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Kerry Blue Welsh KC 15 Judge's Critique

Kerry Blue Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Welsh KC 15 Judge


Kerry Blue Terrier

Judge: Mrs P Munro

BEST OF BREED : 4701 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Am Gr Ch Lemracdream Rough Diamond Re (Imp)
Dog CC : 4701 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Am Gr Ch Lemracdream Rough Diamond Re (Imp)
Res Dog CC : 4700 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Lemracdream Raphael
Bitch CC : 4709 RAMSAY Mr R Torum's Dallas Rose
Res Bitch CC : 4706 HOUGHTON, Mr C & STONE Mr C Am Ir Ch Irisblu Mirage
Best Puppy : 4700 CLARKE-O'NEILL Miss C Lemracdream Raphael
Best Veteran : 4702 COOPER Mr S Multi Ch Rollick's Fool For Fame (Swed Imp) Sh.CM


I thank the exhibitors for a decent average numerical entry, pity about the absentees. Judging is never an easy task & a very personal one but I judge against the breed standard as to how closely the dogs present are to it; no other considerations should or do come into my mind when looking at the dogs in front of me. I would like to be more positive but from judging today, plus observations over several years also at more recent shows, from which many exhibits were not shown today (being dictated as to where to exhibit), my personal opinion of the current state of the breed is there is an overall lack of depth in quality, and consistency in type is virtually non-existent. Sadly for some years now the breed also has a movement problem. In general very few have any width behind many being very close; and size & even shape is all over the place. To cap it all we now have unfortunately an excess of bad losers & increasingly bad sportsmanship. It would be nice if I could be more positive about the breed.

Veteran Dog (1)

1st Cooper's Multi Ch. Rollick's Fool For Fame - 10 years of age & still looking fit & healthy. Nice size in a compact frame. Head going a bit now but not surprising at 10; good eye, ears placed well but could have used them more. Level top line, finished off with an excellent tail set. Good texture coat especially for age. Well handled.

Puppy Dog (2)

1st Clarke-O'Neill's Lemracdream Raphael - Quite a mature puppy with very nice outline. Good though slightly skully head but has full strong foreface. Correct eye, good mouth. Nice shoulder placement with good front. Firm good body for age. Well set tail. Moved close behind. Nice coat. Did consider for the CC against his kennel mate. BP & RCC.

2nd Seddon & Butler’s Lemracdream Donatello - OK in head with good eye & mouth, good ears, at the moment loose in front where he just needs to settle; bit close behind. Nicely proportioned body. Good quarters. In good coat. Well handled. These 2 were litter brothers, it showed; & it was good to see another enthusiastic newcomer to the breed - keep at it.

Junior Dog (3).

Difficult class which on another day could be totally different.

1st Easton & Mackay's Kebulak Heart of Stone at Widdershins - Bit on the small side for a male, especially noticeable in the up to size males currently in our rings, & now at 16 months highly unlikely to grow on. Correct head & eye, OK in shoulder & front, level top line, nice set on of tail, though carried gaily, plenty behind the tail. Correct coat of good texture & colour. Went close behind. Handled well.

2nd Somers & Cooper's Dogazza's Smoking Gun - more immature & much rangier top size male - having an abundance of coat all over certainly doesn't help. Very raw needing more time to mature when he should then be a very different prospect. Good clean head, good pigmentation. Nice neck & shoulder, Good feet, excellent tail set. Today went slightly close behind.

P.Grad.Dog (1a)

Open Dog (2)

1st Clarke-O'Neill's Am Gr Ch. Lemracdream Rough Diamond - upstanding dog with a nice outline who was well up on his toes, Would like a cleaner head, good in shoulder, long neck, deep well ribbed chest, level top line into excellent tail set, good ledge, & well-muscled quarters; correct texture of coat though personal preference would be for a bit more colour for age. Well-handled though goes better when moved slower. CC & BOB

2nd Somers Dogazza's Rhythm And Blues - 5 1/2 yr. old, honest sort, has good shoulder placement with good body & tail set. Correct coat texture; good colour. Total lack of alertness lost his outline completely; presentation didn't help. Moved very close behind & neither standing or on the move did he show animation, thought could have done with a lot more help from his handler. Did not come back into the ring for the challenge.

Junior Bitch (1a)
P.Grad.Bitch (1a)

Limit Bitch (3, 1a)

1st Ensell's Nemiah London - Nearly 3 yr. old; nice size with good body. For me could have little more length in front legs. Nice head, eye & ears, good shoulder, body, ribcage & top line. Nice tail set, well presented. Moved a little close behind, but true. Showed & handled well.

2nd Nagle's Princess of Apollo - Did not show well at all today. - I'm told since she had an upset before entering the ring; very frustrating & annoying. OK head, good ears & tail set. Nice silky coat & colour. Despite several attempts it was not possible to assess movement due to the above.

Open Bitch (3,1a)

1st Ramsay's Torum's Dallas Rose - Correct in size though she too in today’s rings would appear small against many other females being shown. Very feminine, nicely proportioned. OK head with well placed & carried ears, correct eye, good neck, short compact body, good tail set. Good coat & colour. Went well though on occasion inclined to pin in a little behind & would prefer her in a different style of trimming up front. Showed & handled well. CC.

2nd Houghton & Stone's Am Ir. Ch. Irisblu Mirage - Not a lot between them. Nice shape, nicely balanced head, good eye, would prefer a slightly smaller ear. In good body condition. Good tail set, silky texture coat of lovely colour, throwing out a little in front & going a bit close behind on the day. Well handled. RCC.

Judge: Mrs P Munro

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