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Kerry Blue Paignton 17 Judge's Critique

Kerry Blue Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Paignton 17 Judge



Judge: Mrs P Hollings

BEST OF BREED : 1391 MARTIN Mr P & Mrs E B Something Blue For Clanciarrai
Dog CC : 1391 MARTIN Mr P & Mrs E B Something Blue For Clanciarrai
Res Dog CC : 1398 RAMSAY Mr R Ch Torum's Cairo Fred
Bitch CC : 1396 PINFOLD Mr F & Mrs J Atlanta Blue Cherie Etoile (Imp)
Res Bitch CC : 1393 O'ROURKE Mr & Mrs D & J Kebulak Affair Of The Lips
Best Puppy : 1397 RAMSAY Mr R Torum's Troubador
Best Veteran :


Really enjoyed good dogs and hospitality. Lovely idea the afternoon tea, when judging finished, the meringues were amazing, thank you. I had the quality I needed here.

PD (1)

1 Ramsay's Torum's Troubador. Quality 9 month. Although he stood alone, he could have won in good company. Flat skull with small well placed ear carried to advantage. Has length of dry head to punishing jaw. Length of muscular neck flowing through good forehand, which allows length of stride. Short coupled with firm short loin. Width to rump and strong set on. Uses himself well in all departments. BP.

JD (1)

1 Pinfold's Cyres Adonis. 14 month, masculine. Alert and up for it. Use of ear enhances his head proportion. Has clean neck, straight front, short coupling with firm back line. Low strong hock. Grand character.

OD (4,1)

1 Martin's Something Blue For Clanciarrai. This young dog took the class on his reach, impulsion and economical ground cover. Long, clean, masculine head piece, with that determined alert expression. So typical in outline. Has a clean shoulder, brisket to neat elbows and spring of rib to short developed loin. Power behind with good muscular development. His coat is abundant and well prepared. Can only go on to greater things. CC & BOB, went round the group ring with great style and made the shortlist.

2 Ramsay's Ch Torum's Cairo Fred, impressive blue print of a Kerry in outline topped by his expertly presented coat of perfect Blue. Has a classic head, clean through, with strong jaw. In super body and muscular condition. Plenty behind strong well set tail. He works with handler to advantage. Just preferred brisket and forward reach on winner, but a great fellow. Res CC.

3 Ensell's Int Ch It Dandy Black And Blue Just For Balboa.

Pgb (2,1a)

1 O'rourke's Kebulak Affair Of The Lips. She has balance and overall shape and type. Full of terrier spirit and animated on the move. Small dark eye with keen expression. Correct leg to length with spring of rib and clean shoulders. Firm back with muscled loin. Strong, short hock, therefore drives of well. Lovely condition and soft, silky coat. Res CC.

LB (2)

Each had different appeal.

1 Davies & Bradley's Indian Princess At Perrisblu. Whilst not really liking this environment today, she did put enough effort in to show her worth and had real spirit, which I like in a terrier. Only young and has type and is well constructed. Time on her side.

2 Munro's Arkama Guilty Pleasure . Super coat and colour is through. Giving a typical outline. Professionally handled and in fit muscular condition. Moved with true footfall.

OB (4,1)

1 Pinfold's Atlanta Blue Cherie Etoile (Imp). Performed from pleasing construction and showing Great Spirit whilst working with her handler to display her attributes. Balanced with depth and spring of rib. Firm short loin, giving correct coupling. Straight front and angles pleasing bone and feet. Plenty after the good set on and width to rump. She pushed on with reach and drive to win and take the CC, I understand her 3rd.well done.

2 Peacock's Millsblu A Dream Come True. Liked her for size and strength, yet still feminine. She was presented in grand coat and body. For ideal, would prefer stronger underjaw. A good sort and has quality.

3 Jones Arkama Harmony Miss D' Arcy.

Judge Patsy Hollings

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