & used ears, used to advantage, correct type & presentation of coat & texture, moved well, I see I have given this dog’s sire a group a few years ago & wish you the best with this one.

GCD (0).

VB (2)

1 Calloch & Godard’s Fr/Be/Lux/Swiss/Mon/Int Ch Balboa Extravaganza, 8 years old elegant female, nice head with good length, dark enough eye, ears could be set better & used more to advantage, coat & movement OK for age, happy dog & well handled, correct for height & substance, good topline, tailset OK;

2 Somers’ Dogazzas Modus Operandi, 8 years old, correct size, good bone, coat as expected at this age, but correct colour, nice type of head, ears could have been used better for overall balance, correct temperament & character, nice topline & tailset.

PB (3)

1 Potts’ Kebulak Queen Of Hearts, very much my type size & shape, a real terrier who knew it, excellent coat for age with correct type & texture, too early for colour which is expected enough depth of chest, level topline, strong bone but still ultra feminine good length of head with the required strength needed for a Kerry, dark eye, ears correct size, well set & used to give balance & correct look for the head, super long neck of correct length, excellent body type, super topline & tailset which was carried correctly on the move, moved well for age, should be one to watch for the future, should become a ch;

2 Somers’ Dogazza’s Silver Bullet, 11 months needs a little more confidence but should come in time, a little top size for me, long lean head, ears set OK, nice coat for age, needs more go on the move & a bit more attitude but again is still young;

3 McCann’s Ballybaloe Mary Poppins, 9 months nice for size, needs more confidence & terrier spirit, nice shape type & size, good bone.

JB (4)

1 Anderson & Watt’s Kebulak Playing With Fire, 14 months old super for size shape & height, almost no coat on the body which is something I have mentioned above, yes it makes the dog easier to shape, but for me it is not correct & takes away from one of the main features of the breed. I have just checked the catalogue & seen same owner as RCC dog, who I also mentioned about the coat. I hope they change their trimming style, at least for me if & when I judge again, coat type could also be better, but cannot remember if from genetics or coat preparation, but you have a few nice dogs so hope you can just continue to gain experience in our lovely breed;

2 Hetherington’s Irisblu Aiveen for Newent, 12 months just out of puppy where I think she would have fared better, super shape & body type, nice long & lean head of good depth, ears could be set or used better for overall balance & look, nice coat type & texture needs also more body coat, well handled & presented just needs more time to finish;

3 Jones’ Arkama Harmony Miss D’arcy, left before the report but from what I remember nice size type & shape, good head but needs more time to develop, good neck & topline moved OK & well handled.

PGB (9,2)

1 Ensell’s Arkama Spun Gold by Nemiah, 2 years old, correct height, substance & bone, feminine head of enough length, dark eyes, ears could be used to more advantage, excellent coat colour but texture could be better, good neck, short level firm topline good tailset, handled & presented well, should become a ch;

2 Needham’s Kebulak Madame Scandal at Anfang, 2½ years old, OK for height, good bone & feet, excellent coat colour, texture should be better, nice feminine head well set & used ears, presented well & handled well;

3 Carter’s Kebulak Belly Dancer, 23 months old too big for my tastes, excellent & in proportion head, super set & used ears, when used, coat type could be better, in this class I had a few bitches much too tall, bigger than the males, yes they might have looked feminine but for me too big, also some coats were too tight, woolly, & did not have the shine needed.

LB (11,2)

1 Martin’s Clanciarrai Blue Velvet, before the report I have known this owner for over 25 years & not a better person you will find, he is not only polite & graceful in defeat, but he is honest & helpful to all & a real Kerry & terrier man, & is always pleasing to see him at a show, this is only the second time I judged his dogs & if I am right I gave him the limit bitch class then & maybe RCC, this female was 2 years old & of high quality which you would expect if you’re still showing these number of years (but not always true), correct size for me, excellent bone, correct coat colour & acceptable texture but could be a little better & good shine to coat, super lean & long head, with the ears set that says don’t mess with me, dark eye & excellent & correct expression, strong neck, super firm level topline, well set & used tailset & carriage, presented well & handled to advantage won the RCC today, should become a ch;

2 Muat’s Montealtos Well Ya Don’t Say, 3 years excellent coat colour & type, also needs more coat for overall balance, nice head of correct type with good length & depth, well used ears, long neck, well handled;

3 Anderson & Watt’s Kebulak Naked And Famous, 3 years old, well handled, excellent coat colour, texture could be better, head of right type & shape, good neck & topline moved OK again this class had too many tall females with the incorrect coat, both are very important in our breed & needs to be watched & continues to improve on.

OB (9,3)

1 Davies’ Ch Millsblu Living The Dream at Perrisblu, 2 years old but very high quality female, yes I agree a little on the top size for me but she is ultra feminine & in proportion, another who walked & demanded to be first & looked at, a real Kerry & terrier & a credit to her owner & breeder, correct in coat type & texture & real shine & gloss to the coat & excellent colour, long lean head, strong muzzle with good depth, dark eye, head trimmed to enhance her features, well set & used ears & required wicked expression, long strong well used neck running into a firm level topline & well set used & carried tailset, correct spring of rib & good depth of chest & nice forechest, strong bone, moved well & presented to advantage & to make her look as she was in top form, she wanted the CC, pushed for the CC & got the CC. In the challenge before they came in I had thought it was easily the male, but she fought him all the way & I changed my mind a few times while watching but went for the male in the end due to that masculine presence & dominance but super female;

2 Ramsay’s Ch Irisblu Boston Rose at Torum, another high quality female 3 years old, presentation & handling of the highest quality, excellent for height, bone & substance, very feminine & elegant, long lean head with strength & femininity, strong muzzle, well set used & carried ears excellent expression & balance of head & Kerry look, strong neck, firm level topline correct standing & on the move correct & well used & set tail, very correct in coat type colour & texture & really good shine & gloss to the coat, would like a strong rear, handled as you would expect from this well known breeder, correct temperament & character;

3 Davani & Walters’ Kebulak Bare All, 3 years excellent shape excellent coat & colour, needs a little more body & good head ears could be better, presented & handled well.

GCB (1)

1 A Harmony Miss D’arcy, 15 months old, coat starting to change colour which is correct for this age, trim could be a little better to give overall balance & enhance her features, correct in head, good ears when used, nice body type just needs more time to finish.


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