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Kerry Blue LKA 2011 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

LKA 11 Judge







Judge: Miss U Rigney

BEST OF BREED : 499 CROWLEY, Mr S C & YIWYLING Mr E D Ch Perrisblu Kings Ransome
Dog CC : 499 CROWLEY, Mr S C & YIWYLING Mr E D Ch Perrisblu Kings Ransome
Res Dog CC : 517 NAGLE, Mr C & Mrs L & NAGLE Miss C GB Ch Stormblu Aristocrat Silver
Bitch CC : 500 MARTIN Mr S Am Ch Cordial Goodbye Heart At Gaelgorm
Res Bitch CC : 521 RAMSAY Mr R Irisblu Boston Rose At Torum
Best Puppy : 521 RAMSAY Mr R Irisblu Boston Rose At Torum
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


Kerry Blue Terriers

I was very pleased with my principal winners. In general far too many heads lacked foreface, essential for a true Kerry type. Coats too, very disappointing, far too woolly in all shades of colour, some nearer to Poodle or Bedlington. Condition in general was good, showmanship & temperament was excellent.

MPD (3)

1 Taylor’s Cranmoss Poteen, good head & expression, very good coat changing colour, moved & showed very well;

2 Ensell’s Nemiah Lanisters Gold, balanced head, showed really well. Movement not as good as 1.

PD (2)

1 C Poteen.

JD (1)

1 Clarke-O’Neill’s Waterwynd Mountaineer, very good head & expression, good coat well presented, short back, moved & showed very well. Would prefer layback of shoulder.

PGD (3)

1 Linsdell’s Kebulak Jailhouse Rock with Lunabrook, lovely head & expression, nice size, good overall balance, good coat & colour, moved & showed well;

2 Somers’ Dogazzas Rhythm And Blues, balanced head, good expression, moved & showed well. Would prefer shorter back to balance.

LD (2)

1 Read’s Kopykats King Of The Castle, good head & expression, nice size, typical specimen, good coat & colour, moved really well coming & going;

2 O’Rourke’s Kebulak Rockin Robin, good head & expression. Would prefer less length in back to balance, lacked reach & drive in movement, coat not correct.

OD (5)

1 Crowley & Yiwyling’s Ch Perrisblu Kings Ransome, the right type, nice size, lovely coat colour texture, loose wave, good outline, balance head, well presented & handled, moved & showed very well both front & behind. CC & BOB;

2 Nagle’s Ch Stormblu Aristocrat Silver, really good head & expression, worthy ch, in good hard condition & muscletone, has all the essentials. A little lethargic in the challenge. RCC;

3 Wilkinson’s Granemore Padraig of Cranmoss.

VD & GCD (0).

MPB (5)

1 Davani’s Kebulak Naked And Famous, very feminine, balanced head, good coat & texture, liked her outline, moved & showed very well;

2 Rafter’s Arkama My Way, good head & body outline, showed well. Not as free in movement as 1;

3 Read’s Kebulak Naked Ambition.

PB (2)

1 Ramsay’s Trisblu Boston Rose at Torum, very nice puppy, lovely head & expression, correct coat for age, so feminine, movement correct coming & going, showed really well, should do well. RCC.

JB (0).

PGB (1)

1 Forrest-Scott’s Lacarnaveen Orla, lovely head & expression, good rib, topline & tailset, colour coming through, showed well. Lacked reach in front & drive behind.

LB (3) 1 Davani’s Kebulak Striptease, good head & expression, liked her overall balance, colour coming through, nice size;

2 Forrest-Scott’s Larcarnaveen Mary Kate, nice size, good outline, showed well, good topline, moved OK. Would prefer more strength in foreface.

OB (6)

1 Martin’s Am Ch Cordial Goodbye Heart at Gaelgorm, lovely type, very good head, lovely coat, colour & texture with wave, moved with reach in front & drive behind. CC, her third;

2 Davani’s Kebulak Agent Provocateur, very feminine, lovely head & expression, moved & showed very well. Preferred wavy coat of 1;

3 Ensell’s Ch Nemiah Born Of An Angel. VB & GCB (0).


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