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Kerry Blue Driffield 2011 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Driffield 11 Judge







Judge: Mrs Eileen S Foy

BEST OF BREED : 4520 WALTERS, C & DAVANI, C Kenmileven First Class For Kamaghan
Dog CC : 4520 WALTERS, C & DAVANI, C Kenmileven First Class For Kamaghan
Res Dog CC : 4507 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Lemracdream the Navigator
Bitch CC : 4519 PEACOCK Mr L & Mrs S Cranmoss Millie
Res Bitch CC : 4515 FORREST-SCOTT Mrs C Larcarnaveen Mary Kate
Best Puppy : 4510 DAVANI Ms C Kebulak Tango In Paris
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


Kerry Blue Terriers

Not a large entry but one containing several quality animals conforming to the breed standard. I was disappointed in the number of exhibits with dirty teeth, a couple of messy eyes, and too many overlong claws surely this should be pre-show preparation. Coat texture in the main was silky and presentation generally good. There does appear to be a tendency to over exaggerate the trim on the hindquarters to offset a poor tail set, it doesn’t.

Junior Dog 2

1. Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream The Navigator. Compact cobby powerful young dog, well developed quarters. Balanced throughout. Moved with drive and reach. Res CC.

2. Dale & Cooper’s Eire Kerry Ustin Lynnsto. Very elegant young dog, long lean head, rather long cast. Shoulders disappointed.

Limit Dog 1

1. Wilkinson’s Granemore Padraig of Cranmoss. Up to size dog with lovely soft wavy coat. Would have liked a better spring of rib, and better shoulders. Did not use his ears to advantage.

Open Dog 1

1. Walters& Davani’s Kenmileven First Class for Kamaghan. Top quality dog with glorious silky silver coat. Long lean head, good ears and expression. Pleasing shoulders, good spring of rib, powerful hindquarters. Moved with drive and reach. CC & BOB

Puppy Bitch 1

1. Davani’s Kebulak Tango in Paris. Feminine quality pup with long lean head. Good expression, sound construction and compact. Moved and showed well. Best Puppy.

Junior Bitch 1

1. Forrest-Scott’s Larcarnaveen Mary Kate. Quality ultra feminine bitch of correct size. Coat already starting to change. Good ears and expression. Lovely head, neck and well sprung ribs. Short coupled. Moved well, and showed with spirit. Res CC.

Yearling Bitch 1

1. Earle & Kelly’s Dollagh All that Jazz. Smart young lady with long lean head, dark eye. Expression spoilt by ears. Needs to tighten in front movement.

Post Graduate 2

1. Forrest-Scott’s Lacarnaveen Orla. Feminine elegant bitch with lovely head and ears. Well balanced throughout. Excellent pigmentation. Colour starting to come through. Hindquarters need to develop more.

2. Clarke-O’Niell’s Rimbert Queen of Naboo at Lemracdream, Nice size compact hefty young lady. Lovely head and ears. Front needs to tighten. Not at ease when being handled.

Limit Bitch 2

1. Davani’s Kebulak Agent Provocateur. Quality bitch with silver silky coat. Long head, good spring of rib, sound construction. Moved and showed well.

2. Peacock’s Rimbert Queen Aravis. Nice sized bitch in good condition but coat texture harsh. Good head, rather bold eye. Did not do herself justice when moving.

Open Bitch 5

1. Peacock’s Cranmoss Millie. Quality bitch, up to size but balanced throughout. Strong head without coarseness, big ribs, powerful quarters. Good coloured coat gleaming with condition. Moved with drive and reach. CC

2. Davani’s Kebulak Wheels on Fire Feminine bitch of good coat and colour. Balanced neat clean head, good ears and expression. Lovely size, short coupled. Topline caused concern.

3. Forrest-Scott’s Cranmoss Jinty Of Lacarnaveen. Up to size quality bitch, sound construction, lovely spring of rib and powerful quarters. Moved and showed well. Coat not at its best.

Eileen S Foy (Judge)

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