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Kerry Blue Paignton 12 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Paignton 12 Judge



Judge: Mr R Ramsay

BEST OF BREED : 3806 FORREST, C & SCOTT C W Lacarnaveen Orla
Dog CC : 3800 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Lemracdream Rough Diamond
Res Dog CC : 3810 O'ROURKE Mr & Mrs D Kebulak Rockin Robin Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 3806 FORREST, C & SCOTT C W Lacarnaveen Orla
Res Bitch CC : 3803 DAVANI Ms C Kebulak Striptease
Best Puppy : 3801 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Lemracdream Blue Ivy
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :




1.Davani's Kebulak Kiss This. Dog of good bone and substance. Up to size, good planes to the head, ears just sitting a bit high and off the head which for me detracts from the Kerry expression. Good strong rear end and angulation, moved well behind with drive.


1.O'Rourke's Kebulak Rockin Robin Sh CM. Liked his overall size and balance. Would like a bit more length to his head and a smaller eye - but head planes good and ear carriage ok. Good reach of neck and shoulder angle. Colouring well with strong rear, moved well. RCC

2 Somer's Dogazzas Rhythm and Blues. Coloured dog of good substance. A little long in back, long head, strong in back skull. Well made rear, moved well.


1.Lindsell's Kebulak Jailhouse Rock with Lunabrook. Well coloured dog with coat of silky texture.Good length of head and clean lines. Good ears. A bit light in eye and gum pigmentation. Good level topline and angulation overall. Movement a bit erratic


1.Clarke O'Neill's Lemracdream Rough Diamond. Well made dog of substance, perhaps a bit heavy in bone.Good length of head but side planes a bit deep. Good strong neck line, level topline, big strong quarters and good bend of stifle, good strong tail set, colour clearing. Moved adequately. Struck me as a dog that could do his work in the field. CC


1.Clarke O 'Neill's Lemracdream Blue Ivy. Very attractive and confident 6 month old puppy. Feminine head, dark eye, neat ears, good neckline. A little long in back but could easily lose this as she grows. Good rear and tail carriage - moved confidently BP


1.Munro's Nemiah Poetry in Motion Arkama Well coloured bitch with coat of silky texture. Good head length and reach of neck and good straight tail, would like a bit more substance, lacked confidence today.

2.O'Rourke's Kebulak Filthy Naughty. Bitch of good substance but not enough head. Upright in shoulder. Well made rear of good angulation


1.Forrest and Scott's Lacarnaveen Orla. Young bitch that needs to clear in colour, but I liked her head and expression. Ears not too high, I think we are losing this look in bitches particularly. Well balanced, I like the angles of her neck and rear, carried her tail straight and moved economically. CC and BOB

2. Pinfold Cyres Born to Thrill. Attractive bitch, neat head with dark eye. Neckline ok and a good spring of rib, good strong rear and angulation - pushed 1 close


1.Forrest and Scott's Lacarnaveen Mary Kate. Sister to CC winner with good head and expression, good neckline with a good deep rib. Good straight tail and set on. Moved steady, could be a little stronger in her quarters.

2.Pinfolds Cyres Sure to Thrill. Neat head and ears with good reach of neck.Short backed with good rear angulation.Tail a little on end of back and not as settled as 1


1.Davani's Kebulak Striptease. Neat head of good planes , a little upright in shoulder angulation, good bone and substance, good rear angulation, showed and moved well.

2.Munros' Ch Saredon Tailormade at Arkama. Well made bitch, good bone and substance, good neckline, level back and strong quarters, good coat and colour.Top sized, so looks a bit masculine.

Ron Ramsay

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