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Kerry Blue Kerry Blue Terrier Club Of England CH Show 15 Judge's Critique

Kerry Blue Terrier

KBTA Ch Show Photos 09

KC Breed Standard

KBTC Of E CH Show 15 Judge




Judge: Mr. Pat O’Regan (Brykar)

BOB: Ramsay Mr R Ch Saredon Rainbow Warrior
DCC: Ramsay Mr R Ch Saredon Rainbow Warrior
R.DCC: Clarke-O'Neill Miss C Lemracdream Raphael
BCC: Carson Mrs S A Kebulak Miss Sixty
R.BCC: Walters’ Kebulak Queen of Hearts
BP: Clarke-O'Neill Miss C Lemracdream Raphael

I was delighted to be asked to judge this show & take this opportunity to thank the committee of Windsor Dog Show Society & officers of The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of England for their hospitality. Exhibitors, I thank you for supporting this show with a very good entry & hope you will respect my final decisions, we will never agree on everything, but what I did on the day was true to the Standard which you know I am passionate about; it is about time that we make a stand, if the dog doesn’t meet the Standard then it doesn’t get placed! There were a few nice Kerries on show, but in general the quality was very poor. Some breeders & exhibitors don’t seem to have any idea of the Standard.

I judge Kerries to the Standard without fear or favour & give an honest opinion to exhibitors, which they deserve. A few breeders have created a fashion of tight curly coats, which is the complete opposite to the Standard.

It is our duty as Kerry Blue breeders & judges to see that this type of coat is not placed in any class entered, this type of coat is criminal to the Kerry Blue Terrier, & is being pushed by a few breeders to fit. These distortions & dictates are of their own making, but this fashion is not the Standard.

Size is another problem, I came across on the day. There was some exhibits at least 22 ins at the withers dogs & bitches. The finer points of the breed don’t seem to matter anymore:

Kerries with bad pigmentation or none at all, gums & roof of mouth should be dark, a breed characteristic.

Kerries with mottled gums, i.e. dark plus a lot of white. Also light eyes, black coats, years ago Kerries with black coats after 18 months would be retired for a couple of months to let their coat change, but now they are winning BOB & BIS – totally wrong – it’s a joke!

It is time for judges to judge to the Standard & give the Kerry Blue Terrier the recognition it deserves. Gutless judging benefits only the breeders & exhibitors who don’t comply to the Standard which is the foundation stock of the future you are judging.

BIS was Ch Saredon Rainbow Warrior; RBIS, Kubulak Miss Sixty; & BP, Lemracdream Raphael.

VD & MPD (0).

PD (3)

1 Lemracdream Raphael, very nice pup, good head, good mouth & eyes, good coat. Well balanced. RCC & BP;

2 Arkama Gun Ho, nice pup, good in all departments, coat good, well balanced; 3 Kebulak Adonis.

JD (1) A.

MD & ND (0).

PGD (1) Witheld.

LD (1)

1 Miculadh Edge Of Glory at Dollard, nice dog, good head, dark eyes, good mouth, good tailset.

OD (6)

1 Ch Saredon Rainbow Warrior, nice dog, correct coat & colour, nice head, good tailset, good pigmentation, good mover, reach for the ground. CC & BIS;

2 Ch Lemracdream The Navigator, nice dog, good in all aspects of the breed;

3 Withheld.

VB (1) A.

MPB (0).

PB (1)

1 Arkama Guilty Pleasure, nice bitch, good coat, dark eyes, good tailset, good pigmentation.

JB (4)

1 Kebulak Queen Of Hearts, bitch with good coat, dark eye & good tailset, nice size. RCC;

2 Ballybaloe Mary Poppins, good coat, nice dark eyes, good tailset, a little long in back, when she matures might pull in a bit;

3 Dogazzas Silver Bullet.

MB (0).

NB (1) A.

PGB (2)


LB (6)

1 Kebulak Miss Sixty, as big as I would like to see her, lovely head, good dark eye, pigmentation good, tailset good. Would like to see coat a little longer & it should loosen out into a wave, it would make a big difference, a lot going for her. CC;

2 Arkama Harmony Miss Darcy, nice bitch, good head & dark eyes, nice tailset, up to size. Coat could be better, altogether happy enough;

3 Withheld.

OB (5)

1, 2 & 3 withheld.


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