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Kerry Blue National Terrier 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

National Terrier 18 Judge







Judge: Mrs C E Cartledge

BEST OF BREED : 699 TASSELLI Mr R Balboa Nembo Kid
Dog CC : 699 TASSELLI Mr R Balboa Nembo Kid
Res Dog CC : 681 FORREST, C & SCOTT C W Lacarnaveen The One And Only
Bitch CC : 680 ENSELL Mrs R A & Mr P R Nemiah Shades Of Grey
Res Bitch CC : 693 O'ROURKE Mr & Mrs D & J Kebulak Affair Of The Lips
Best Puppy : 700 WALTERS Miss C Kebulak Queen of Mean Kamaghan
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner :


As always, I enjoyed judging the Kerries, 33 entered less a few absentees, some were behaving well beyond my interpretation of 'disciplined gameness'. I do like a high spirited terrier, but some were barking their heads off and throwing themselves about, never settling down either standing or moving. I can well remember the Kerries of long ago; Malachy McGeown showing his feisty Granemore Kerries with their big ballooning hindquarters powering around the ring, so strong, keen and showy, but not out of control. Not many like that any more I am sorry to say. Some lacked reach in front movement and did not have anything like enough power or drive behind. There were some with rather low set tails spoiling their outlines. Mouths and pigmentation were good generally, coats and presentation ditto.

Beginners (1)

1 Butler & Seddon's Lemracdream Donatello. 3 yrs, lean, fit and functional, good looking male in excellent form, quality head, dark eyes, neat ears, reachy neck, firm topline, good tail set, very well presented coat, focused showman, well handled, would like more power in movement.

MPD (1)

1 Anderson & Watt's Irisblu Big Expectations. Just a baby at 6 mths but quick on the uptake, keen and enthusiastic about it all. Attractive head, well proportioned, good body, clean neckline, moved and showed with animation.

PD (3, 1)

1 & BPD, O'Rourke's Kebulak Peaky Blinder. 10 mths, excellent bone, good length of head, dark eyes, good neck and body, shapely and well coated, clean and well presented. Bit unsettled on the move but showed with spirit.

2 Earle's Ballybaloe Top Gun At Dollagh. Bit of a wild child this 11 mth puppy, keen expression, well carried ears, nicely proportioned, failed in movement.

JD (2, 1)

1 Ramsay's Torum's Troubador. 16 mths, stood alone here but could win better classes than this. Compact body, masculine head, neat ears, good bone, soft silky coat, short coupled, good tail set, excellent front, moved and showed well, good prospect, well turned out. Looked well in the challenge with the LD and OD winners.

PGD (2)

1 Pinfold's Cyres Adonis. 22 mths, masculine youngster, fit and well muscled. I liked his head, eyes and expression, well knit body, good neckline, bone, legs and feet, clean silhouette, never settled in hind movement.

2 Phillips' Holmes Ragged Stone. Same age as first, smaller male, not the outline, coat or presentation of first, compact body, good tail set, moved ok.

LD (3)

1, CC, BOB & BIS, Tasselli's Balboa Nembo Kid. 18 mths, exciting young dog who really took my eye, best mover today and never put a foot wrong, totally in step with his clever handler and presenter Phil Davies at all times. So full of quality, beautifully balanced, keen and focused, good length of head, intelligent expression, clean neckline, soft, silky coat, great topline and quarters, strong body. The Balboa kennel in Italy has produced many famous and beautiful Kerries, and this one, is right up there with the best of them. Delighted to have judged him at this first show in England.

2 Walters' Kebulak Blue Faced Lie Kamagan. 2 yrs, full of himself, masculine head, good bone, strong body, clean silhouette, well presented mid blue coat, would like more drive and reach in movement.

3 McCann's Ballybaloe The Minstrel.

OD (3)

1 Forrest & Scott's Lacarnaveen The One And Only. Two and a half yrs, very smart looking dog, tail on top, good head and expression, reachy neck, firm, fit body, steady showman who responded well to his handler, good coat and colour.

2 Butler & Seddon's Lemracdream Donatello.

3 Bradley's Arkama Flamboyant.

MPB (3)

Difficult class.

1 Clarke-O'Neill & Butler's Lemracdream Valyria. 6 mths, needs to grow on quite a bit, would like a little more bone but she was the only one who performed with some consistency, well proportioned, very feminine in head and outlook, bright keen expression, good neckline and topline, very well handled, made the most of herself on the move.

2 Gallett's Lucy Girl TAF. 8 mths, standing rather slack in front, not using her ears, good coat and body, tail a bit low set, not putting all in on the move.

3 Wilkinswon's Mauve Of Hearts At Cranmoss. Litter sister to second, size bigger but all over the place here and never got her act together at all, good bone, silky coat, low set tail.

PB (1)

1 & BP, Walters' Kebulak Queen Of Mean Kamaghan. Litter sister to BPD, quality puppy with good head, keen expression, well carried ears, well constructed, plenty behind the tail, good depth of brisket, reachy neck, held her topline on the move, moved and showed with animation. Promising.

JB (2)

Not a great class.

1 Jones' Joalyn Sweet Melody. Yearling who was full of the joys of spring. Typical head, good neck and topline, coat not at its best, enthusiastic showgirl when she concentrated.

2 Bagworth & Connor's Emma Aqua Pixie Breeze At Faragoma. 14 mths, good coat, plenty of body but failed in topline and tail set, quality head, keen expression, not moving with much enthusiasm today.

PGB (3)

1 Munro's Arkama Albies Choice. Feminine young bitch, pleasing head, intelligent expression, compact body, reachy neck, good tail set, always in step with her handler when moving, I found out afterwards that he is Pat and Don Munro's grandson, I hope he stays interested as we need talented young people to be part of our dog scene.

2 Pinfold's Cyres Angelique. Nothing angelic about this one as she played her handler up the whole time she was in the ring! Litter sister to PGD winner, shapely bitch, lovely outline when standing, quality head, beautiful coat and presentation, splendid body, good bone and feet, just wouldn't settle to move in an orderly fashion.

3 Bagworth & Connor's Suzie Peach At Faragoma.

LB (4, 1)

1 & RCC, O'Rourke's Kubulak Affair Of The Lips. Two and a half yrs, comfortable winner of this class, quality head, good coat and presentation, lovely body, well muscled quarters, very fit, went well, confident showgirl.

2 McCann's Ballybaloe Mary Poppins. 4 yrs, feminine bitch of good shape, pleasing head of good length, well bodied, good coat and colour, would like more power behind.

3 Bagworth & Connor's Holly Spicy Star At Faragoma.

OB (5, 1)

1 & CC, Ensell's Nemiah Shades Of Grey. 3 yrs, real eyecatcher, very shapely, well knit body, strong hindquarters, good depth of brisket, excellent bone, good head and eyes, keen and focused, on her toes, clearly enjoying her turn in the ring, great coat and condition, easy mover. This win gave her the champion title, well deserved.

2 Munro's Arkama Guilty Pleasure. Three and a half yrs, feminine bitch, mid blue, firm body and topline, good coat, well handled.

3 Jones' Arkama Harmony Miss D'Arcy.

Judge Liz Cartledge


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