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Kerry Blue Driffield 15 Judge's Critique

Kerry Blue Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Driffield 15 Judge


Judge: Mr Roger Crooks

BEST OF BREED : 3940 DAVIES Mr P R Ch Millsblu Living The Dream At Perrisblu
Dog CC : 3938 DAVANI Ms C Ch Kebulak Lady Killer
Res Dog CC : 3937 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Ch Ir Ch Lemracdream The Navigator
Bitch CC : 3940 DAVIES Mr P R Ch Millsblu Living The Dream At Perrisblu
Res Bitch CC : 3933 CARSON Mrs S A Kebulak Miss Sixty
Best Puppy :
Best Veteran :



MPD. And PD No entries.

JD 2 entries.

1. Easton and Mackay’s Kebulak Heart Of Stone with Widdershins. Dog of good size with straight front, a balanced head and good ear carriage, a good length of neck going into well laid shoulders, nice spring of rib and level top line with tail on top. Good bend of stifle, moved with drive, well put down and never stopped showing.

2. Arnold’s Ballybaloe Mr. Bogangles. Full of himself today, needs some ring training, plenty of quality bone, deep chest, a long head and nice dark eye, correct shoulders and good spring of rib, tail on top, moved with drive when settled.

YD 1 entry

1. Carter’s Kebulak French Connection. Correct size with balanced head and correct bite, dark eyes, enough neck into good shoulders, a good spring of rib and level top line with tail on top and plenty behind. Rear movement good but a little slack in front, well put down.

PGD and LD no entries.

OD 2 entries.

1. Davani’s Ch Kebulak Lady Killer. A real dog with strong bone and straight front, a long lean head, small dark eye and neat ears, a strong neck into correct shoulders, deep chested and ribbed well back, short in loin. Thick tail with plenty behind, a quality jacket and well put down, powered round the ring. Dog CC.

2. Clarke-O’Neill’s Ch. Ir. Ch. Lemracdream The Navigator. Similar to number one, straight front and tight feet, a punishing head and small well placed ears, enough neck and correct shoulders, a good spring of rib going well back, tail on top, correct coat texture, nice low hocks, well put down, moved with drive. Reserve Dog CC.

GCD no entries, MPB 3 entries 3 abs. PB no entries. JB 1entry 1 abs.YB no entries.

PGB. 1 entry.

1. Carter’s Kebulak Belly Dancer. Bitch of good size with enough bone, a balanced head, correct bite, a small dark eye and good ear carriage. Nice length of neck and correct shoulder placement, good spring of rib and level top line with tail on top, strong quarters, moved with drive, well put down.

LB no entries.

OB 6 entries 3 abs.

1. Davies’ Ch. Millsblu Living The Dream at Perrisblu. Full of spirit, tight feet and good bone, straight front, a super head and neat well placed ears, a strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep chested with a good spring of rib, level top line with tail on top and plenty behind, in good hard condition, powered round the ring, put down to perfection. Bitch CC and BOB. Was very pleased when she was second in the Terrier Group .

2. Carson’s Kebulak Miss Sixty. Correct size with pleasing head and varminty expression, good length of neck and deep chest, well ribbed back, strong in loin with good tail set, muscular quarters, hocks well let down, moved with drive and never stopped showing. Reserve Bitch CC.

3. Rafter’s Arkama My Way.

GCB No entries.

Roger Crooks Judge.

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