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Kerry Blue KBTC Of England Championship show June 2011 Judge's Critique

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KBTC Of E Ch June 11 Judge

Show Photos KBTC of E 09

Kerry Blue Terrier Club Of England Championship Show 11th June 2011
Monkton Recreation Centre, Pinfold Lane, Penkridge, Staffordshire.

Compiled By Terrier World

Judge Mr Roger Wright

BIS: Munro P & Averis J: SAREDON SHOWTIME TO ARKAMA (B) 30/4/09 Br. J Averis
RBIS: Davani C & Walters C: KEBULAK BORN TO TEASE (B) 8/12/09 Br C Davani
Dog CC: Davani C & Walters C: KEBULAK BORN TO TEASE (B) 8/12/09 Br C Davani
Res Dog CC: Davani C & Walters C: KENMILEVEN FIRST CLASS FOR KAMAGHAN (D) 29/7/07 Br P. Jones
Bitch CC: Munro P & Averis J: SAREDON SHOWTIME TO ARKAMA (B) 30/4/09 Br. J Averis
Res Bitch :
Davani C: KEBULAK WHELS ON FIRE (B) 1/8/08 Br C Davani
BPIS: C Clarke-O’Neill: LEMRACDREAM THE NAVIGATOR (D) 13/9/10 Br C Clarke-O'Neill

Cara Davani With Dog CC Winner Judge Roger Wright Don Munro With Bitch CC Winner And Best In Show
RBIS Dog CC Winner Left - Right BIS Bitch CC Winner

It was a privilege to be invited and an absolute pleasure to be a part of this lovely show. Why? Because it was a dog show like they used to be – and still should be. No prima donnas, no self importance, no heirs & graces – just good, honest dog people with happy faces having a great time running and taking part in their devoted pastime. My sincere thanks to everyone for a truly memorable day.

VD (1)

1: Adamson S: ADEBELLE BLUE LAUREL (D) 26/3/04 Br Adamson S (Owner)….7 year old in fine fettle. Strong muzzle, good bite & teeth, keen eye, well laidback with strong topline, very well muscled quarters, true, sound & showy. A credit to his owner. Best Veteran

MPD (0)

PD (1)

1: C Clarke-O’Neill: LEMRACDREAM THE NAVIGATOR (D) 13/9/10 Br C Clarke-O'Neill….A really lovely sort of type & balance. Outgoing with good headpiece, strong muzzle & bite, set off with good ears & a keen eye, excellent overall forehand, level with good depth of rib at this early age, nicely muscled to quarters, could turn stifle a little more, excellent presentation & condition, lovely fluency to movement. Should have a very bright future. BPIS

JD (2)

1: O'Rourke D&J: KEBULAK ROCKIN ROBIN (D) 11/1/10 Br. C Davani….Smart one of excellence, A1 head properties, excels in front & forehand, good rib & strong topline, good set on, decent quarters, well put down in excellence coat of good colour & condition, moved & showed.

2: Linsdell B: KEBULAK JAILHOUSE ROCK WITH LUNABROOK (D) 11/1/10 Br C Davani ….Close up and much the same comments – no wonder – they are litter brothers. Just preferred the A1 layback of his littermate.

MD (0)

ND (1) A

PGD (4) 2A

1: O'Rourke D&J: KEBULAK ROCKIN ROBIN (D) 11/1/10 Br. C Davani

2: Haskins Mr & Mrs J &M: GAELGORM DARK STORMER (D) 1/9/09 Br D Martin….A little short headed but with good eye, ears, strong muzzle, good bite & teeth. Smooth through neck and shoulder though could be slightly better laid, well muscled all through with strong quarters, sound & happy.

LD (3) 1A

1: Davani C & Walters C: KEBULAK BORN TO TEASE (B) 8/12/09 Br C Davani….Quality, upstanding young dog of excellent overall quality & balance. On the tiptoe of expectation at all times, good headpiece & all properties, super forehand, strong topline with excellent set on, good ribbing which can fill a little more to effect and excellent quarters, well muscled all through and well presented in tip top condition, moved soundly showing all the time, just a little full of his own self esteem (ah yes – I vaguely remember the exuberance of youth), so he does tend to strut at times instead of reaching out which he can do. One for many top honours I feel sure. DCC, RBIS & BOS.

2: Ramsay R: SAREDON RAINBOW WARRIOR (D) 30/4/09 Br J Averis….One of many qualities with type & balance. Quality headpiece and excellent expression, good forehand though the winner excels through forehand, excellent depth and fill of rib, nicely muscled all through & excellent quarters with good turn of stifle, well presented in coat of good colour, sound & showy though a touch close in hind which he could use to better effect. Should have a future.

OD (7) 2A

1: Davani C & Walters C: KENMILEVEN FIRST CLASS FOR KAMAGHAN (D) 29/7/07 Br P. Jones….Quality all through, lovely balance and immaculately put down, good head & properties set on strong neck, A1 forehand with strong topline and good depth of well filled rib, well muscled quarters, A1 coat & colour, moved & showed very well. RDCC

2: S Cooper & M Dale: KAMAGHAN ACE LYNNSTO (D) 29/4/08 Br C. Walters….Very close up and another of excellent quality. Lovely head & keen expression, outgoing attitude, excellent front & forehand, supple loin, good set on, A1 coat, colour & presentation, moved & showed very well.

3: Martin D: INT CH ARKAMA TRUE GRIT (D) 3/2/06 Br C Davani & P Munro

VB (0)

MPB (1) A

PB (1)

1: Bradley M & E: CYNON DRAMA QUEEN (B) 31/7/10 Br Bradley M & E….Lovely youngster of much quality, good head & expression, excellent bite, teeth & underjaw, A1 front & overall forehand, nicely ribbed up, A1 quarters both in angulation and development as was muscletone all through, put down to the minute and so well handled, super mover and showed her head off.

JB (1) A

MB (0)

NB (1)

1: Martin D: GAELGORM THE DARK SIDE (B) 1/9/09 Br D Martin….Nice quality with good head properties, straight front, shoulder placement could settle to effect but ok, well ribbed with good quarters & muscletone, well presented in good coat & condition, unsettled but sound.

PGB (6)

1: Davani C: KEBULAK AGENT PROVOCATEUR (B) 6/11/09 Br C Davani….Lovely quality & balance with outlook & presence, quality headpiece with good ears, A1 front & forehand, good body-shape & rib, well set on, lovely coat & condition presented immaculately, moved & showed well.

2: Munro P: SAREDON TAILORMADE FOR ARKAMA (B) 18/9/09 Br Mrs J Averis….very nice sort, typy with lovely balanced head, good front, shoulder could settle a touch, A1 body & rib, well muscled quarters, sound & showy but not so settled or positive.

3: Neen L: NEWENT ANNIE WINTER (B) 27/5/10 Br L Neen

LB (1)

1: Munro P & Averis J: SAREDON SHOWTIME TO ARKAMA (B) 30/4/09 Br. J Averis….First class for quality, type & balance, cracking head & expression with well placed ears, keen eye, bite & underjaw, triple ‘A’ overall forehand with good strong neck, strong topline & deep, well filled ribbing, excellent set on with well developed quarters, put down to the minute in excellent coat & condition, super mover; reaching out and covering the ground with effortless ease. BCC & BIS.

OB (4)

A good class and a very close call for 1st & 2nd.

1: Davani C: KEBULAK WHEELS ON FIRE (B) 1/8/08 Br C Davani ….Top quality all through though could have a touch more turn of stifle, well headed with super forehand, strong topline, supple loin, good body & rib, well muscled, immaculate presentation, moved & showed well. RBCC

2: Nagle C L & C: CH GRANEMORE IMPERIAL BEAUTY OF COLINCA (B) 22/2/06 Br. B. McGeown….Full of quality, type & balance from nose to tail, looked the part both standing & moving, presented in immaculate coat, colour & condition, sound, showy & true.

3: C Clarke-O’Neill: LEMRACDREAM MEMPHIS BELLE (B) 19/7/05 Br Exh


Roger Wright (Judge)

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